Diversant Principal John Goullet

Diversant is a leading technology staffing company that helps a number of companies look for and hire information technology professionals. The company has established a long track record of getting various companies the talent they need to best run their technology departments. Diversant uses its core values to help meet the needs of its many client companies. It emphasizes diversity in which it works with a number of companies in different industries. As well as emphasizing diversity, Diversant also uses teamwork and discipline to work towards goals and achieve them. Along with helping a number of companies, Diversant is also active in helping a number of technology professionals land the ideal job. The company works with a technology professionals in a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. Therefore, Diversant has proven to be an ideal company to work with when it comes to technology staffing.

Like all other organizations, Diversant is guided by its leadership. The individual who currently runs the firm is John Goullet. Over the years, Goullet has established himself as a leading expert on technology staffing. His years of experience and expertise have enabled him to know exactly what companies need in order to best operate their technology departments. As well as knowing what companies need, John is also well aware of what skills and attributes technology professionals need as well. As a result, Goullet has been able to give Diversant the direction it needs to assist both companies and technology professionals make the ideal employment arrangements.

Before John got involved with Diversant as its principal, he worked for a number of computing companies. When he was at these companies, John would serve as a consultant. He used his expertise on hardware and software to help his companies obtain the necessary resources to best run their technology department. With his expertise, he became a valuable member of his company by helping them improve the technology departments. After working as a consultant, John noticed a demand for technology professionals with specialized knowledge and skills. As a result, he started up his own staffing firm to help meet the demand of many companies.

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Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm. Highland Capital Management manages hedge funds, structured, and distressed investment funds.

A private business, based in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management has about one hundred employees on pay roll, and is known to have a solid business structure with viable human resource abilities. If you are an investor of virtually any kind, Highland Capital is probably the way to go for you. When trying to get an idea of just how many different investment firms are out there, you will probably notice that there are way more than you would have ever realized, and that is why it is important to understand the importance of going with a viable, reliable investment firm. Highland Capital Management is exactly what most investors are looking for. Highland Capital Management is known for having a very diverse client base, with clients coming from all sorts of different areas of the world, as well as clients from different economic classes. Highland Capital Management also has many different types of investment opportunities, and is known for being low-priced. Many investment firms are over priced, or just overall unobtainable. With Highland Capital Management, a consumer knows that he or she is getting a great deal, and that the investment firm he or she went with is one that cares about the consumer. At Highland Capital Management, the diversified different types of investment strategies really impact the sake of the company, and it seems to be a successful business strategy.

Troy McQuagge Receives Prestigious Award For Excellence


Troy McQuagge seems to be having a pretty good 2017 considering that just a month ago, he received the award for CEO of The Year by One Planet Awards. The award, which is offered to professionals in various fields – right from finance to the arts stands as a reminder of excellence and dedication to a particular field. Troy McQuagge has shown exemplary skill in the area of insurance and finance as the CEO of USHEALTH Group and was therefore awarded this prestigious award of excellence.

Being awarded this internationally recognized standard for excellence is just one of the instances showing Troy’s immense dedication to the field of finance and his company. His efforts have shaped the way USHEALTH Group functions. Under his guidance, USHEALTH Group has become one of the top health insurance providers in the United States. Troy was appointed as the CEO in 2014, and since then, the company has had an incredible turnover. Their share rate has increased by an incredible 1,092%, putting them at the forefront of all the health insurance businesses in the United States of America.

After joining the company, USHEALTH Group witnessed a complete overhaul, reshaping its workings and systems to fit the needs of its customers better. Troy rebuilt the entire company around ideas that would greatly benefit USHEALTH Group, and make it a renowned leader in the sector.

USHEALTH Group has been aiming for excellence and providing their customers with the best possible health care insurance so that they are covered in times of medical need. USHEALTH Group provides insurance policies to individuals as well as multinational corporations.

Troy believes in being a team player. Even though he has received much light for making USHEALTH Group the company it is today, Troy attributes a large part of the success of the business to his fellow employees. Troy believes, without them, he would not be able to achieve as much for the company as he has. After receiving the prestigious award, Troy mentioned that the award not only belongs to him but belongs to every member of USHEALTH Group who have worked tirelessly to make the company a success in the health insurance sector.

Troy possess incredible people skills, which is one of the primary attributes as to why he is currently receiving much-needed attention for being one of the top CEOs in America. In the past, he has been awarded numerous times for his efforts and contribution to the field of health insurance. He has been the recipient of some of the most prestigious awards in the field such as the Most Innovative CEO of the Year by CEO World Awards and the award for Sales Growth Achievement of the Year by the Stevie Awards.


Brown Agency Reshapes Austin’s Modeling Industry to New Standards

Brown Agency is a modeling and commercial talent firm. The company ventured the Austin market in the spring of 2010, and since then, the agency has continually developed to become a leader in the modeling and talent market. The company has continuously strived to establish significant market standards and bring a new expectation to the people of Austin. The firm represents models and actors in various areas such as commercials, industrial video, film, print, catalog, television, trade shows, fashion, voiceover, promotional events, conventions, runaways and corporate events.

Since the opening of the company in Austin, Models and other talents in Austin have grown to work for some of the biggest brands such as Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton, Loreal and other big companies in the world. Brown Agency has helped Austin models to grace some of the most significant events such as Fashion Weeks in Austin, New York, Dallas, and Miami Swim Week amongst many others. According to the firm’s president, the company selects the best and prepares them for a larger market level to deliver professional, beautiful, and dependable talents in Austin.

To ensure sustainability, Brown Agency is always searching fresh faces in talent and modeling divisions. The sections are held every Thursday, and anybody who is talented or has the desire to be a model is always welcome. The firm recently acquired Heyman Talent South and its captain Michael Bonee. This move placed Brown Agency at a position to compete with the top agencies in the United States. Currently, the firm is handling over 450 talents.

About Justin Brown

Justin Brown is the owner and president of Brown Agency. The 35-year-old modeling mogul was born in Reno, Nevada and grew up in Susanville California. As a little boy, he wanted to understand what happens behind the cameras. After excelling in other agency jobs, Brown, who studied business management in college, landed in the field of development and placement. In that position, he trained models on how to become pros and placed them in different positions. Once in the modeling business, he worked for several firms in California to beef up his tricks in the industry.


Found in the Name

One Name or Reputation Can Change the World, or One Man

The answers to some of life’s greatest meanings, problems, and challenges, as found by definition, may lie within a name itself- for example, Eric Pulier. This article alone describes and defines the true power at work behind any name, as well as its vital importance throughout any relationship. Names matter. They each have an origin story, and it is our own unique responsibility to learn the story behind the name. Certain names imply certain symbols.


A Celebrity Name That I Admire

When I think of the reputation of Robert, I get great feelings of joy and happiness overflowing me in a calm melody of Christmas red. I am not quite sure as to where this connotation or connection originally found its place, but I do know that this feeling is the one that I still connect to that particular name, even after nearly 30 years of hearing it. Perhaps Eric Pulier is not the first name that comes to my mind when I hear the name Eric, but the name itself does tend to bring up a unique mental image of bright red happiness and a man full of cheer. Knowing and hearing this special name, I further rejoice and am continually made glad. On a positive note respectfully, there is also that one person whose very mention may bring a person tremendous rejoicing and relief at the same time.



Then comes Isui, which originates from a Latin word meaning “witch.” I have known two people by this name, and neither of them was a saint, to put it in the least of graphic terms. Far from philanthropy, both have actually done much damage to Eric’s efforts and to his local work community. As a natural result of such damage, one can imagine that my natural inclination to any future reference of the name will most likely not be a positive one. Neither should Pulier’s inclination to immediate trust or affection be to people by that name, whom he may meet on future endeavors.

Fashion and Technology, Tending Toward One Name

While some people refer to modern technology as being fashionable, another group sees contemporary fashion as simply technologically induced. The point is simple; the two industries are becoming inseparable by the day. This awareness is on the increase, thanks to some influential individuals that have come out to share their views on the topic. Chris Burch falls into this category.


Here is a man worth listening to by all standards. He is an entrepreneur with a difference. He started making millions of dollars in the fashion industry far back in his college days. At the moment, he presides over Burch Creative Capital, a company with an impressive brand of portfolio.


In unmistakable terms, Burch explained the ever upward trends in the interwoven relationship between technology and fashion. According to him, the 70s was simply the boom box era. Many music lovers could not resist the boom box attraction as it afforded them the opportunity to easily carry their lovely tunes and stations wherever they wanted. By the 90s, there was already an improvement on the boom box. The Walkman was now the toast in town; it was more fashionable and provided a personal music experience unimaginable before then. Another improvement on the Walkman came with the turn of the century. It was called the iPod era. No one can tell when these upward trends will stop.


The fashion industry obviously remains glue to technology. Without technology, the industry will be deprived of innovation and functionality in no small measure. Anouk Wipprecht captured the situation when she said, “[technology is] like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


Fashion has not failed to reciprocate either. It has provided technology a platform to showcase its product and win patronage. Fashion Shows are helping out in this regard. Many new technological products get needed awareness and patronage via these mediums.


Sometimes, both fashion and technology come together to achieve great things. The case of energy creation readily comes to mind. We now have cloths that capture kinetic energy needed in powering appliances like watch and mp3. Any time from now, a prototype shoe with the capability of charging cell phones when used in walking or running will come on board.


From the above, it is obvious that the continued blending of fashion and technology will one day leave us with no option but to call both by one name.

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