A Cure for AIDS Could Be on the Horizon

More than three decades have passed since the first case of AIDS was reported. Reports of the disease began in June of 1981. It was a killer disease with little mercy for anyone it attacked. Doctors scrambled to find out what caused the illness and how they could stop it in its tracks. Unfortunately, that was not going to happen any time soon. The fact that it appeared to be a “gay disease” did not make it any easier to deal with.

It was not until 1987 that a drug to slow the effects of AIDS was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. That drug was AZT, but there were drawbacks because it often caused debilitation on the part of the patient. AIDS still existed, but it was soon termed HIV because the medical community realized that getting HIV did not mean patients would get full blown AIDS. More and more drugs are available today than they were thirty years ago, but they do not cure the disease. The newest drugs bring HIV down to a non-detectable level. It is still there and that is why they are still searching for a cure, from what Lee G. Lovett had said.

It will be an amazing day for the medical community and the general public when an actual cure is found for AIDS. Scientists are working hard to free the world of the disease so that no one ever dies from it again. Patients who suffer from AIDS will be eternally grateful, and for the first time in decades, AIDS will be a disease that new generations will look at the same way they do the common cold. A cure is on the horizon.

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