Susan McGalla Knew She Had What it Takes

Although many women have been able to make it to the top of their careers, there are many women who still aren’t quite sure about what practical measures they can take to help make them successful, as well. There have been many different steps that government, and even non-government, organizations have taken to reduce challenges such as inequality, unequal pay and the lack of women that are in the boardroom. Despite all of the challenges, there are still women in positions of power who have proven that they can be effective leaders and that they are able to take up any challenge. Many women have started to take a stance in many positions in the corporate world and even lead roles in different companies. Some have even established and currently manage ventures of their own.

The business world is one area that has had many powerful women. The business world once was a no-go zone for many women since it was completely populated by men. Recently, however, this has taken a turn and many women in business, such as Susan McGalla, are continuing to make themselves known. Many of these women are also helping other women reach the top of their careers, as well.

Susan McGalla currently is a very successful business woman who knows just what it takes to reach the top and to also remain there! It is understood by McGalla that the individual is in charge of identifying and achieving their own potential and the traits that are necessary to help them reach extraordinary. McGalla realized that only she was able to help herself reach her highest potential, so she did what it took to get there!

McGalla is the founder of a company known as P3 Executive Consulting. This company is located in Pittsburgh. In addition to this, McGalla is also the Director for the Pittsburgh Steelers Strategic Planning and Growth department. McGalla also has a lot of experience working in retail as well as clothing.

Back in 1986, McGalla started out working at a company known as Joseph Horne Company and then later left to work for American Eagle Outfitters. All of her hard work helped her to become the President as well as the Chief Merchandising Officer of the entire company. She later left this company so that she could work as a private consultant for the retail industries as well as the financial investment. However, Wet Seal wanted McGalla as their CEO, so she joined them as the CEO and then later left so that she could work as a consulting expert.

Ricardo Tosto and Brazil’s New Outsourcing Law

Brazil’s High Labor Court allows for business to business outsourcing as long as there is no direct supervision by the service provider of the worker. In addition, the contractual relationship cannot be tied to a specific provider, since this is a specific element that is reserved for the employer-employee relationship under Brazilian law. Most importantly, a company’s principal business cannot be outsourced to another provider under the current framework to learn more: click here.

However, a bill that would change all of this has already passed the House of Deputies and is currently under consideration in the Senate. The new law would allow companies to outsource operations in their main line of business, not just ancillary services. The law would also allow outsourced workers to work at the same company through different outsourcing companies by simply transferring from one provider to another. It would also make it possible for businesses to sub-outsource operations, i.e. for an outsourcing provider to outsource to another business.

Labor reform is one of the most contentious political issues in Brazil right now along with pension reform. Many believe that these changes are necessary to attract the foreign investment that will bring Brazil out of its spiral of recession. Those in the know say that business-friendly reforms such as the outsourcing bill need to be passed before the next election cycle starts.

Ricardo Tosto is a pillar of Sao Paulo’s legal community. Ricardo Tosto earned his LLB degree from McKenzie University School of Law, one of the city’s most highly-regarded law schools. For more than two decades, Ricardo Tosto & Associates has grown his firm into a Sao Paulo institution.

Ricaro Tosto is also a well-known author and historian of Brazil. His book about one of the most important episodes in Brazilian history, the trial of Tiradentes, was a best-seller that garnered him much media attention.

Wealth Protection Ebook Printed By US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve, one of the nation’s most reputable precious metals companies has now released an ebook on protecting wealth through gold known as “The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.” The ebook explains all the different threats to wealth out there including cyber criminals, terrorists, natural disasters and even politicians failing to reel in out-of-control debt.

The ebook itself is free but is part of the purchase of exclusive 1/10 oz. gold American Eagle coins which are only available for a certain time. This offer is fairly easy to find since US Money Reserve renovated its website last year.

US Money Reserve has been selling gold and silver bullion since 2001. They’re based in Austin, TX and have put out a wealth of information for anyone interested in building up precious metals in their portfolio.

They sell all kinds of coins from the American Eagle series, to World War II commemorative numismatics, foreign dignitary coins and even the platinum liberty coins. They also sell bars and bricks and educate buyers on the risks and benefits of buying each form of gold bullion, and how they can store the products safely.

Crunchbase revealed that US Money Reserve has become what it has because Philip N. Diehl has lent his expertise to the company. Diehl was nominated to US Mint Director back in 1993 and in his time with that department he turned it into a modernized advanced technology workplace. In fact the US Mint gained over $2.6 billion in profits making it the most profitable it had ever been in its existence.

Diehl now welcomes newcomers to US Reserve where he believes solid customer service and integrity in sales is vital to helping them protect their assets. Diehl has advised US Money Reserve to upgrade its systems and use Client-Connect Advantage, a chat platform that helps customers through transactions and making returns on all products.

Gold information kits are also included on the website and customers with an existing IRA can find out how to transfer it into gold. To get started buying gold or to speak to a specialist, call 1-844-307-8387 or visit to fill out the contact form and get started buying gold immediately.

ClassDojo-Expanding the Classroom

ClassDojo is an app that is enabling teachers, students, and parents to stay connected throughout the school day. The app is helping to encourage school and classroom values and is completely customizable. The app will work on any iOs, Android, Kindle Fire, or any computer and is free for teachers. ClassDojo is currently being used in 90 % of K-8 schools in the Unites States and in over 180 countries.

ClassDojo can be translated into over 35 different languages and has received many notable wasrds including the Education Innovation Award in 2011, the Innovation by Design Awards in 2016 and the 35 Most Innovative Apps of the Year in 2016, just to name a few.

ClassDojo has many ways to build the classroom culture, including with the Classroom part of the app where it is possible to choose skills and values like teamwork or creativity for example, and then feedback on progress can be shared. Classroom makes it easy to build a great classroom.

The Messages part of the app makes it possible for parents, teachers, and school leaders to message each other without having to make a bunch of phone calls. The messages can even be translated into 35 different languages. Teachers have the option to set “Quiet Hours” so that they will not be disturbed during times when they are teaching.

Stories lets pictures and videos from the school day to be shared and Class Story lets teachers share information with families. Student Stories lets students create their own story or portfolio of what they have learned during the day.

ClassDojo even has a Big Ideas area where parents and teachers an access content that will help students to further their education in social and emotional skills for their benefit. ClassDojo’s helping to bring the educational community together.

Lime Crime Is A Strong Cosmetics Brand

Lime Crime is one of the strongest new cosmetics brands in the world, and it was started by Doe Deere as a way to help women look their best at all times. Someone who wishes to wear brighter colors will feel better about themselves, and they will find colors that they cannot get with any other company. This article explains how this company has built its aesthetic for bright colors, vegan styling and new hair dyes.

#1: Doe Deere’s Vision

Doe Deere had a vision for the company that started with her choosing colors that she made herself at home. There are many different colors that have been offered by the company over the years, and Doe has created a large company that produces many of these colors every day. The company is using its revenues to invest in new products, and they have branched into hair dyes and vegan offerings.

#2: Styling Online

Lime Crime is an interactive brand that is only sold online, and women will see quite a lot of inspiration online through Instagram and many other social media outlets. Ladies who follow this brand will see Doe Deere modeling all her own products,and they will find a way to wear the bright colors they love so much.

#3: Wearing Unorthodox Colors

The company wants to offer more unorthodox colors to the public so that they may have a better color palette to choose from. Someone who wishes to wear these colors will find that there is a shift in the color palette every season that offers more colors. Doe will model all the colors that are required for the season, and she will release a color scheme that women may wear with their favorite clothes.

There are quite a few different women who will find freedom in the cosmetics that they love from Lime Crime. The company is quite strong, and it has become known for a number of different people who want to wear a brighter color. Women who are looking for better colors and hair dyes will have all the things they need when they come to the site.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin – A High-Status Profile CEO

According to the interview with the Global Icon, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has a high-status profile in the food and meat processing industry. He is also the current CEO and President of the OSI Group.

As the CEO, Mr. Sheldon always stays active in every department of the OSI Group, more so the ones that are involved in the company’s global operations. Perhaps, the priority of Mr. Sheldon is to deliver efficiency and quality. Mr. Sheldon Lavin entered into the business of meat and food processing in 1970. This happened when he was helping Otto & Sons Company solved its financial problem. He managed to evolve Otto & Sons into the OSI Group. Since then, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has grown into a successful food executive with extensive expertise in the industry of meat and food processing.

Moreover, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is a leader with vision. His vision has enabled him to transform OSI Group from domestic food processing company to internationally recognized firm. In that case, Mr. Sheldon is a role model for many young entrepreneurs. By observing Mr. Sheldon business steps, they can understand what it means to lead and serve. Also, Mr. Sheldon has received recognition to the significant strides he has made in the business of meat and food processing industry. It is because of his tremendous job in food industry made IVWA (India’s Vision World Academy) to present him with the Global Visionary Award. He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015. This was as a result of his commitment to providing services to the business community of Chicago. As a leader, Mr. Sheldon is also concerned with environmental sustainability, and he has received several awards regarding the same issue. He hopes that the next generation of entrepreneurs will continue to make the planet a healthy place.

Regarding education background, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is a holder of Bachelor Degree in Finance. This is witnessed from his fruitful career in the finance and banking industry. Additionally, Mr. Lavin was a serious investor and executive before he entered into the business of meat and food processing as an outsider.

Vincent Parascandola is Changing the Financial World by Example

Vincent Parascandola of AXA Advisors in New York, where he is the Vice President of recruiting and retention. That role has allowed him to maintain and manage new employees and help the recruitment and retention process grow increasingly stronger in the company. Here is a little bit of information about how he came to be in this role.

Vincent began with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Pace University in New York. He didn’t spend years in school, though. His ability to get to work and learn on the job is part of what makes his a success. After graduation, he became the President of the Advantage Groups where he was able to get his foot in the door at AXA Advisors, as the Advantage Group is a subsidiary of the company. He also handled the company’s New York Metro location as manager of nearly four-hundred financial services. This impressive resume has motivated many people under his leadership over the years.

Over the years this excellent leadership ability has granted him some accolades. He was awarded GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award. This enabled him the chance to speak to people and show others how to rise to the moment in the position of true leadership. This has been an ongoing process that enabled him to get to this position. He has over 25 years of experience within the financial community.

His philanthropic growth has also been a true inspiration to many. He has worked hard to raise awareness for human suffering throughout the world. His ability to lead with confidence as he Prudential and Mony Life Insurance Company granted valuable life experience in the trade. In addition to that, was named Rookie of the Year by Prudential back in the nineties. He is truly an inspiration to many in his craft.


How are students at Success Academy schools taught that makes the program so successful?

If you have heard about New York City-based Success Academy, you may also have heard about how successful their programs have been. So successful, in fact, most of the 41 schools in their network now test in the 90th percentile of all schools in New York State.


Not bad for an organization that has only been in existence since 2006, and was the brainchild of one woman — CEO and founder Eva Moskowitz.


So what makes Success Academy so successful, and how are their students taught differently than children currently attending other New York City schools?


The mission of Success Academy — The mission of the Academy is to provide a high-quality education to children of color, children with special needs and those from low-income families.


To that end, the network planned a curriculum with an emphasis on reading, math and science, and with a push to teach every student critical thinking. All of this is taught in an environment that stresses hands-on education, and working in groups, rather than education via instruction from a teacher alone.


Students work in groups for most of the school day, collaborate on projects, develop their artistic talents by participating in various art projects and get an education via being involved in cultural experiences not always available in other school systems.


Success Academy also makes learning fun as they believe, if a child wants to come to school every day, they will learn faster and better. This has proven true for most of the students attending schools in their network.


Parent involvement — Success Academy also expects every parent to be involved in their child’s education. That means making sure their child arrives on time every day, and is dressed in the school uniform. It also means being involved in the school itself, from participation on a school council to being chaperones during field trips and participating in class clubs.


Future Plans — With this approach to education, Success Academy has not only improved the educational opportunities for more than 14,000 under-privileged children in New York, it is also now looking at opportunities to positively affect the lives of 40,000 more.


College Admissions: What Every High School Scholar — and Parent — Should Know

Get The Benefits Of A Pet Food Product With Beneful

Walmart is known for being a competitor market for a lot of items including top brand dog food names like Beneful. Their dog food brand is popular among pet owners around the world for having all-natural ingredients that help them live a healthy lifestyle. You can get an additional savings of up to 20% off with coupons from the Beneful dog food website. Give your pet organic ingredients they will love like beef, chicken, carrots, wild rice, and green beans. Take pride in a pet food product that has eliminated harsh byproducts. You can check the pet care aisle at select BenefulWalmart retailers for more details.

The focus of their pet food products is to provide quality products that your pet will love and it will help them maintain their weight. Their ingredients will have your pet very thankful with a constant wagging of the tail and extremely wet kisses at mealtime. You can find a great selection of wet and dry dog food that includes sizes that are available for small and large dogs. Join the thousands of customers that have chosen to be a part of the Beneful wet dog food revolution that puts their pet friends in mind when they brand their pet food.

Orthopedic Surgery- Greg Finch

What is Orthopaedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is the medical practice involving the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This describes the bones and all the connecting tissue and muscular system that comes with it. The most common areas Orthopaedic surgeons deal with are the knees, hip, ankles, elbow, wrist, shoulder, and the spinal column. The reason for this is simple, because these areas are the joints, and they are the most prone to get injured. The following are some of the most common procedures that Orthopaedic surgeons have to perform.

  • Soft tissue repair; which deals with ligaments and tendons
  • Bone fracture repair; this is when broken bones are repaired using plates,

screws, and pins

  • Arthroscopy; Treating inside a joint with a tool known as an arthroscope
  • Joint replacement; When joints are replaced with a prosthesis
  • Revision surgery; This type of surgery is done to replace a prosthesis
  • Osteotomy; This involves dealing with deformed bones

Dr. Greg Finch

Dr. Finch is an accomplished orthopedic surgeon based in Buderim, Australia. Dr. Finch carries out his practice at Nucleus Medical Suites, a hospital located in Buderim. He got his degree in Orthopaedic Surgery from FRACS ( Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons).

After his degree he spent several years abroad, mainly in Germany, UK, and the US, honing his skills by working with highly skilled and experienced surgeons. Mr. Finch’s interest mainly lies in minimally invasive spinal surgery. Dr. Greg Finch is also a member of North American Spine Society(NASS) and the Spine Society of Australia. Today he stays busy by performing a variety of surgeries for disc protrusions, spinal deformity, lumbar spine issues, disc replacement surgery and spinal stenosis.