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Fossils Show Fish Diversity Took Off After Extinction of Dinosaurs

Fish species are some of the most diverse and numerous here on Earth, with so much diversity being present from ocean to ocean, lakes to lake and rivers to rivers. While it has been noted in the past that fish fossils are rare prior to the Cretaceous Period, there were no studies into the reasons …Continue reading

Self Driving Cars

Don’t be alarmed if you are driving down the streets of Mountain View in California, and you see a car with no driver! That’s actually what’s supposed to be happening. This is because Google is testing out their self-driving cars. Google has been testing these out for a while, but it’s the first time they’re …Continue reading

The Leading Brand in Coffee

When consumers craving coffee want a nice cup of joe, the new leading brand to turn to is the Bulletproof Coffee brand. Known for the innovation and respected for being of high quality, this new brand has made headlines. Consumers now turn away from the mainstream brands and are trying this new and upgraded version …Continue reading

Gene Discovered that Makes Us Sleep More or Less

Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep each night to function well, but why is it some can get away with much less sleep? Scientist say the difference is due to genetic variability. Research published in ‘Current Biology’ shows that two genes, originally known for its regulation of cell division, is also responsible …Continue reading

AT&T Pays Up

The telecommunications company AT&T was just given a $100,000,000 fine for duping internet customers out of their high speed internet. On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission gave the company the fine for slowing down speeds for Internet Customer who were enrolled in their unlimited data plans. The company is being accused of giving consumers unlimited …Continue reading

Robots Trained in Minecraft Better Able to Anticipate Human Needs in Real World

The human mind has a definite advantage over robots; at least for now. It’s able to process complex scenarios quickly in order to decide upon a course of action. Scientists at Brown University recently told the high-powered businessman Bruce Levenson that they hope they can change this. They are using the smash-hit game Minecraft in …Continue reading

Is That a T-Rex or a Blue Jay?

The Scientific American reports that, scientists now believe that some dinosaurs miniaturized over a shorter period of time than previously believed. While it didn’t happen overnight, the transformation from dinosaur to bird happened with subtle and quick changes. A series of small evolutionary steps ranging from feathers to the wishbone, bipedalism, and miniaturization, brought about …Continue reading

Head Transplant: Doctor and Patient To Meet Soon

Science fiction might just become fact for a Russian man named Valery Spiridonov, whose hope is to gain a new body. Spiridonov has decided that he is willing to undergo a highly controversial procedure, in which his head will be transplanted onto another body. He will soon begin his flight to the United States to …Continue reading

Robotics Teams Claim Millions in Prizes at DARPA Event

The big winner at a robotic competition sponsored by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) was a team hailing from Korea who took home a $2 million prize for their robots ability to complete tasks like driving a car and turning on a valve. The team was lead by JunHo Oh, the mastermind behind Hubo …Continue reading

Marc Sparks Advises People On The Best Way To Get Things Done

The CEO, Founder and owner of Timber Creek, Marc Sparks, has helped over 60 start-ups get on their feet and find their wings. Spark’s new book ‘They Can’t Eat You’ is aimed at young entrepreneurs and people with dreams who want to become successful in any business endeavor they set their eyes on. As a …Continue reading

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