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Tuning into Tone Can Improve Your Brain

One of the biggest tragedies of aging is that the mind begins to deteriorate at some point. A symptom of this deterioration is a loss of focus, and inability to weed out distractions. This isn’t only a problem for those growing old, but also for many people around the world who suffer from attention deficit …Continue reading

New TouchScreen Charging Points Coming To NYC

Unless they happen to watch old episodes of Superman, the new generation of children will have no idea what a payphone is. However, New York City has a plan to take its aging payphones into the modern age with slim aluminum pillars with large screens that will soon dot city streets. Ken Griffin agrees that …Continue reading

Has the Satellite Killer Emerged?

Object 2014-28E has been launched into space and not everyone believes this object of Russian origin is strictly for non-military use. In fact, many believe that the object truly is the nefarious “satellite killer” that was scrapped some time ago. As the name suggests, a satellite killer is a military device designed for the purpose …Continue reading

Twin Study Indicates Homosexuality Is Genetic

Alan Sanders of the NorthShore Research Institute in Evanston, Illinois has led a study that suggests homosexuality has a genetic cause. Over five years, Sanders collected DNA samples from 409 pairs of non-identical gay twins, the largest sample ever used in such a study. He chose non-identical twins because he wanted limit the number of …Continue reading

Technology At Odds With Profits?

The GOP’s plan to attack the science behind human contribution to climate change would be a mistake. Using their majority to challenge scientific evidence could bolster the thought the GOP is more focused on the interests of big business, then in the future of our children. The changing climate is all part of the Earths’ …Continue reading

Developments in Technology Sharing

Ever thought about those times that we were being told that the world is a global village? It just got smaller, as technologies are quickly evolving to better adapt to a global marketplace of ideas and communication. It would seem that updates in technologies develop at a snowball’s pace, as the speed at which changes …Continue reading

U.S. Citizens Spied on by U.S. Government

Technology has made most American’s lives much easier. Cell phones are owned and used constantly by the majority of people, even children. Generally, people feel like their phone conversations, texts, and app usage are private. Surprise, no they are not! Hackers are not to blame for this privacy leak it is actually our U.S. government …Continue reading

Microsoft Drops Nokia Name for Its Next Lumia

We all heard the news about Microsoft acquiring Nokia‚Äôs handset business. The complete buying of the company handset business was finished in April 2014. Many questions had been asked by Rod Rohrich at the time about what this purchase would ultimately mean for Nokia, and just how Microsoft would utilize the Nokia brand in the …Continue reading

New Population Study Suggests 12 Billion People by 2100

The U.N has released a new study that indicates the world population will not flatten around 2050 as had previously been believed, but keep on rising. According to researchers at the UN and several academic institutions, there is an 80 percent chance that the world’s population, currently at 7.2 billion, will reach somewhere between 9.6 …Continue reading

Obama Advises FCC to Keep Internet Free

On the official White House YouTube channel the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, induced the Federal Communications Commission, or what is known as FCC, to reclassify internet as a utility. This effect of this is that it indicates the internet being free and unrestricted. This is in response to internet service …Continue reading

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