3D Printer Gives Boy The Arm He Always Wanted

Liam Porter is a normal 7 year old boy who enjoys going to school, playing with his friends, and, of course, toys. One thing has set this little boy apart from his peers since he was born. Porter was born with only one arm. He has always remained positive about his anatomical differences. After what he believed was a normal trip to his local movie theater he was surprised to find a brand new arm waiting for him. Thanks to advances in 3D printing technology a robotic arm was created especially for Liam and best of all it even looks like a storm trooper’s arm off of the Star Wars series. The new arm is able to be adjusted as Liam grows. This generous gift is a part of a new plan to utilize 3D printing to create prosthetic limbs for those that would not otherwise be able to afford them. As mentioned in the Pittsburgh Business Journal, technology has greatly advanced in the past decade with new advances in robotics, lasers, and medical equipment. Who knows maybe one day people might be able to regrow a missing limb but until then these generous people, like Marc Sparks, are happy to assist those in need.

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