Apple Sued For The Size of iOS 8

Apple is being sued for how much storage its mobile operating system takes up on the iPhone. A class-action lawsuit filed in California claims that Apple doesn’t disclose how much of a phone’s available space might be taken up by the operating system on the phone. As much as 23.1-percent of the available space on an 8GB device is taken up by iOS. If you don’t realize how much space the operating system takes up, the that can be a bit alarming when you’re trying to cram all your music, movies and videos onto the device.

According to, iOS 8, for instance, requires 1.1GB of space on an iOS device in order to operate. If you want to install it wirelessly, you’ll need another 5.8GB of space, a tall order for someone who has a small device and lots of content. iOS 8 is exceptionally larger than the previous version of the mobile operating system. iOS 7 only took 3.3GB of space.

Since the lawsuit is a class action suit, all iPhone owners could potentially benefit from its outcome. Since that is quite a large number, money may instead be donated to a charity should Apple lose the case.

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