Arthur Becker: Real Estate Investor And Tech Mogul

Tech mogul, Arthur Becker, is also an investor in real estate, biotech, and info tech. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Zinio LLC. Arthur Becker has been Chief Executive Officer of Navisite Inc, from February 2003 to March 2010, Mr Becker is a part of the pioneers of Atlantic Investors LLC.

Arthur Becker was Senior Adviser to Vera Wang fashion firm for seven years. Mr Becker became a private investor in real estate and technology after Time Warner bought NaviSite in 2011.

Arthur Becker was the Chairman and Director of ClearBlue Technologies Inc. for five years; he’s also been a prestigious member of Madison Technologies LLC.from the year 1999. Mr Becker is the Executive Director of Navisite Inc, since 11th of September, 2002.

Becker is also an investor in Madison Equities, PMG’s Condo buildings at 10 Sullivan, and because of his stake in neighboring condominium development, he has three adjacent townhouses in Soho on Sullivan Street. According to public records, Arthur Becker invested in 10 Sullivan Street, took over ownership of 30, 40, and 50 Sullivan Street.

Robert Gladstone and Kevin Maloney owners of Madison Equities and Property Markets group developed four homes with 6500 Square foot townhouses alongside the boat-shaped, condo building with 16 stories. Data retrieved from Real Capital Analytics reveal that Becker provided $15 million in equity with an additional $5 million mortgage for this project.

Arthur Becker, who become a household name in the tech industry, has pumped a whopping $500 million into the New York real estate via his Atlantic Investors LLC, from a report of RCA. As well as 10 Sullivan, he has also invested in conjunction with property markets group, JDS Development Group, and Ambàse Corp at 111 West 57th Street.

Arthur Becker’s ClearBlue Technologies is also involved in HP Financial Services, and outsourced I5 managed services. NaviSite acquired Clearblue Technologies for $1.3 million.

Arthur Becker is a member emeritus of the American Institute of Architects; he was an early member of the National Architectural Boards as well as the Woodmont Country Club.

Becker is also honored to be a past member of the board of governors of the club.

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