Your Online Reputation Truly Matters

When you are trying to grow a company or site, you know how important your online reputation can be. Without a good reputation, this can affect many different aspects of your site and make it difficult to bring in the clientele that you need and want. This is why it is often a good idea to hire a reputation management firm to take care of all of this business for you. Once you hire such a company, it takes the guesswork out of doing this all on your own and can be just what you need to feel confident about your company.

One of the first steps for making use of a company like this is to contact one locally or online to see what they can do for you. One such company is known as Better Reputation and they have done a lot of different work with a variety of companies to better their reputations and get them to where they need to be. Once you hire a company like Better Reputation, you will find that this helps your site to get better known and for any negative reviews to finally be a thing of the past. After all, your clients will only be looking at your site when they search for you on the Internet and this can be a problem if you have lots of negative reviews that they might find.

Now that you know how important it is for you to hire a management firm like Better Reputation, you will want to contact them to see what they can do for you. You will be amazed at how they can literally change your site for the better and allow you to feel confident in your company and what it is able to do for you. There are lots of people hiring Better Reputation and this is something that you might want to think about as well just because they will be able to do a lot for you in a short amount of time for your own convenience when you have a blog, site or online company.

Class DoJo Class Management and Communication Tools

One of the main challenges for teachers in the classroom is effectively addressing student behavior, study, and the role student perceptions play in achievement, or failure. The role of classroom tools and teacher reinforcement is crucial in helping students succeed. New studies and advanced classroom tools are helping teachers, students and parents embrace growth mindsets in the classroom and home study.

Class Mojo started as a behavioral management tool that allowed for positive reinforcement when students mastered skills or excelled in behavior. It included growth mindset videos that conveyed positive messaging, and helped students think about mastering subjects, perceptions or behaviors differently. The tool helped teachers address students who felt inadequate or struggled in certain subject areas, such as Math or English. The program continues to allow students to come to new understandings, such as expanding into new strategies for learning. It helps students understand how to help their brain to grow.

Class DoJo continues to provide classroom teaching tools, but has also expanded to create a communication tool platform for parents and teachers. The platform allows teachers and parents to communicate instantly through instant texting. Parents also get a glimpse into the classroom on a daily basis, and no longer wait for progress reports at teacher/parent conferences. Teachers also communicate and update parents through classroom videos and photos on a daily basis.

In addition to the communication platform for teachers Class Dojo also has its own app for teachers, parents and students, which reinforces positive learning. The app enhances communication and offers parents a more hands on approach to tracking student work, grades, participation, successes and struggles in the classroom. The app also allows parents the opportunity to support student learning and development at home. Parents are able to access a daily schedule of activities, posted by teachers, and review their child’s work. The app also highlights individual student participation in the classroom, and highlights positive achievements, and latest work. The app creates not only an educational forum, but a community between teachers, parents and students.

Class DoJo is currently used by half of all USA schools, and includes traditional and charter schools. It is also used by classrooms in 180 other countries, and is offered in 35 languages. The creators plan to expand the app to include pay features, which would offer parents the convenience of paying for field trips, school supplies, or lunches directly through the app.


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Marie Claire’s Interview With Fabletics

Marie Claire magazine recently conducted an interview with Kate Hudson, who is the co-creator of the athleisure brand called Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that features trendy athletic clothing that fits your everyday lifestyle. In her interview, she expresses excitement over some recent additions to the Fabletics website, and describes how the athleisure trend is so versatile. Athleisure is simply athletic leisure clothing which can be worn for trend or comfort purpose, and most of the time, both. In the past couple of years, the trend has become a lifestyle to many for its comfortable fabrics, slimming abilities and fun styles. Full intervirew at

Kate Hudson is so excited to announce the arrival of some new additions to the Fabletics line. Dresses are now available to order on the site and they are not only fun and adorable, but they feature that comfortable athleisure material that is loved by so many. They are breathable, slimming, with built in spanx like support, and super fashionable. They are so versatile, they could be worn to nearly any place or event you can think of. In addition to the dress line, they have also added a collection of swimsuits that are fun, vibrant and supportive in all the right areas. You will be so excited to hit he beach this summer in these awesome, current styles!

Fabletics is so exciting because you can receive outfits delivered to your door each and every month at a better than reasonable rate. In comparison to companies like Nike or Reebok, Fabletics beats them in the price category significantly. If you choose to subscribe, you can add athleisure pieces to your wardrobe gradually to create the perfect closet. Even if you don’t subscribe, you can always just purchase at your own leisure. Fabletics is certainly the perfect opportunity for any athleisure addict to get the perfect wardrobe on a budget. Athleisure is a comfortable, yet trendy lifestyle that is great for anyone.

Bullmastiff Eats Beneful Daily Due To Its Great Nutritional Ingredients

I have a dog and her name is Madison. Madison is a Bullmastiff which is a very large breed dog. Due to the fact that Madison is such a large breed dog I have to make sure that she eats dog food that has great nutritional ingredients in it so I feed her Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful. Beneful is one of the few dog food brands out there that provides dogs and their owners with flavorful, nutritious, and reasonably priced products. Madison has never not finished a bowl of Beneful dog food even when she is feeling sick she still always seems to finish her food due to the fact that it is so flavorful and nutritious. When Madison was a puppy I had her on Beneful healthy puppy dog food because I wanted her to get all the ingredients she needed as a puppy to help her grow into the big dog she is today. Madison is now currently being fed different types of Beneful wet dog food because it makes her feel like she is eating a home cooked meal like the rest of the family. I make either homemade beef or chicken stew every other week or so and like Madison to feel like she is included so I always feed her Beneful beef stew or Beneful chicken stew flavored wet dog food to make her feel like she is included in the family dinner for those nights. Along with Beneful chicken stew and Beneful beef stew her daily dog food that she has most of the time is Beneful savory rice and lamb stew. The reason I give Madison Beneful’s savory rice and lamb stew usually on a daily basis is because she loves the way lamb meat tastes and it not only has lamb in it but also has peas and carrots in it. Beneful does not just use fake meat that tastes like lamb but they actually put real lamb meat in their dog food which is why it is so important that I buy from Wal-Mart groceries Beneful for Madison because not only would I rather her have real meat in her dog food but I’m sure she would rather eat it over fake meat that isn’t what it says it is.

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Save, Invest, and Make More Money the Sam Tabar Way

With the holiday season, lots of Americans are starting to think about New Year’s Resolutions they want to make. While the old standard and traditional resolutions like losing some unwanted weight or breaking a bad habit like smoking–are still very popular, many are now using the New Year as a time of rededicating themselves to retirement investing.

But how does one go about saving for their impeding retirement? According to a press release initially reported on PRNewswire, Sam Tabar has come up with a couple of ideas that may prove helpful.

About Sam Tabar

Tabar is an attorney educated at Columbia Law School and Oxford University. He is also a capital strategist who has previously served as Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific.

Additionally, Tabar has counseled clients on legal aspects associated with hedge funds and investments at major law firms in New York City: Arps, Meagher & Flom, Skadden, Slater, and Schulte Roth & Zabel. To put it very plainly, Sam Tabar knows much about saving, making money, and investing.

Tabar Introduces New Ways of Investing

Sam Tabar knows well that a hot topic today is commodity investment. He, however, cautions that the potential investor must be aware of the pitfalls associated with such investments prior to trading commodities. Investments in commodities require more research before you investment compared to your standard mutual investment. This is because they can get quite volatile and their prices tend to fluctuate wildly.

According to Tabar, one safe way of generating capital is through investing in any of the several socially conscious startups popping up daily. Sam Tabar himself made investments in THINX. This socially conscious business enterprise is involved in the manufacture offashionable “period panties” designed to be worn by women during their menses. For each pair of panties sold, 7 cloth sanitary pads get donated via AFRIpads towards women in African countries as a way of empowerment.


Sam Tabar insists that no matter the investment vehicle you decide to pick, the most important investment strategy is making the first move

Nexbank sponsors Lemonade Day


Nexbank is one of the best known financial services company in the Dallas area. Thousands of customers depend on this company, and they have a wonderful reputation within the community. Nexbank is constantly reaching out to the community, and on May 7th they sponsored a huge community event in Dallas.
NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

National Lemonade Day is a celebration of an extremely refreshing beverage. Children around the country love drinking this refreshing beverage after a hard day, but the beverage also can help children learn about commerce. Nexbank recently announced Lemonade day as a way to educate children about running a business.

Nexbank feels that the lemonade stand is a classic business model. Children create a product, their lemonade, and they open a stand in hopes of selling their product. Nexbank hosted lemonade day at the North Texas MetroPlex. Children from throughout the area flocked to the MetroPlex to set up their lemonade stands. Each stand offered a unique take on lemonade, and people from throughout Dallas had the opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Lemonade Day taught children in the Dallas area great financial concepts, entrepreneurism, and leadership. They are confident that the initiative will prepare children to be business leaders for the future.

Nexbank is a popular financial services company in the Dallas area. They serve their clients in three different ways, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Mortgage Banking. They work with corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients throughout the country. They offer customized solutions for each of their clients with both financial and banking services.

Lemonade day was a great initiative from Nexbank. Children throughout the area learned valuable business lessons, while having a great deal of fun. Nexbank looks forward to sponsoring Lemonade Day again next year, and the event is sure to be successful again next year.

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The Refreshing Spring/Summer 2016 Apparel Line From Fabletics

Each year welcomes spring and summer with a refreshing break from the neutral earth tones of fall and winter with new colors, cuts, patterns and trends in fashion. Nowhere is this more evident than in casual apparel, as everyone takes on an abundance of outdoor activities, and even office wear becomes less strict to beat the summer heat. This year, the casual wear trend continues with the marriage of athletic wear with casual stylings that can go from workout to everyday apparel. Fabletics is a leader in leisure athletic wear, spearheaded by social media and its co-founder Kate Hudson, who is the inspiration behind Fabletics new Spring and Summer 2016 line of active wear clothing.

The Clothes Maiden Magazine is spotlighting the new active wear line that invites its huge consumer base to follow their core belief “Life is a journey with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. Stay focused on your truth. -Kate Hudson.” And while you’re at it, you may as well be comfortable and stylish. Kate Hudson is dedicated to empowering women to live an active and healthy lifestyle through Fabletics of mix and match outfits that can go from the gym to running errands. Ms. Hudson not only wears the same outfits but embraces quality and affordability as necessary ingredients for budget conscience young women and moms alike. See:

So what’s in store this year? This season opens with fresh, vibrant pops of color and an assortment of eye-catching patterns from geometric to floral prints. The large community of Fabletics followers don’t mind the concept of color splashing and enjoy adding a bit of personality to their active wear. It’s easy to find a soft, feminine look for lounging to the edgier, more intense workout gear. Either way, this trend of casual clothing is moving from the gym to take a major place in everyday, comfortable living clothing. From Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook, wearers of the Fabletics line of clothing are sharing their inspirational and encouraging each other to to make movement a part of a busy lifestyle.

The Fabletics website offers lifestyle tips and videos from cardio, Pilates and strength training to clean eating tips and healthy recipes. In need of a calming mindset, you will find great information on spirituality, inspiration and Zen-like travel destinations to keep your life balanced and flourishing. Beyond the fantastic spring and summer outfits, Fabletics is quickly becoming a lifestyle choice of easy, healthy and comfortable living.

Shared Office Space: Bringing Workers Together

The idea of the shared office space is new in some offices. It took off about 10 years ago, and with recent designs that make the shared space functional for offices of all sizes, it seems like it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Some have compared the shared workspace to the “bottega”, a workshop that came about during the Rennaisance in Florence, Italy. Workshops were used as a way to teach new methods of art so that artists could bring their own ideas to fruition while still working in the same environment.

Workshops were also an area where artists would gather together with architects and magicians. Everyone would give their ideas on how art should look, combining in a way that was expressive and pleasing to the eye. When everyone gathered together, they were able to see the world through the eyes of art. The only way to achieve the ideas was to be in the same work space at one time.

There are a few aspects that can be taken into today’s offices. Shared space gives employees of all departments an opportunity to give their ideas on projects and how the company is managed. It sparks dialogue. When ther are several people together in one space, someone will talk to another at some point. There are times when people don’t communicate through talking since many use email and text messaging. Various subjects can come together. Whether it’s art and science or business and math, multiple ideas can come together in a way that they likely wouldn’t if each department were kept separate.

Workville NYC is a shared office space located in the heart of the city. From large office spaces with an open view to tables and chairs set up in a small room, Workville NYC has a solution for offices of all sizes. Each environment that is created brings flexibility and a fun atmosphere to the business. Move-in ready offices are available as well as shared spaces. There are three terraces available for those who have a desire to be outdoors as well as an area to take private phone calls and hold meetings.

Beneful tops the charts with an excellent variety of dog food!

Beneful carries a wide variety of food and treats for your furry friend. Whether you are looking for dry or wet food for your pet, Beneful really has quite the selection.
Dry Dog Food with Salmon | Beneful Originals
Beneful carries a few different flavors of dry dog food, but one that really sticks out is the “Dry Dog Food with Salmon” from the Beneful Originals line. Many dog owners are finding out that their pet is allergic to the typical beef flavored dog food, so the salmon is a great alternative. Because this dry dog food is made with real salmon, the flavor is savory and your dog is getting a bowl of omega-rich nutrition.

Lamb and Brown Rice Dog Food | Beneful Chopped Blends
Beneful is known for creating a delicious wet blend of ingredients for your dog. The lamb and brown rice has amazing reviews on the Purinastore website. Again, the lamb is a great alternative to the traditional beef flavor. It is so tasty that your dog will not even know that it is getting a fully balanced meal full of veggies and grains. This product is even great for puppies!

Turkey and Brown Rice Dog Food | Beneful Chopped Blends
The turkey wet dog food blend seems to be another sought after product from Beneful. Turkey is a great protein for your dog. This meal will provide a lean crude protein and a balanced caloric intake. The turkey blend is mixed with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. Again, a perfectly balanced meal.

Weight Management Dog Food with Chicken | Beneful Healthy Weight
Another highly reviewed product from Beneful is their dry dog food for healthy weight management. Sometimes your pet may not be getting enough calories in the day, and sometimes they might be getting too much. This blend is made with real chicken. The mixture of tender and crunchy bites allows your pet to fully enjoy the calorie minded recipe. All Beneful products are sold on Wal-Mart and most pet supply stores nationwide.

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