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Class DoJo Class Management and Communication Tools

One of the main challenges for teachers in the classroom is effectively addressing student behavior, study, and the role student perceptions play in achievement, or failure. The role of classroom tools and teacher reinforcement is crucial in helping students succeed. New studies and advanced classroom tools are helping teachers, students and parents embrace growth mindsets …Continue reading

Marie Claire’s Interview With Fabletics

Marie Claire magazine recently conducted an interview with Kate Hudson, who is the co-creator of the athleisure brand called Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that features trendy athletic clothing that fits your everyday lifestyle. In her interview, she expresses excitement over some recent additions to the Fabletics website, and describes how the athleisure trend is …Continue reading

Bullmastiff Eats Beneful Daily Due To Its Great Nutritional Ingredients

I have a dog and her name is Madison. Madison is a Bullmastiff which is a very large breed dog. Due to the fact that Madison is such a large breed dog I have to make sure that she eats dog food that has great nutritional ingredients in it so I feed her Nestle Purinastore‘s …Continue reading

Save, Invest, and Make More Money the Sam Tabar Way

With the holiday season, lots of Americans are starting to think about New Year’s Resolutions they want to make. While the old standard and traditional resolutions like losing some unwanted weight or breaking a bad habit like smoking–are still very popular, many are now using the New Year as a time of rededicating themselves to …Continue reading

Nexbank sponsors Lemonade Day

  Nexbank is one of the best known financial services company in the Dallas area. Thousands of customers depend on this company, and they have a wonderful reputation within the community. Nexbank is constantly reaching out to the community, and on May 7th they sponsored a huge community event in Dallas. NexBank Reports Strong Fourth …Continue reading

The Refreshing Spring/Summer 2016 Apparel Line From Fabletics

Each year welcomes spring and summer with a refreshing break from the neutral earth tones of fall and winter with new colors, cuts, patterns and trends in fashion. Nowhere is this more evident than in casual apparel, as everyone takes on an abundance of outdoor activities, and even office wear becomes less strict to beat …Continue reading

Shared Office Space: Bringing Workers Together

The idea of the shared office space is new in some offices. It took off about 10 years ago, and with recent designs that make the shared space functional for offices of all sizes, it seems like it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Some have compared the shared workspace to the “bottega”, a workshop …Continue reading

Beneful tops the charts with an excellent variety of dog food!

Beneful carries a wide variety of food and treats for your furry friend. Whether you are looking for dry or wet food for your pet, Beneful really has quite the selection. Dry Dog Food with Salmon | Beneful Originals Beneful carries a few different flavors of dry dog food, but one that really sticks out …Continue reading

QNET Partners With Sharp To Purify Air

Sharp is a leader in technology hailing from Japan. On May 27th, they entered into a strategic partnership with QNET, who is based in China, and has been a leader in the Asian direct-selling industry for 18 yeas. QNET focuses on products good for society and the environment, emphasizing health and wellness above all else. …Continue reading

Why Securus Technology Stands Out

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers in criminal and civil justice technology solutions in investigation, public safety, corrections and monitoring, and has been reported by PR Newswire to have successful user adoption in it’s application in inmate video phone for both Apple iPhones, iPads and iPad touches, and Android smartphones and tablets. The …Continue reading

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