End Citizens United: Establishing their Name In The World

Before 2015, no one had heard about End Citizen United. However, after its establishment in August 2015, the Group has garnered great attention from the public. This is because they have a clearly defined goal: overturning the Supreme Court ruling passed in 2010.


How was the group going to achieve that? They are going to collect signatures and raising $25 million towards the agenda.


The question is; why did they wait until 2015 to start the campaign? The reason is so as to get Democrats and the liberals elected who will support the agenda for reversing the Supreme Court ruling.


The group seems to have achieved great success because in only one month they were able to raise $2 million.




In 2010, the Supreme Court overturned the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act that prohibited the use of Soft money in the election. The Supreme Court was providing a ruling on a case presented by the Citizen United. The PAC wanted the court to reverse the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act clause that prohibited ‘electioneeirng communications.’ Even though the Supreme Court upheld the law on advocacy ads, they changed the soft money law.


The law states that the corporation and committees were not allowed to raise money or spend money that was not subject to federal limits. According to the End Citizens United, the ruling would adversely affect the elections.


They raised concerns that the election will no longer be free and fair. This is robbing the American people their Democratic right. By reversing the law, the billionaires now had the chance to influence the elections to their favor.


The primary goal of the End Citizens United is to raise money to influence the Congress to overturn the Supreme Court ruling.


The first agenda of the group is to have people elected who support the vision. That is why they endorsed 11 Democrat candidates. They will then raise the issue of money to be a national priority and to advance their agenda they will use the grassroots members. End Citizens United greatest supporters are the grassroots activists.


The ultimate goal of the campaign is to have a constitutional amendment, and by the end of 2015, 325,000 people had already signed the petition. After partnering with ‘Ready for Hilary,’ the group received $4 million more emails.


While the desire to have a constitutional amendment is genuine, the dream may be far-fetched according to the critics. There has not been a constitutional amendment since 1992. Despite having the influence, it will hard to get the Congress to amend the constitution.


They can, however, be commended for providing the public with information on the Supreme Court ruling. The group has also kept the pressure on the Supreme Court and the political leaders not to make the situation worse.


Josh Verne’s Tips for Success

Josh Verne performs his duties as the chief executive officer of FlockU. Verne likes sharing his immense wealth of knowledge especially on tips of success. In his recent podcast, he enumerated various characteristics and important actions that a person must do to ensure that he succeeds in business and other areas of his life.


Verne believes that to lead a successful life, one must be a good leader. Verne also thinks that it is vital for a person to find his true passion and then pursue it without relenting.


According to Josh Verne, it pays to be a good listener. People who listen more are known to speak authoritatively. For a person to become successful, it is paramount that he puts the interests of other people first. This usually motivates the employees to use their abilities to achieve the overall goals of the company. It is vital also to maintain sound balance in life. A person who has balance in all areas of his life is happy. Individuals who ignore their bodies or their families end up living unfulfilling lives.


Therefore, Verne recommends people to improve various areas of their lives including relationships, wealth, health and personal growth. Verne’s tips are meant to give insights that are bound to propel any person forward to become the individual he dreamt of becoming.

Find out more about Josh Verne:


John Goullet has a Passion for the IT Staffing Industry

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and an IT staffing professional. He is the Chairman and Principal of Diversant, LLC. His educational background includes graduating from Ursinus College in 1983 with a Masters Degree in Computer Science. He began his career as an IT consultant, but made the transition to IT staffing in 1994. Mr. Goullet gained valuable experience by working both sides of the IT coin – consulting and staffing.Mr. Goullet used the skills and experience he acquired and founded Info Technologies to provide staffing solutions to a wide range of companies, including Fortune 500 companies. He developed a tremendous understanding of market trends that were valuable to Info Technologies. Goullet’s leadership proved to be so effective, and the company grew rapidly and within five years the net worth of the company was $30 million.

In Mr. Goullet’s wisdom, he realized if he partnered with others, he could provide greater services and expand his business. To that end, Info Technologies completed a merger with Diversant, Inc. and the result was Diversant LLC. Goullet took on the role of Principal and takes an active role developing strategies to meet the demands and challenges of the ever changing IT industry.Through Goullet’s vast knowledge of the industry and his inspired work ethic, and his belief in team work, Diversant, LLC has become a certified Minority Owned company and has stayed at the top of the market. Goullet encourages his team to be creative thinkers, developing individual solutions for clients and work with respect for others.

Diversant, LLC and John Goullet deliver impeccable service and staffing solutions to clients. The company is committed to providing the best service possible and the team at Diversant delivers the best each and every time out of the gate.In addition to being a commodity supplier to clients, Diversant and John Goullet uses a consulting approach and work with the clients as business partners. Goullet help his clients solve critical staffing issues rather than just filling staffing availabilities.It is a method and philosophy that works for John Goullet and Diversant, LLC and being diverse in their solutions often leads to greater opportunities for partners, as well as consultants.



Let’s Have Dinner at The Copa Star….Hospital!

Yes, the best five star restaurant in town is in a hospital, the Copa Star. Operated by the D’Or network of hospitals, the Copa Star is the brainchild of Jorge Moll, the director of D’Or. It is very much unlike other hospitals. It’s not only the fact that the restaurant was designed by and world-renowned chef and offers gourmet meals. It’s the fact that when you enter the lobby, you are faced with stylish, plush sofas and a grand piano. There is artwork by Japan’s Yakuta Toyota throughout the hospital.

Luxury is the key word for Copa Star. Located on Copacabana beach at Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães, it is a five-story luxury hospital that caters to one and all, and is laden with luxurious accommodations.

The patient rooms are not just sterile hospital rooms. They are suites with accommodations for guests. The patient can operate and control the drapes, the temperature, the lighting, and many other aspects of the room from the bed with the use of an electronic tablet.

On that same tablet, the patient can talk with the staff, the nurses, and even video conference with the doctor. The doctor can, in turn, display the patient’s latest test results and converse with the patient though the tablet. This is quite a change from waiting for the doctor to visit.

There are 155 patient suites and 59 intensive care units. In intensive care, the patients are given a video portal to the outside world that they can control. They can view live scenes at the beach, in the corridors of the hospital, and on the street if they prefer. This is done so that the isolation of ICU is given a back seat to the patient’s desire not to be alone.

There are nine state of the art operating rooms with high tech robotic aids, MRI’s in the same room for ease of viewing the progress of the operation, and many other amenities for the doctor as well as the patient.

In building the hospital, a new method of construction was achieved due to the very small space for the large construction machinery. They developed a new standard in concrete construction that allows a fifty per cent savings in energy expenses compared to other buildings of the type.

Copa Star is just the beginning, says Jorge Moll. Rede D’Or plans to open similar hospitals in Sao Paulo and Brasilia as well. They already operate a number of hospitals in Brazil. But, alas, there is only one Copa Star to visit for now.

Eventually, Copa Star will concentrate on cardiology and neurology, but will still accept patients of all types — and those who just want a good meal at the five star restaurant.