Latin Pop Star, Norka Luque on a Mission to Change the World through Music

Norka Luque knew that she wanted to do great things with her life. She knew that she wanted to change the world by encouraging people and giving them hope. Norka Luque does motivational and inspirational songs that carry a strong message of hope. Her work is meant to help everyone facing challenges by giving them hope and encouraging them to keep on fighting.

Norka Luque’s own story is an inspiration to anyone with a dream. In her world, the word “impossible” does not exist. This beautiful Venezuelan singer has faced several challenges including epilepsy, a life-threatening condition. However, she has overcome all these hurdles to become one of the most successful Latin pop artists.

Her love for music can be traced back when she was a little girl, only eight years old. She participated in numerous singing competitions including “School Festival of Gaitas,” a Venezuelan folk music contest. Her love for music was also evident when she was in France studying Business Administration. Norka Luque would create time to perform in different French night clubs.

She also joined a rock group by the name, Bad Moon Rising. With this band, Norka Luque learned a lot about the French music community. She was the soloist of the band, a position that really influenced her current career. Norka Luque decided to move to the United States to make music professionally.

She started by performing at different night clubs in Miami, Florida. It was during one of her performances that she met the Grammy Award winning producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. Emilio showed interest in her work, especially after he heard Norka sing. He signed on as her manager as well as her producer.

Emilio worked with other big personalities in the Latin music industry to come up with Norka Luque’s first album. This album was a success. The first single off the album was “Como lo haces Tu.” It got Norka Luque a nomination in the Lo Nuestro Award. The second single off this album was “Milagro.” This song became an instant hit, dominating the airwaves in three countries including the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

“Milagro” was released in three phases, the urban remix version, the dance version and the salsa version. All of these versions did well in music charts. Currently, Norka Luque has taken the music industry by storm. However, only time can tell the direction her career will take.

Norka Luque is very active on social media. She is onFacebook; follow her to learn more about her amazing music career.

Highly Trained Professionals

Technology is a constantly dynamic field of study and requires well trained and competent individuals who can cater to the diversified needs of particular clients. Securus Technologies is a company that heavily supports a niche group of customers, particularly those that are currently serving time within the United States penal system. It is because of this specialization that Securus needs, above other companies within the same field, to promote and encourage additional training for field technicians beyond the normal scope. Recently Securus released interesting information that eleven of their field technicians were able to successfully complete the BICSI Installer 1 certification, making them some of the highest trained professionals in the business.


The BICSI certification focuses on a host of differential skill sets such as video, audio, security and impressively, project management. These abilities successfully move Securus field technicians who underwent the program into their own unique class, where their skills are highly regarded and sought after. This is important especially when considering the levels of security and customer service these professionals need to meet, with the vast number of Securus clients being incarcerated individuals located in often dangerous and understaffed locations across the country.


Securus provides excellent communication products to their customers, giving them such convenient software packages as a downloadable application for Apple and Android devices that allows inmates to effectively communicate with their loved ones for either no charge at all or minimum calling fees depending on where they are located. Products such as this require constant feedback and service from staff and this means that not only does it require skill but also the ability to empathize with customers on a personal level. Field technicians certified with BICSI Installer 1 focus mainly on technical aims but are also customer driven; a main implement to Securus.


Richard Blair: A Passion For Investing And Winning Confidence

One thing that a lot of people are passionate about is money. For one thing, people need money for almost anything. They need it for food, clothing, and shelter. Without money, people will have a small likelihood of surviving. This is why money is a passion for many people.

However, very few people have a lot of confidence when it comes to money. This is because they don’t know how to make and manage their money. Fortunately, there are some people that they could learn from when it comes to financial management. It is important for many people to find financial managers that they can trust.

When it comes to trustworthy financial managers, Richard Blair Wealth Solution is someone who stands out from the crowd. For one thing, he is very passionate and confident in his finances because he has a lot of experience and success in investing and other forms of financial management.

Therefore, he is able to advise people on what hey can do in order to save money for retirement. Among the things he will have people do is figure out what they can do with their money so that it can multiply. He has a lot of knowledge of different concepts that he can share with others.

Among the concepts that people go over with financial management is the ideas of assets and liabilities. A lot of people find themselves with liabilities. These are items that they are paying bills on a regular basis over. Over time, they are spending even more money on the item than they initially owed because of interest.

With assets, there is the possibility of something increasing the money that they gain back. Richard Blair knows all about this and plenty of other concepts that are related to investing.

Richard Blair is very passionate about spreading the knowledge about these concepts. He wants people to have the same type of confidence that he has when it comes to money.

He also understands that people are different and it is up to them to find the type of method that works best for them. According to Wealth Minder, this is why Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is willing to provide his assistance and advice to his clients.

Eric Pulier: Breaking Down Walls with Technology

Eric Pulier is one of the most prominent in the field of software today. Pulier wears many different hats such as entrepreneur, author, columnist, motivational speaker, and technologist. He has been the founder of over fifteen companies since the beginning of his career. Some of the biggest companies he has founded are Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. These companies were then combined together into the TM Forum.

Pulier is based out of the city of Los Angeles. His interest and talent in programming began when he was back in the fourth grade. He went on to start his very own database company when he was in high school. He went to college at Harvard University where he majored in English and American literature.

When Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 he created the People Doing Things company. This company addressed the concerns of health care and education using different forms of technology. Pulier later went on to found Starbright World. Starbright World was a social network that gave children that were chronically ill the chance to blog, chat, and communicate with each other on their own private social media platform. This gave children the chance to share and support each other through their sickness.

He was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997 to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition that was located in Washington D.C. The exhibition was called “The Bridge to the 21st Century.”

Eric Pulier is also heavily involved in giving back to his community, and to charity. He has donated money to multiple non-profit organizations. He is also a board member for the X-Prize Foundation which is a company that tries to solve the most difficult challenges of humanity.

More about Eric:

Raj Fernando’s Incredible Breakthrough in the Trading Sector

Raj Fernando is a professional in technological innovation and global financial markets. He actively participates in the organization of foreign policies. Currently, he is part of Brookings Institute’s Foreign Policy Leadership Committee. He is also a member of American Security Project’s Board of Directors. Fernando’s professional expertise and cumulative experience in cyber security have been termed as a great asset for national security by veteran Brigadier General, Stephen Chen, the CEO and President of American Security Project.

Education and career history

Fernando was able to create a tactical balance between work and school. During his college life, he volunteered at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His effort paid off, and Fernando ascended to various top positions. Eventually, he joined Chicago Board of Trading and served until 2001. He became a part-time trader to focus on expanding his firm, Chopper Trading. Fernando oversaw the growth of Chopper Trading from its infancy to more than 250 workers and traded on LSE, Eurex, CME, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, NASDAQ, and ICAP-Broketek.

Fernando’s impact in the corporate world

Fernando was an active supporter of US Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC), backing its mission of promoting open, accountable, competitive, and financially stable markets. In 2010, he was invited to speak on CFTC’s debate of disorderly trading practices. In 2010, he graced the yearly Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference as a guest speaker and addressed a global audience of media and shareholders.

Inception of

In 2015, DRW Trading Group acquired Fernando’s Chopper Trading. A year later, Fernando founded, a prestigious Internet startup that specializes in enhancing institutional productivity and professional growth via secure and innovative communication systems. He is the Chairman and CEO of the Internet Startup.

Charity work

Fernando offers philanthropic support to several charitable organizations in Chicago and throughout the U.S. Apart from financially supporting PAWS Chicago, an organization that champions animal rights; he serves on its board of director. He is also part of Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Board of Trustees. Foundations such as Wounded Warriors, Metropolitan Chicago-headquartered Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Clinton Foundation are some of the few beneficiaries of his charitable giving plan.

ClassDojo set to monetize its Application by first adding more Features to it

ClassDojo is an education technology application that was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Don Liam. The duo agreed to develop a unique application that could create a positive school culture where students had a voice. Students could share various learning experiences by adding them to their portfolio.

It has been reported that the ClassDojo application is set to launch monetization methods. The app, whose operations has been likened to Slack, is set to introduce more features and content first before seeking to make money for its investors. The app’s success has so far been a big motivation to its founders with its users maintaining that they will continue using it even when premium charges are introduced.

The easy-to-use application is suitable for all classes ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade. While designing the application, the founders ensured that it was designed with privacy specifications that facilitate its use in school.

To make continuous improvements on the application, ClassDojo team organizes venture funding campaigns to help employ more technical experts. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have been organizing venture funding from various investors like General Catalyst, GSV, Reach Capital, and Signal Fire.

In ClassDojo’s latest venture funding, they raised $21 million. A manager from General Catalyst, one of ClassDojo’s leading investor, said that the funds were used to make further improvements on the application to suit the needs of both teachers and parents to ensure that students attain success in life.

Since 2011, when the application was launched, it has achieved commendable growth as compared to other education technology applications. It has grown from an education technology accelerator to Y Combinator level. Moreover, two of three schools in United States have teachers who use the application.

ClassDojo creates a positive classroom culture where students are encouraged to grow and develop real skills like active participation in class, leadership skills, and team participation. On the other hand, teachers use the application to communicate with students’ parents on their progress at school.

ClassDojo can be downloaded from Google App store using a computer and Android supported mobile gadgets. A single device can serve all students in a classroom. Educators are currently enjoying a free access to the application.

Due to ClassDojo’s significant role in bringing a ground-up change in education, it ranks as the most downloaded education technology application. In one day, almost 500,000 people download the application. Still, ClassDojo’s team is working to market it to more schools worldwide.

Three Wengie Life Hacks That Got a Little Personal

Life is unfair at times. Despite your daily efforts, life and all of its burdens often get the best of everybody from time to time. YouTube beauty, Wengie, understands this unfortunate reality and has focused her channel on making life easier. After embracing her viewers with a hug as always, the Australian sweetheart got all too personal with her infamous life hacks.

You May Have Been Going to the Bathroom Wrong

After urging viewers to remember that they are family to her, this blogger got a little personal with this hack. Describing that going number two can be difficult sometimes, she encouraged her fans to either squat over the toilet or to put their feet up on a stool to stimulate bowel movements. Thanks, Wengie, or so everyone thinks.

Never Flush with the Lid Open

The age-old argument still exists. When you flush the toilet, germs do enter the air and land on you, toothbrushes, and more. To avoid this entirely, simply close the lid first.

Make Cleaning the Shower a Breeze

You would think the place that keeps you clean would be, well, clean, right? Unfortunately, shower residue builds up fairly quickly and is difficult to clean. Expensive cleaners tend to do the trick, but not without some elbow grease to boost the effectiveness of the formula. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to clean, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and a few teaspoons of lemon juice, tie it over the showerhead, and allow it to soak overnight. Simply wipe everything away the next morning.