Brad Reifler’s Tries To Help Middle Class Investors

The motion picture “Money Monster” may be pure satire but, like all other great works of humor, a lot of the comedy is rooted in grains of truth. “Money Monster” is a vehicle for George Clooney. The work pokes fun at human emotions such as greed. In the film, Lee Gates (Clooney) hosts a TV show that focuses on picking stocks and getting rich. Gates finds his show taken over by an armed and angry stock investor. A terrified Gates must confront the role he and his show holds in hurting other people financially.

Brad Reifler wants people to watch the movie and learn a host of lessons from it. Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. After years of helping wealthy investors almost exclusively, Reifler is shifting to aid those who are middle class, “99%” investors.

Reifler suggests there are three major reasons people who try to navigate the stock market find themselves falling short of what they should be earning.

The fees associated with certain investment strategies can greatly cut into profits. Putting money into a fund with a high management fee, for example, cuts into whatever earnings the fund is intended to provide. With high-risk ventures such as stock trading, fees per transaction could be enormous.

Investors have to deal with two other issues that are part and parcel of one another. People who are not accredited investors find themselves with fewer options for investing. This leads them to putting the bulk of their money into the stock market. A diverse portfolio is better. Relying too much on the stock market is a limiting – and risky – approach.

Brd Reifler wants middle class investors to realize there are more options open to them. Reifler’s words should carry a great deal of weight considering his significant experience in the financial industry. In addition to founding Forefront Capital, he founded other enterprises such as Pali Capital. He continues to make news in the industry.

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