George Soros View on the Current Crisis Facing the Global Market

Born in 1947 in Budapest, George Soros fled from Hungary to the United Kingdom in 1947. After settling in the United Kingdom, he later joined the London School of Economics from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. George Soros then moved to the United States, where he established the international investment fund movement. He also developed the open society movement network through which he has been able to champion for the human rights and transparency in the society. Soros is also an author; he has written many articles and essays touching on different issues in the world. Through his long-time involvement in the business field, he has been able to acquire a lot of experience on matters regarding the economy.

His articles and essays have been broadcasted in the major newspapers and magazines like Bloomberg across the globe. Soros teachings and views on various issues facing the current global market have made him famous among many people in the world. His current view on the current crunch that is confronting the world market has attracted attention from all over the world. The business guru has stated that the current crisis that the global market is going through since the beginning of the New Year is a reflection of what was there back in 2008. He states that the current situation could end up being even worse than what was seen back in the 2008 catastrophe. George used an economic forum that was based in Sri Lanka to caution investors to pay more attention to the current trends in the global market. The expert also talked about the current crisis that the currency of China is going through. The challenge the economy of China is going through is threatening to become a global issue. Developing world countries are not in a position to get themselves back into the positive interest rates, and this is affecting the global marketplace.

The commodity markets, stock and the global currency are not growing since the beginning of the New Year. China’s economy is now threatening to cripple due to the devaluation process of the Yuan currency. Consumption and services are now shooting up than the investment and the manufacturing industries. China’s inability to adjust to the changing in the economy is threatening the whole global economy. Soros is reported to have predicted the reoccurrence of the 2008 catastrophe that hit the global market. He stated that the Greece-born European debt should worry investors as it could end up becoming a bigger issue than what was experienced back in 2008. The billionaire has built his reputation since 1992, and this has seen him gain a large following all over the world.

Despite the challenges being faced by China, the Communist Party of China has promised the people to increase the exchange rates of Yuan by the year 2020.

How can the EU save itself according to George Soros?

The European Union (EU) gathered together countries that had fought one another for centuries. After World War II, the hope was to prevent the destruction of the entire continent. In 2016, George Soros has been discussing the impending collapse of the European Union with CNBC.

“What is wrong with the European Union?”

The goals of the European Union were quite ambitious and noble. For centuries, different empires had sought to gain mastery of the continent. Instead of permitting one country to dominate, the European Common Market was established on March 25, 1957.

Besides responding to centuries of European war, the European Union also was dealing with a new world system with two superpowers: the United States and the Soviet Union. The relatively small European countries realized that in order to compete on a level playing ground in this new age, they needed to unite. To prevent domination by one large nation, the headquarters of the European Union was placed in a small nation, Belgium.

Unfortunately, the fear of dominance by one strong nation also lead to Europe creating a very weak political system. While Belgium could make “recommendations” it had no real enforcement powers. Its weakness mirrored the American “Articles of Confederation.”

“Why is George Soros an expert?”

Billionaire George Soros has made his living by successfully gauging the strength and weaknesses of national economics. He is rumored to have made a quick profit of $1 billion by betting that England would be forced to devalue its British pound. George Soros is one of the most popular speakers on global economic affairs.

During a Sri Lanka economic conference, George Soros discussed the dangers of Europe being on the verge of a collapse. CNBC has picked this up and added some of the disconcerting statistics documenting the continent’s problems. Forbes has reported that Greece has been in default for 50% of its time as an independent country.

“How can the EU be saved?”

In 2008, the weakness of the political authority in the European Union was made manifest. Unfortunately, the continent intentionally made the Belgian government weak in order to protect the culture of the member countries. Even when Greece struggled financially, it was Germany that provided more money.

In 2016, George Soros may be betting against the European Union surviving. Billionaire George Soros is not a man whom anyone would want to bet against.

Big Data Analytical Tool at Securus Makes Big Advances in Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies has been the leading provider in criminal justice technologies and inmate communication since it was founded in 1986. The Dallas based technology company provides jails and correctional facilities with a number of important equipment and software with a focus on public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. Securus offers video service to correctional facilities as well. Visitation is made easier and more comfortable with Securus’ video visitation features. If you have a loved one that is incarcerated then you know how difficult and uncomfortable it is to visit your loved one every visitation period. Between dealing with the long lines and sometimes the long drive, it is just much better to talk to them in the comfort of your own home. Serving a staggering number of inmates in America, over 1.2 million, and 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional facilities, Securus is committed to keeping people safe and keeping families connected.

Securus has just recently released THREADS 3.1. THREADS is the most advanced “Big Data” analytical tool in the US corrections market today. With the upgrade to 3.1, it is more user friendly as it had been redesigned to the latest web-based interface technologies. This makes it easier to use and enhances the performance of the system. It has been upgraded from Silverlight to HTML 5. This makes for direct integration with all other Securus products. Other upgrades allows users to listen to inmate phone calls, guided real-time analysis, customized mapping and printing, and context sensitive reports. The best part of the upgrade is that the existing customers are upgraded for free and has great reviews. See the product reviews here:

A Financial Star That Continues To Rise

Finances are a very tricky subject for many people. It’s often a very hushed topic around dinner tables and social gatherings. The world of financial professionals is no different. Many who work in the financial field find security, but at a certain price. The world of finances can be very cutthroat. Backstabbers are around every turn and a lot can hinge on a single deal. It takes a lot to make it in the financial world and only those with an iron will can muscle their way to the top.

Luckily, there are many people in the financial world who have proven themselves to be great leaders. A strong leader is someone who is able to command and forge a path for themselves and other people to follow. Having a lot of opportunities going at once means not only being organized but being smart enough to have several eggs in different baskets. Brad Reifler is someone who is widely known in the financial world to be such a person. Born in the USA and the grandson of Ray E. Friedman, Brad was already off to a great start and a successful future when he was born.

Known as a serial entrepreneur, Brad is also known for being a multi-tasker and for having many active projects at the same time. This makes him a valuable asset in the financial world and the working world in general. Brad is a graduate of Bowdoin College located in Brunswick, Maine. Brad Reifler is best known as the chief executive of Forefront Captial, a title he has held since May of 2009. He is also formerly known as a co-founder, CEO and chairman of Pali Capital. Prior to his work with Pali Capital, Brad was a top trader at Refco, a company owned by his grandfather Ray E. Friedman.  He’s also well known for the luxurious home he purchased in New York.

Other notable additions to his lengthy resume include operating as a director at Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank. On top of being a part of other companies and owning them with other people, Brad has also been lucky enough to own his own business, Reifler Trading Company. This business was acquired by his grandfather’s company, Refco, in 2000. He currently is director at Sino Mercury company. One of Brad Reifler’s most notable achievements is being the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital. Brad Reifler is surely a very talented and accomplished person in the financial world, and that’s why so many follow him on Twitter.

The financial field is a very competitive and fast-paced landscape. People are always fighting to be on top and situations can change at a moment’s notice. Brad Reifler is someone who is in charge and has forged a strong path ahead of himself, consistently coming up with new ideas and fresh projects.

An Incredible Journey: Yeonmi Park Opens Up About Her Escape To South Korea

Yeonmi Park, the 21 year old author of the wildly popular biography In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, says she didn’t know the concept of freedom, let alone the word, while she lived in North Korea. To her, the best thing was having food to eat. Yeonmi’s harrowing story began with her first few steps out of North Korea on March 31, 2007. She, along with her mother, crossed the frozen Yalu River in the middle of the night. The two of them arrived in China with only the faintest idea of what to do next. It took years for her and her mother to cross China, get through the immense Gobi desert and reach Mongolia before taking a plane to South Korea. Because she was living out of the law, Yeonmi had to recourse when subjected to abuse. Thoughts of suicide and starvation were never far away. Her father crossed the North Korean border to join her, but died several months later from untreated cancer. “[My father] didn’t even know this much food was available in the world,” Yeonmi told Reason TV. “If I could’ve had the things that Americans throw away, I never would’ve escaped North Korea. That’s how much we were desperate.” Yeonmi’s gripping tale of survival has captured the hearts and minds of countless readers and put her under an international Youtube spotlight. There are many who criticize her story. Pyongyang has produced an extensive video designed with the goal of discrediting key parts of her story. Park Yeon Mi accusses Yeonmi and her mother of being United States agents. Many persons from outside North Korea have claimed to have found discrepancies in her life story and in her depictions of North Korea. Yeonmi has admitted that she changed some details in order to protect family members still living in North Korea, but insists that the substance is accurate. Other misstatements in the book she attributes to her poor grip on the English language. “I know the truth of North Korea,” Yeonmi told Reason TV. “The oppression and their tragedy. It cannot be silenced.”

The Successes and Failures in the Home Cleaning Service Industry

There are many new technologies that make our lives more convenient every year. Many of these new technologies are based around smartphones and apps. These apps make things very convenient for individuals who are looking to streamline their lives. On demand apps like Uber are available for individuals who want to take advantage of modern day instant gratification. There are now apps available which will be able to bring individuals the services they are searching for faster than ever before. The home care and cleaning niche is one industry that is being greatly impacted by the forward moving success of these smartphone apps.

The home service industry is a fast paced and vicious one that leaves many companies to the wayside. There are very few home services companies that have been able to really rise to the top. HomeJoy is an example of a company that has had a hard time competing in the home service marketplace. They have had many problems due to countless lawsuits that are very prevalent in this industry. HomeJoy, despite raising tens of millions of dollars in seed funding, has been forced to file for bankruptcy in the wake of these events. This is an example of a company that was seemly doing everything right, yet still feel upon hard times due to the extremely competitive nature of this industry.

Handy is a company in the home services industry that has been creating a great deal of success for themselves. They have been able to introduce an app that has become very popular among many individuals seeking home cleaning and repair services. These services are carried bout by professionals who are trained, licensed, and insured to give the very best results once hired. Numbers show that it is more difficult for individuals to become employed by Handy than getting into Harvard. This gives customers the peace of mind knowing that only the highest quality professionals are helping to take care of their home based needs.

Handy is moving quickly into a great future where they will reign supreme in the home services market. They have created such a systematic approach to success in the home service industry that it seems nearly impossible for failure to strike this ever growing company.

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Evolving AI Visual Search From Slyce

I’m thrilled about the new way I’ve been doing online shopping. I’m really excited about online shopping, so I’m always wasting a lot of time doing searches on search engines to find what I want to purchase online. I’m not going to be wasting time anymore. I now have this new technology at my fingertips called visual search technology. It’s a great leap in technological development that I am proud to share my experience of using. This technology is available on all smart phones and devices. It’s easy to use, and I found a great article that anyone new to this technology should read.

The article that I found is from MIT Technology Review’s website, so you know it is a credible source of information. I like how the article goes over different perspectives of what the top companies are doing with this new technology to bring consumers closer to their end goal of finding their product with ease. It really is a lot easier to use visual search technology. I prefer it over fumbling with my smart phone’s keypad to type in something that may or may not bring back my desired search results. Google and Pinterest are among some of the larger companies that are experimenting with visual search technology.

Visual Search Technology From The Pros

When you want a good product you go to a specialist, someone who specializes in the field you are interested in purchasing from. I found this application for visual search technology that is offered by Slyce. Slyce was originally a company that dealt only in visual search technology. They coupled their visual search knowledge and systems with online shopping to create Slyce. Slyce is the most advanced and user friendly software for finding products through visual search.

It amazes me what Slyce is capable of doing with one simple picture on my phone. The software does a great job at matching the item that you take a picture of with the best products offered by retailers. They have been working closely with major retailers, like Home Depot and Tilly’s, to offer discounts to users based on what the store has to offer. They are providing so much value to their users. It’s unbelievable what a great service they offer to consumers.