Bullmastiff Eats Beneful Daily Due To Its Great Nutritional Ingredients

I have a dog and her name is Madison. Madison is a Bullmastiff which is a very large breed dog. Due to the fact that Madison is such a large breed dog I have to make sure that she eats dog food that has great nutritional ingredients in it so I feed her Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful. Beneful is one of the few dog food brands out there that provides dogs and their owners with flavorful, nutritious, and reasonably priced products. Madison has never not finished a bowl of Beneful dog food even when she is feeling sick she still always seems to finish her food due to the fact that it is so flavorful and nutritious. When Madison was a puppy I had her on Beneful healthy puppy dog food because I wanted her to get all the ingredients she needed as a puppy to help her grow into the big dog she is today. Madison is now currently being fed different types of Beneful wet dog food because it makes her feel like she is eating a home cooked meal like the rest of the family. I make either homemade beef or chicken stew every other week or so and like Madison to feel like she is included so I always feed her Beneful beef stew or Beneful chicken stew flavored wet dog food to make her feel like she is included in the family dinner for those nights. Along with Beneful chicken stew and Beneful beef stew her daily dog food that she has most of the time is Beneful savory rice and lamb stew. The reason I give Madison Beneful’s savory rice and lamb stew usually on a daily basis is because she loves the way lamb meat tastes and it not only has lamb in it but also has peas and carrots in it. Beneful does not just use fake meat that tastes like lamb but they actually put real lamb meat in their dog food which is why it is so important that I buy from Wal-Mart groceries Beneful for Madison because not only would I rather her have real meat in her dog food but I’m sure she would rather eat it over fake meat that isn’t what it says it is.

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