Apple with new car?

After another record quarter in which Apple strong profit margins and large profits, many analysts are wondering what move Apple will make next to continue their dominance of the tech world. That move may not be anywhere directed towards personal computers or cell phones but rather to another traditional industry. Automobiles.

The latest rumor is that Apple, who has been hiring away engineers from Elon Musk’s Tesla is currently in development of a new automobile that will ultimately compete with Tesla. Footage was recently obtained that showed Apple testing a minivan that was laden with cameras attached to the top of the vehicle. While it is likely that the minivan will ultimately not be the final form of the product, the testing done on the minivan appears to center around some imbedded technology that Apple is trying out in the vehicle. Susan McGalla has heard rumors are that Apple may be testing a self-driving vehicle that uses technology to avoid accidents and improve on the safety of a car, reduce gas bills through greater vehicle efficiency, and create a welcoming environment for individuals using the vehicle.

Apple may not be in fact developing a vehicle to compete with Tesla and instead may be developing hardware or software that will be placed inside of vehicles and used to improve the ambiance and functionality of a car. However, given Apple’s plans to redevelop home after reinventing cell phones and pc’s, the automobile may be the right sized project for company as currently constructed.

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