George Soros On Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe

George Soros is a renowned investment mogul from Hungary. His hedge fund, Soros Fund Management has managed to keep him among the investment heavyweights of our time. His interest in political activism dates back to 1996 when he began funding progressive programs that target immigration policy reform among other ventures. Below we present Soros’ informed contribution to the current asylum crisis in Europe. The full article can be found on MarketWatch.

The asylum chaos has transformed the increasing influx of refugees in the European Union from a manageable problem to one of its many political crisis. The first step towards resolution is for the EU to accept that it is to blame for the lack of a common asylum policy.

The member states have all focused on their individual interests with no concern for the interests of other states. This has resulted in a panic among those seeking asylum, the authorities responsible for law and order and the general public. The main victims of this chaos have been the asylum-seekers.

The solution to this chaos starts with a comprehensive plan by the EU that extends beyond the EU’s borders. This plan would reassert the EU’s effective governance of the flow of asylum seekers so that this happens in an orderly and safe manner. Furthermore, the pace of this flow must reflect the capacity of Europe, as a whole, to absorb the refugees.

This plan must be accompanied by a global response that involves member states of the United Nations under the United Nation’s authority. This will reduce European States’ burden of the Syrian crisis by distributing this burden over a larger number of states across the world. This strategy would also help establish global standards to be used when dealing with issues of forced migration and refugees.

The comprehensive plan would include the following six components:

 The EU must share the burden of accepting asylum seekers fairly so that it can accept a minimum of 1million per year for the foreseeable future. Therefore, for the first two years, the EU must provide 15,000 euros per asylum seekers as an incentive for member states to accept the refugees.

 The EU must make an annual contribution of 8-10 billion euros to countries in the frontline of solving this asylum crisis. The balance of this funding would come from the United States and the rest of the world, as part of the bonds issued to support these refugees.

 The EU must establish an EU Asylum and Migration Agency as well as a single EU Border Guard. This new agency would serve many purposes among which is to streamline procedures.

 Safe channels must be set up to get these refugees to their destination states and reduce panic. This would require the establishment of processing centers that require negotiations with frontline states and the UN Refugee Agency.

 The EU’s financial and operational arrangements must be used to institute global standards for treatment of these migrants.

 The EU must mobilize the private sector to act as sponsors.

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Eric Pulier’s CSC Wins Contract for FAA Cloud Services

In its role as a global technological leader, Computer Sciences Corporation is ramping up its work in the private sector with diversified solutions in information technologies. CSC was founded at Falls Church Virginia in 1957, and is well-known for its pubic sector work with NASA since 1961. Now CSC is partnering with private financial institutions to improve employment opportunities for the disabled. CSC has over es over 72,000 employees throughout the world in 70 counries, and an annual revenue of over $13 billion dollars. CSC manages IT services for the Department of Justice, Homeland Security and the CIA. It is the only major vendor of hardware independent services left in the United States, and it ranks as eighth largest provider of software in the world.

In August, CSC won a $100 million dollar contract for cloud services with the Federal Aviation Administration. Under the terms of the new contract, CSC will consolidate and migrate FAA data and data centers to a hybrid cloud platform. CSC will introduce its Agility Platform, a cloud management tool, to streamline and increase efficiency. CSC will build on its experience with partners to structure programs and enhance security. The new processes customized for the FAA will reduce over all costs of IT operations and management. According to a CSC spokeswoman, the government is rapidly changing over to cloud technology, and with the CSC security programs such as AWS and SRG, CSC will fast-track the cloud advantages of savings and flexibility to the FAA.

CSA’s leadership in cloud technology is the result of vice-president and general manager Eric Pulier’s leadership during the initial transition to cloud environments. His program IT-as-a-Service raised productivity, lowered costs and for both public and private organizations by making use of internal and external providers. Mr. Pulier is an American author and entrepreneur, and a graduate of Harvard University and MIT. His book “Understanding Enterprise SOA” is key in laying the ground work to service-oriented architecture. Mr. Pulier is the founder of Desktone and Media Platform and other IT endeavors. He is also known for his work with the camp for chronically ill children the Painted Turtle Foundation.

FreedomPop Offering Cheaper Devices on Black Friday Promotions

FreedomPop has commenced the Black Friday promotions to offer customers discounted prices for its products as well as services. Customers are offered a Motorola E smartphone for as low as $40, or a Samsung Galaxy S4 for only $100. These devices are not the latest models, but are refurbished ones with LTE services available on Sprint’s domestic network. In addition to these offers, the devices are connected to free unlimited voice, text and 1 gigabyte of data for one month. After this mega offer, customers revert to the standard offers by FreedomPop of 500MB of data, 500 free call time and 500 texts.

FreedomPop started in late 2012 had expected its clients to hit one million by the end of the year. Recently, the company announced that Intel Capital had injected undisclosed amount of cash for its expansion projects for its smartphone portfolio. As such, FreedomPop is planning to launch a Wi-Fi model next year which will be using Intel’s Sofia initiative. This was in wake of another investment by Axiata Group, a telecom operator serving over 230 million customers across Asia injected $10 million in its new projects. FreedomPop plans to apply its technology, network from Axiata, Intel’s funding and its experience to offer free services to millions of customers using mobile phones.

FreedomPop is engaging with other major global carriers for possible deals that would improve its service delivery to its customers. In June 2015, FreedomPop was funded to a turn of $30 million by existing investors Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital and a new investor by the name Partech Ventures. According to the Chief Executive officer at FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols, the aim of the company is to seek new investments that would result in new opportunities and growth. The CEO expects the company to accelerate its expansion especially on the global platform within the next one to two years.

Bonar’s Skills in Financial Markets

The word has changed and it has become a great economy with different players from all over the world trying to get the best out the ensuing opportunities. This is what has led to the development of a great system of financial markets and a great demand for financial products. In financial trade, the main products on sell are hedges, shares, equities, among other securities. As such, it becomes a bot complex dealing in this market than it is dealing in other markets. As a result, there has been a growing demand for financial experts to help investors in their decision making process especially in investments in the financial markets.

Brian Bonar is one of the best financial experts in the entire globe and his business acumen speaks for him. He has been involved in the development of major financial policies that have shaped the world’s economic platform. He has been very instrumental in the development of financial strategies for governments and he has helped avert great loss of federal funds in the process. As a result, he has become a renowned investor in the business world getting good ratings from players in the industry and across the board. Bonar is one of the greatest investor and his skills in investing are drawn from his years of experience in the field.

He has actively involved in the financial markets for over 30 years and his experience is unmatched compared to other financial advisors. Having been in the trade for this long, Bonar has accumulated enough experience to be in a position to know the nitty-gritties of the financial trade. This knowledge has accorded him great admiration in the business world and he has been able to make a name for himself in the industry. However, he has largely specialized in hedges and most of his transactions are based on hedges. However, he is also a phenomenon force in the area acquisitions and mergers where he has been very proficient.

The most amazing aspect of Bonar’s career is the fact that he has not been trained as a business professional. The information and skills he has he has gathered from his experience in the corporate world. He is a trained engineer and he has academic qualifications to show for it. However, he deserted his trained field to venture into business which seems to be his new found business accolade. He has a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering. This qualifications are quite admirable and they have given him the opportunity to work in great companies where he gained great business skills. Bonar has not been only propelled in the business world for advising other investors, but also by leading by example and investing with great success in his businesses.

Top Quality Beneful Dog Products You Should Learn About

Having a healthy pet is the dream of every person. It feels amazing to have a great looking and strong pet. Sometimes many people fail to give their dogs the right care not because they lack what is required, but due to lack of relevant information that can assist them in the application of different procedures. Dogs, just like human beings, need to be taken care of, and this is mainly relevant when it comes to feeding the animal. Although there are hundreds of food varieties you can buy for your dog, not all may prove as reliable as you would want. This means you should be choosy on the kind of food you offer your animal because this is what determines how its health will be. Beneful is a leading producer of dog foods and for the past ten years, they have been able to come up with a variety that suits your pet on various occasions. All meals are made to offer the right nutrients and in proper proportions so as to guarantee good health to the animal.

Beneful playful life
Rich in protein and necessary body growth nutrients, the baneful playful life is made to offer your dog a recipe that helps the animal to maintain good health. It works to ensure your dog remains active by offering sufficient energy and strength. The meal is available in different [proportions so as to fit in one’s budget. It is also flavored to offer the animal appetite and can be easily served with other meals.

Beneful Savory rice
These are yummy meaty chunks that are meant to encourage your dog to take more. It is among foods you can opt for when the animal is sick and needs medical attention. The dog will be able to enjoy the meal without losing appetite. Preparing does not taken long and the food can be mixed with many other recipes so as to offer more nutrients.

Beneful beefy stew
You will want to see a smile after each bite of the well prepared meaty chunks blended with veggies and wholesome grains. This is a meal that can stand on its own offering all necessary nutrients that can help your animal to grow strong and healthy. The meal is also added carrot flavors and barley, something that allows your dog to like the meal.

Beneful Mediterranean medley
Help to keep your dog strong with this well prepared Mediterranean medley. The meal offers various proportions of nutrients, which are useful to ensuring the animal gets healthy. Made with chunks of meat and whole grains, the meal is also blended with some vegetables, which help to add some flavor and to make it tasty and edible.