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Mark Ahn Provides Insights into Tech Trends

Mark Ahn, the seasoned Biotech entrepreneur recently sat down in order to provide insights on the latest tech trends and the technology that is going to make a global impact in the coming year. Now, while he did not name specific brands or elements, he did point out what would be important to look into …Continue reading

Oldest Ichthyosaur Fossil Found in China

Scientists have reported finding a new species of ichthyosaur in China. The fossil, named Cartorhynchus lenticarpus, had a short snout and flexible wrists. It was also 40 cm (15.7 inches) long, making it the smallest ichthyosaur to be found so far. (Perhaps it was a juvenile?) It is also the oldest ichthyosaur fossil found, as …Continue reading

Scientists Turn Human History on its Head by Using Mosquitoes to Cure Disease

Scientists are genetically modifying mosquitoes to use them to stop the spread of disease. Mosquitoes have been a plague of mankind for as long as there has been a mankind, carrying and spreading disease among people. They are being specifically engineered so that when a female mosquito in the wild mates with one of these …Continue reading

Solar System May Have Two More Planets

  Spanish and British astronomers have announced in the British journal “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society” that there may be two more planets in our solar system somewhere beyond Pluto’s orbit. Currently, our solar system is believed to have eight planets with Neptune being the outermost. Pluto used to be considered the ninth …Continue reading

Intelligent Pedals Protect Against Theft

A French start-up company introduced, at CES 2015, a product that is both simple and innovative: smart bike pedals. Equipped with a GPS, this device allows to know at all times the location of a bicycle, which can be useful when you want to trace a thief. Jean-Marie Debbasch explained that the system is as …Continue reading

Skout, one of the best dating sites

Skout is both a cell phone application and a social media website that, even though it is predominately meant for dating, can rival most of the more popular social media platforms. The main reason for this is because there are over a hundred million people using it and if the application is downloaded on a …Continue reading

Robots Learn to Understand Humans

Robots are an entirely new territory when it comes to technology, Jordan French is very fond of them, and many questions are being answered as the pioneers in the industry begin making devices with a sophisticated AI. While the more complicated questions will still likely take many years to answer, we have been able to …Continue reading

Humans Glow in the Dark: Too Bad We Can’t See It

New research from Kobayashi and colleagues shows that humans not only emit light, but it pulsates to a rhythmic beat depending on our fluctuating metabolism and body temperature. It seems that the same forces that generate body heat also emit light; unfortunately, it’s 1000 times too weak to see with the naked eye- BUT …Continue reading

Realistic Robot from Toshiba

Toshiba has created the most realistic robot that can sing and imitate human emotions like happiness, anger, and it can cry and sing as well. The launching event was held in Los Angeles, hosted by┬áChihiraAico, the robot herself. The female looking robot dressed in a conservative style sang accompanied by a human playing the piano. …Continue reading

Mark Ahn Explains Key Elements to Biotechnology Startup Success

Mark Ahn Explains Key Elements to Biotechnology Startup Success As originally reported in this article from TheStreet, the well educated and informed biotechnology industry expert Mark Ahn explains the factors distinguishing success and failure in the changing world of biotechnology startups. He discusses the popularity of Biotech companies and the messages they offer such as …Continue reading

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