Investment Opportunities in Freedom Checks

Despite sounding like a federal program, Freedom Checks is not granted by the government of the United States. However the tax-free investment program developed with the help of a federal law commonly referred to as Statute 26-F. Freedom Check are cash payments made to shareholders with shares in public traded partnerships as required by the United States Statute 26-F. It was introduced by Matt Badiali in 2016. The investment programmed has enabled at least 550 businesses in the energy-related industries to send either quarterly or monthly check to their shareholders and investors. These businesses are known master limited partnerships.

Master Limited Partnerships play various functions in the oil and natural gas industries. The partnerships operate refineries, they transport fuel using pipelines, and they also drill new drills. These partnerships qualify for tax exemption so long as they have given investors 90 percent of their dollars in earnings. Although they resemble dividends Freedom Checks are referred to as distributions by MLPs. Some investors have earned approximately $160,000 every quarter.

Although huge investments earn huge profits, American can invest with as little as $50 or $100. The Checks also integrate other business opportunities including real estate investment trust that are tax-free. The federal income tax is not applicable to MLPs and their shareholders. Investors only need to pay small amount of fee as tax on capital after selling their shares. This policy provides investors proper incentives for investment opportunities in the energy industry.

Matt Badiali recently wrote about Freedom Checks and guided them on how to invest in the business. The checks are not provided by the United States government and they have higher payoffs than government programs. Freedom Checks are not cash handout and they are very legitimate. In order to earn good profit from the business, investors need to learn more about Freedom Checks. Learning about Master Limited Partnership (MLP) and Statute 26-F are the forces behind the investment opportunity. Established in 1981, MLPs also operate as Publicly Traded Limited Partnerships. Statute 26-F was enacted in 1987 and it allowed MLPs to operate on a tax-free basis. Mr. Badiali is confident about the investment opportunity.

Michael Lacey

In the world of mathematics, Michael Lacey is a well-known name around the world. As a professor, he is there for his students to help them achieve their goals in academia and their career in order to advance mathematics as much as he possibly can.

Whether it be through individual mentoring or directing different grants from the National Science Foundation, his efforts have affected the lives of many students. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | GAtech

His efforts with mentoring students have gained a lot of attention in academia especially at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he has been teaching since the year 1996. In 2012, he was awarded a National Science Foundation-ADVANCE Mentoring Award from Georgia Tech based on the fact that he had mentored some of the leading Assistant Professors in his department.

The grants directed by Michael Lacey for the National Science Foundation include both the MCTP and VIGRE awards. By directing these grants, he has helped dozens of students of many different education levels succeed in their careers. Michael Lacey’s level of expertise in the world of mathematics has led him to mentor over 10 students at a post-doctoral level.

In addition to his achievements as a mentor, he has received multiple fellowships for his work in mathematics. Most recently, the American Mathematical Society inducted him as a fellow in the year 2013. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

This honor came 23 years after his first fellowship from the National Science Foundation was awarded to him in 1990 to help with his post-doctoral work. Some of Michael Lacey’s other achievements include earning a Simons Fellow in 2012.

When Michael Lacey began at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he did not start out with the title of Full Professor as he has today. His first position at Georgia Tech was as an un-tenured Associate Professor from 1996 to 1998.

After just 2 years, Michael Lacey earned his tenure and in 2001 became a Full Professor for the university. In recognition for his efforts and achievements, he was also given the position of Associate Chair for Faculty of the mathematics department in 2017 alongside his Full Professorship.

Dr Rod Rohrich- Best Cosmetic Surgeons

It is always in your best interest to connect with whoever is the best at their job that they’re doing when you’re looking for a plastic surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich has this distinction in city of Dallas, TX. There are a lot of people that have been patients that know him from the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, but he is being recognized on a much bigger scale as one of the best in his profession.

Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation are among the most popular surgery procedures that Dr. Rod Rohrich has performed, but this is only a small portion of a much bigger pool of surgical procedures that he engages in for his patients in Dallas.

Dr. Rod Rohrich proven himself to be a very successful surgeon that engaged in a number of successful surgery procedures, and he has a plethora of satisfied patients that can vouch for his expertise.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has helped many if his patients gain a high level of confidence after the procedures that he has preformed. This has made him very respected in the field that he chose after his residency at The University of Michigan Medical Center.

When it comes to testimonials there are a lot of patients that are willing to provide reviews on Dr. Rohrich. He has been practicing medicine for a long time, and he has been featured on different television shows like “The View,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and morning news programs like “Good Morning America.” He knows a lot about the myths that are associated with plastic surgery, and he is a surgeon that is able to give consultation that can provide a more realistic view of plastic surgery. He has won different Awards like Harper’s Bazaar Best Plastic Surgeon in Texas and the Distinguished Service Award in plastic surgery from the Plastic Surgery Foundation.

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Sujit Choudhry; Director for Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is famously known for his contribution in the field of law as an expert in comparative constitutional law. Sujit was born in New Delhi, India in 1970. Sujit Choudhry attended the University of Toronto Schools for his high school education and went ahead to attain his Bachelors at McGill University. He got his Law degrees from the University of Oxford, University of Toronto as well as Harvard Law School. While at the latter, he received a Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship. His extensive education laid a strong foundation for his future career and success, according to

The Center for Constitutional Transitions under Sujit Choudhry focuses on research projects that support constitution building by offering evidence-based policy options refers to ( The organization achieves its objectives by partnering with international organizations and NGOs; for instance, it has collaborated with Democracy and Electoral Assistance to conduct three global projects that focus on identifying ideal practices to promote security especially in emerging democracies.

During his career, Sujit Choudhry has worked with various institutions in different leadership capacities: In 2004, he was appointed as Associate Dean as well as Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto; he was a member of the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel; he served as a member of Board of Directors of Legal Aid Toronto; Law Professor at the University of California; Dean of Berkeley School of law, among other senior positions, visit (

Sujit Choudhry’s exemplary performance and achievements have earned him several awards; he was awarded the Trailblazer Award by South Asian Bar Associations of Southern California and Northern California in 2015, he was awarded the Practitioner of the Year by The South Asian Bar Association of Toronto in 2011, and he received the Trudeau Fellowship by the Trudeau Foundation in 2010. Sujit has presented his ideas to more than a dozen countries worldwide besides publishing over 90 books and articles check

Chris Burch And His Award Winning Resort

Are you looking to get away to a beautiful island where you can fully relax in luxury? A five-star resort where you can kick off your heels and stare off into the clear blue ocean view. Nihi Sumba Island is the place to be and was voted two years in a row best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

This amazing resort was founded by entrepreneur extraordinaire Chris Burch and his hotelier friend James McBride. Together they bought the former surfer’s paradise hostel in 2012 and turned it into a lavish resort that even former President Barack Obama and Marlon Brando vacationed at recently. The five-star resort is located on the Indonesian Island of Sumba, a culturally rich and diverse place where they are surrounded with miles and miles of beautiful crystal clear ocean, useful source on nihi.coms. This is not the first rodeo for billionaire businessman Chris Burch, he has founded and helped build many very successful companies including fashion brand Tory Burch, C. Wonder, and even helped Ellen DeGeneres grow her lifestyle brand, ED. There are plenty other businesses Chris Burch helped flourish around 50 businesses and counting, check (

Mr. Burch and Mr. McBride spent $30 million dollars on the renovation and it surely shows how fantastic it turned out. Nihi Sumba Island has 27 private villas each equipped with plunge pools. For a more luxurious stay you can rent out Chris Burch’s private residence called Raja Mendaka which also contains an additional four villas. Raja Mendaka’s private plunge pool overlooks the breath taking Nihi Beach and the India Ocean. The beautiful resort also has lots of character with Ikat prints, local wood and traditional Sumbanese antiques that are displayed all around the resort, visit (

Nihi Sumba Island is not just another luxury resort fit for the rich and fancy, but also has substance and is very charitable. First off, they are the largest employer on the island, giving locals the employment and income they desperately need. On top of that a portion of the resort’s profits go to the local community via the Sumba Foundation. This foundation helps financially fund projects that need to be done around the island that would have a hard time without the generosity of the Nihi Sumba Resort. Chris Burch initially bought the resort so his children would have a place of their own to vacation at, but with time it became so much more and Mr. Burch loves it, reference


Fly Into The Fagali’I Airport To Discover Apia on Upolu Island

There are many destinations around the world to explore, but one most majestic is Apia on the Upolu Island in Samoa. Although this island is really small, where you could explore all the natural attractions by foot, it has so many luxury activities. The Fagali Airport and the Faleoleo Airport (located 21 miles to the west on the island) are gateways to the island.

Fagali Airport was founded in 1959. Initially, it was the site of the Polynesian Airlines for the island serving different islands in the South Pacific. But the Samoan government still has oversight of the airport along with Polynesia Airlines.

The Fagali Airport has only a single strip, providing enough room for the twin engines to take off, and small enough that passengers can walk on the tarmac to board the aircraft. Samoa Airways, which was acquired by Polynesian Airlines, has two Twin Otter DHC-6-300 aircrafts. They are very safe to fly. Talofa Airways have two DHC-8-100 de Havilland Canada aircrafts with the same specs.

The flight time to Pago Pago, which is located in American Samoa, is about 35 minutes. The flight to Tongatapu, which is located in Tonga, is about one hour and fifty minutes. Many passengers report how fun it is riding on these aircrafts.

Many tourists come to Upolu to engage with the natural activities throughout the island. They can enjoy hiking the jungle wilderness, snorkeling and scuba diving in the beautiful crystal clear ocean, lying back and relaxing on the majestic beaches, visiting the churches and museums for a history lesson, getting pampered by the spas to relieve stress, and visiting the local market to buy some native items. This place is definitely a traveler’s paradise. There is also a Western Union and currency exchange near the airport.

There is no need to worry about booking a ticket to get here. It might be challenging access tickets online. Samoa Airways has service from Asia, Europe, and the United States to Fagali. However, Talofa Airways only has service from the surrounding Pacific islands. You would need to facilitate the transfer yourself after purchasing your tickets separately upon arriving to Tongatapu, Pago Pago, or Faleolo.

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Learn Forex Trading with Charts and Live Signals from NetPicks

Many individuals are interested in Forex trading. It is the trading of currencies in pairs. NetPicks is an online trading strategy company and its headquarters in Irving, Texas, that explains all about FX or Forex trading.

Through NetPicks, individuals can learn how to speculate on whether a currency pair price will go up or down. Foreign exchange trading is done in decentralized markets and gives traders the opportunities to trade electronically over the counter. The decentralized markets are located in London, New York, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo.

NetPicks provides a live signal and charts for traders. Traders can trade 24 hours a day with the various markets throughout the world. After the New York market closes, traders can trade in Sydney. When Sydney closes, traders trade in Tokyo, when Tokyo closes, traders trade in other European markets that are still open.

Most traders prefer to do spot trading. Business owners seem to like to hedge their risks and usually like forward and future markets. Substantial liquidity is the reason most people like trading in the FX market.

There are limited trading choices. There are 6 most familiar forex currency traded pairs. You will learn all about how to pick the pair you want to trade and when to sell. You can trade more than one pair at a time. Beginners should start out slow and lean about the volatility of each pair before jumping in with a large amount of money. There are other different currency pairs, but the risk is greater, with less financial gain.

NetPicks teaches traders all about leverage trading as well as all the common forex terms used in order for traders to be successful. Traders will learn about PIP, Bid Price, Ask Price and Spread. NetPicks shows traders how to choose currency pairs before buying, when a quote on a currency will be stronger, when to sell, observe real time action, and how to see your profit or loss.

It is recommended by NetPicks, that new traders study the forex market before buying, check ( Many factors come into play when evaluating currency pair prices. They will fluctuate because of political, economic factors and news stories.

When NetPicks trains new traders, they stress the facts of making wise and unemotional decisions. They want all investors to succeed in forex trading.

A Behind The Scenes Look At Ryan Seacrest’s Return To American Idol

Ryan Seacrest was approached by ABC to return as host of American Idol when the decision was made to return this tv show to the air. The negotiations between him and ABC were said to be pretty fraught. ABC started out with a lowball offer to him which was rejected. It was only at the last minute that the two sides agreed to an eight-figure deal. He said that he had just about walked away from returning to American Idol especially as he had already taken on the duties of co-hosting a morning show with Kelly Ripa.

He had been the host on American Idol for 15 seasons. It was canceled in April 2016 by Fox. A number of stations wanted to return it to the air and a bidding war was launched. As it turned out ABC won the bidding war, which is the same tv network that Ryan Seacrest now does his morning show on. Just days before ABC won the rights to American Idol they had signed the deal with him for him to do “Live With Kelly and Ryan” each weekday morning.

According to, between the time American Idol had been canceled and the time he started the morning show, 13 months in length, Ryan Seacrest had been contemplating what to do with his career. It seemed like he would return to this show no matter what, with the show’s creator, Simon Fuller, calling him the most important part of it. They started out offering him $10 million which was $5 million less than he had been earning when American Idol was at its height.

It was leaked they were paying $25 million to Katy Perry to be a judge on the return of the show, an amount that meant they had to make cuts elsewhere. They decided to offer Ryan Seacrest half of what they had been offering at first. After this low-ball offer Ryan Seacrest’s team took his name out of consideration. As it turns out ABC’s executive team wasn’t made aware of what was going on with the negotiations and how his offer had been gutted. Once they found out they made it right and Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) returned to the show.

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