Additional Scope of Responsibility for Graham Edwards, CEO, Telereal Trillium in the CPS

In November 2017, a New Generation initiative was launched by the Center for Policy Studies. The intention was to provide an avenue for fresh policy thinking and new faces. This policy addresses the needs of the voters and their aspirations to embracing a better future. In relation to the initiative, New Generation, four main policies were launched to focus on the specific key areas in the lives of people. These include business & enterprise, tax & the living costs, welfare, and housing & planning issues. The main goal is to have policies that will provide authentic ownership and control chances to the individuals and the citizens. Each policy has an overseer with the general overseer as Alex Morton. It is in these capacities that Graham Edwards will be joining as the Chairman of the Housing Policy Group and a CPS Research Fellow. Graham Edwards is currently the CEO of the Telereal Trillium (Crunchbase). Through his service, Graham has tirelessly built this private company to be a large stakeholder in the entire UK. Some of the duties he will fulfill at the CPS will be working with the in-house experts to birth policies that will affect the house building and home ownership charges positively.

Graham Edwards became the Telereal Trillium CEO in the year2001. He is praised for the growth of the company to becoming a leading investment and property outsourcing company in the entire market globally. Graham Edwards has worked with other company’s previously such as the Merrill Lunch Investment Management as the fund manager. Graham Edwards studied economics at the Cambridge University. In his life, Graham Edwards is a great philanthropist and an investor, with expertise in business. His special business interests are mining, real estate, and software development. Graham Edwards loves serving the community outside his career. Graham serves in the Board and Committees like the Voice Europe, British Friends of the Hebrew University, and the Portland Trust.

Trillium was founded in 1997 with the aim of obtaining a portfolio on Department for Works and pension. Later, the Telereal Trillium was established in 2009. The company has housed some percentage of the workforce and managed properties. The company at now stands as a leading property management company in the UK.


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