QNET Partners With Sharp To Purify Air

Sharp is a leader in technology hailing from Japan. On May 27th, they entered into a strategic partnership with QNET, who is based in China, and has been a leader in the Asian direct-selling industry for 18 yeas. QNET focuses on products good for society and the environment, emphasizing health and wellness above all else.

The President of Consumer Business at SBS, Sharp Business Systems, has pointed out that QNET’s focus on wellness and health related products, coupled with their industry-lead in the direct-selling sphere, were the two factors which, combined, made QNET a superior candidate for Sharp’s new Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. On the QNET side, a spokesperson in India lauded the new strategic partnership, pointing out that it would provide niche-fulfilling products whose effect ran in parallel to QNET’s integral philosophy.

I have to admit it is an interesting merger. QNET is a large network of direct-selling efforts stratified across a variety of markets from India to Japan, and effectively catering to a massive portion of the world’s population. Though based in Hong Kong, operations of QNET have spanned the Philippines, Indonesia, the UAE (United Arab Emerates), Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Egypt, Rwanda, and Côte d’Ivoire. QNET also has franchised options in Turkey, India, Egypt, Iran, Sri lanka, and Nepal.

One way QNET advances such revolutionary solutions is through a multi-level marketing platform designed to continuously engage constituent consumers on a variety of fronts. Sometimes an air-purification system is perfect for a single home; and sometimes it’s perfect for an office campus. Now the campus is going to require more purification units than the home will, and so different sales strategies apply. Also, the campus may have a larger impact on the environment as a whole. With a variety of employees, a variety of diverse individuals will ultimately come into contact with products they would have no occasion to learn about any other way. But as QNET has done this, they’ve managed to expand through multiple countries, and are continuously widening their reach as time goes by.

It’s good to see an organization whose focus centers around options of the sustainable, life-bettering variety. QNETs recent partnership with SHARP portends innovative progressiveness. With an already extensive line of products designed to keep people healthy, and in an affordable, realistic state of wellness, this direct-selling organization sees itself as a positive influence on the world, and world affairs.

Why Securus Technology Stands Out

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers in criminal and civil justice technology solutions in investigation, public safety, corrections and monitoring, and has been reported by PR Newswire to have successful user adoption in it’s application in inmate video phone for both Apple iPhones, iPads and iPad touches, and Android smartphones and tablets. The android app was launched about 6 months ago, and since then has been downloaded over 60,000 times. And while the Apple devices, which launched last week, but already has over 5,000 times. With the securus video visit app, it brings the mobility consumers that are familiar with the rigidness of prisons and jails.

With this Youtube like video mobile app, the user is provided with a convenient and easy way for families to communicate with inmates using their apple phones, androids, and tablets. This allowing them to share special moments such as holidays, birthdays and sporting events, in order to help their loved ones feel a sense of home
that they can’t simply over a phone call. The Securus Video Visit app can be found in both the app store and in google play. Along with the remote visitation, the application also offers users the chance to receive notifications for upcoming visits, sync visit details to calendars, and have the ability to test wi-fi or cellular connections in order to obtain optimal video quality. With the securus video visit application that has eliminated the need for web cameras, tethered computers and additional hardware.

Some of the services that are provided through Securus technologies is phone services, video services, jail voicemail’s, and email services. Securus is proud to be serving over 2,200 correctional facilities between Canada and the United States. After the user has choose a state and facility where the inmates have been housed and a list of available Securus services will be displayed. In order to begin using Securus products and services, the user will need to enroll in Securus online, which is an all-in-one account management portal. Depending on what facilities your loved one is in, you can either pre-schedule an online visit or schedule and visit your loved one from the comfort of your home computer.

Read more: www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-reviews-challenge-to-constitutionality-of-inter-partes-review-ipr-process-300264595.html


The Success of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is a Filipino businessman who has both extensive knowledge as well as experience in the multilevel marketing industry. Bernardo Chua’s specialty is creating health oriented products that not only can be consumed by the customers, but also taste delicious. Bernardo Chua’s most well known company is known as Organo Gold and is a company that uses a special ingredient in order to give individuals multiple health benefits. In recent news, Bernardo Chua made his company the premier sponsor for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight in the summer of 2015. As a fellow Filipino, Mr. Chua was proud to be a sponsor for the event to showcase Filipino success.

Organo Gold is a company that specializes in creating health-oriented beverages. Some of the beverages sold by Organo Gold includes coffee, tea, as well as hot chocolate. In addition to beverages, Organo Gold also sells a variety of skin products and toothpaste that all contain a secret ingredient that helps relax the body and improve overall health within the body.

The secret ingredient that Bernardo Chua uses in his products is called Ganoderma. This is an ancient Chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years in ancient medicine. Ganoderma has even been scientifically proven to improve the health of individuals by promoting weight loss, improving the sleep cycle, as well as boosting the immune system. Organo Gold has already attracted millions of consumers worldwide in the hopes of spreading education on the importance of healthy living.

From his LinkedIn it’s clear Bernardo Chua is proud to be involved in this worldwide endeavor. The company is an internationally acclaimed company that is involved with over 40 different countries around the world. One of the biggest milestones for Organo Gold was the company;s expansion into Turkey which now marks a direct access of the company between Europe and Asia. Consumers around the world, just after one sip, have named Organo Gold as their number one choice in coffee. Not only is each sip of the product delicious, but it also relaxes the body and provides a variety of welcomed health benefits to the body.  As a multiple award winner, Bernardo Chua is clearly on the right track.

Time Zone Changed In A Bid To Ease Problems In Venezuela

The socialist country of Venezuela has become a hot topic on facebook social media all over the world as increasing numbers of financial and political experts look to explain the reasons why the South American country is facing major difficulties. WND has explained the latest decision made by Venezuelan officials to stave off the problems being caused by power and food shortages is to change the time zone of the country.

Clocks in Venezuela were officialy moved back 30 minutes to provide an extra half hour of daylight every evening in a bid to reduce the use of electricity for lighting in the evening. Expert Danilo Diaz thinks that the need to make changes to the time zone comes after Venezuela found itself in the throws of a major debt problem caused by falling oil prices and the problems caused by rising temperatures due to the latest El Nino weather patterns.

After decades of socialist rule the need for change seems to be taking hold within Venezuela as opposition leaders have looked to recall President Nicolas Maduro with a petition containing more than 1.8 million signatures being handed in to the nation’s election board. Power shartages have grown increasingly worse in recent times as the major supply of power comes from hydrio electric plants that are currently plagued by low water levels caused by high temperatures.

Should We Focus on Our Odds?

VTA Publications’ blog, entitled “Beating the Odds”, gives us all a look at what it truly means to succeed in our goals by beating the odds. The example they used, is none other than Herb Brooks, the man who trained and coached the USA hockey team to the finals in the 1980 Olympics. This victory was a shock, as this man and his team had the odds against them, because they just weren’t as good as the Russians. Before the final game, Brooks made it very clear that even though the odds were against them, they should not worry and fight on. VTA Publication’s advises that we can all choose not to let the odds against us win over our minds and give our best effort to succeed.

The next and probably most valuable advice VTA Publications gave us in their blog, is that if we are willing to do more to succeed than most people, we can succeed father than most people. It is all based on what the world shows us is average, because the majority of people live their lives, only putting in a small effort to succeed. This is all because of their mind set and their choice to live that way, so when we have the choice to look at our lives and give all our effort to succeed, that means that our chance of succeeding increases dramatically.

VTA Publications LTD, is a world-wide company offering products aimed to help others. They are a non-profit company and have the passion to train others to succeed and grow in their companies and lives by offering distance learning courses in economics and financial help. It is their drive to find the most successful and well known individuals in their field in order to offer their clients the best and most useful information.

This is a company you can trust to give you the best and most useful information while they train you for success. The best information and knowledge takes patience and time to fully commit to learning, and with VTA Publications, they will be beside you helping along the way.

Dick Devos’ Contribution to Charity and the Business Sector

Dick DeVos recently participated in sailing competitions organized by Lauderdale Yatch Club. He managed to clinch one of the top positions during the second day of the competitions. He came out to congratulate the Swedes and the junior contenders who got a chance to participate in Melges 32 Gold Cup. The contenders enjoyed the competition and braved the winds that enabled some of the competitors to get ahead of the others. Being the second day of the competition it was filled with excitement as additional three races were added to the scoreboard. Dick DeVos on Volpe led by a single point during the race, with Alessandro Rombelli on STIG coming in second after DeVos. However, the moment that carried the day during the second day of the competitions was the participation of youthful sailors in the sailing competition. This opportunity offered to them by Lauderdale Yatch Club would give them the necessary experience by learning from some of the world’s most experienced sailors. They participated by joining each team that was participating. After the end of the second day of the competition, Denver Rozzo and Michael Moss took home top trophies for being the best performing youths at the Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta.

Dick DeVos is involved in numerous philanthropic activities in the United States. Currently, he is the president of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. He runs the Foundation with the help of his wife where they have been able to raise funds to promote and advocate for civic, artistic, religious, educational, community and free market organizations. The Foundation that operates in Michigan State has donated a substantial amount of money for this cause for the last three decades.

Dick was born on the 21st October 1955 in Michigan in the United States. In 1993 he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Amway until 2003 when he quit running for the Governor in the State of Michigan. While working for Amway he was tasked with overseeing the company’s operations in at least eighteen countries in which the company operated in. His leadership at the company was so successful that during his time the company managed to open new markets increasing its revenues.

In 1991, his family acquired the ownership of Orlando Magic where he became the president of the basketball team. After leaving Amway he became president of Windquest Group, a private investment management firm. The information about the life of Dick DeVos and his accomplishments can also be accessed on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Devos.