Robots Soon to Take Over These Three White Collar Jobs

The age of electronics we live in has brought us many positive advances that make our everyday life much easier than that of our grandparents. After all, where would we be without our cell phones, computers, GPS systems or even our automatic garage door openers?
Those same electronic advances made it possible for the development of robots that can perform repetitive tasks in the job market too, like those in the auto industry and the little round Roomba robot in our home that vacuums the floor.
It was only a matter of time before those robots that perform menial, repetitive tasks advanced into more intelligent positions in the work world and began to perform white collar jobs. The motor skills are available, the artificial intelligence is available, the demand is there, it was just a matter of time before robots entered the white collar work environment.
The three jobs that robots are poised to soon start taking over are legal assistant, pharmacy helper and journalist.
Entry level jobs in the legal field, such as legal assistants or paralegals, involve a lot of document review. Robots are already doing that algorithmically using artificial intelligence.
Much of a pharmacists work involves repetition. Counting pills and placing them in a bottle. Robots can do that, freeing up some of the pharmacist’s time to spend on patient care.
The teams at TechCrunch and Skout know most people find it hard to imagine a robot writing an original story, but some of what we already read was not written by a human journalist, but by an artificially intelligent robot.

I Used Skout To Find Friends In An Area I’m Moving To

I have a problem trusting the people around me, especially the people that live in my neighborhood. I live in a small community in New York, and I do see a lot of crime happening around me. Since I was afraid of the place that I lived, I would only go to work and come home. I was saving up money to move to another area where I would feel safe. In the meantime, I wanted to find friends elsewhere, so I could get away from my everyday life. I started looking towards social media networks for comfort.

My favorite social media network is Skout, and I’ve been on the network for over a year. I never used to use the network so much, but now that I’m always alone, I use the network every day. During the last month, my best friend moved away. I understand why my friend left, and I can’t wait to leave this area also. I started searching Skout to see if I could find friends in another state. My plan was to move to Maryland because I have family there. I only had a few more months before I would have enough money to move.

Although I have family in Maryland, I wanted friends as well. I did a search on Skout for the area in Maryland I was moving to. I was able to find 10 people that interested me. The 10 people I found on the network were a mixture of women and men. I figured I could find someone to hang out with as well as someone to be a close friend. I took time to get to know these people by sharing some intimate information with them. It turns out that at least two of the persons used to live in New York.

I had some things in common with a few of the people, including the loss of a loved one. After speaking with these people through the Skout network, we all decided that we meet soon. One person was coming to my area, so we set up a meeting. The person and I went out to the movies as that’s the only place I’ll go in my area. After I got to know this person, we talked daily on Skout. I’m excited about moving to Maryland, and I’m glad I use Skout to find friends. Skout is a great place to meet new people. More information about Skout on their Twitter page.

Is Nicotine Really That Bad for Us?

Kicking the smoking habit is difficult, but well worth the effort in the health benefits an ex-smoker will reap. Sam Tabar even suggests that the carcinogen-filled smoke which is inhaled into the smokers lungs with every puff is without a doubt the ‘bad’ part of smoking. Damage to the lung, esophagus, voice box and everything else associated with the respiratory system is damaged each time the cigarette smoke is inhaled and exhaled.

But what about the nicotine, is it really that bad for us? Many people are able to kick the smoking habit with the aid of gum or patches that contain nicotine. Years after kicking the habit, however, some ex-smokers are still chewing the nicotine-laced gum. Has that become a habit, or is it the ex-smokers new addiction?

Some will argue that nicotine is not bad for us, some argue that it’s not addictive, still others will argue that nicotine has positive benefits. Without argument the former smoker is much better off not lighting up and inhaling carcinogens several times throughout the day, but is it possible that nicotine is actually good for us?

Can nicotine help keep the brain stimulated and ward off age-related brains disorders, such as Alzheimer’s? It’s possible and the research is being done to prove or disprove the theory.

Aquatic Treat for Scientists

In the world of science, there are people who dream of seeing some kinds of animals. One of the animals that researchers sometimes want to get their hands on is a giant squid. They were in luck when one washed ashore in New Zealand. Although the squid isn’t the best thing to look at, there are some things that could be taken away while scientists examine the animal. They can determine how the animal survives in waters that are deep in the ocean. The animal was taken to an aquarium and frozen so that further examinations could be conducted. This is a treat because this is an animal that is not usually seen in the water, and it’s rare that a squid of this size washes up on the shore of a beach. Researchers can start learning about how the animal eats and moves in the water as well as the reproduction system and other aspects of this creature. Beneful wonders if you could feed the squid dog food. If so, you could get it a few clicks away at

Scientists Might Be Able to Restore sight to the Blind

Recently, German scientists from the University of Bern conducted a test on blind mice suffering from retinal pigmentosa, successfully, to see if daytime vision could be restored. The experiment involves using a light sensing protein called optogenetics, in their eyes. A modified virus is injected into surviving vision cells. Optogenetics can restore daytime sight to anyone suffering from photoreceptor degeneration problems in the eyes.People suffering from macular degeneration and retinal pigmentosa might benefit from the optogenetics procedure. According to Dr. Sonja Kleinlogel, when lose light sensing cells over a period of time, deep in the underlying layers, vision cells, called ON-bipolar cells,remain intact. These deeper cells are called retinal cells, which received the light sensing protein.
Through this new process, patients will be able to see in daylight without the help of goggles or other magnifiers. Now that the scientists have succeeded in giving daylight sight back to mice, in the near future the scientists will conduct control and experimental trials on humans. The process requires drilling holes into the skulls of those willing to be guinea pigs for this test procedure. In fact, the first trials for restoring the sight of blind humans could take place sometime next year. Scientists from Gensight, located in Paris,France, plan to test one eye to prevent vision damage. According to Parisian scientists, the test was also done on monkeys, successfully. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is aware this is only the beginning.

New Phone App Allows Doctors To Make Housecalls

There is a new phone app called “Heal.” This new service, developed in Los Angeles, CA, gives people a chance to have a real physician visit them with a house call. Doctors are available from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM for the price of $99.00. A medical assistant accompanies the doctor who carries a fully stocked kit including flu shots and modern medical technologies to take care of most situations. They will even write prescriptions or pick them up for $19.00 extra.
This new service was started by Dr. Renee Dua, who saw a real need for widely accessible health care. The Uber phone app style of service is expanding to San Francisco and at least 15 other large cities this year. Igor Cornelsen ( has even heard that there are similar services in New York City and Chicago. Other apps allow people to have webcam consultations or chats with live nurses to discuss their health.
Opponents of these new trends say the time of a physician is too valuable to be driving around visiting patients. “Heal” doctors feel that seeing how the patient lives can be highly beneficial in helping with their treatment.

Internet Service Provider Caught Lying

When it comes to Verizon there are many who trust the company to always provide them with the best care and support. There are those who rely on Verizon and Verizon only for all of their communication needs. But then, those who have always relied on Verizon may not have heard about the lying that the company has recently done.

It seems that Verizon was trying to get one of their customers to pay for a more expensive plan in order to watch online video content when that customer knew that they did not need the speed that the pricier plan was offering. The subscriber in question was a media expert, and they knew that Verizon was lying to them in order to get them to pay more for their internet connection. When a large company like Verizon – a company that is loved and respected by a great following – lies, what is to be done? Are those who have always loved Verizon going to switch to a new ISP after the news of their lying comes out?

Thanks to philanthropist Keith Mann for the heads up!