Brad Reifier Welcomes Forefront Capital Advisors Charity Deal With Easter Seals Dixons Center

Brad Reifler is a famous international serial investor whose business investments for the last 30 years have been doing so greatly in the market. Wikipedia has information that Brad Reifler is an Economics and Political Science degree holder a product of the Bowdoin College. After his graduation in 1982, Brad Reifler founded the Reifler Trading Corporation. This firm went ahead and became the leading derivatives firm across the world. With so much success in its trade, Reifler Trading Corporation attracted Refco to purchase it. Brad Reifler went on with his entrepreneurship agenda and founded Pali Capital. This was another very successful venture by this serial entrepreneur. In 13 years, the venture was able to expand to markets in United States, UK and Australia and top a $200 million profit annually. Brad Reifler sat in the CEO’s chair in this firm for all its prosperous operational period.

Brad Reifler current business endeavor is the Forefront Capital Advisors. This firm has successfully specialized in business transactions of the commodities and forex markets from around the world. As the head of Forefront Capital Advisors, this business industry mogul has been able to lead the firm through a very fruitful trading period since it was incepted. Brad Reifler recently signed a $3 million charity donation deal with the ex-military charity organization, Easter Seals Dixon Center. As Brad Reifler announced to Twitter the closure of the deal, he stated that for some time now his Forefront Capital Advisors has been scrutinizing the market for a favorable philanthropic partner. He says that it is not only fair but an obligation his Forefront Capital Advisors has to the society to help it grow and improve the living conditions in it. Brad Reifler said that his commodities and forex markets industry leader firm decided to fund Easter Seals Dixon Center after taking into account its achievements in philanthropy.

Brad Reifler said that his main motive in working with Easter Seals Dixon Center is to use its established structures to foster development and growth the lower and middle-class population. He said that Easter Seals Dixon Center has been able to improve the lives and living conditions of ex-military servicemen and their families successfully respectively. He said that by the charity organization accessing more financial support it will be able to take its life-enhancing agenda even further. Brad Reifler, who had been championing for more investment and market opportunities to be provided for the middle and lower classes in the economy says that this charity is successfully doing what he had been campaigning for on the whole of his career. He says that working with Easter Seals Dixon Center will give him an even wider platform to promote his agenda. He further expresses his positivity that the new partnership will be for the greater good of the two organizations and its beneficiaries as a whole.  To see what else Brad offers to the community, look no further than his work with Reuters and his investment tip articles.

CCMP Capital Firm and Hero S.P Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a private equity investor and an altruist. He was born in 1962, Brooklyn New York. He attended Sleepy Hollow High School, earned a degree in economics from Boston College and a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School. He was president and CEO of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a private equity firm which focuses on acquisition and growth equity dealings. Prior to founding to CCMP Capital Advisors, he served in many investment capacities at its herald firms including Chase Capital Partners among others. As a philanthropist he supported the Make – A – Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Columbia business school, Stamford Museum, Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County among many others, but in the yes of the world, he soared and now survived by his wife Tami Murray and his four children.

CCMP Capital is a planetary private equity firm specializing in acquisition and growth equity dealings based in New York. It started operations as an independent firm in 2006. It leverages the combined strength of its ownership operating assets and phenomenon industry expertise to drive company growth and operational figure of merit. Its investment professionals continue to manage the private equity role of J.P. Morgan Partners. CCMP Capital has invested approximately twelve billion dollars in leveraged acquisition and growth capital dealings since inception. It was ranked number seven among world’s largest equity funds. It has over fifty employees with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

CCMP Capital has been known on Wall Street by several names over the past two decades. Originally as Chemical Venture Partners, as an arm of Chemical Bank. Later on the name changed to Chase Capital partners and yet to JP Morgan Partners following acquisition of J.P. Morgan & Co. and the formation of JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan Chase acquired Bank One’s One Equity Partners. Later on, JP Morgan Partners separated from JPMorgan Chase and adopted the CCMP acronym in reference to its predecessor entities; Chemical and Chase and JP Morgan Partners. The spinout of CCMP was at such a time when there were other spinouts of other private equity groups of the same calibre, including Morgan Stanley, Citigroup among many others.

In 2014, CCMP Capital old Medpace- a pharmaceutical contract research to Cinven.

Following the spin out, JP Morgan partners made novel investments in leveraged acquisition, growth capital and venture capital dealings. Panorama Capital- a new firm was born out of the spin out.

CCMP Capital Asia made a formal separation from CCMP Capital changing its name to Unitas Capital. Linzor Capital is also among the notable spinouts from CCMP’s predecessor.

Kevin Seawright Expands Newark Summer Youth Employment Program

A collaboration between the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, One-Stop Newark Works, Newark city officials hopes to give youth employment opportunities in the summer of 2016. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation CFO Kevin Seawright stated the Newark Youth Summer Work Enrichment Program seeks to make 3500 jobs available for the city teenagers. Participating in the summer employment program are local colleges, Essex County College, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and Rutgers University-Newark.

The Newark Youth Summer Work Enrichment Program will offer six weeks of summer employment, starting July 5th and ending August 16th. It provides on-the-job training, lectures, financial management and college/vocational training preparedness programs. Hired students are paid the State of New Jersey minimum wage of $8.38 per hour.

Seawright has joined forces with banking institutions, Santander Bank, and TD Bank, to offer students financial literacy instruction. “This way, the students, and individuals can learn how to open their own checking and savings accounts,” remarked Seawright on his Twitter. “This basic skill is the foundation for financial success both now and down the road when they graduate and enter the professional workforce.” It is hoped hired students will learn valuable life and financial management lessons now and when they enter the workplace.

Enrollment for the Newark Youth Summer Work Enrichment Program went digital for the first time this year. Applicants must enroll online. With online enrollment streamlining the application process, in another interview Seawright remarked, “We have turned what is traditionally a six-week process into a 30-minute event.”

The youth will have summer positions are in government, educational and institutional sectors. Private companies and non-profit agencies will offer positions too. The city and One-Stop Newark Works are leading the program in conjunction with a number of partners, including Essex County College, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and Rutgers University-Newark.

As Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Seawright brings a fresh, contemporary perspective on the economic development in Newark, New Jersey. With financial management experience in the state and educational sectors, Seawright has insight into the framework for local, state and federal funding.

His experience with school construction and community infrastructure enables him to offer a broad perspective of economic development and budgeting in the public and private sector. Kevin Seawright‘s resume, background, and experience can be found at Facebook and Linkedin.

Slyce Announces Fourth Quarter Results and Events

Slyce, which is a leading image recognition platform, most definitely had a banner year in 2015. They truly gained a lot of ground in their goal to continue to be on the cutting-edge in the visual search markets. Here is just a few snippets of some of the great activities they have accomplished during the past year:

1. They had great business opportunities.

In August, Slyce was able to announce a partnership with two different retailers including and Neiman marcus. Slyce was able to utilize their mobile image platform to help the customers be ab le to snap a picture of any product and have instant comparisons from the online merchant’s inventory. Moreover, Slyce also announced that they were able to expand the “Snap, Find, Shop” interface with Neiman Marcus. They were able to give customers expanded inventory choices with this option. They also were able to do an awesome amount of work with Urban Outfitters later in the year as well.

2. Slyce had good financing events.

Last month, an investor was able to infuse the company with an amount of $5 Million. The lead investor has also purchased units in the amounts of $3.5 Million and $1.9 Million as well.

3. Finally, Slyce had great technical highlights.

In July of last year, Slyce was able to introduce an image recognition enabled customer app called “Craves”. This application is a boutique-style, fashion focused shopping app that is available in iOS for U.S. and Canadian stores. In August, Slyce was able to expand their “pounce” platform to the android platform, and in September the company introduced Slyce Insights, which is capable of collecting data from various visual searches in order to provide “Key Performance Indicators” (KPI’s) to retailers. And in October Slyce had another coup de ‘etat when they introduced a money-saving concierge service called “Scout”, made available for all of their SnipSnap coupons apps.

Slyce has indicated strongly that they are a company on the rise. They continue to do many different out-of-the-box ideas in order to be an asset to the online retail world and an asset to society as well.

The Growth of CCMP Capital


There are a lot of great companies in the finance industry looking to help their customers win with money. After the last recession, many of these companies went out of business for a variety of reasons. Anyone who wants to invest money in the stock market needs to make sure they are using the advice of people who have a lot of background knowledge in the field. Far too many people simply want to invest money with companies offering low commissions. Always make sure to think about the long term when you are investing. There are a lot of people who have had success in doing so over time. CCMP Capital is a great example of a company that has made a difference in the lives of their clients.

Stephen Murray

Working with the founder of the company, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, it is easy to see why he has done so well. There are a lot of people who are passionate about what they do in business, but few people are as passionate as him. Over the years, he has led CCMP Capital to where they are today. There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to invest their money in the markets. Stephen Murray is a great example of a person who has been able to help clients understand investing on their level.


Learning how to invest is important for a variety of reasons. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who struggle in this area of the business. If you want to take your investing to the next level, it is important to use the advice of NY Post experts in the field. Over the years, there are a lot of people who have invested in the stock market and lost money. Always make sure to keep the long term in mind when you are looking for ways to get back in the investing game.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of people who work with Stephen Murray CCMP capital to fund their investing. Over the years, this company has provided a solid investing return to customers. Stephen Murray has done a great job in leading this company to solid growth and profits. Over the long term, there are few leaders as accomplished in the business world as him.