Stephen P. Murray’s World of Economics

Economics is a major part of the lives of everyone on the planet, and knowing the way around them can help out a lot. All one has to do is look at the life work of one Stephen P. Murray.

Stephen P. Murray was born on August 2, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York but then moved up to North Tarrytown in the same state. He spent his high school years at Sleepy Hollow High School, before moving to pursue an education at Boston College, earning his bachelors in the field of economics in 1984.

From there he added to it with a masters degree in business administration from the Columbia Business School in 1989.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

While pursuing his educational studies, Stephen Murray took part in the credit analyst training program for a company called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation right after graduating in 1984. After he finished his master’s degree he took on a new role and joined up with the MH Equity Corporation in 1989, which involved a complex mixture of the group’s private equity division and the financing unit.

Murray used his experience in the financial field to do some business with JP Morgan Chase and Co., eventually becoming the head of their buyout business sector in 2005. A year later in 2006, Murray made his biggest business move to date, which was co-founding CCMP Capital as a spinoff of JP Morgan. CCMP was a financial equity group that was solely responsible for managing the buyout and total growth equity of its team, eventually earning the role of CEO in 2007.

CCMP had some immense success with a fundraiser last year, where they managed to raise a grand total of $3.6 billion, though the company usually invests between $100 and $500 million in equity for its consumer and industrial sectors.

In addition to being a famed and careful businessman, Stephen P. Murray was also a known philanthropist. Many of his activities included being a staunch supporter of the Make A Wish Foundation the New York Metropolitan Area, as well as also being a member of the chairman’s council. He has also served as the vice chairman on the Board of Trustees for his alma mater, Boston College.

EOS Lip Balms are an Impulse Buy You Won’t Regret!

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What Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort Has In Store for Guests

With the Ski-season just around the corner, resorts are bracing themselves for booming businesses, once more. Rarely does a ski-resort get it right. But, when it does, it pulls off an unbelievable feat of achievement. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular vacation destination in North America. It continues to attract and draw in visitors by the thousands.

Conquering New Peaks

Lake Tahoe Resort and its environs are renowned for their amazing and breathtaking ski resorts. Skiers get a rare opportunity to make new paths. They get a chance to scale greater heights and conquer new peaks. Guests are fascinated by the frozen lake surrounding the resort. The rugged mountainous landscape is challenging, even for the seasoned experts. No wonder the Alpine Meadows were chosen to play host to the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Features Available
For the beginners, there are the learning zones. Here, they get an opportunity to perfect their skill set before taking on the real terrifying slopes. These facilities are popular with families and for groups as well. They offer a vast plethora of services. The most outstanding of them are:-

– The resort has many chartered runs and paths. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has a total of 270 runs.

– It comes with a diverse terrain. The runs are divided into beginner level, intermediate, and the advanced grounds. Longest run measures 3.2 miles(5.1 kms)

– The facility has state-of-the-art lifts to ferry the guests up and down the ranges. The lifts are inclusive of a Gondola and a Tram car.

– The location experiences excellent climate. The snowfall thickness averages up to 460 inches.

– The terrain has summits and peaks reaching up to 9,050 meters. The dizzying vertical drops are some 2,850 meters.

– The resort has a proximity to the airport. It is linked and connected to other neighboring world-class ski resorts by lifts.

-Squaw Valley is home to incredible shops and dining places. For instance, there’s Mamasake bar offering cocktails and other refreshments to skiers. It is also home to top-rated pristine accommodation facilities.

– Lights illuminate the terrains at night.

– They have qualified instructors to guide the students through the learning process.

Humble Beginnings

Alpine Meadows began when Wayne Poulsen acquired 2,000 acres from the Southern Pacific Railroad Company in 1931. Mr. Poulsen was an experienced skier. He failed his Olympics trials coming in at third position. He, however, succeeded in teaming up with Alex Cushing, a lawyer, and, together they looked for funding and they eventually constructed Alpine Meadows.

Securus Technologies Exposes Global Tel Link

Dallas based Securus Telecommunications has recently announced that they will be issuing a series of weekly press releases outlining the wrongdoings and security breaches by its rival Global Tel Link (GTL).

This announcement comes in the wake of a published report conducted by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC), which highlights a number of violations that have taken place over at least two decades.

According to reports, GTL has defrauded thousands of customers to the tune of $2.3 million. The company has received literally thousands of Better Business Bureau complaints. “The sad part about it is that the complaints have fallen on dead ears up until now,” said prison official.

Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith has expressed outrage over the findings. “This gives our entire industry a black eye,” said Smith. “We are here to provide people a service, not rip them off.”

Read more about Securus on Linkedin.

Smith says it is hope that GTL will be shamed into doing the right thing.

Unfortunately, the industry has many predators, and it goes largely unchecked. The PSC report is dated in 1998, but most Smith says he has reason to believe that GTL’s behavior is still going on today.

Some of GTL’s violations include the unlawful practice of clock advancing, which in some cases adds more than 30 seconds to a call, ignoring rate caps that were designed to keep calls-per-minute at a certain rate, adding on unauthorized features, double and triple billing and artificially inflating calls.

Smith says he cares deeply about this industry and believes that individuals should operate within it with integrity. “There is absolutely no excuse for scamming customers. Many of these people are already poor and can ill afford being ripped off.”

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Reputation Management Services: What They Are and Which Company Should Be Consulted

Reputation management services are integral for businesses and individuals looking to succeed in the fast-paced and internet-centered professional landscape of today. These services help to create and repair the online presence of an individual or company, so that a positive and appealing overall image is maintained and accessible for customers, clients, colleagues, and anyone simply looking for more information. Specifically, this online presence includes blogs, social media accounts, personal websites, third-party websites, and much more. Basically, any piece of online information which influences the way a company or professional is perceived is covered by reputation management services.

Furthermore, reputation management services can defend against malicious and falsified attacks on a brand or individual (perhaps by a disgruntled former associate or a competing company), and on the other end of the spectrum, they can aid the public awareness and overall recognition of an individual or company through the implementation of world-class SEO techniques.

In short, reputation management services protect and enhance clients’ online presence in a variety of different ways.

Given the monumental size of the task assumed by reputation management experts, as well the importance of this task, it’s imperative that a company be carefully and intelligently selected; in addition to wasting one’s time and money, a low-quality business can harm the reputation of any client.

To make the inherently difficult process of choosing the very best reputation management company easier, some benefits of the industry-leading and widely trusted Better Reputation ( will be highlighted.

Comprised of experienced and knowledgeable online-rep pros, Better Reputation is unique in that it offers the wide-ranging services of larger companies, but doesn’t sacrifice the small-business customer service and support like so many of the “big guys” do.

The company’s affordable pricing, impeccable work quality, consistency, attention to detail, and decorated client list further demonstrate their commitment to assuring the optimal online presence of clients. Take a step towards being well-regarded on the internet tomorrow by consulting the services of Better Reputation today!

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How SEO Can Strengthen Your Online Reputation

Brad Reifler’s Tries To Help Middle Class Investors

The motion picture “Money Monster” may be pure satire but, like all other great works of humor, a lot of the comedy is rooted in grains of truth. “Money Monster” is a vehicle for George Clooney. The work pokes fun at human emotions such as greed. In the film, Lee Gates (Clooney) hosts a TV show that focuses on picking stocks and getting rich. Gates finds his show taken over by an armed and angry stock investor. A terrified Gates must confront the role he and his show holds in hurting other people financially.

Brad Reifler wants people to watch the movie and learn a host of lessons from it. Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. After years of helping wealthy investors almost exclusively, Reifler is shifting to aid those who are middle class, “99%” investors.

Reifler suggests there are three major reasons people who try to navigate the stock market find themselves falling short of what they should be earning.

The fees associated with certain investment strategies can greatly cut into profits. Putting money into a fund with a high management fee, for example, cuts into whatever earnings the fund is intended to provide. With high-risk ventures such as stock trading, fees per transaction could be enormous.

Investors have to deal with two other issues that are part and parcel of one another. People who are not accredited investors find themselves with fewer options for investing. This leads them to putting the bulk of their money into the stock market. A diverse portfolio is better. Relying too much on the stock market is a limiting – and risky – approach.

Brd Reifler wants middle class investors to realize there are more options open to them. Reifler’s words should carry a great deal of weight considering his significant experience in the financial industry. In addition to founding Forefront Capital, he founded other enterprises such as Pali Capital. He continues to make news in the industry.