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Injured Cop Is Able To Walk Again With The Help Of Robotics

According to the latest news from CommuniCare that Fersen Lambranho shared,  New Mexico police officer was injured while on the job and suffered horrific injuries. Jeremy Romero was on a high speed car chase when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed. The worst aftermath was that he lost his ability to walk. In …Continue reading

Developer Gets Android Wear To Work With an iPhone

  A developer that my coworker Ray Lane knows has created a way to make Android Wear work with his iPhone. Android Wear is the operating system of choice for a number of wearable makers. The OS is intended yo only work with Android phones. That means if you have an iPhone, you can use any …Continue reading

The Sun Revolves Around The “Stationary” Earth According To One Saudi Cleric

Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari Claims The Earth Is Not Moving We may have another scientific discovery on the horizon. At least one Saudi cleric thinks we do. Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari believes the Earth is not moving around the sun. He says the Earth is stationary, and the sun moves around the Earth. Okay, so stranger things …Continue reading

Apple with new car?

After another record quarter in which Apple strong profit margins and large profits, many analysts are wondering what move Apple will make next to continue their dominance of the tech world. That move may not be anywhere directed towards personal computers or cell phones but rather to another traditional industry. Automobiles. The latest rumor is …Continue reading

Unmanned Drones Deliver Food in Singapore Restaurants

  A group of drones created by the firm Infinium Robotics will become the helpful hand as multiple drone servers at restaurants in Singapore, which will essentially work to bring drinks and dishes in the restaurants owned by the company Timbre Group. These unmanned drones shall be designed to carry up to 4.4 lbs of food …Continue reading

Tesla Motors Working on Lithium Home Battery

An article on the website reports that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has announced that his company is working on a lithium battery which could be used to power a home. If successful, this battery could allow many homes to go “off the grid” and not use power from traditional electric companies. …Continue reading

DNA – Storing Data For Millions Of Years

The lifespan of data storage media is an important metric that often shapes the design and development of hard drives, flash drives and the like. Experts like Brian Torchin say that many of today’s storage medium technologies are quite capable of storing date for 100 years or more given certain circumstances about their use and …Continue reading

National Security Versus Personal And Individual Privacy In The War Against Terrorism

Are US and UK Intelligent agencies actually able to sift through all electronic data and transaction to identify terrorist or are they, as Annie Machon, former M15 intelligence officer and whistleblower, claim, turning the internet into a tool of oppression for the use of the US and UK totalitarianism and undermining democracy. She uses East …Continue reading

Mars One Narrows List to 100 People to Send to Mars

It could be hard to imagine that anyone would sign up for what could ultimately become a one-way trip to explore a distant planet, but when Mars One announced it was looking for people interested in making the trip, 200,00 signed up. Of course, the company could not send that many people to the Red …Continue reading

The Tricorder Is Here!

  Zeca Oliveira’s LinkedIn post was a throwback to the 60’s as he describes how amazed he was at this gadget Kirk and crew could pull out of their belt and use to communicate up to their ship or to another member of the landing party on some strange alien world. For us, these miraculous …Continue reading

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