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USHEALTH GROUP Inc is an American insurance company that provides different insurance plans for specific ailments, life, accidents, and disabilities among others. The company has been in action for over 50 years, and provides insurance solutions to the self-employed persons, start up businesses, and families. The USHEALTH Group with its other affiliate companies, gives its clients top priority when it comes to insurance coverage. USHEALTH Group Company has upgraded its services to provide high quality services; whereby it is able to provide to its customers affordable plan/portfolio. The portfolio offers first dollar services and discounts. It, therefore, mean if a client falls into a tight budget brackets, he or she, is then entitled to the portfolio and his/her health is taken care of.


The unparalleled services at the USHEALTH Group Company has enabled its elevation to the top. On recognizing this, the prestigious One Planet Award organization awarded the company with the honors of company of the year in categories of, accounting, financial, and insurance. Since its launch, the USHEALTH Group Company has managed to rise high in the competitive individual health insurance market. This was due to its extraordinary success growth and profitability it experienced as a result of marketing its insurance products.


USHEALTH Group LinkedIn.


USHEALTH Group is a licensed facility and is always on a mission to satisfy its clients. The company’s primary purpose is to instill hope in people by providing affordable insurance services, thus creating a positive difference in their lives. The company has termed it portfolios as affordable and reliable, whereby they can provide patients with everyday medical expenses and even more serious medical events.


Customers can enhance their protection with the full line of availed products at the USHEALTH Group Company. Such products are; critical illness, diseases, dental/vision plans, and income protector among others. Customers highly rank USHEALTH Group for its high tech deliveries. It has maintained its relationship with its clients for a long time, thus the company can be considered dependable and loyal.

George Soros knows how to Protest Injustice

Injustice is all around us. At any given moment, a governmental or institutional group can rise-up to create a lot of pain and wreak havoc on a group of people. Whether this group is a national minority, immigrants from another land or refugee settlers; the tyranny of a traditional institution can cause people to suffer. Men like George Soros cannot sit idly by while this happens.

George Soros is a man of great wealth and position. He is ranked as one of the top 30th wealthiest people on the planet. Soros has been around for a very long time. He was born in Hungary back in 1930. In 2017, he is 86-years-old. A man who has lived for almost a century has seen a lot of things throughout his life. He is also full of experience and wisdom.

Soros was a teenager when the Nazi’s overran his homeland of Hungary. Since his family was Jewish his father managed to deceive the Nazi’s to keep them from the horrors of the Concentration Camps. Even though Soros was spared that nightmare he had to endure other things. He had to watch how the Nazi’s negatively treated and oppressed his people. He knew that this could never happen again in life. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Fast forward to the present; George Soros is now doing everything he can to stop government dictatorship and institutional dominance from ruing the lives of many people. This is one reason why he helped to organize civil protest in Ferguson during the Michael Brown protests.

Minority people constantly suffer under the hand of police authority. This is especially true for members of the Black Community. There has always been a historical connection between police brutality and the Black Community. Ever since organized police forces came into existence within America; they have been used to subject the African American community to control and violence.

From the days of Jim Crow, to the Watts Riots of 68, to the Rodney King Riots of 1992; black people have always been protesting the devastating police brutality that has been happening within their community. This trend has to stop and George Soros is helping to change this situation.

Soros knows that social protest is an effective force for change. In an open society, people can protest and speak out to bring about change. Soros likes societies such as these because it brings about balance. The traditional authorities do not get to permanently dictate how things are going to be for people. Learn more about his profile at

Soros realizes that the groups he supported during the Ferguson protests were necessary for bringing about change. George Soros is committed to making life better for everyone. His Open Foundations Society operates for this purpose. Soros is a great man who is genuinely trying to make the world better for all people.

Don Ressler’s Entrepreneurial Road to Fabletics

Co-founder/CEO of Fabletics and serial entrepreneur Don Ressler has a natural talent for building winning companies. Beginning with his first startup, which he sold to the then parent company of Intermix Media in 2001, Ressler has built a long series of highly profitable businesses.


When Ressler became involved with the Intermix, the company’s COO at the time was a 19 year old entrepreneurial prodigy named Adam Goldenberg. The two realized the synergy formed during their business idea exchanges and partnered to start Alena Media, which quickly began generating hundreds of millions in revenue, becoming Intermix’s only profitable entity. Following Intermix’s acquisition by News Corp for $650 million in 2005, Ressler and Goldenberg formed their first incubator business Brand Ideas, which they later renamed Intelligent Beauty.


Intelligent Beauty’s enjoyed a success streak that motivated the company’s launch of JustFab, a subscription-based online retailer, in March 2010. JustFab had a highly-personalized model that involved new members’ filling out a “fashion personality test,” the results of which would be used to make handbag, shoes, accessories and apparel recommendations to its customers.


The business model was extremely profitable, with the firm disclosing that JustFab was generating $3 million per month in revenue and had 2 ½ million members. Ressler and Goldenberg were able to raise $33 million in Series A financing, put together by Matrix Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures.


By 2011, Intelligent Beauty, JustFab and two other businesses they launched were generating $250 million annually. Former model Kimora Lee Simmons joined the firm as president, investor and creative designer.


Ressler, Goldenberg and actress Kate Hudson started their athletic firm, Fabletics, in 2013. The JustFab founders spotted a gap in the sporting/athleisure market and saw in Kate Hudson what they wanted their new firm to represent. Being approachable, down-to-earth, good-natured and authentic were some of Hudson’s characteristics that made her a natural fit with the Fabletics vision.


By June of 2017, Fabletics was forecasting $250 million in sales for the year.


Since it’s opening, the company has had to overcome several challenges including personal attacks on Kate Hudson by the 1970’s musician Cher.


The firm’s success seems unstoppable, with 1.2 million members and sales growth of nearly 650 percent as compared with the same period last year. Fabletics has upgraded their inventory system to ensure that they had a ready stock of the more popular items. The company also maintains a top rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Fine Wines Are A Solid Investment And UKV PLC Has The Wine And Advice To Help You Begin

Fine wine has the right dynamic to make an excellent investment. As wine ages the desirability increases and provides satisfying returns for many years. Even in times of uncertain economies wine has outperformed gold, art and stocks. More money is currently being invested in wine than classic cars due to the twelve to fifteen percent rate of return for more info: click here.

Once a rare vintage of wine has been consumed it can’t be replaced making it a finite stock. As the supply diminishes the value appreciates. Premier vineyards all over the world are consistently harvesting new grapes making the chain of supply and demand infinite. Trading frenzies for wine have been triggered all over the globe. Wine consumption and investments have increased in Russia, Brazil, China and India. Affluent Chinese have a passion for red wine and they purchased 1.8 billion bottles in 2013. China has become the new leader in the world market.

The best way to start a collection is with advice from a professional consultant in industry. UKV PLC is an excellent choice for advice regarding fine wines. Most experts agree it is better to purchase a case of a rare, fine wine than several cases wine of a lesser quality. An investment of 10,000 pounds is highly recommended.

UKV PLC is an extremely highly respected wine brokerage located in the United Kingdom. Their professionals are knowledgeable and respected in the industry. They oversee wine acquisitions and sell some of the finest wine available anywhere in the world to investors. UKV PLC prestigious labels available from all over the world including the best vineyards in Italy, France and Spain. They have represented the Champagne region exceptionally well.

UKV PLC provides their clients with outstanding service. A consultant from UKV PLC will arrange a meeting at their home office, their London office or even in the peace and comfort of your home.

Once you are a client you will have a consultant dedicated to keeping you advised on all of the markets current trends. The time is right to start your investment in fine wines and UKV PLC is there to help.

The Notable Innovator and Giver: Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is best known for being a man who helps out children and adults in need. Pulier himself came from humble beginnings but has now become one of the most successful and philanthropic people on the planet. Born in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric  Pulier worked hard to gain entry into Harvard University. Upon attending Harvard, Pulier quickly gained interest in helping the student body by communicating important subjects in a clear but humorous manor as a columnist on the Harvard Crimson team.

When Pulier graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, he was in high demand in the corporate world. But his charitable roots drew him to innovate and create technologies to serve markets that were desperately in need of change. He moved to Los Angeles and developed his own company from the ground up, which received venture capital, like many of his companies (he’s created 15) have. Digital Evolution focused on bringing technology solutions to the healthcare and education space, and in doing so he made an enterprise company that got the attention of Bill Clinton. The president, along with his Presidential Inaugural Committee, chose to bring Pulier to Washington D.C. in honor of his philanthropic and business achievements.

Pulier isn’t just brilliant, he also cares about helping kids. He teamed up with Steven Spielberg and created a technology platform that helps children with diabetes learn about the insides of their bodies and what certain dieseas and chronic conditions do to a person. He also pioneered a technology that allowed children with MS to communicate online in private chat rooms and blogs securely. This allowed them to have a sense of community and fraternity instead of feeling lonely.

The entrepreneur often travels around the world to speak at various conferences on technology and innovation. Recently, he became a member of the board of the Xprize Foundation, which is an important bridge between public and private sector funds and young entrepreneurs. Teams can compete from all around the world to solve problems facing humanity, such as space flight, water shortages, education, and more. It has given out millions of dollars in funding. Pulier also keeps busy volunteering at summer camps for ill children, such as The Painted Turtle.

Bruce Bent II the Financial Expert

Bruce Bent II is the Manager and CEO of a FDIC cash management business and money market mutual fund known as The Reserve. He has held the positions for over seventeen years. Bent also holds two titles at Double Rock Corporation. He is the President and Vice Chairman for the technology and financial services company.

He is a entrepreneur whose vision and drive have led to some of the most relevant and influential technological developments and products in the past few years. He is credited with making innovative financial solutions as well as short-term asset management solutions for bank, broker-dealer, retail and qualified plan markets. Bent also has over sixty privately held patents which have helped transform the more than $1 trillion FDIC-Insured cash management industry.

Before the 2008 financial crisis that affected everyone around the world, Bruce Bent II was the President of The Reserve. The company, which is headquartered in New York, New York, was one of the top institutions available that dealt with money-market funds that were held privately. It offered clients one of the largest market funds while also employing over three hundred sales professionals. With Bent’s hard work, The Reserve was able to expand its distribution and product lines as well as diversify the company’s assets. the Reserve’s cash products increased from $4 billion to over $130 billion in under two decades.

Even when he is not working Bruce Bent II is using his time to involve himself with as many entrepreneurial ventures as he can. He also enjoys using his free time to learn about intellectual property, consumer goods, financial technologies, business consulting, healthcare financing, asset management and pharmaceuticals. Bent also is a member of several organizations where he spends his time volunteering.

With his vast knowledge of everything finance, Bruce Bent II is often quoted in publications such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Several books have also written features about him or have gotten interviews a. In the past he was even a regular writer for the China Press and World Journal who focused on the subject of investing.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

How We Used Securus Technologies to Find Criminals

When my team is on the hunt for a fugitive, we rely on many people to help get the suspect into custody. The more help from the public, the safer we can make the entire community. When we were told that a fugitive was in the area and he was armed and dangerous, we had to act fast. The trouble we had out of the gate with this case was the suspect had a huge network of family and friends who were hiding him from the police. Each time I reached out to his family, we were turned away.


Having no luck with his family and knowing the general public was terrified to turn him in for fear of retribution, we decided we only had one resource we could use. On our visit to the local jail, we wanted to learn all we could about the new inmate phone call monitoring system the corrections officers were using. Securus Technologies installed the system, and promised their technology is helping to make this world safer for all. Having been installed in well over two thousand prisons already, we knew this resource could help us close the gap on our fugitive.


Within hours of using the LBS software to try and uncover information about the suspect, we discovered a very unique call from an inmate who was recently arrested for burglary. He was complaining on the call that he didn’t care who was listening, and he was tired of being treated like a caged animal. He went on to say that he wanted that suspect arrested because he was the reason for his time in jail. He spilled his guts on the call about a distant cousin who had a huge property on the edge of town used for hiding fugitives. Hours later we picked up the suspect without any trouble thanks to that phone call.

Cotemar Mexico Diversifies its Portfolio to Offers Unparalleled Offshore Services

Cotemar Mexico is a leading Mexican conglomerate with extensive interests and services in petroleum, offshore construction as well as maritime services. Cotemar Mexico offers specialized services including maintenance in ships. For more than 35 years, Cotemar Mexico has provided high-quality services for clients.

Following the services rendered to various clients, Cotemar Mexico has gained a relatively huge client base. The company continues to gain massive client base and positive public recognition because it has a great impact on companies that need offshore services. Not only does Cotemar Mexico serve private but also public companies.


Cotemar Mexico is a prominent service deliverer in construction and marine industries. In engineering and construction, Cotemar Mexico specializes in the modernization of construction through the establishment of innovative processing centers in addition to modern platforms for clients. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Cotemar offers offshore installations more than the installation of not only marine but also gear service lines. The firm provides marine support services via specialized vessels. The management also ensures that there is the provision of personnel carriers, towing vessels, fireboats in addition to barges.

All the vessels used at Cotemar Mexico go for a routine checkup to ensure safety during service provision. Through these safety standards and regular checkups coupled with servicing, Cotemar provides high notch services for clients. In return, safety operating systems guarantee enjoyable services.

Vision, Mission

Cotemar Mexico prides itself on being a high ranking provider of offshore marine services. These services are based on the efficient and effective processes that the company has implemented through the committed staff.

The management is also equipped with high technology that makes it easy to provide these services. Cotemar Mexico is a sustainable firm that highly participates in various new businesses in the oil industry.

Through innovation and technology, Cotemar has been leading in providing these services. The communication channels have allowed Cotemar to progressively participate in the production of services that satisfy a client’s needs.


Cotemar Mexico is consistent, ethical as well as honest in its dealings. This is a clear reflection of the company’s image and its inherent values. The company sees clients’ mandates as the obligation of the management.

Following these values and obligations, Cotemar deals with every client’s case differently. For Cotemar Mexico, simplicity is a key element for operations.

The company has won the hearts of many clients following its ability to register improvement. Although there may be challenges in the management, there is an unparalleled commitment when serving customers.

Troy McQuagge: A Golden CEO

Troy McQuagge is the golden CEO of USHEALTH Group. McQuagge was hired in 2010 to help turn around the struggling health insurance company. In just a few short years McQuagge was able to help turn this company around and record impressive growth, success, and profitability.

Healthcare is a critical topic that everyone is currently following in the news. USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding company based in Texas that provides healthcare insurance coverage to self-employed and small business owners. These are two groups that have fallen through the cracks of the healthcare insurance debates. When McQuagge joined the team he focused on people aged 65 and younger to provide health care coverage.

Troy McQuagge brings over 30 years of experience in the sales industry to his position as president of USHEALTH Group. He comes from Panama City, Florida. He received his degree from the University of Central Florida. With a strong background in health insurance sales, McQuagge was a natural fit for USHEALTH Group. He started his career with USHEALTH captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Agency. McQuagge was promoted to president and CEO of USHEALTH Group a short 4 years later.

Recently Troy McQuagge was recognized by One Planet Awards as their choice for the 2016 CEO of the Year. This is a prestigious award excellence in the business world from every industry around the world. Organizations are invited to submit their nominations for the best of the best in the business and professional world.

Upon receiving the award, McQuagge was typically modest about achievements. He stated that the award actually belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group as a testament to their employees and company’s commitment to providing quality healthcare coverage to the people who need it the most. Obviously, One Planet Awards found a Golden CEO for their top award in 2016.

About Troy McQuagge:

Do Unicorns Wear Pop On Nails? A Beauty Update And My Fascination With Lime Crime

In the world of fashion and beauty, things never stay the same. Trends are always changing, and that is one of the things that I love! The newest trend that I am enjoying is Lime Crime’s bright, vibrant cosmetics collections. Have you heard of pop-on nails? This fashion trend is like getting fake nails but made with D.I.Y. fans in mind.


Lime Crime offers many colors of pop on nails, but my favorites are a part of the new “Mermaid Collection” offered by this fantastically fun brand. The new collection is completely mermaid inspired and includes aquamarine blues, opalescent pastels, and fantasy worthy pinks and purples. The pop on nails in this new collection come in “Lizard” which is a metallic dark green with rainbow reflections, as well as oyster, which is a soft, smokey lavender.


All of the Lime Crime products are certified vegan and cruelty free. The materials that they use for their pop on nails is super natural feeling. You can even file them just like you would a regular nail! The process of using them really doesn’t take much longer than it does to apply nail polish. You have to wipe your nails first with acetone to get rid of any excess oils. You should also trim them so that you start with short, clean nails. Next, you apply a little bit of glue and pop the nail on! Hence the name, “pop on nail”! It is so easy and can add so much sparkle and character to your look.


That is pretty much what Lime Crime does best. They add, what they call on their website, “extra”. That extra touch that no one else has. That extra metallic flash. That extra touch of color and glamour. This brand is all about self expression. The CEO and founder, Doe Deere, says she started the company almost ten years ago when she needed products for herself to wear along with an eccentric Halloween costume. The products that she has come up with since continue to offer wild, bold, expressive products to her fans. And I, for one, am grateful!

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