David McDonald And The International Expansion Of The OSI Group

In the three decades Iowa native David McDonald has been working with the OSI Group, the company has made some key acquisitions and grown tremendously. When McDonald was hired by the company in 1987, the OSI Group was in the early stages of transforming itself into a major force in the international food processing industry. When Sheldon Lavin took over Illinois based Otto & Sons in the early 1980s and changed its name to the OSI Group, the company was primarily known as a regional meat processor. It supplied McDonald’s with beef patties and provided supermarkets and restaurant with quality cuts of meats. But that would soon change and David McDonald played a major role.

A brilliant student at Iowa State University, David McDonald graduated with a degree in animal science. He also won the school’s Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. But McDonald had many other talents as well. Having grown up on a farm, he gained unique insights into food processing. Plus, he had excellent communications and technical skills that would prove to be a valuable asset to the company. Hired as an entry-level project manager, David McDonald has used his diverse skillset to help the company make crucial inroads into lucrative markets around the world. His excellent work has led the company to promote him to president and Chief Operating Officer.

Since David McDonald joined the OSI Group the company has built 10 processing plants in China, expanded into India, Australia, South and Central America and established a presence in Europe. To increase their European customer base, McDonald helped the company acquire Netherlands based Baho Foods and UK based Flagship Europe. He also helped the OSI Group increase its production and processing capacity in the United States by acquiring a 200,000 square foot former Tyson Foods processing plant located in Chicago and used innovation and acquisition to expand pork, chicken and beef production capacity in the Philippines and Spain.

Some of the responsibilities David McDonald has at the OSI Group include negotiating with suppliers and governmental agencies in foreign countries and helping to create products to meet the culturally sensitive tastes of the company’s growing global customer base. He’s also the person they call on to handle technical infrastructure issues. David McDonald has helped to dramatically expand the portfolio of products and brands the company offers and has helped to make its global expansion efforts very successful.

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How IC Solutions Turns Good People Into Good Business

Anyone who works with an accounts receivable company should be familiar with IC Systems. Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson IC Systems has been constantly innovating their field along with providing an unmatched service to their consumers. An example of their innovation was in 1968 when they were the first collection agency in the U.S. to convert from typewriters to computers. Constantly pushing their business towards the future and remaining at the forefront of innovation has allowed them to solidify their reputation as one of the most secure collection agencies.

Although remaining technologically superior to the competition is nice, it doesn’t mean anything if your consumers and clients aren’t satisfied with your performance. IC Systems makes it a point to offer the most ethical and honest solution to any situation by specifically training all their representatives to follow these guidelines. This allows them to maintain the relationships built with consumer along with providing the best service possible (Releasefact).

IC Systems has a set of core values they strictly follow which keeps them from straying from their guidelines. The first two most important core values are people and integrity. They follow these by always respecting their clients and consumers along with treating them with dignity and always doing what is right. The next two core values are performance and pride. Clients expect a certain level of expertise when dealing with a reputable company such as this so IC Systems must make sure to deliver results that not only exceed expectations but also provide a service that they can be proud to stand behind. The last of the core values is of course innovation. Over the past 80 years that they’ve been in business, innovation has always been one of their main focuses allowing them to come up with new and more efficient ways to deliver the results a client deserves. These core values are followed internally as well. Employees of IC Systems may nominate a fellow employee who is exceeding expectations to receive the Core Value Award. This is just another example of why this company continues to impress year after year.


Freedom Checks: Matt Badiali’s Investment Discovery

Matt Badiali is a well-known author for Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he writes investment advice columns related to the mining, energy, and agricultural industries. The one thing that all of these investment categories sharing common is profitable investments in natural resources. Over the course of his career, Matt Badiali has been able to travel around the world in search of unique investment opportunities. He strongly believes that in order to make the best investments you need to see firsthand how a corporation or operation is run. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

While he has significant experience in the finance industry, he has had an equally industrious career and academics. In fact, originally he was not destined to go into the finance industry at all but was instead on his path towards becoming a career academic. He originally received his bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences. He later went to Florida Atlantic University and completed his Master’s degree in geology. At the time of his recruitment into the finance industry, he was pursuing his Ph.D. while teaching classes at the University of North Carolina in geology. He was contacted by an expert in the financial literature industry who was putting together a team that would research investment opportunities in the natural resources sector.

As part of the team, Matt Badiali was able to travel the world in order to see firsthand how various corporations and the natural resources economy were ran in search of unique investment opportunities that would prove to be profitable. It was during part of this process that Matt Badiali encountered what he later came to call Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks is simply a term coined by Matt Badiali in reference to the payouts that are provided to shareholders by master limited partnerships.

Check: https://dailyreckoning.com/freedom-checks-exposed/

A master limited partnership is a classification for tax purposes that a corporation can receive that allow the corporation to operate with zero tax liability. In order to be considered a master limited partnership, a corporation must meet the requirements set forth by Statute 26-F. Statute 26-F states that a master limited partnership is a corporation that can prove that it derives 90% of its income from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and natural gas domestically within the borders of the United States of America. Additionally, the corporation must periodically payout a portion of its revenues in a manner that is analogous to dividends from traditional stocks to its shareholders. Read this article at metropolismag.com.

Who Really is Ian King, a Renowned Expert in Cryptocurrency?

The contribution of Mr. Ian King is hard to be ignored in the blockchain technology and its various services thereof like cryptocurrencies. This heroic entrepreneur remembers when he first heard about cryptocurrencies back in 2013 from his friend and it was a hard nut to crack for him. The cryptocurrencies were to eliminate paperwork and consequently make good money for those who were willing to invest in it. But then no one was willing to hear about Ethereum or Bitcoin. But Mr. King has seen the market change especially after educating people as a cryptocurrency editor in the Banyan Hill. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Ian King is one person who is very passionate and optimistic to the future of cryptocurrencies, and this made him resign from hedge fund career and start a personal website to educate people on buying and selling Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptos. Ian began his career at Salomon Brother where he served as a desk clerk and later moved to Citigroup as a Credit derivative. Then for over 10 years, he spent his career life in a New York-based hedge fund called Peahi Capital where he was the head trader. After discovering cryptos, he left his work and started a website where he advised cryptocurrency speculators.

View: https://banyanhill.com/expert/ian-king/

Mr. Ian grew up in New Jersey Shore where he was on the rescue team in this busy beach. From his rescuing mission, he learned the skill of assessing a situation and reacting to it quickly. He received his teaching degree at Waikato University and also has a B.S. in Psychology for he had some hopes of becoming a psychiatrist. Later he developed some passion for market trends and this could be the reason why he had an internship, Merrill Lynch. Trading and human psychology is a good combination for it help one to understand why people do what they do.

In any transaction where there is an exchange of value for goods and services, some intermediaries were necessary but with crypto, that is a history because of Ian’s contribution to digital money which makes the transfer of digital properties safe and secure. Ian King has helped many in the Sovereign Investor Daily that he publishes in the Banyan Hill. According to King, cryptocurrency is very much tradable and is really solving the real world problem. The supply of crypto asset is limited and this will give the cryptos value in the future the wheels have just started rolling and the rolling will continue being even faster. Read more at Talk Markets.

OSI Industries Focus On Safety And Production Is Making Them A Dominant Force In The Meat Industry

OSI Industries — a privately held company — is a meat processing company based in Aurora, IL. OSI is a major player in the meat processing market. They supply food too many restaurants and food service providers globally. With a global supply of factories, and a strong presence in the United States, Asia, and Europe, OSI has set itself up as a recognizable name for food service providers.

Why exactly is OSI Industries a Top 100 Food Company? To understand how OSI has become so dominant it’s important to think about how OSI runs its business. OSI is dominant because it expands aggressively and focuses on employee satisfaction, a move that they believe leads to customer satisfaction. OSI has recreational rooms in every factory as well as up-to-date security standards for all employees under their branch.

OSI Industries received the Globe of Honor for Safety by the British Council. This award proves not only to the employees of OSI but to the world that OSI is dedicated to safety in their factories. Not only does OSI have 5 stars from the British Safety Council, they are now one of the companies that are considered the safest companies in the world.

OSI’s focus on employee satisfaction isn’t just in Britain. OSI has factories globally. All of them are equipped to handle the massive amount of orders that OSI has to undertake each year. A number which is growing rapidly. OSI has been creating infrastructure upgrades to keep up with the demand. This year alone there have been two key upgrades coming from OSI that have seen them remain, not only competitive but dominant in their industry.

In Toledo, Spain OSI recently doubled the production of one of their major chicken factories. The factory, which now produces 24,000 tons of chicken a year, is in an important strategic area for OSI. Spain loves chicken. With a yearly increase in chicken consumption in Spain, the upgrade was almost a necessity for OSI.

In America, OSI recently purchased a Tyson food plant in Chicago. This purchase will add another factory to their Chicago factory lineup. This lineup, which is already stacked with factories, is helping OSI meet America’s gigantic demand for meat. A demand which is nearly impossible to satiate.

OSI is remaining competitive in their industry by focusing on safety, production, and their customers overall need. With safety as a backbone of OSI’s infrastructure, OSI is a powerful force in the meat processing business.

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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: An antihero’s take on America

Of the many books that look to criticize American culture and politics, Sean Penn’s new work “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” takes a somewhat obscure approach. Penn describes this book as meant to confuse the readers in some ways, and he seems to have succeeded. The book takes a satirical look at the current state of American affairs, telling the story of anti hero Bob. The book lacks a formal plot structure, but tells of Bob, a middle class boomer, who is antisocial and loathes his ex-wife. He works for a mysterious employer who sees older citizens as standing the way of globalization and progress. On the orders of his employer, Bob will go on mallet wielding sprees, eliminating these older citizens. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has received mixed reviews for Sean’s attempt at creativity and alliteration.

This is a trippy read, but through the chaos, Penn releases some interesting views on civil society and politics. Through the eyes of Bob, the reader witnesses the 2016 election, hears of the five police officers killed in Dallas, and also hears praise of Hugo Chavez. There is even a character that is similar in style and description to el Chapo Guzman. Through the pessimistic nature of Bob, the reader also gets insight into his thoughts on these issues, and the problems facing America. The book even ends with Bob writing an angry letter to “the landlord” calling him narcissistic. This landlord is obviously Trump.

At times, it is hard to distinguish Bob from Penn, and this appears to be deliberate. Penn and Bob are both baby boomers, and Penn like Bob, has strong views on world affairs. Penn is depicting his worldview through the eyes of Bob. Penn told CBS Morning that “some people are going to get this book, and some people… are not going to get this book.” This appears to be a good description, as the New York Times describes Penn’s “real interest… as capturing what America has become – and taking a mallet to it.” Sometimes it is through a cult satire, that true emotion and takeaways from the present moment can be best articulated.

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Perry Mandera Is An Overall Good Person

Perry Mandera is the Founder as well as the CEO of Custom Co, Inc. He is a man who has experience in the industries of transportation and logistics, and he is able to use the experience that he has to his benefit. Custom Co, Inc is a transportation business that is full-service. Perry Mandera first learned about transportation and how to use heavy trucking equipment when he was in the Marines. The knowledge that he gained back when he was younger helped him to get to the place that he is at today. He is a successful man who knows what he is doing (https://www.slideshare.net/perrymandera).

Perfection is something that every person should strive for, and it is something that Perry Mandera strives for in all that he does. He believes in doing something right the first time, and he pushes himself to always be his best. When it comes to his business, Perry Mandera finds that having his employees try hard to do things right on their first try helps to keep others from having to pick up after them. He is happy with the way that things are working out at his business and with the fact that there are usually not a lot of mistakes that have to be corrected in a day.

Perry Mandera shows gratitude to those who are working for him and he treats them with respect. He believes that it is important to do that and to show them how much they mean to him (Dailyforexreports). He is also someone who gives away much of the money that he earns. He is known for his giving, and he shares his money with those who he feels need it the most. He has shared about purchasing a meal for veterans that he saw in a restaurant, and he has shared about other giving that he has done. He is a man who is not only successful in business but who is an overall good person.


Go Buyside: Digitalizing Recruitments For Corporates

Finding jobs has never been this easy before, and with the internet, the tools available have given people more opportunities than ever. Even though the accessibility has improved, people sometimes still face problems when trying to find jobs online. Often, people are faced with worries regarding the company that is trying to contact them and the places that are offering them a job. Similarly, those who are looking for candidates to fill out positions within their firms often have to go through hundreds of applications to find the right one, without any guarantee that they actually will. Visit Ziprecruiter for career and employment opportunities at GoBuyside.


GoBuyside is one site that has been working to change the manner in which corporates can find candidates to fill out their positions. The entire process makes the job hunt entirely streamlined and enables for better coordination between the prospective candidates and the people who are looking for candidates. Corporates from all over the world are now choosing to go in for the services that are provided by GoBuyside over traditional online options because of the efficiency that it brings along with them.

The manner in which GoBuyside functions is one of the main reasons why the site has become so popular over recent year. The site offers a more personalized experience that is specific to the company and the kind of candidate they are looking for. When a corporate decides that they want to opt for the services that GoBuyside provides, they can list a job via the website. The website has a team of analysts who then go through the job and the requirements, along with the list of applicants that they have and figure out which candidates are the best for them. After the candidates have been shortlisted, the corporate is given a list of people who could potentially take on the positions which the company is looking out for.


Unlike other sites who serve as a meeting place for corporates and employees, GoBuyside functions as a place which fosters the connection that could potentially lead to fruitful professional relationships. Through the site, corporates all over the world have been able to find candidates in a much better manner that can aid the development of the company, and the professional life of those looking out for good job prospects.

Check: https://gobuysideblog.com/

Because of the way that the company functions, and the kind of work that it can carry out, the site is more than just a job hunting website. Because of the manner in which the company operates, they are ushering in a new era of talent development and recruitment, making the job of human resource departments easier and a lot more streamlined. The site believes that this is the new way to recruit, and is doing a brilliant job in keeping up with the digital age while still offering a humanistic take on recruitments and talent acquisition.


As the site grows and more corporates make use of the services provided by GoBuyside, the company will without a doubt rise to being at the forefront of digitized recruitment. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

The Financial World With Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group Company History & Background
By all accounts, the business and investing industry is definitely one of the most grueling and demanding fields to work in. When we take into consideration factors such as time, money, and overall sacrifice that is needed to just get into this industry, it is easy to understand why many professionals fail out of this industry. In addition to that, for those working in business and investing, they can attest to the fact that it takes consistent hard work to stay afloat in the industry. Why is this important to understand? This is important to understand because it allows us to reflect and appreciate the professionals and company’s working in this industry.

Now, as for what company has been the most successful in this industry, it is hard to argue against the successful ways of the company Fortress Investment Group. As one of the more prominent business and investment management firms in the world, there is not too much that the company has left on the table in terms of career accomplishments. In fact, Fortress Investment Group is as accomplished as it gets as a company in their respective industry.

In reality, these tremendous company qualities have established the company as the pinnacle of success in the business and investing field. To further get this point across, Fortress Investment Group continues to set the bar higher on what it takes to thrive in their area of expertise. Worth mentioning, it is easy to see why they continue to add more and more clients to their credit. What is even more impressive is the fact that there is still so much more to the company’s successful ways. So, to fully understand how and why the company has managed to reach the top of their field, here is more on Fortress Investment Group and some of their company highlights.

More on Fortress Investment Group & Company Highlights
Worth repeating, Fortress Investment Group is one of if not the most accomplished business and investing company around. Considering their company history, it is safe to assume that they have not received enough recognition than they deserve. Nonetheless, Fortress Investment Group is also as humble as it gets as a company.

In other words, Fortress Investment Group takes more pride in the fact that they get to help other individuals with their financial and investing situations rather than taking pride in company profit or achievements. If that does not show how effective and great Fortress Investment Group is as a company, who knows what else does? Overall, there is no getting around the fact that Fortress Investment Group will continue in its successful ways far into the future. With the way things are going and have gone for the company in the past, it is safe to assume that they could quickly wind up as one of the largest company’s in general. All in all, Fortress Investment Group has shown time after time what it takes to succeed.

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Daniel Taub service as a diplomat

Daniel Taub is a diplomat of Israeli origin. He served as an ambassador to the United Kingdom for four years. Apart from his diplomatic roles, he is an international lawyer and a director at Tan Hanadiv Foundation where he leads in planning and strategy. He is an Orthodox Jew and rarely misses wearing his kippah.

Daniel Taub resigned from his diplomatic role a happy man during 2015, with the nostalgia of how he first came to Britain presenting his qualifications to the queen in 2011. He was the new ambassador and was eager to live in Britain with his family and more so to build a strong relationship between the two nations.

While speaking at an interview at his departure, he was proud of what he has done through his years as a diplomat. So many Jews in Britain were sad to see him leave while he was not there to represent the Jews but he had involved them and recognized them in his day to day activities. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Daniel Taub achieved a lot in his four-year tenure not forgetting the situation at the Middle East specifically the situation at Iran. The world recognizes the bad state of Iran today and shortly but the world should see the bright side said, Daniel.

He says that the other nations especially Britain and Israel should not order the activities happening in Iran. Instead, they should pick significant aspects and work to their advantage. That Iran should stick to the terms of the agreement to avoid present and future effects of nuclear weapons they produce.

Daniel Taub was impressed with the peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt. The agreements were necessary for economic and social developments of the three countries because they put their interests together.

The formation of an alliance of Israel, Jordan, The Gulf States, Egypt and Saudi Arabia should be administered by other regions that nations should unite for economic and social growth.

Daniel Taub appreciated the support by European countries especially Britain. Britain has been working with the Israeli government in peace talks and agreements. The labor party in the two nations should work together because they have common principles.

The two working together would be a good proof of good relations between the two nations. Britain is important to Israel not just historically but in solving the Middle East crisis and their position in the talks is valuable.

Closing Taub said that he never had a hard time being an Orthodox ambassador and serving in London.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-will-still-make-a-nuclear-bomb-israel-s-ambassador-to-the-uk-daniel-taub-argues-the-geneva-deal-8965373.html and http://www.alondon.net/index.php?action=art&id=7198&lang=he_IL