Ferguson Marks The Rise Of George Soros To Leader Among Civil Rights Activists

The civil rights activism movement has always been of great importance across the U.S. with leaders including Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton rising to positions of importance within the activist community over the course of decades. Another name that can be added to the growing list of civil rights activists in the U.S. is that of George Soros, the Hungarian born founder of the Soros Fund Management brand who broke records across many decades for the success of his hedge fund; George Soros has developed his own network of charitable networks under the Open Society Foundations banner that has seen the charity become one of the most important and best funded in the world. The main aim of the Open Society Foundations is to provide an education in democracy for those who are being robbed of their human rights or who are trapped in a closed society.

Politico reports the development of the Open Society Foundations includes the need to find new ways of bringing and protecting democracy to the people of the world, which can include the need to assist African-American and Latino groups within the U.S. who often find themselves targeted by lawmakers wishing to rob them of their rights of voting or living free of fear. Many of the civil rights groups backed by the Open Society Foundations have been funded by George Soros and his more than $25 billion fortune with more than $33 million in funding across each year. Soros believes the need to protect the U.S. Constitution and the human rights it guarantees individuals within the country is important and looks to back groups battling against restrictive policies aimed at minority groups. Know more on cnbc.com about George Soros.

The Washington Times reports the Ferguson protests became the focus of the work of the Open Society Foundations following the involvement in the Missouri based city of many groups identified by the charitable network as of importance in terms of civil rights and social justice. In the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the Open Society Foundations has looked to maintain a high level of funding for groups dedicated to advancing the cause of “#BlackLivesMatter”, a movement taking in many of the community organizers and leaders George Soros believes will continue to advance the cause in the coming years. Politico reports a number of civil rights cases have become important to George Soros and the Open Society Foundations, including the battle to bring more minority group community members to positions of importance in the legal sector of government agencies through their election to positions including prosecutor and district attorney across local and state ballots. Read more at Washington Times.

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Jason Hope: The Philanthropist, Futurist, and, Entrepreneur

From the onset, Jason mentions that it is all about focus. As an entrepreneur, you do need to work at one project before moving on to the next. That his being mantra, he discourages most people related or leading to entrepreneurship to specialize.

As a skilled Futurist, with a passion for technology, he views the future of it taking this business industry, it is right. According to Jason, there is a lot of hope that technology will be the future of entertainment. For more info about us: https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/ click here.

Technological trends

Apparently, there is no through way, as modern business requires this technology. There are so many devices that you can use to make this possible using mobile phone.

Modern business is important to get great sales and conversions. As such, you need someone like Jason Hope who has the credentials to match up and help you make that sale. With a Finance Degree from Arizona State University, as well as, an MBA in Business, this is the man to talk to in terms of making a company rise to the heights.

Medicine solutions

He does manage various procedures that include Biotechnology that is catered for rejuvenation to reduce aging. In addition, there are some mitochondrial mutations that he has researched about to proof that your body cells are your “power cells”. There is a lot that Hope has done in his dermatological practice.

Above all, Jason Hope is an individual working on numerous projects such asIoT article

Live longer productive lives

As well as many more in order to prove that, his investment does pay off. He is located in Scottsdale, Arizona as a Computer software Engineer. Nonetheless, what he has done to the community of Arizona is a lot. He is doing some major research on dermatology regarding skin cells and as a continuing practice; he is looking to do more.

How Jennifer Walden is Helping Women Look Younger

Dr Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who is changing the lives of many women in the United States. Walden is one of the few women who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and she has accomplished a lot in her successful career. The surgeon is based in Texas, and she is helping women look beautiful and young. Walden is well trained in the cosmetic surgery field. She has been practising for a very long time, and she is very experienced.

Jennifer Walden has earned the respect of many people in the society for helping individuals turn back time. Her surgeries are known for reducing the appearance of an ugly line or wrinkles found on a patient’s skin. If your skin is damaged by the sun, Walden can also repair it efficiently. Individuals who have sagging skin that looks angry, sad and tired can benefit from the services offered by the top surgeon. At the moment, Walden performs the following surgeries.


RHINOPLASTY is currently one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States. The medical procedure mostly reduces and also reshapes the nose of individuals who are starting to age. If the client has a narrow nostril or a hump, the surgery can successfully get rid of it without any complications. Individuals with congenital disabilities can get help when they undergo the process too. If you are experiencing some breathing problems, a RHINOPLASTY will assist you. Jennifer Walden on LinkedIn.


When individuals are aging, the skin is exposed to challenging life situations, sun and gravity. These conditions might lead to creases in the mouth and other parts of the face. A facelift will correct the neck and face, giving you the beautiful and young look you are looking for. The procedure is safe and effective when carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon.


Rick Smith-The Mind Behind Securus Success

Rick Smith was announced as the CEO of Securus on June 23, 2008.The Company was formed by two leading corrections market industries (Evercom and T-Netix) .The merging of the two industrial enterprises happened on September 2004. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, Securus Company has shot to the leading correction in market.The unwavering patience in their customer services as well as development projects of the company, which has rendered it the lead in architecture due to its high level of innovation. It is evident that Rick Smith is the ideal CEO for the company.

Besides being a good leader, Rick Smith has a rich academic background and experience in the field. Rick has a BSc in Electric engineering, masters in mathematics and an MBA. With this qualifications, Rick has worked in several companies in his career life before landing to Securus. He has a good review from each institution that he worked for in the past. Rick Smith raised the revenue of Eschelon Telcom to $350million from $30million in his nine years as its CEO. He also developed EBITDA to $80 million which is a CAGR of 48%. It is this vast experience that Rick has that led to his endorsement as the CEO of Securus.

Securus technology is a profit making organization that collaborates with the prison administration in the provision of the penitentiary technology. The firm focuses on using its technology on protecting the society. Currently, the company is specializing in both criminal and civil technology. Technically, Rick leads the company towards creating technology that helps in reducing the level of crimes both in the outside world as well as in the cells of the inmates.

Through Securus Company, CEO commits to ensure that he provides technology that simplifies and improves prisons performances. The technology also takes care of the prisoners needs by ensuring there can communicate with their relatives in friends. Provision of this kind of technology to the prisoners could adversely affect the system if the technology were misused. Rick, therefore, takes a precaution by coding the inmate’s equipment by confining them to specific tasks only. This is to ensure that the convicts do not employ Securus technology for other purposes other than the intended purpose.

On the brighter side, Securus technology has added a little comfort to the inmates by giving them a chance to make both visual and voice calls to their special ones. The communication cement the relationship between the detainees and their families, making the reunion easier after their release. Being locked up behind bars for years could lead to confusion after being released; to ensure that this doesn’t happen, Securus Company has embedded an email setup in the devices, where the inmates can see and follow the developments of the outside world.

David Giertz Brings a Laserlike Focus to Social Security

David Giertz has brought up the critical importance of Social Security for those approaching retirement age. It is a complex issue that many financial advisors are shying away from to the possible detriment of their clients. This could adversely impact clients and advisors with Social Security benefits playing such an important role for most retirees.

Research has been done in regard to the role of financial advisors and whether or not they provide counsel to their clients about maximizing Social Security benefits. A majority of respondents detailed that their financial advisors did not give guidance about Social Security benefits. When questioned further, they also said that they would most likely switch advisors if they weren’t counseled about Social Security.

To be fair, Social Security benefits are a very complex issue that’s difficult to deal with as interactions with the Federal Government can sometimes be. Containing over 2700 rules in the handbook, Social Security can be quite intimidating for financial advisors. David Giertz urges advisors to make it a part of their business anyway. Advisors are more likely to retain their customers if they are able to provide help with Social Security.

The customer perspective is comprised of the very important fact that 40% of their retirement income could be Social Security benefits and it must be addressed. With such a critical factor in play, advisors must be able to give insight, advice, and clear directions for clients to mull over.

David Giertz is a registered financial advisor with over 30 years of experience in the field. He has worked for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation since 1999 and has enjoyed success in their operations. He was President of their sales and distribution organization and during his tenure revenue grew substantially.

Coaching is another area where Giertz has made his mark. The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches is a place where he excelled with his extensive financial knowledge.




Dr. Scott M Rocklage is an inspirational medical professional with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare field.Mr. Rocklage works for 5 AM Ventures as a managing partner. The company is a scientifically based venture capital company. The pharmaceutical specialist joined the company in 2003 as a Venture Partner, and he joined his current role in 2004.

Scott Rocklage wears many hats in the healthcare sector they include a chairman role in the Rennovia, Cidara Therapeutics, Epirus, Kinestral and Pulmatrix boards. Read more; Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Before the roles above, Dr. Rocklage also served as the Cubist Pharmaceuticals CEO and Chairman, The Nycomed Salutar CEO and President, Salutar, and Catalytica under numerous R&D positions. In addition to this, he has also been at Relypsa as a Board Chairman, and Novira, Ilypsa Executive chairman, Semprus, and Miikana. Johnson & Johnson presently own Novira. Ilypsa was bought out by Amgen, Semprus was purchased out by Teleflex and Miikana is currently EntreMed.

Dr. Scott Rocklage And 5 Am Ventures:

5 AM Ventures is a venture capital company that deals with enterprises that are interested in life science.

The firm works with companies that are constantly trying to scientifically research new medicines and come up with medical advancements for various diseases. The company is named after the timing it exudes in dealing with healthcare advancements.

Dr. Rocklage’s role in the healthcare company is to liaise with the company’s management portfolio team, researching new angles of life sciences, to attend and prepare for meetings with the board among many other roles.

Due to his position in this company, Dr. Rocklage liaises with various industrialists in the life science industry they include scientists, business executives, and physicians. It is these people’s ideas that assist in coming up with promising drugs that meet the challenging need of getting new medicines which may treat new diseases like Cancer.

Scott Rocklage successfully runs 5 AM Ventures with a hands on approach. So far he has been able to determine the best companies to invest in.

5 AM employs people who have all types of backgrounds which include finance, science, law, medicine, and business operations. This blend of employees is responsible for the smooth running of the venture capital firm.

The company initially provides the companies they invest in with capital. In addition to this, it also plays the role of an operation manager, board member, brief management, and business strategist among many others.

Dr. Scott M. Rocklage attended the University of California, Berkeley for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. Rocklage also attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

While studying here, he researched the Nobel Prize Laureate Richard r. Schrock in his laboratory.

Talos Energy Involved in a Major Oil Operation

For those foreign investors who have an interest in the Mexican oil industry, these are great times to live in! As a result of an unfortunate down-tick in the Mexican oil industry, Mexico has made the decision to allow foreign investors in. Several foreign, non-Mexican companies have already taken advantage of the circumstances by placing bids to do business. These companies include Premier Oil, Sierra Oil and Gas and Talos Energy.

In 2015, these three companies won rights to start operations in the Sureste Basin, in a well that is known as Zama-1 well. Drilling began on May 21st, 2017, and ended on July 2nd, 2017. The amount of days that it would take to complete the drilling was estimated to be up to 90 days, though the drilling took a total of 55 days. Each of the three companies owns a share in the operation. 

Talos Energy is a very important player when it comes to operations concerning the Zama-1 well They are operating the well, and own thirty five percent of the whole project. On July 12th, 2017, the Houston Chronicle reported that Talos Energy found about 2 billion gallons of water in shallow water off of the coast of Mexico. The article from the Houston Chronicle gives rough estimates of numbers, For example, they say that the well is under 500 feet of water when it is really, in fact, under 546 feet of water.

Talos Energy is a relatively small, private company that employs about 200 people. It may have been one of the more unlikely companies to take on such a big project. It’s base location is in Houston, Texas; in the United States of America. Talos Energy was lucky enough to put in bids for oil rich landscapes, because after they did so the competition for rights off the coast of Mexico heightened.

David McDonald Leads OSI Group to Local Culture to Reflect the Needs of Different Locales

David McDonald, the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group, is credited for adding local culture into firm’s operations. Having operations in 17 countries including the U.S., European countries, China, and more, David McDonald knows that the food and meat processing company cannot have one-size-fits-all business operations and process. McDonald says that the firm has to respect the cultural nuances, government regulations, and talent pool, that play a major role in adapting to the environment. The taste preferences of different locales are also taken into consideration to win the business. “While we have global operations, we maintain local management teams who are very understanding and sensitive to local tastes and cultures,” says McDonald.

He is also credited for the sustainability missions of the firm that targets not compromising the development resource needs of the future generations. McDonald says that though OSI was not very focused to implement sustainability mission in the past, it always had a care for the future while implementing all its development plans. The firm continues to work hard to make sure that they care about the environment, people, and the customers. OSI Group demonstrates its sustainability mission goals in three key areas under McDonald. It includes the environment, social responsibility, and sustainable supply chain. The firm’s initiatives on sustainability helped it to grab some of the prestigious awards from the governmental organizations and industrial bodies. OSI Group won the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award – 2016 for efficient management of various environmental risks.

David McDonald oversees the global operations of the firm and framing growth strategies for the future. He is credited for many recent acquisitions by the business that expanded its presence significantly across the globe. McDonald has three decades of experience in the food processing industry – with OSI Group. He completed his Bachelor of Science from the Iowa State University.

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Rubica “Personal Cyber Security”

Both businesses and consumers are starting to ask why cyber security is important more frequently. While the answer is seemingly simple enough, anyone that uses technology today needs to be well informed about personal cyber security to be best prepared and defended in instances of cyber attacks.
Cyber Attacks are on the rise and result in persistent, increasing damage to government, companies, and individuals. Aptly named, the ‘WannaCry’ cyber attacks occurred in May 2017 where ransomware was inscribed on close to 300,000 computers and was labeled the largest cyber assault of its kind. Both business owners and individuals need to implement strict personal cyber security measures to ensure personal data and company files remain safe and secure.
Damaging Cyber Attacks
When you’ve been personally hacked, cyber assaults can cause great financial loss, security breaches, and damage to reputation for yourself or your business. Cyber attacks between 2013-2015 have been recorded to quadruple in numbers with estimated damage costs recorded to be between $400 million to $500 million. Annual costs of cyber threats are projected to rise to $6 trillion by 2021. Cyber security attacks are rapidly increasing in severity and becoming increasingly more destructive. With figures this disturbing, one needs to look at how they can best defend themselves in the instance of a cyber assault.
Defense Against Cyber Attacks
When you have experienced the damaging onslaught of a cyber assault, you know you need the best in cyber defense to prevent any further damages and situations from arising. Rubica cyber security team can assist you whether you are an individual, company or government department seeking the best optimal defense against potential devastating hacking.
Rubica provides an elite team of experienced cyber defense professionals to optimize your personal cyber security to keep your network private and safe. If you are looking for top range cyber defense by dedicated, trusted professionals give Rubica cyber defense team a contact today to discuss your security needs.

Lime Crime Reinvents the Magical Mermaid

Mermaids is the big theme this summer with Lime Crime and their collection specially designed for the fantasy swimmer at heart. While Unicorn Hair is its own brand of semi-permanent hair color dyes, if you travel on over to the mermaid themed page found on the Lime Crime website, you’ll see the suggested four colors to go with your mermaid inspired makeup routine this sunny season. These colors include Dirty Mermaid, Salad, Blue Smoke, and Pony and are sure to live up to the hype when included in a combination of any of the beauty brand’s makeups.


What you’ll also find on the bubble covered page are shimmery diamond crushers, reminiscent of the out of this world colors to be found in the deepest depths of the ocean. Make your lips reminiscent of pearls or the shiny inside of a shell with any of the four lip crusher colors suggested for this current mermaid theme. These unique lip toppers include Trip (delirium purple), Cheap Thrill (sunset/rose shift), Fluke (chill mauve), and Acid Fairy (lavender/mint shift). Mix and match your diamond crush topper with all your favorite lip balms and lipsticks and see what kind of luminescent effects you can come up with.


Following the under the sea theme are Lime Crime’s pop on nails. Each of these are made from a super special type of plastic that is chip resistant and looks just as real as they feel to the touch. The material they’re made out of can also file down to your desired shape and size with ease, just like real nails. Each color is shiny and opalescent with rainbow undertones. They come in four distinct colors to really set off your look, including Storm, Oyster, Lizard, and Camel. If you’re going for a light and bright mermaid look, Oyster or Storm would be the perfect fit, while a more dark sea with look might fit best with Lizard and Camel. Regardless, it’s up to you to use your creativity to mix and match to your heart’s content while finding that best combination for your summer mermaid look! http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html