New York Real Estate May have Tough Year

An article by the New York Daily News has indicated some of its major predictions for the 2016 year in New York City and many of these predictions are projected around the challenges that the real estate market will be facing this year.

The major concern that is underlying these various predictions is the long awaited tightening of the real estate market mainly as a result of the rise in interest rates that has been foreshadowed by the Federal Reserve for several years now and had the first increase hit in the last quarter of 2015. While the first increase did not have a significant impact, the thought is that the increase in interest rates will make it more challenging to borrow money for a mortgage and sellers will start to face various pricing pressure as a result.

Beyond a prediction of increased interest rates, the Daily News article also is predicting that deals will take longer to be completed and individuals will be looking for amenities before signing for the purchase of an new unit. Gone will be individuals buying New York City real estate at any price.

New developments, particularly in Brooklyn will also continue to sell well and will fetch higher prices than before.

Another prediction is that the properties that do sell will be those in prime areas and with owners who have a solid understanding of the real estate market. That just goes to show the importance of having an high quality real estate broker like Town Residential Real Estate providing you with services when you sell so that you can easily move your unit and without the added pressure of trying to locate a buyer.

Town Residential real estate is one of the premier luxury real estate agencies in the New York City area and has worked with a large number of buyers and sellers and can provide good recommendations to those looking to sell or buy as a result. Having an real estate agent who understands the local market makes a big difference and should not be discounted. Town Residential is one of the best in the business.

Embrace Health and Wellness with Quality Pet Food from Beneful

Devote pet lovers everywhere want their pet to have only the best quality food that enhances health and wellness of the pet. Before he or she invests money in any dog food, make sure the food comes from a repitable dog food company, based in the United States. There are many excellent dog food companies on the marketplace today, and some of these companies are expensive. If money is an issue for a pet owner, look into what the Beneful Company offers. This company stands for a committment to quality dog food and pet products.

Before he or she buys Beneful they must know the following about this product. The Purina Company operates on the motto that the health and well-being of all pets is of utmost focus and concern.

1. Beneful stands on the firm belief of healthy, quality pet food offered to consumers. Additionally, the Purina Company and the FDA substantiate that Beneful products are perfect for dogs and all other pets.

2. Beneful is a safe dog food and is full of good nutrition and all the vitamins, and minerals needed for his or her dog to lead a healthy life.

3. Researchers scrutinize every Beneful product through intense testing before the product enters the marketplace for consumers.

4. Strict quality control standards through the FDA, USDA, and AAFCO, are met and many times exceeded with every product.

5. The Purina Company has in-depth surveillance programs in place to ensure the highest quality of all products.

6. He or she needs to consult with their pet’s veterinarian in regards to the best pet food to buy, and mention the Purina label and Beneful food options.

7. The Purina Company enlists educational helps to consumers on dog food nutrition research; the ingredients going into dog food and the quialtiy of these components, the safety of the Beneful product line, and generalized pet care.

8. Beneful commits much time and money to the health and well-being of all pets everywhere.

9. The Beneful Company is always available for questions and comments.



Darius Fisher Makes His Company Proud

PRWeek is the top publication for the marketing and public relations industry. PRWeek has held this distinction for many years. The publication is going to hold its vaunted distinction for years to come. So, when PRWeek chooses to honor someone with an award, the individual really is someone who contributes greatly to the industry. Darius Fisher is one such person. He has been named to the publication Innovation 50 list, a prestigious list to be sure.

The Innovation 50 is a compilation of those PRWeek believes have done a wonderfully innovative job in the field of digital marketing. There is a tremendous amount of room for creativity in the profession of digital marketing, and only a small number of people are able to be truly creative and forward-thinking. Darius Fisher is definitely one such person. He has figured out the successful formula for using digital marketing as a vehicle for repairing a harmed online reputation.

With the search engines and social media as powerful as they are, news travels very fast. For better or for worse, news ends up hanging around on the internet for ages. A bad review, legal hassles, and document dumps do not just disappear. As Darius Fisher points out in interviews constantly, unless decisive steps are taken to address highly-negative search engine results, the results haunt their subject for a long time.

In co-founding Status Labs, Fisher came up with a great business model to help people dealing with online reputation catastrophes. Good, sound principles of modern marketing, public relations, and social media management are utilized to fix things. Currently, Fisher serves as the president of Status Labs, and the successful company is growing. 1,500+ clients in roughly 35 countries have called on Status Labs for help.

And help they did receive. The work performed by Status Labs was very deliberate and targeted. The guidance of Darius Fisher factors into the way Status Labs performs its tasks.

Buying Beneful Is A Responsible Choice

It is my greatest passion, to have a loving household, so I get along well with my pets, to say the least. I like to get them Beneful premium foods to keep them healthy so that they can live a long and happy life, which is filled with high quality ingredients. I like to buy Beneful because it has the best, healthiest ingredients, not the kind that comes in a tin can filled with brown goo. I can’t believe the cheaper companies will try to pass that slop off as dog foods. Beneful’s premium food is the only way to go with your dog’s diet, and anyone who says otherwise is quite misinformed. In fact, I have found some crucial evidence on the internet that supports this very statement, and I will surely share the page with you at the end of this posting.

It was a brilliant thing, really, when my wife started thinking about what we were showing our children about raising living creatures. She told me one day, “You have got to be more careful when you buy the dog food because you are buying food that will keep them happy, or you are buying junk food to save money. The kids need to see how much we care about our animals, and the pets deserve it.” She said something to that effect, so we started looking around on the internet and, sure enough, we found just the very article that claims that these companies care about the food they are making for pets.

My dog only eats Beneful’s premium quality dog foods because they are made with nigh quality ingredients. Buying Beneful makes me feel like a responsible pet owner, and I feel like I’m showing my kids how to live with that same responsibility in mind. My daughter said her first words the other day, and I knew that we had to be careful to show them a loving world that only buys foods that are made in a responsible manner. Here’s the link to that article I was referencing earlier from the Daily Herald.



A New Drug for Healthy Aging

No one likes to age quickly. Most people would opt for living a long and healthy life rather than spend years caught up in illnesses and diseases. The ability to live independently are what make life worth living. The idea of the compression of morbidity would enable individuals to live a healthy life until around the age of 85.

This idea of creating a way for seniors to live a healthy life would not only increase the standard of living, but would also save the United States from $7 trillion in expenses. By providing a way to decrease the chance of aging quickly, this would also benefit an individual from reducing the risk of getting a chronic disease which is often associated with aging.

By studying the aging process, Jon Urbana and other leading scientists are hopeful that this can delay or reduce the chance of any senior contracting a chronic disease from a weak immune system. Scientists believe that the best way to approach this is by target the process that creates the chronic disorder. This includes chronic low-grade inflammation, cellular degradation, as well as damage at the molecular level.

The strategy with these tests is to test a single substance to whether or not it is effectively creating a variety of chronic diseases. As of currently, there have been sixteen different substances that have been tested in different animal models. The results have shown several factors tying this theory together with four of the substances tested.