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I Used Skout To Find Friends In An Area I’m Moving To

I have a problem trusting the people around me, especially the people that live in my neighborhood. I live in a small community in New York, and I do see a lot of crime happening around me. Since I was afraid of the place that I lived, I would only go to work and come …Continue reading

Is Nicotine Really That Bad for Us?

Kicking the smoking habit is difficult, but well worth the effort in the health benefits an ex-smoker will reap. Sam Tabar even suggests that the carcinogen-filled smoke which is inhaled into the smokers lungs with every puff is without a doubt the ‘bad’ part of smoking. Damage to the lung, esophagus, voice box and everything …Continue reading

Aquatic Treat for Scientists

In the world of science, there are people who dream of seeing some kinds of animals. One of the animals that researchers sometimes want to get their hands on is a giant squid. They were in luck when one washed ashore in New Zealand. Although the squid isn’t the best thing to look at, there …Continue reading

Scientists Might Be Able to Restore sight to the Blind

Recently, German scientists from the University of Bern conducted a test on blind mice suffering from retinal pigmentosa, successfully, to see if daytime vision could be restored. The experiment involves using a light sensing protein called optogenetics, in their eyes. A modified virus is injected into surviving vision cells. Optogenetics can restore daytime sight to …Continue reading

New Phone App Allows Doctors To Make Housecalls

There is a new phone app called “Heal.” This new service, developed in Los Angeles, CA, gives people a chance to have a real physician visit them with a house call. Doctors are available from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM for the price of $99.00. A medical assistant accompanies the doctor who carries a fully …Continue reading

Internet Service Provider Caught Lying

When it comes to Verizon there are many who trust the company to always provide them with the best care and support. There are those who rely on Verizon and Verizon only for all of their communication needs. But then, those who have always relied on Verizon may not have heard about the lying that …Continue reading

Robots Will Soon Populate Warehouses

Warehouse work can be repetitive and dangerous, and more warehouses are now using robots to do many of the tasks that warehouse worker once did. Fetch Robotics has created a new line of robots that work with human warehouse workers to increase productivity and do labor that would be physically challenging for their human counterparts. …Continue reading

World’s First Malaria Vaccine Could Be Available By October

The World Health Organization is expected to make a decision soon about the fate of a 20 year drug research and testing period that has produced the world’s first workable malaria vaccine. AllAfrica reports the vaccine will initially be available for toddlers and children after a four year study found an initial dose and booster …Continue reading

Falling From Space

When you think about things that are in space, you might think about satellites and crafts that are floating. There is a Russian spacecraft that was trying to get food to the astronauts on board the Space Station. The spacecraft doesn’t have any people on it, but the supplies are needed by those who are …Continue reading

Comcast Backs out of Time Warner Deal Amid FCC Pressure

Comcast has officially dropped its bid for Time Warner, according to an official statement released by Comcast CEO, Brian Roberts. The proposed merger would have made Comcast the biggest service provider for cable television in the Country by a landslide. The bid for the company started last year, when Comcast proposed $45 billion merger. With …Continue reading

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