Reasons why you need an Intellectual Property Law expert

Law is a very wide subject of discussion. The practice of law is even wider since it involves even more areas of discussion. Intellectual property law, to be specific, is not too wide. This is a rather small area of law that concerns creative products of the mind. Intellectual property law is actually meant to offer protection for these creative products of the human mind. The protection offered by this area of law is geared towards safeguarding the works of the mind from theft and wrongful attribution.

There have been very many cases whereby someone has spent time and money in coming up with a new way of doing things only for someone else to steal the concept. This is a very unfortunate scenario since no one can tell who really came up with the concept without proof of ownership. The scenario gets worse when the thief gets into a position whereby he or she is able to derive economic benefit from the stolen concept.

Intellectual property law is constituted in a manner that curbs such scenarios. This area of law vests intellectual property rights in a creator or inventor of a concept. If someone creates a song, for example, copyright law is applied to give the person exclusivity over the words and tune of the song. In a case where a person comes up with a new way of operating machines, a patent over the process can be granted by the law.

Anyone who has come up with any product that has resulted from his or her hard work and effort of the mind should consider hiring an intellectual property lawyer. A lawyer like Frans Schoeman in this area of practice is equipped with the skill to assist you in protecting the creations of your mind. It is usually advisable to hire a lawyer as soon as possible since any exposure of your intellectual property can cost you a lot. Someone can steal your ideas and concepts from a very early stage.

It is usually very difficult to prove that someone has stolen your ideas. The accused person can easily say that he or she also had the same ideas as you. In order to avoid battles in court over ownership, contact an expert to advise you on how you can protect your rights. There are very many options of protection that are available to your disposal once you contact a lawyer.

Frans Schoeman is one of the experts in intellectual property law who can assist you navigate your issues in this practice area. Frans is a director at one of the premier law firms in South Africa, Phatsima Diamond. Frans has garnered vast experience in intellectual property law resulting from many years of practice. The advantage of hiring a lawyer who has amassed a lot of experience is that he or she will not encounter anything new in the field. Vast experience has exposed Frans to very many scenarios on infringement of intellectual property rights. He is best-suited to consult on any related matter.

4 Main Challenges Facing Businesswomen

Women have continuously excelled in business in the last decades. Whatever was initially considered a men’s territory is no longer the case. More women are becoming prominent entrepreneurs by launching companies of their own. Despite the positive steps taken by many women to venture into businesses, they still face many obstacles. This article will seek to discuss the four main challenges faced by women who are enthusiastic to venture into business. Marked by commitment, hard work, and achievement in her career, Susan McGalla, offers her expertise based on her experience. She is the one who began of P3 Executive Consulting. When it comes to marketing strategies, McGalla on wikinvest is a top consultant.
• Limited cash flow. Very good business plans eventually fail due to inadequate cash flow. As a matter of fact, no business will survive if the cash generated by the business is not enough to pay the rising expenses. For women, this has been a big challenge and has forced many out of the business. But if proper strategies are used, this problem can be solved and corrected. For instance, having a proper credit service from a bank or unions or using a correction process that takes care of aging invoices. Through this, a business will have a consisted cash flow.
• A poor referral marketing strategy. There are days when cold calling was an important marketing strategy. Today, it is ineffective compared to a strategy that involves networking such a referral marketing. Many businesswomen have failed to use effectively this method to market their businesses thereby not gain more sales.
• Lack of a strategic plan. For the business to succeed, it must focus on the long time goals as opposed to what is currently happening. The successful women in business have their business characterized by thought out strategic plan. Many women who find themselves struggling in business lack properly set goals for their businesses both in the short run and long run. Proper planning offers the business an opportunity to take care of the future as well as keep their focus on the important areas that can give longer periods of sustained growth.
• A poor social media strategy. If properly used, social media is a platform that can be used as a marketing tool for growth. The main challenge is that some business ladies spend a lot of time making random tweets and making useless posts on Facebook, yet no results. The best thing is to look at what benefit the social media has to offer, what social media strategies other companies have employed and the value of the social media offers. In this regard, quality outweighs quantity.

Pulse Evolution Looks To A National Stock Offering To Complete The Plans Of John Textor

Pulse Evolution have been monitored by investors and entertainment industry insiders for a number of years, largely because of the initial performances by the holograms produced by the company from 2012 onwards. Executive Chairman John Textor has recently been developing a strategy to take Pulse Evolution onto a national stock exchange, which will be completed in the near future after the publishing of the second quarter financial results of Pulse Evolution and paperwork to begin the up listing process.

John Textor is looking to repeat the levels of success he found as the Chairperson of the Digital Domain group, which he turned into a major visual effects producer for blockbuster Hollywood movies. Textor found Digital Domain to be largely without direction as the company had been searching for an identity throughout its history. Textor’s overview of the company identified the visual effects department as a major success for Digital Domain and was pushed forward under the leadership of John Textor.

Textor quickly turned the visual effects department of Digital Domain into its own company, seperate from the major production side of the studio. This decision proved to be a success for John Textor, who allowed the experts of the visual effects department to develop new techniques and equipment that pushed the newly created company into the forefront of the Hollywood visual effects industry.

John Textor has been a major developer of the latest technology that has been a big part of the latest Hollywood blockbusters. The switch in focus to live entertainment options has seen Pulse Evolution become the focus of the estates of smoe of the best known figures in live entertainment of the 20th century. These estates largely appeared after the performance of the Michael Jackson hologram at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, which proved the hologram techniques being developed by Pulse Evolution could produce a show worthy of a major entertainment venue. Pulse Evolution and John Textor have done much to develop a close working relationship with these estates, including developing profit sharing agreements that have only added to the potential value of the company. The direction being taken by Pulse Evolution is being proven to be correct in the second quarter financial results that have already been published as a forerunner to the planned stock offering.

Skout Organic: Healthy Food for the Adventurer in you

Skout Organic is a fresh face in the organic food market looking to make a niche for its products. Two brothers, Jason and Tony Pastega, along with the help of their father Denny started Scout Organics in Portland Oregon a few years ago. Denny has owned a local gourmet food store since 1979 so branching into the food business was natural for the brothers. Jason is an avid explorer and has spent a great deal of time exploring nature in Oregon. Scout was Jason’s yellow labrador retriever who passed away in 2011. Skout Organic preserves Scout’s memory and her lust for adventure.

Trailbars, trailpaks, and gear are some of the products available through the Skout Organic website. Trailbars and trailpaks are all organic, NON-GMO Project verified, certified gluten free, certified kosher, vegan, dairy and soy free, and contain no refined sugars or fillers. The bars are paks consist of only quality hand picked ingredients. A variety of flavors of trailbars are available for purchase including blueberry-almond, apple-cinnamon, cherry-vanilla, chocolate-peanut butter, and chocolate-coconut. Trailpaks consist of flavored pumpkin seeds that come in three flavors: black pepper barbeque, sea salt, and jalapeno salsa.

Scout Organic really shines in the current market. People pursuing an active lifestyle or people that just need a snack will both appreciate the choice to buy something that can provide them with hours of energy, is great for their body, and tastes great. The Pastegas know the value of including both antioxidants and protein in a snack. Every trailbar has a low amount of sodium as well as adequate amounts of fiber. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent superfood high in protein, zinc, iron, magnesium and omega-3s. By using the location tab on the website you can see if trailbars and trailpaks are sold locally. In my own area, there is a store that carries Scout Organic about ten minutes away.

When I’m in the great outdoors I want a snack that is going to enable me to continue whatever adventure I am on. Scout Organic provides a snack that has quality ingredients and when you treat your body right, you can perform better and longer. I know that when I provide a healthy snack for my body I feel better during and after the activity. I encourage anyone who loves the great outdoors or anyone who just wants a quality snack to try Scout Organic.

A Dedicated Professional; Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a multi talented individual who has held a variety of positions in companies ranging from Verizon to Barclays. Shaygan Kheradpir gained vast amounts of cultural experience through his upbringing in multiple countries; he was born in London but grew up in Iran and attended high school in Switzerland. It was at this point that he moved to the United States to further his studies at Cornell University, where he earned his Bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree in electrical engineering.

Professionally, Shaygan Kheradpir started his career with GTE Laboratories; it was here that he began working with network routing, management and control. His tenacity and dedication were evident to all those around him and he would eventually be promoted to chief information officer.

Kheradpir landed his first major position through Verizon, where he was appointed president of their E-business division., before eventually becoming Verizon’s CIO/CTO. As with GTE he was completely dedicated to the company and saw his hard work payoff, he contributed immensely to the company’s diversification of telecommunication services. While at Verizon he implemented the 30-day prototype cycle, this allowed his small teams to develop and test new technologies far more rapidly than usual. He has been credited with not only creating iobi, an organizational tool, but also having a direct impact on Verizon FiOS. Although Kheradpir and his 7,000 strong team were constantly pushing out new ideas and products he managed to decrease overall spending within the technology department. He managed to reduce the overall budget of his department to 4% of revenue, which is 2% less than the industry average. He was known to be extremely aggressive in his negotiations with vendors in order to reduce prices.

His next position held was at Barclays where he was Chief Operating Officer, again Kheradpir has a hand in a number of developments and new products. His importance within the company was displayed through his promotion to Chief Operations and Technology Officer and marked the first time a technology executive was part of the executive team at Barclays.

Kheradpir also held a brief position within Juniper Networks where he was appointed CEO in 2014. He was a figure head for the Integrated Operating Plan (IOP) which reduced expenses, bought back stock and increased dividends.

Kheradpir is an extremely successful businessman who has many accomplishments under his belt. He is known for being extremely dedicated to the companies and that he works for and expects all his employees to show the same type of commitments.

Trend Setting Shoes for Men

When it comes a man’s appearance, one of the first thing that is noticed besides his face are his shoes. Ideally speaking, for some people it can be a deal breaker if a man’s “shoe game” is not up to par and for others, he can be given a pass because they know there are still some options out there. The latest trends on the market for men italian shoes these days have been phenomenal and have opened the door for men to not only look stunning, but also live up to their “manly” ways.

Tim’s (Timberland)
To start out, Tim’s also known as Timberlands have been one of the most popular style of boots a man can have in his possession. No matter what age group you fall under, Timberlands enable a man to look irresistible in a pair of blue denim jeans he would wear to work or a pair of plaid shorts he’d wear on his day off. These six inch boots are fairly easy to walk in and are great for chopping wood or maneuvering through tough elements. They offer so much versatility that no man could ever pass up.

The Taylor Sneaker
Another fan favorite on the market is known as the Taylor Sneaker. These bad boys speak for themselves because they can honestly make any shoe rack look good. They have nice leather laces that are tucked and a smooth material lining the shoe. They are easy to slip on and off without any hassle, and despite the fact that you could walk heavy and potentially ruin your shoes, the Taylor Sneaker was to be made very durable.

Owner and creator of Handcrafted Shoes and Boots, Paul Evans, knew just what they were doing when they launched their shoe line. They have an understanding of the importance of shoes for men and their main goal is to provide nothing short of a quality shoe brand. They are highly respected by their clients and judging by their products and all the hard work put into their collection to make men experience quality shoes, has allowed them to accomplish their objective.

Ultimately, a shoe speaks more than a thousand words and so does having fashion sense. These trendy shoes give men high confidence in their appearance and allows them to have faith in a company like Paul Evans because they know they have their best interest at heart.

Skout Compliments My Busy Life

Just like the rest of the world, I am a very busy individual. I have a lot of commitments that eat up a good chunk of my time. My biggest time commitment is of course work. Work takes up at least 40 hours of my life each week. It doesn’t end there. Aside from work, I have to spend time with my family, my friends, the gym, my hobbies, and so much more. I cook, I clean, I sleep, and I do a thousand other things that eat up my time. It’s no wonder that I don’t have time for dating! I simply do not have the time to go out to a bar, or on a blind date, or out to a park to try and find a mate. It’s not worth wasting my time and it usually ends in disappointment. Luckily, I have found a solution. I have discovered online dating.

Online dating apps are great because they allow me to still live my life while being able to find romance. I have some down time when I’m laying in bed at night, walking to work, or simply lounging around my house. During these times, I can simply pull out my phone, pull up an online dating app, and have some fun! No longer am I wasting precious time. I can browse profiles, start conversations, and meet new people. If I’m not into what someone is saying, I can simply click away. That’s the beauty of online dating apps.

It’s not just the convenience that’s great. Online dating apps also offer unlimited opportunities. I am meeting so many more people than I ever would have otherwise. I can browse thousands and thousands of potential mates. I can look at peoples appearance, their hobbies, and their dreams. I can then see if they mesh well with me. If I enjoy their conversations, I can take it to the next level with video chatting and eventually meeting!

Not all online dating apps are created equally, however. There are so many out there and it’s hard to figure out which ones are legitimate and which ones are a scam. After years of searching and testing them out, I have found one that works wonderfully for me. I’m talking about Skout on skoutorganic. Skout offers so many users for me to indulge in conversation with! I can search by geographic location and find those that are close to me. Aside from that, I can shake my phone with a cool feature that Skout offers. When I do that, I am connected to a user randomly. this user is somewhere in the world. They could be as far away as Japan, Europe, or Canada. I just never know! That’s what makes it so fun. I’m learning about a new culture.

Overall, I love Skout because I love talking to people. I have made many friendships through this app. I am hoping one day that one of those turns into something more like a relationship. Until then, talking to users on this app is a great way to pass the time.


No one ever achieved greatness by playing safe. The world is a tough place to be in and every accomplishment ever made was believed to be impossible at one time. People are always recognized for their achievements, and Christian Broda is a man who has achieved a lot if anything, his educational background is quite impressive by itself. Christian graduated from the Universidad de San Andres, Argentina in 1997 with a degree in business Administration. 2 years later, Christian graduated with a Masters in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and enrolled in a Ph.D. program. In 2001, he finally received a Ph.D. in Economics from the same institute
In his lifetime, Christian has had the opportunity to work in some prestigious positions including his current position as the managing director at Duquesne Capital Management. Before this, Christian Broda was a professor of economics at the Chicago University which has helped diverse his economic skills diversely. Aside from this, he has made published countless works on trade and international finance.
The economic community acknowledges his works and have been published in leading economic journals, for instance, the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Christian has also received some accolades for his involvement in economics namely 2 NSF (National Science Foundation) bequests to upkeep his research. In 2006, Christian was acknowledged globally and christened the James S. Kemperer Scholar.
Christian Broda has also had the opportunity to serve as Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers and head of international research at Barclay’s Capital. It doesn’t stop there; he has also served as the head on international research for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Columbia University as well. Apart from this, he’s a member of the Latin American Association Economia journal, Co-editor of IMF Economic Review, associate editor of the Journal of Development and member of the National Bureau of Economic Research.
Christian Broda is a guru in matters economics, his prowess and specialization in the field has steered him to become one of the most sought after academic economist. Christian Broda is proof that once a person is determined to help themselves, there’s nothing that can stop them.

Puppy Playtime Is Not Just For Fun

Fetch. Running. Catch. Tug of War. Exercise and play is important for a healthy, happy pup. From games such as tug of war and catch to the more intricate games of agility and obedience, all play a role in training and keeping their heart and mind healthy. Experts say playing for dogs is an excellent way to relieve stress, get a mental break and of course the best way to keep them physically healthy. A healthy, well exercised dog is much less likely to have destructive habits such as chewing furniture, clawing windows and doors and marking.

For your average dog, a game of catch and a few laps around the block or a walk in the park are the perfect amount of exercise needed daily, some dogs require more or less due to breed, age, and health conditions. Never push your dog past what they can do, physically. Dogs with higher energy levels should exercise more than average, and for especially smart dogs games that encourage thinking and search skills are recommended. Agility training and obedience training are good examples of how to exercise your high energy pup, as well build a stronger bond. There are many trainers and companies that can assist you in the how-to’s and the equipment needed, but you can also train your pup yourself from home with a little research and some patience.

Rainy day playtime can be challenging, but there are some surprisingly simple solutions involving household items to build an obstacle course, or hoop jumping, or a game of hide and seek. A chair can be used to hop on, crawl under or stand on. A simple course can be constructed of hula hoop for your pup to jump through, a box with both ends open provide a tunnel to crawl through, a basket with toys that they can pick up and return into the basket for a treat. Use your imagination and your pups abilities and tricks she enjoys to create a fun course, encourage her to go faster, be more precise and praise her lots for her accomplishments. These activities are fun, and will keep both you and your furry friend busy for hours. A commercial for Beneful dog food has created a working Goldberg machine, using many examples of tricks, course ideas and items you can use, as well as a ton of amazing dogs doing what they do best.

Exercise and proper nutrition will keep your pup healthy and happy well into his senior years. A simple 15-minute workout, jog around the block or tossing the ball a few times and a well balanced diet of real meat and vitamins such Beneful Playful Life food will ensure years of love and companionship for you both. Pets and owners who play together stay together.