Lacey & Jim Larkin Speaks Out

Jim Larkin was a student at Arizona State University where he dropped education in 1972 after dropping he met with Michael Lacey where they teamed up and they came with Phoenix New Times. The paper was a campus fledgling weekly and came to existence after responding to the ultra-conservative that covered a local media of the students’ antiwar protests.

Lacey used to act as executive editor. He also headed the part of an advertisement, feisty, and he has a chance of growing up exploring varieties of the social and political issues.

It gained the prominence and became the nation’s roaster when growing and also an alternative paper.

They were able in 1983 to purchase Westwora that commenced and expanded where it would be able to embrace multibillion-dollar conglomerated in the 17 like-minded newspapers which were from coast to coast. They included Miami New Times, granddaddy and LA weekly. It offered New York City village voice.

An arrest was done in 2007 for Lacey and his partner Larkin where they were taken from their homes and then jailed. What they had done is to reveal in Phoenix New Times about the grand jury subpoenas that they were targeting the editors of the paper’s, writers, and also a breathtaking constitution insult in United States readers. It was Joe Arpaio who executed their arrest where he was being referred to as notorious anti-immigrant. He was the county sheriff of Maricopa.

It was because of the public outcry where their charges were dropped within a period of fewer than 24 hours. After a subsequent investigation, it came to be found that the warrants which were from the grand jury were counterfeit and it was a vengeful prosecutor that had made the issue where he had bypassed legal safeguards.

The county of Maricopa in 2003 paid the two a total of $3.75 million for settling their lawsuit wrong arrest. They planned to use that money by establishing the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund and their aim was distributing proceeds from the settlement and to other Latin American groups that were living in the state of Arizona. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Twitter

During the time when Arpaio was the sheriff in Arizona, there was a slow Latino community which was living around being undermined. The mouthpiece was the police under Arpaio and spread the racism policies. Those who had support for Arpaio had rallied around him at ease where they were defending him with a nationalist rhetoric painting.

The response came from the human rights movements where it started responding to the case that built the legacy of Arpaio. Jim and Larkin rallied in Latinos communities and swore to offer protection. When Arpaio was charged in 2017 with a contempt crime, and sentenced for six months, they had to push strong against the sheriff.

The president of United State, Donald Trump made it official and the difficult thing was understanding where the pardon will be headed to. The question that left people wondering is what will happen with Arpaio’s crusade. More of the movements had started sprouting as know they were aware of the Arpaio’s misdeeds and the hope is for Arpaio’s agenda become curbed permanent.

Juan “OG” Perez Birthday Bash

Juan “OG” Perez was treated to a big night out for his 50th birthday by close friend and Hip-Hop superstar JAY Z. JAY Z dropped more than $100,000 on the bash. They went to a restaurant, a bar and a club where no expense was spared.

First, Juan “OG” Perez was taken to the Japanese restaurant Zuma where sushi, steak and lobster were served. The bill for the meal alone was $13,000. It was just the start of the evening though.

Next, they took Juan “OG” Perez over to the restaurant-nightclub Made in Mexico where another $9,000 was spent on liquor alone. Most of the purchase at Made in Mexico was on a Cognac that Jay Z has ownership in, D’USSE.

To end the night, Juan “OG” Perez was taken to the Playroom Nightclub. The Playroom Nightclub is where the night got really interesting. $91,000 was spent on the tab at the club, including tax and tip. 40 bottles of Ace of Spades label champagne were purchased at the club. The party was handing out the champagne to other tables in the club as part of the celebration.

By celebrating Juan “OG” Perez’s birthday like this, Jay Z helped out his own brands. Not only did he spend 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars on his own labels, his labels received an insane amount of publicity when the picture of his bill went viral. It was a win-win for the Roc Nation group, they got to party all night while at the same time strengthening Jay Z’s brands.

Juan “OG” Perez has been a long time friend and business partner of Jay Z. Juan “OG” Perez and his wife Desiree Perez has quietly run the mogul’s enterprise behind the scenes for 20 years. Juan “Og” Perez is currently the manager of Roc Nation Sports.

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Jed McCaleb starts Stellar Development Foundation for Digital Financial Literacy

GC Report recently published the article titled “The Road to Building Stellar with Jed McCaleb on Block Zero”. The article discusses how the new technology of the blockchain project, Stellar.

Stellar’s co-founder, Jed McCaleb, first discovered Bitcoin via an article on the popular technology website, Slashdot. He was immediately enchanted by the idea, thinking it would be interesting if there was a currency that was not controlled centrally. One of the first things he created himself was Mt. Gox, a centralized website to trade Bitcoin. At one point, it even accounted for the majority of cryptocurrency trading. McCaleb sold the software nearly a year later, in 2011, to a software developer. After it was sold, it experienced a hack in 2014 that was fairly significant.

However, at the time, McCaleb was busy trying to solve one of the issues within Bitcoin. Though it was gaining in popular awareness and acceptance, many noticed an issue within the currency’s foundation. The process of mining the currency bothered McCaleb particularly. He felt there was an issue of efficiency and created a company to try to solve the issue.

In 2014, McCaleb began the Stellar Development Foundation. The company was created as a protocol for payments of the cryptocurrency. He sought to create a connection between all of the different payment networks and financial institutions so that the currency could function in a similar way to email. He felt that the connections needed to occur beyond just the big banks and that they needed to extend to a variety of financial institutions.

As mentioned in Global Coin Report, Stellar began as a nonprofit, sourced for the people. McCaleb wanted to create trust between the organization and people so they would understand it wouldn’t change the business plans. One of the intriguing aspects of the company is that it uses the Byzantine agreement. It is a consensus model created by a professor at Stanford which enables each network to select others that they trust. This creates a web of consensus structures. It also moved away from private chains.

Jed McCaleb has been the founder of a variety of companies like Code Collective and Stellar Development Foundation. He is currently the advisor at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. Contact Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn today.


Tempus Labs Recieves Unicorn Funding Thanks To Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus Labs, a Chicago based company for the last two years has been working their hardest to use machine learning and other techniques to really fully understand every aspect of a cancer patients tumor. Using these techniques can help to personalize treatment for each patient to best fit their needs when it comes to their tumor and where it is located. Tempus works with many different cancer-fighting groups such as the University of Chicago, Mayo Clinic, and many other groups to help them get farther with their research and learn more information about helping their patients with their treatment plans.

Recently Tempus Labs has raised $80 million in unicorn funding to help them in their mission to help patients and their families when it comes to personalizing treatment plans more specifically based on one’s tumor. Tempus Lab’s mission is to take care of their patients and their loved ones and accommodate their needs more than most of the other cancer technology research companies out there do. The first thing on the employees of Tempus Lab’s minds is how they can best help out a patient.

Tempus Labs has a huge growing team of over 4,000 employees and grows by about 30 new employees each month. With the help of more funding, Tempus Labs is hoping to grow the number of employees hired over time to more than 30 a month. Tempus Labs would not be where it is today without the help of Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky. Eric Lefkofsky makes it his mission to make sure that everything runs smoothly at Tempus Labs and to help in the process of battling cancer as much as possible. Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder of Tempus Labs for many reasons but his main two reasons are that he has first-hand experience with a loved one undergoing cancer treatments and he also believes that it is important to improve cancer treatments and their effectiveness.

Tempus Labs will continue its mission to make a difference in patients lives when it comes to their cancer treatment plans and will also work hard to make the experience better for those who may have cancer in the future.

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How Using Talk Fusion Compares to Using Social Media

one of the most used platforms for marketing is social media. Many people spend hours on social media in order to build their brand. However, there are tools that people can use to enhance their marketing efforts. One tool is Talk Fusion. This is a brand that specializes in marketing solutions. One of the methods of marketing that Talk Fusion is used for is email marketing. Therefore, people can put together a video and insert it in their email so that people who receive the email can either watch a video or listen to audio about the latest product or promotion.


One thing about social media marketers is that a lot of them do not know hot to use social media. For one thing, people who market with the use of social media tend to just annoy the community with their links or their advertising. One thing that very few marketers come to realize is that social media is not the same as television. The ones that realize this are more successful than those that don’t because they change their approach to be more reflective of what the social media users want. Social media users want engagement and conversations. If they don’t get that, then they are not going to buy the products.


Talk Fusion allows people to skip all of the engagement aspects of social media marketing. People who are more introverted and are hoping to gain sales from advertising can put their best foot forward with Talk Fusion. They get to demonstrate and even answer some questions about the product easily with a well produced video. This can get people on board. For one thing, email marketing is a lot more straight forward than social media marketing. This is one of the reasons that people are attracted to email marketing. Learn more:

Jed McCaleb Discusses IBM and E-Wallets in Tel Aviv

“If there’s a digital dollar,” began Jed McCaleb at Tel Aviv’s four day long tech conference. “There needs to be a real one somewhere.” Jed McCaleb is of course talking about cryptocurrency – a subject he is very knowledgeable in.

McCaleb first entered the crypto world with Mt. Gox. Mt. Gox was originally a platform for Magic: The Gathering Online to trade and sell playing cards, but when McCaleb learned about bitcoin he had to make a change. Eventually, McCaleb sold the company to a businessman out of Japan.

With the sell of Mt. Gox, Jed McCaleb didn’t leave the blockchain technology. What he did was create a new company; alongside Joyce Kim; he created Stellar.

Stellar is working to bring financial services to parts of the working lacking these services. Some countries have no option at all for basic banking services and international transaction. Stellar is solving this problem.

Stellar is able to complete transaction times in a fraction of the time that other mainstream services are.

“We have a way more efficient system,” McCaleb boasted to the Israeli crowd.

Not only are Stellar’s transaction speeds much faster than competitors, their distribution process is also much different. For example, bitcoin utilizes miners – people who lend their machines to the record keeping process, accumulating small amounts of bitcoin over time. Stellar doesn’t use this process; Stellar simply gives out their coins to investors, bitcoin owners, and others.

In his lecture in Tel Aviv, McCaleb explained this and more to the audience, but the audience was also permitted to ask questions.

One of the audience members asked McCaleb about Stellar’s involvement with IBM.

“It’s easy for IBM to sell to major banks,” McCaleb explored. “We don’t want to be an IMB product, but it’s the only way to get a worldwide adoption,” he said. IBM has connections that can help Stellar expand.

During the Q&A portion of the event, McCaleb was also asked about the goals of Stellar in regards to e-wallets. McCaleb explained to the curious audience member that he wants a currency that will be usable without individuals even knowing they are using a cryptocurrency. Stellar’s goal is to seamlessly integrate their software into existing entities. To find out more, check out Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

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End Citizens United Levels Charges Against Rick Scott Of Florida

End Citizens United, a political action committee (PAC), recently filed a complaint against Florida Governor Rick Scott with the Federal Election Commission. They are charging that he is using a “super PAC” to fund his Senate campaign which is against the law. The complaint alleges that Rick Scott is doing this in order to maneuver around the limits that the federal government has put in place to limit how much direct contributions there can be to any political campaign. To Date Rick Scott has raised about $78 million in his effort to win a Senate seat.

A Super PAC can raise and spend as much money as it wants to support a political campaign but it is against campaign law for them to work directly with that campaign. This is called the anti-coordination law and End Citizens United is calling out Rick Scott for violating it. They say that Rick Scott is working directly with the New Republican PAC which he had previously been the chairman of just before announcing his run for a US Senate seat. New Republican has been aggressively backing Rick Scott’s campaign.

Rick Scott through his spokesperson has denied these allegations that End Citizens United has raised. However, End Citizens United showed documentation that supports  position. This documentation shows that Rick Scott continued to work with this Super PAC after starting his political run. The New Republican website even listed Rick Scott as their chairman as of January 2018.

End Citizens United was formed after the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people and that giving money is free speech. This ended up flooding politics with money and giving the rich and powerful even more of a say in how America operates. The goal of this PAC is to shut that vast inflow of money down and return power to the citizens of this nation. They exclusively support politicians who pledge to pursue campaign finance reform.

Rick Scott has never shown himself to be a politician who supports campaign finance reform. An example of this is that both he and Rick Scott are working with the same exact fundraiser, Jenny Rucker. Additionally, he has been using the same address as New Republican which ties him even closer to this Super PAC. Also, it was New Republican which provided the funds for a poll that Rick Scott had conducted recently.

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Peter Briger A Force To Reckon In The Corporate World

Peter Briger was just any other ordinary name until one of Fortress’s investment group top dogs came in and gave it meaning. Also known as Pete, Briger is a man who needs no introduction in the corporate world because his track record already speaks volumes of him and his prowess. As the current co-chief executive and principal of the renowned asset management firm, Mr. Briger is responsible for a long string of roles under real estate and credit funds.

Peter has a team of over 300 professionals under his wing and he has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to steer his team and Fortress as whole to unparalleled heights. For instance, ever since he joined the company, he has helped expand its portfolio by a good $15 billion and under his belt, the company has accumulated millions of profits from his dexterity in investing in distressed assets.

His innovativeness has not gone unnoticed as he was even listed position 317 on Forbes list of top 400 business professionals and is a common figure in corporate publications.

Nevertheless, a look at Peter’s journey is sufficient proof that he is not on the list of people who gain their success by stealing someone’s thunder or as a result of rich parents but is on the list of people who reach the apex of success by smarting his way up. Below is the untold story of Peter Briger’s journey to success.

Peter Briger’s journey to becoming one of the best of Fortress’s

Before the world he is now, Peter attended Princeton University and graduated with a BA. His pursuit for knowledge and proficiency did not end here instead he furthered his education by attending Wharton School of Business in the University of Pennsylvania where he received his Master’s Degree in business administration. His kick-started his career at Goldman Sachs and for the next fifteen years, Peter Briger faithfully served various roles in this company.

However, what stood out the most while he was here is his expertise in investing in distressed debts and unwanted assets. Peter and his colleagues would purchase properties which no one wanted and would turn them into profitable investments and sell them away at six-figure prices. Besides Goldman, Peter also served as a leader and also as a board member of various high profile committees such as Asian real estate private equity, Asian distressed debt business, Asian management committee, Global control and compliance committee and many others.

Entry to Fortress Investment Group

Even though Peter was taking home massive returns and was already serving senior positions at Goldman Sach’s he is not one to rejoice at small wins. That is why when he got the opportunity to make a transition to Fortress Investment group in 2002, he readily embraced it and looking at his success now, it is clear that he made a good decision.

Peter’s world outside business

Besides his heavy involvement in Fortress and anything business related, Peter Briger has a soft spot and his deep involvement in philanthropic activities is sufficient proof of that. For instance, he sits on the board of Silicon Valley a foundation committed to alleviating the impact of poverty across the world. He is also on the front line of helping budding entrepreneurs from Princeton University achieve self-sufficiency by providing the financial backing that they require to remain afloat in the long run.

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