Keeping The Successes Coming In Life

Brian Bonar is a man that is known all around the world as a very successful entrepreneur and director. Brian Bonar started out his educational career in the UK. He studied at the University of Strathclyde and later on he went on to study at the Staffordshire University. While studying there he attained his masters degree in business administration. Later he went on to study at the data for Shire University in England and he was able to achieve his PhD. Brian Bonner is a man that realizes the importance of a good education. He wanted to be able to get the competitive edge when it came to his business dealings, and also he wanted to have the highest professional level to be able to truly accomplish his goals and to attain the positions that he wanted in life.

Brian Bonar worked in many different sectors of many different companies in the United States, Asia, and Europe. He was the chief operating officer in a financial group right after college and later on he was promoted to chief accounting officer in that very same company. Apart from that he has worked in some of the most high ranking companies both in the United States and Europe. For 18 years of his life he worked for IBM both in Europe and Asia and later on he went to other public and private companies. Currently Dr. Brian Bonar serves as the CEO, CFO, and president of Trucepts Incorporated. Trucepts is a company that manages workforce costs for different companies. It basically serves as the human resources for small businesses because many small businesses find it difficult to manage their own workforce costs, and because of that Trucepts provides some of the most affordable, outsourced human resources. They are able to help different companies with things such as payroll, employee benefits, and much more. Trucepts was the brainchild of Brian Bonar, and it is a company that serves many other businesses and it is very successful.

Brian Bonar also studied mechanical engineering, and he was able to implement his business knowledge along with his mechanical engineering knowledge to help him form Trucepts and to keep the company alive and running. Brian was able to to make about $860,000 in total compensation when it came to TRUCEPT Inc, and he received about $350,000 as his final payment. The amount that was left over was 500,000 and that came from different compensation that he received through his work. Brian is truly a man that has worked hard to achieve much, and he has led a very successful life.

Former Hedge Fund Manager Now A Serious Art Collector

Collector Adam Sender is planning on selling off a number of pieces in his extensive art collection. The former hedge fund manager has amassed over 400 works from 139 artist. After a stint at Steven A. Cohen Capital Advisers, Sender started his own firm, Exis Capital Management Inc. It was there when he started collecting art by Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman and Dan Flavin.

Sender’s works will be sold over an 18-month period beginning this May. According to some experts, he could net anywhere between $70-$80 million for all pieces. “I could never have envisioned the passion I would have for collecting art,” says Sender. Over the years, he has collected a number of controversial works such as Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled 91,” which was purchased in 1998 for $2 million.

Sender continued to buy many masterpieces over the years. He states that some of the best works by Andy Warhol were well out of his price range. He preferred to stick with works in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. He is also partial to more seasoned artists as opposed to ones fresh out of art school.

Three years ago, Sender put on a contemporary art exhibition at his North Miami home. “Home Alone” was a dig at the house, which Sender changed his mine about and moved out of within days of purchasing it. The 5,000 square foot home is the ideal place to put on the exhibition because of the massive amount of space.

Sender will still have a significant number of pieces left even after the sale. He still plans to loan certain works to Southey’s and other prestigious museums. Sender says he will continue to collect for the time being. The recent closing of his company has freed him up a lot of time to look around.

QNet Expands its Global Reach with Soccer Partnership

When Vijay Eswaran founded the QNet group in 1998 he had spent many months and years seeking out the education and work experience he felt would make his business options as full and rewarding as possible. The QNet group has now seen its profile across Asia bring a major marketing partner on board with the three year linkup with English soccer champions Manchester City FC, which will see QNet become the sole direct selling business partner of the club. The link between the two clubs will extend far beyond the simple reach of a business partnership and will instead see the two businesses partner in a series of community based options across the Middle East and Africa.

The global reach of the English Premier League has recently seen many clubs look to extend their reach into developing areas of the planet, but QNet and Manchester City are now looking to develop into new areas hand in hand. Officials from Manchester City revealed the club are hoping to extend into various areas of Africa and the Middle East, which is also one of the major areas highlighted by QNet as a major area of growth in the coming years. QNet has already developed a major following across many areas of Asia, including its home in Malaysia and a fast growing group of multi level marketing professionals in India.

Other areas are also being seen as important in the link between the two organizations. QNet founder Vijay Eswaran believes the community based links that exist between Manchester City and the local community are similar to those that exist between QNet and the people of Malaysia. QNet’s RHYTHM Foundation for underprivileged children will benefit from the link with Manchester City as a detailed sports program of soccer coaching and skills training will take place throughout the areas the charitable organization has been established.

Beneful Makes Great Dog Food

Beneful at is an extremely popular brand of dog food. Beneful is sold in many countries all around the world. The foremost thing that sets Purina Beneful brand food apart from all the other dog foods is the high quality of the ingredients that are used to produce this great brand of dog food. Both the meats and vegetables are always going to be fresh and of the best quality available to add into dog food mixes.

Beneful at has been contracted for production by the Publicis Groupe agency, more specifically their child company Fallon. Beneful is actually the last type of dog food to be produced by the Publicis Group, who have collectively decided to stop producing dog food. People on behalf of the Publicis Group and Fallon have said that working with Beneful was mutually beneficial because the producer was able to make a good profit and the Purina company was very easy to work with. The two had such a great relationship, nothing else has been made for a longer period of time by Fallon, with the relationship between the two companies spanning for longer than 33 years.

Beneful is such a great dog food because of the high quality ingredients that are added into every single batch of the food. Not only are the meats made up of pork, lamb, and beef, but the vegetables used are great for dogs’ growth, such as green beans, barley, carrots, and rice. 

There are a lot of different finished products produced by Beneful, with one of the most popular being their line of dog treats, Baked Delights. There have been studies done to see how many dogs prefer Baked Delights over other types of dog treats, with Baked Delights finishing near the forefront.

Beneful also — more like “obviously” — makes dog food that comes in dry and wet types. The wet dog food actually comes in resealable tubs that dog owners can put in the fridge for multiple servings for the dog. There are tons of flavors that Beneful can be purchased in for dogs, and it is guaranteed that your dog will like at least one of the flavors that Beneful makes to promote the growth of healthy dogs.

Status Labs Dishes on Getting Doxxed

The internet is a constantly growing frontier that is becoming more and more important in our day to day lives. From uploading our resume for possible job applications all the way to relaxing by communicating via social media, the internet is where we are increasingly spending our time. As the importance of the internet ramps up, so must our awareness of how to keep all of our personal data secure. We host everything from credit cards to personal passwords on the web and there is no reason for us to do it idly. Status Labs, a digital reputation company, took to the internet in order to facilitate some ways on how to avoid losing your personal data.

Lock down your personal web presence.
The #1 key to keeping your personal data secure, as stated by the CEO of Status Labs — Darius Fisher, is to keep your web presence limited as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t utilize the internet. Instead you should focus on leaving your footprint as minimized as possible. In order to do this consider googling your own name or company. Do the results you find make you happy? If they don’t then get in contact with the web results you disapprove of and request that they be altered or deleted. Oftentimes you will have websites willing to comply.

Enable social media privacy.
The biggest culprit in the war on getting doxxed is the social media account that is not properly locked down. Make sure to frequently check your social media information and check any and all boxes that enable increased privacy of your content. You do not need the world at large reading your latest status updates or seeing personal photos. This is the simplest way you can make a big difference in your online security.

If these steps above don’t completely solve your issues then you could always opt to address a company like Status Labs. CEO Darius Fisher is a staunch believer in web privacy and he has worked hard to make sure his company mirrors that aspect of himself. Status Labs is focused on crisis management and web presence cultivation.

The Frightening Aftermath of the Ashley Madison Scandal

The infamous Ashley Madison website hack is not something that has faded into the proverbial sunset. The fallout from the hacking scandal seems to be never ending. The New York Post recently published a report about troubling emails that have been sent to people who were members of the extramarital affair dating website.

Those affected by the Ashley Madison hack received emails noting their identity and affiliation with the dating community. One person received an email requesting $500 be paid via Bitcoin within three days. If the payment was not made, the social media accounts of the users would be used to inform various friends and relatives of the person’s membership on Ashley Madison.

One person who was targeted by the “scammers” revealed he joined the Ashley Madison site because he has having marital problems. Even though he was a member of the site, he never had an affair.

The former member quickly turned to Darius Fisher and Status Labs for help. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm based out of Austin, TX and has regional offices in New York City and San Paulo Brazil. The company provided crisis counseling to many who suffered from the Ashley Madison hack. Fisher noted that changing social media settings to private is the first step to take. This way, no friends or family can be located through the site. Fisher also pointed out that it would be exceedingly unwise to pay anyone any money.

In addition to providing services to those harmed in the Ashley Madison scandal, the firm has helped rebuild the reputation of scores of other clients who experienced all sorts of different online reputation harm. Status Labs has helped alter online impressions whether they be from bad reviews, legal woes, or other issues.

Negative information that appears on the internet is going to remain in place until something proactive is done. Search engine results are not going to change on their own. Effective work has to be done and performed by professionals. Most importantly, it needs to be done quickly.

Eric Pulier Still Holds Sway In IT Industry

Eric Pulier’s involvement in technology goes back to his childhood. The current CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has always loved technology and how he could use it to make a better world. By his teen years, he knew more about computer programming than people who had been doing it all their lives. Over the years, he honed those skills and is now one of the most respected young tech experts in the business.

After graduating from Harvard University, Pulier made his way to Los Angeles. Within 10 years, he had already started 3 successful companies: People Doing Things, Starbright World and Digital Evolution. People began to stand up and take notice of Pulier’s technology skills. As word got around, his expertise was in high demand.

Pulier has worked for a number of private and governmental agencies. He has sat of the boards of many companies both in the U.S. and abroad. During the 1990s, Pulier was invited to sit on Vice President Al Gore’s technology forum. He also led the creation of the Washington Mall technology exhibit, “21st Century Road to Technology.”

Pulier is also the former CEO of Service Mesh, a software company that provides solutions to software technology. He was named CEO of Computer Service Corporation in 2008. During his tenure, the corporation has seen some of its best quarters in years. Under Pulier’s tenure, the company has secured its position as the government’s number one IT provider. Pulier says he is elated with all of the strides the company has made and hopes that the success will continue for years to come.

Pulier provides his expertise to many organizations. He sits on the board of X-Prize. A foundation that focuses on technology innovations. He is also a contributor to the Painted Turtle, an organization devoted to helping children with life-threatening illnesses.

Essence Of True Nobility

George Soros is an artist at living, His work of art being his esteemed life. Being a native to Hungary he moved to England in 1947 and secured work shortly after graduation as an investment banker. He eventually moved to New York as he rose through the ranks to become a sort after investment manager. He eventually branched off to establish his own company later named THE HEDGE FUND and solidifying his position as the greatest investment managers of the modern era. He later distant himself from the intrigues of the financial markets to invest in people as true living means we can be responsive to the other person. This was achieved through his widely credited OPEN SOCIETY social platform currently involved in various project well spread over 100 countries. This philanthropic projects range from basic human rights to education of native Africans under apartheid to fighting the spread of communism in Eastern Bloc by facilitating the reproduction of restricted texts. His passion for progressive change led to adoption of transparency virtues in the extraction industries especially those directly involved with natural resources resulting in profit driven conflicts. His dedication to human rights activism has seen him voice his opinion in regards to asylum seekers from the Syria. He details a comprehensive plan policy that is far less disruptive and cheaper in the long run that can easily be adopted by the EU which maintains human dignity. Democracy connotes debate and dissent, and as a stern democrat he was influential in bankrolling a legal battle against voting laws effected by the government administration of George W. Bush. The restrictive measures included nullification of ballots that might have been cast in different precincts as well as early voting that would effectively make casting of votes hectic during weekends presiding the election date. This was his initial involvement in political matters in America. Respect for law like any perishable commodity can be lost if not nourished and as such George Soros has been on the frontier voicing his displeasure to the injustices being committed by Russia’s president Putin to the people’s government of Ukraine under the watchful eye of the European and American administration. He creates his own sub-culture of going against the herd by valuing the less privileged in society stating the potential tragic and far-reaching geopolitical effects that might result from the erosion of Ukraine’s independence and the growing influence of a Victorious Putin Administration if left unchecked in Europe. Leading to a predictable military confrontation between the nations involved although Russian aggression will negatively impact on the simulative effect in greater European countries. Such a blunt exchange will have few benefits, reducing the pressure on currency to settle with the bond holders as well as lowering the interest risk on premiums. He continues to advocate for the eradication of corruption in Ukraine’s black hole reducing the chances of a potential soveign default hence persuading more cash injection to Ukraine’s economy by its foreign bank shareholders.

Purina Sponsors Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Every time I head out the door to go to work, I have to fight off my dog from coming along. Fact is, he loves being with me and even more than me, he loves being in the car. My company doesn’t have a friendly environment that would allow dogs to come along to work. However, I did read in the paper about a company that not only allows you to bring along Fido, but they also encourage it. Boy, what I wouldn’t give to work for them.

Purina is a major leader in the pet food industry; I think everyone already knows that. They put themselves on the map when they said that “pets and people just go well together.” Each year, this company hosts an annual bring your pet to work day. While you might think that the poor dog would be lying around all day just waiting for you to get off the clock, you would be wrong. Actually, they have a whole day of fun and festivities for man’s best friend. The whole day is dedicated to the pooches. They love it so much that they are throwing other companies a bone and trying to get them to allow such an event at their place of work.

Now if you’re like me you’re thinking of someone bringing in a big dog with a bad reputation that might bite. But, Purina does have medical teams standing by to assist and they take precautions to make sure all their employees are safe. Some dogs just aren’t for the public’s enjoyment, but others thrive in the spotlight. What a great time for Purina to test out some of their new products to the ones who will be eating them?

Purina makes a stand and says that when a person has their pet with them, the stress they endure is much less. I guess they haven’t met my hyper dog, but I get what they are saying. Pets are supposed to calm the heart rate and make a person at ease. When Purina put an add in the local paper asking for other employers to support such a notion, they got an instant response. More than 72 percent of readers said that there is no way their company would allow them to have a pet at work. However, it was the 28 percent that seemed favorable. Now everyone cannot bring their pet to work every day, but what if you were allowed to rotate and bring your dog once in a while? It would either make the environment less stressful for one and a whole lot stressful for others. This plan would work out great for a company that makes dog food, after all pets are their business. However, the rest of the world may still be waiting for the right time to bring their dog to work. What works for one may not work for all.

Crucial Information about QNet Direct Selling Company

QNet is a Hong Kong-based, direct selling firm which is owned by the QI Group. The company offers important products in diverse markets consequently providing countless opportunities on their eCommerce platform daily to thousands of people in over 100 countries globally. The firm sells an assortment of products including luxury goods, energy, nutrition, weight management, personal care, home care and fashion accessories. Vijay Eswaran founded the firm in 1998 in Hong Kong, China. It advertises its products on its website, using claims. Mr. Eswaran serves as the firm’s motivational speaker to dealers selling QNet products. He holds sessions that feature dry ice, lasers and pyrotechnics.

Marketing Strategies

The firm’s marketing approach follows a multi-level marketing and direct selling model. The approaches are dependent on independent company representatives to refer its products to customers and ultimately receive compensation that is based on the total sales volume of their referrals. The sale volumes of the other independent representatives of the company in their teams are set in a binary style. The company also employs an aggressive campaign in newspapers adverts and lawsuits to counter those who malign it. QNet has offices in Asian countries such as United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. It also has franchise companies in Turkey and India and has previously operated in other countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and Cote d’Ivoire. QNet’s grass-roots operation model enables all people from diverse walks of lives to start their enterprises with minimal overhead. With determination and dedication, QNet distributors also known as Independent Representatives have a golden opportunity to become economically strong. This elevates their family’s standards of life as well of that of their entire communities.

QNet’s Driving Principles

Two principle philosophies drive Qnet; Inservice and Raise Yourself to Help Mankind (RHYTHM). The company founders are strongly inspired by the legacy of the legendary Mahatma Magadhi. The teachings of this legend laid the foundation of RHYTHM. The company believes in empowering people for it to succeed. Its management also believes that serving other people with humility is the sincere character of a leader. The company reckons that people are its greatest assets. Hence, it is dedicated to giving its IRs education and the tools they require to strengthen their comprehension of its products as well as its business model. The company is always engaged in developing the IRs on a personal level. At QNet, ethnic and cultural diversity is proudly celebrated. Its managerial staff is hired from over 30 countries while its customers are from over 100 countries. To exploit the opportunities offered by QNet, you can download the QNet Tools App from the App Store of Apple devices to access all QNet online publications. The publications include; Company Profile, Product Portfolio and Business Planner.