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U.S. Navy Develops Submarine Drone Hunter

The United States navy is following their counterparts in the Air Force and has begun its on drone program for the development of submarine hunter predator drone. Such a weapon would tip the scales in the world of tactical submarine warfare. The submarine service is the initial tactical weapon of every major country and is …Continue reading

Scientist Researching Artificial Photosynthesis Announce a Big Breathrough

This week, scientists working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California at Berkeley announced a major breakthrough in efforts to devise a commercially viable artificial photosynthetic process. The discovery could eventually revolutionize the way many drugs, plastics and fuels are produced. Photosynthesis is a natural process undertaken by many plants and …Continue reading

Science Discovers a Real-Life Fountain of Youth (Maybe)

The aging process has tried to be defied since the beginning of humankind. Today, there are more “anti-aging” products on the shelves than ever before. But the problem with all of the anti-aging technology is, it only covers up the aging process at best. Science is on the edge of a break through for age …Continue reading

Dark matter becomes a little less dark and mysterious

A discovery made by a team of researchers at the UK’s Durham university is challenging the entire understanding of physics as they have seen the first evidence of dark matter interacting with itself, the BBC reports. In the past dark matter has never been seen interacting in any way with any force other than gravity, …Continue reading

Tyrannosaur Cannibalism

  When you think of a tyrannosaur you likely think of a brutal dinosaur with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth that hunts and devours prey weaker than itself. However recent discoveries by Dr David Hone suggest that some tyrannosaurs may have fought, killed, and even eaten one another. Dr. Hone is affiliated with …Continue reading

High-Contrast Glasses Will Help the Blind See

The UK scientists from the Oxford University have the solution for blind people to start seeing. A pair of glasses that transforms the surroundings into an image with high contrast and in-depth representation of the space. The result is a bunch of white and black outlines, where you can notice shapes well enough to distinguish …Continue reading


  This story from 60 Minutes is really big; this is a story about something that has the chance to completely change people’s lives says Homejoy. According to bizjournals, there is a new discovery in the medical community; scientists feel that they have come up with a new treatment that uses the polio virus to …Continue reading

We Should See Evolution as a Miracle

Perhaps the greatest mystery of the universe for science to fully uncover and explain is that of our own species. We already know so much. From Darwin’s breakthroughs on evolution, to the continuing understanding of our origins made possible through the study of our genes and DNA. Another breakthrough in our understanding has occurred in …Continue reading

Best Wines To Serve With Indian Dishes

There are many fine Indian Restaurants in Chicago which are now attracting tourists and long standing American generations. Then there it is always great to have a glass or two of fine wine with the Indian cuisine. When ordering curries, a fruity wine would be good. Wines like cherry flavored in Sangrias and Chardonnay is …Continue reading

The Password Might Be Vanishing

One staple of digital life that users across the internet have had to deal with for years is remembering passwords. Often websites require unique combinations and complex configurations that challenge the memory of even the most internet savvy people. Furthermore, two step authentication is gaining traction to verify the identity of a user to get …Continue reading

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