Business in Brazil

Brazilian indexes Mel point to an equality between numbers of public and private companies presenting satisfaction performance levels among the greater country’s population. Carlos Edison, a top leader in sanitation within Brazil, makes it clear: Any organization is efficient but not classified precisely by its administration. Modes of operation and chosen utility, along with citizen needs, must always align to be truly success throughout the country. With Brazil, of course, he notes that it’s no different and that sanitation and waste levels remain the current issue at hand.


Infrastructure expertise leader Felipe Montero Jens could not agree more. The two leaders favor implementing partnerships that involve concessions. Edison ultimately realizes that, clear goals when drafting contracts and added inspections for public agencies to prioritize, will always offer better services. Edison also mentions that, when a governor reviews each activity during concessions, he must look at all factors.


Thus, the private initiative’s role is more important than most realize as two management forms may work better when together. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Two or better than one”. In this case, with such a major situation occurring in the country right now, this statement holds truer than ever. The BNDES thus plans to work alongside the Brazilian government and immediately develop customized plans for each state and region served with informational details that survey each situation for each location’s specific needs.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a news specialist in Brazil. He is also a top infrastructure analyst there. He has studied his field for more than 30 years.


Also, Jens has appeared in many recent news segments and has even written numerous articles and a few books. He holds his B.S. degree in management. He continues to proudly fight for Brazil’s economic, social and environmental rights in whatever way he can.


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