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A New Drug for Healthy Aging

No one likes to age quickly. Most people would opt for living a long and healthy life rather than spend years caught up in illnesses and diseases. The ability to live independently are what make life worth living. The idea of the compression of morbidity would enable individuals to live a healthy life until around …Continue reading

George Soros View on the Current Crisis Facing the Global Market

Born in 1947 in Budapest, George Soros fled from Hungary to the United Kingdom in 1947. After settling in the United Kingdom, he later joined the London School of Economics from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. George Soros then moved to the United States, where he established the international investment fund movement. He …Continue reading

How can the EU save itself according to George Soros?

The European Union (EU) gathered together countries that had fought one another for centuries. After World War II, the hope was to prevent the destruction of the entire continent. In 2016, George Soros has been discussing the impending collapse of the European Union with CNBC. “What is wrong with the European Union?” The goals of …Continue reading

Big Data Analytical Tool at Securus Makes Big Advances in Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies has been the leading provider in criminal justice technologies and inmate communication since it was founded in 1986. The Dallas based technology company provides jails and correctional facilities with a number of important equipment and software with a focus on public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. Securus offers video service to correctional facilities as well. …Continue reading

A Financial Star That Continues To Rise

Finances are a very tricky subject for many people. It’s often a very hushed topic around dinner tables and social gatherings. The world of financial professionals is no different. Many who work in the financial field find security, but at a certain price. The world of finances can be very cutthroat. Backstabbers are around every …Continue reading

An Incredible Journey: Yeonmi Park Opens Up About Her Escape To South Korea

Yeonmi Park, the 21 year old author of the wildly popular biography In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, says she didn’t know the concept of freedom, let alone the word, while she lived in North Korea. To her, the best thing was having food to eat. Yeonmi’s harrowing story began …Continue reading

The Successes and Failures in the Home Cleaning Service Industry

There are many new technologies that make our lives more convenient every year. Many of these new technologies are based around smartphones and apps. These apps make things very convenient for individuals who are looking to streamline their lives. On demand apps like Uber are available for individuals who want to take advantage of modern …Continue reading

Evolving AI Visual Search From Slyce

I’m thrilled about the new way I’ve been doing online shopping. I’m really excited about online shopping, so I’m always wasting a lot of time doing searches on search engines to find what I want to purchase online. I’m not going to be wasting time anymore. I now have this new technology at my fingertips …Continue reading

George Soros On Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe

George Soros is a renowned investment mogul from Hungary. His hedge fund, Soros Fund Management has managed to keep him among the investment heavyweights of our time. His interest in political activism dates back to 1996 when he began funding progressive programs that target immigration policy reform among other ventures. Below we present Soros’ informed …Continue reading

Eric Pulier’s CSC Wins Contract for FAA Cloud Services

In its role as a global technological leader, Computer Sciences Corporation is ramping up its work in the private sector with diversified solutions in information technologies. CSC was founded at Falls Church Virginia in 1957, and is well-known for its pubic sector work with NASA since 1961. Now CSC is partnering with private financial institutions …Continue reading

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