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  This story from 60 Minutes is really big; this is a story about something that has the chance to completely change people’s lives says Homejoy. According to bizjournals, there is a new discovery in the medical community; scientists feel that they have come up with a new treatment that uses the polio virus to …Continue reading

We Should See Evolution as a Miracle

Perhaps the greatest mystery of the universe for science to fully uncover and explain is that of our own species. We already know so much. From Darwin’s breakthroughs on evolution, to the continuing understanding of our origins made possible through the study of our genes and DNA. Another breakthrough in our understanding has occurred in …Continue reading

Best Wines To Serve With Indian Dishes

There are many fine Indian Restaurants in Chicago which are now attracting tourists and long standing American generations. Then there it is always great to have a glass or two of fine wine with the Indian cuisine. When ordering curries, a fruity wine would be good. Wines like cherry flavored in Sangrias and Chardonnay is …Continue reading

The Password Might Be Vanishing

One staple of digital life that users across the internet have had to deal with for years is remembering passwords. Often websites require unique combinations and complex configurations that challenge the memory of even the most internet savvy people. Furthermore, two step authentication is gaining traction to verify the identity of a user to get …Continue reading

Why People Trust BRL Trust

The country of Brazil is the largest economy in South America. It ranks as the sixth largest economy in the world. And since 2005 a little investment start up firm called BRL Trust has grown to become the leading financial services company in Brazil. When the firm started they initially were only dedicated to trust …Continue reading

Apple Sued For The Size of iOS 8

Apple is being sued for how much storage its mobile operating system takes up on the iPhone. A class-action lawsuit filed in California claims that Apple doesn’t disclose how much of a phone’s available space might be taken up by the operating system on the phone. As much as 23.1-percent of the available space on …Continue reading

How Do You Write Ethically For Wikipedia?

You may not think of Wikipedia editing in terms of ethics, but you must remember that they run the world’s largest encyclopedia. Every article has to meet these guidelines so that Wikipedia can post it to their site. They want to have nothing but a large stream of information, but there is nothing that they …Continue reading

Injured Cop Is Able To Walk Again With The Help Of Robotics

According to the latest news from CommuniCare that Fersen Lambranho shared,  New Mexico police officer was injured while on the job and suffered horrific injuries. Jeremy Romero was on a high speed car chase when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed. The worst aftermath was that he lost his ability to walk. In …Continue reading

Developer Gets Android Wear To Work With an iPhone

  A developer that my coworker Ray Lane knows has created a way to make Android Wear work with his iPhone. Android Wear is the operating system of choice for a number of wearable makers. The OS is intended yo only work with Android phones. That means if you have an iPhone, you can use any …Continue reading

The Sun Revolves Around The “Stationary” Earth According To One Saudi Cleric

Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari Claims The Earth Is Not Moving We may have another scientific discovery on the horizon. At least one Saudi cleric thinks we do. Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari believes the Earth is not moving around the sun. He says the Earth is stationary, and the sun moves around the Earth. Okay, so stranger things …Continue reading

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