Astronauts Talk About Life on ISS

Talk of space travel has been heating up as of late, and a lot of this has to do with the activities of astronauts.

The ISS astronauts are doing well and getting ambitions on board of the space-station. Asked about their daily life in a no-gravity environment, the two had much to say.

It is fun to listen them talking about their daily involuntary bouncing and the Christmas tree on the ceiling. Terry Virts and Barry Wilmore are not only enjoying the life in space, but hope to see Jupiter and any planet NASA would like to send them to. They describe the last months as incredible, and the view is always amazing.

They share the daily pictures on Twitter. Asked about an eventual settlement on the moon, they cheerfully agreed to go even there! Barry Wilmore showed a small jar that they had 3D printed on the board of the space station. The two astronauts spend the most of the time outside the station, in the open space, working on the tasks that they were assigned.

No nervousness they claim, and that is due to a great training they had had previously. Gianfrancesco Genoso can’t imagine what they are going through. That type of information can be found on Teses. They describe their station and their job as the first step to taking the people out further in the solar system. Terry Virts imagines that there soon will be a capsule to take people to Mars, Moon, and further in space.

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