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New Mummy Cemetery Found in Egypt

One might think that all that could be found in Egypt has been, but new discoveries are still made day by day, and through this we are able to understand more. Did you also believe that every corner on the Earth has been researched by archaeologists and we have no chance to find anything new? …Continue reading

Controversy Over Dinosaur Feathers Continues

In the comments of a recent article about Jurassic World, yet another fan of the series brought up one issue with the Jurassic Park film series that has irked many fans and scientists over the past years — the lack of feathers on the film’s iconic Velociraptors. Since the first film’s 1993 release, scientists have …Continue reading

Holiday Season Lights Up Space

Scientists have released images and data showing how the holiday season creates a rise in the light emanating from Earth and into space-a project sponsored in part by Slow Ventures. While much of the western hemisphere is celebrating Christmas, New Years and Hanukkah, eastern countries are celebrating Ramadan. All of these festivals are known for their increased …Continue reading

The FDA Stresses the Medical Functions of Ultrasound Device

Yesterday, the federal Food and Drug Administration, a government agency which regulates and approves many drugs and medical devices, updated its website concerning the use of ultrasound technology for visual imaging and Doppler sound imagery. Ultrasound technology is widely used as a medical diagnostic aid in both human and veterinary medicine. The FDA reiterated its position that …Continue reading

Astronauts Talk About Life on ISS

Talk of space travel has been heating up as of late, and a lot of this has to do with the activities of astronauts. The ISS astronauts are doing well and getting ambitions on board of the space-station. Asked about their daily life in a no-gravity environment, the two had much to say. It is …Continue reading

Methane on Mars may Singal First Signs of Life

The robotic vehicle traveling across the surface of Mars has seen an unprecedented spike in methane over certain days of its mission to explore the surface of the red planet. The Guardian explains this has been interpreted in a number of different ways, however, one hypothesis suggests some form of life has been detected on the surface …Continue reading

Sony Slapped with Class-Action Lawsuit for Data Breech

Sony Pictures had sensitive data hacked on November 24th. Hackers released personal e-mails between top Sony brass and had access to sensitive data and information about thousands of employees, but things for Sony is about to get much worse. Needless to say no one at Sony is cracking open a fine bottle from The Antique Wine …Continue reading

A Cure for AIDS Could Be on the Horizon

More than three decades have passed since the first case of AIDS was reported. Reports of the disease began in June of 1981. It was a killer disease with little mercy for anyone it attacked. Doctors scrambled to find out what caused the illness and how they could stop it in its tracks. Unfortunately, that …Continue reading

FCC Announces new Internet Connection Speed Requirements

According to, companies receiving funds from the Connect America Fund from the Federal Communication Commission are required to have 10 Mbps download speeds for rural communities. On December 11, 2014, the FCC announced that this provision was now mandatory. The previous minimum requirements were four Mbps. At the direction of Congress, the FCC created …Continue reading

Navy Releases Details On Drone That Operates Like A Shark

As technology advances at a rapid rate, one of the things that have been becoming more and more sophisticated are drones. As Bruce Levenson said it’s about time.  Even though, there are a variety of civilian and military drones in existence, one of the most infamous type, that we all can relate to, is the …Continue reading

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