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Nutrimost Sues for Infringement

It takes a lot of work to come up with something original. This is why there are laws in place to protect the intellectual properties of anyone. Nutrimost is one of the companies that were getting infringed upon by another company. The company that tried to steal its work was Healthy Living. Healthy Living was trying to promote its own diet called “Can’t Lose”. However, since it has decided to use the exact video that Nutrimost has produced with minor edits, it has not only lost a lot of money from lawsuits, but it has also shown that it may not have any product or service of its own. Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video One would have to wonder why another company would want to rip off Nutrimost. The answer is actually pretty simple. It provides what people have wanted a long time. A healthy and effective health and fitness solution. It goes above and beyond what any fad diet or other health system offers. For one thing, it actually helps people lose weight, and keep it off. The benefits don’t stop there. It also helps people get rid of any weight related problems so that they can live an even healthier life. There is a secret to the success of Nutrimost. One of the hidden secrets of success for Nutrimost is that it handles weight loss on an individual basis. The person is set up to a machine that scans the body chemistry of the individual. Afterwards, the person is given a diet plan that is meant to not only help him burn off the fat, but also get rid of any other health complications such as diabetes. This formula has proven to be such a major success that others are looking for ways to improve on this diet program. Given the effectiveness of this fitness system, it is going to be a hard act to follow.

The Lovaganza Foundation and Her Aim of Universal Quality of Life

The Lovaganza Foundation is a non-profit organization, which was co-founded by J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon. The founders had a dream of the organization becoming the mother of all foundations. Its purpose is to bring about a worldwide quality of life, for all the humanity. The belief of Lovaganza is that universal quality of life …Continue reading

Is Kyle Bass Right About China’s Corporate Bond Market?

Kyle Bass has had somethings to say about China for a while. Starting back in 2015, October, he predicted economic implosion. Several months ago, he was saying there was a forty to fifty percent chance China’s economy would stagger and deflate under weight of their debt bubble by the end of 2016. He said if …Continue reading

A Look at Seattle Genetics under CEO Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics focuses on developing innovative antibody-based therapies to treat cancer. The biotechnology company is located in Bothell, Washington. It is the leading producer for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). The ADCs technology is designed to help minimize the side effects of chemotherapy since it spares non-targeted cells. The company has built a lusty corporate culture based on teamwork, mutual respect, innovation, scientific excellence and integrity. Seattle Genetics is committed to conducting and performing its business with integrity and professionalism. The company was co-founded in 1998 by Clay B. Siegall. Clay is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board. Clay Siegall worked with the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health before co-founding Seattle Genetics. Siegall received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland. He also attended George Washington University where he earned his Ph.D. in Genetics. Clay Siegall is a specialized in targeted cancer therapies. He led the company in securing the 2011 FDA approval and developing ADCs. The companies first ADC was ADCETRIS (brentuximabvedotin). ADCETRIS is now approved in over 60 countries worldwide. Seattle Genetics has joined many strategic licenses with Abbvie, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer and Genentech (Roche).In clinical development, Seattle Genetics’ technology is used by over 20 ADCs. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the company has secured more than $1.2 billion via private and public financing. Seattle genetics is currently trying out Adcetris for cancer treatments. The commercialized drug is being tested against different types of Lymphomas. The company’s CEO announced that Seattle Genetics is conducting an advanced trial that uses Adcetris for the treatment of previously untreated Hodgkin lymphoma. The results of the trials are expected to have a big impact on the company. Adcetris has earned the biotechnology company over $220 million in Canadian and U.S. sales in 2015. Seattle Genetics had its first initial public offering (IPO) in 2001. Learn more:

Securus Documents Highlights Pattern Of Fraud By Global Tel Link

Securus America Inc., one of the largest law enforcement telecommunications providers in the country, has recently been reported by PR Newswire releasing transcripts highlighting the wrongdoings of its competitor, Global Tel Link (GTL). The shocking reports expose years of fraud and integrity breaches perpetrated against thousands of clients. The Louisiana Public Service Commission has complaints …Continue reading

Your Online Reputation Truly Matters

When you are trying to grow a company or site, you know how important your online reputation can be. Without a good reputation, this can affect many different aspects of your site and make it difficult to bring in the clientele that you need and want. This is why it is often a good idea …Continue reading

Class DoJo Class Management and Communication Tools

One of the main challenges for teachers in the classroom is effectively addressing student behavior, study, and the role student perceptions play in achievement, or failure. The role of classroom tools and teacher reinforcement is crucial in helping students succeed. New studies and advanced classroom tools are helping teachers, students and parents embrace growth mindsets …Continue reading

Marie Claire’s Interview With Fabletics

Marie Claire magazine recently conducted an interview with Kate Hudson, who is the co-creator of the athleisure brand called Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that features trendy athletic clothing that fits your everyday lifestyle. In her interview, she expresses excitement over some recent additions to the Fabletics website, and describes how the athleisure trend is …Continue reading

Bullmastiff Eats Beneful Daily Due To Its Great Nutritional Ingredients

I have a dog and her name is Madison. Madison is a Bullmastiff which is a very large breed dog. Due to the fact that Madison is such a large breed dog I have to make sure that she eats dog food that has great nutritional ingredients in it so I feed her Nestle Purinastore‘s …Continue reading

Save, Invest, and Make More Money the Sam Tabar Way

With the holiday season, lots of Americans are starting to think about New Year’s Resolutions they want to make. While the old standard and traditional resolutions like losing some unwanted weight or breaking a bad habit like smoking–are still very popular, many are now using the New Year as a time of rededicating themselves to …Continue reading

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