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Brad Reifler’s Tries To Help Middle Class Investors

The motion picture “Money Monster” may be pure satire but, like all other great works of humor, a lot of the comedy is rooted in grains of truth. “Money Monster” is a vehicle for George Clooney. The work pokes fun at human emotions such as greed. In the film, Lee Gates (Clooney) hosts a TV show that focuses on picking stocks and getting rich. Gates finds his show taken over by an armed and angry stock investor. A terrified Gates must confront the role he and his show holds in hurting other people financially.

Brad Reifler wants people to watch the movie and learn a host of lessons from it. Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. After years of helping wealthy investors almost exclusively, Reifler is shifting to aid those who are middle class, “99%” investors.

Reifler suggests there are three major reasons people who try to navigate the stock market find themselves falling short of what they should be earning.

The fees associated with certain investment strategies can greatly cut into profits. Putting money into a fund with a high management fee, for example, cuts into whatever earnings the fund is intended to provide. With high-risk ventures such as stock trading, fees per transaction could be enormous.

Investors have to deal with two other issues that are part and parcel of one another. People who are not accredited investors find themselves with fewer options for investing. This leads them to putting the bulk of their money into the stock market. A diverse portfolio is better. Relying too much on the stock market is a limiting – and risky – approach.

Brd Reifler wants middle class investors to realize there are more options open to them. Reifler’s words should carry a great deal of weight considering his significant experience in the financial industry. In addition to founding Forefront Capital, he founded other enterprises such as Pali Capital. He continues to make news in the industry.

Save, Invest, and Make More Money the Sam Tabar Way

With the holiday season, lots of Americans are starting to think about New Year’s Resolutions they want to make. While the old standard and traditional resolutions like losing some unwanted weight or breaking a bad habit like smoking–are still very popular, many are now using the New Year as a time of rededicating themselves to retirement investing.

But how does one go about saving for their impeding retirement? According to a press release initially reported on PRNewswire, Sam Tabar has come up with a couple of ideas that may prove helpful.

About Sam Tabar

Tabar is an attorney educated at Columbia Law School and Oxford University. He is also a capital strategist who has previously served as Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific.

Additionally, Tabar has counseled clients on legal aspects associated with hedge funds and investments at major law firms in New York City: Arps, Meagher & Flom, Skadden, Slater, and Schulte Roth & Zabel. To put it very plainly, Sam Tabar knows much about saving, making money, and investing.

Tabar Introduces New Ways of Investing

Sam Tabar knows well that a hot topic today is commodity investment. He, however, cautions that the potential investor must be aware of the pitfalls associated with such investments prior to trading commodities. Investments in commodities require more research before you investment compared to your standard mutual investment. This is because they can get quite volatile and their prices tend to fluctuate wildly.

According to Tabar, one safe way of generating capital is through investing in any of the several socially conscious startups popping up daily. Sam Tabar himself made investments in THINX. This socially conscious business enterprise is involved in the manufacture offashionable “period panties” designed to be worn by women during their menses. For each pair of panties sold, 7 cloth sanitary pads get donated via AFRIpads towards women in African countries as a way of empowerment.


Sam Tabar insists that no matter the investment vehicle you decide to pick, the most important investment strategy is making the first move

Shared Office Space: Bringing Workers Together

The idea of the shared office space is new in some offices. It took off about 10 years ago, and with recent designs that make the shared space functional for offices of all sizes, it seems like it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Some have compared the shared workspace to the “bottega”, a workshop that came about during the Rennaisance in Florence, Italy. Workshops were used as a way to teach new methods of art so that artists could bring their own ideas to fruition while still working in the same environment.

Workshops were also an area where artists would gather together with architects and magicians. Everyone would give their ideas on how art should look, combining in a way that was expressive and pleasing to the eye. When everyone gathered together, they were able to see the world through the eyes of art. The only way to achieve the ideas was to be in the same work space at one time.

There are a few aspects that can be taken into today’s offices. Shared space gives employees of all departments an opportunity to give their ideas on projects and how the company is managed. It sparks dialogue. When ther are several people together in one space, someone will talk to another at some point. There are times when people don’t communicate through talking since many use email and text messaging. Various subjects can come together. Whether it’s art and science or business and math, multiple ideas can come together in a way that they likely wouldn’t if each department were kept separate.

Workville NYC is a shared office space located in the heart of the city. From large office spaces with an open view to tables and chairs set up in a small room, Workville NYC has a solution for offices of all sizes. Each environment that is created brings flexibility and a fun atmosphere to the business. Move-in ready offices are available as well as shared spaces. There are three terraces available for those who have a desire to be outdoors as well as an area to take private phone calls and hold meetings.

The Success of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is a Filipino businessman who has both extensive knowledge as well as experience in the multilevel marketing industry. Bernardo Chua’s specialty is creating health oriented products that not only can be consumed by the customers, but also taste delicious. Bernardo Chua’s most well known company is known as Organo Gold and is a company that uses a special ingredient in order to give individuals multiple health benefits. In recent news, Bernardo Chua made his company the premier sponsor for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight in the summer of 2015. As a fellow Filipino, Mr. Chua was proud to be a sponsor for the event to showcase Filipino success.

Organo Gold is a company that specializes in creating health-oriented beverages. Some of the beverages sold by Organo Gold includes coffee, tea, as well as hot chocolate. In addition to beverages, Organo Gold also sells a variety of skin products and toothpaste that all contain a secret ingredient that helps relax the body and improve overall health within the body.

The secret ingredient that Bernardo Chua uses in his products is called Ganoderma. This is an ancient Chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years in ancient medicine. Ganoderma has even been scientifically proven to improve the health of individuals by promoting weight loss, improving the sleep cycle, as well as boosting the immune system. Organo Gold has already attracted millions of consumers worldwide in the hopes of spreading education on the importance of healthy living.

From his LinkedIn it’s clear Bernardo Chua is proud to be involved in this worldwide endeavor. The company is an internationally acclaimed company that is involved with over 40 different countries around the world. One of the biggest milestones for Organo Gold was the company;s expansion into Turkey which now marks a direct access of the company between Europe and Asia. Consumers around the world, just after one sip, have named Organo Gold as their number one choice in coffee. Not only is each sip of the product delicious, but it also relaxes the body and provides a variety of welcomed health benefits to the body.  As a multiple award winner, Bernardo Chua is clearly on the right track.

George Soros On Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe

George Soros is a renowned investment mogul from Hungary. His hedge fund, Soros Fund Management has managed to keep him among the investment heavyweights of our time. His interest in political activism dates back to 1996 when he began funding progressive programs that target immigration policy reform among other ventures. Below we present Soros’ informed contribution to the current asylum crisis in Europe. The full article can be found on MarketWatch.

The asylum chaos has transformed the increasing influx of refugees in the European Union from a manageable problem to one of its many political crisis. The first step towards resolution is for the EU to accept that it is to blame for the lack of a common asylum policy.

The member states have all focused on their individual interests with no concern for the interests of other states. This has resulted in a panic among those seeking asylum, the authorities responsible for law and order and the general public. The main victims of this chaos have been the asylum-seekers.

The solution to this chaos starts with a comprehensive plan by the EU that extends beyond the EU’s borders. This plan would reassert the EU’s effective governance of the flow of asylum seekers so that this happens in an orderly and safe manner. Furthermore, the pace of this flow must reflect the capacity of Europe, as a whole, to absorb the refugees.

This plan must be accompanied by a global response that involves member states of the United Nations under the United Nation’s authority. This will reduce European States’ burden of the Syrian crisis by distributing this burden over a larger number of states across the world. This strategy would also help establish global standards to be used when dealing with issues of forced migration and refugees.

The comprehensive plan would include the following six components:

 The EU must share the burden of accepting asylum seekers fairly so that it can accept a minimum of 1million per year for the foreseeable future. Therefore, for the first two years, the EU must provide 15,000 euros per asylum seekers as an incentive for member states to accept the refugees.

 The EU must make an annual contribution of 8-10 billion euros to countries in the frontline of solving this asylum crisis. The balance of this funding would come from the United States and the rest of the world, as part of the bonds issued to support these refugees.

 The EU must establish an EU Asylum and Migration Agency as well as a single EU Border Guard. This new agency would serve many purposes among which is to streamline procedures.

 Safe channels must be set up to get these refugees to their destination states and reduce panic. This would require the establishment of processing centers that require negotiations with frontline states and the UN Refugee Agency.

 The EU’s financial and operational arrangements must be used to institute global standards for treatment of these migrants.

 The EU must mobilize the private sector to act as sponsors.

For more on George Soros, visit Forbes.

Kyle Bass Has Made Some Accurate Predictions…and Some Not So Accurate

Kyle Bass has a big reputation for knowing the tops in economic cycles, and according to him, China has a hard landing coming its way. Bass recently talked to Fortune and detailed his thoughts on why he believes China has a big banking crisis on the way. He also told them that even though China has a bigger market and potentially more assets at risk, he doesn’t believe that the impact will be big on the overall global economy. He also does not believe that China’s busting market will lead to an economic recession in America, and he believes that China will get through this financial crisis by printing bonds and because they have enough resources to recap banks. He thinks they will be able to get through it similarly to how the US did.

As well thought out as his analysis is, Bass is widely criticized for making any judgement calls. Once referred to as having the golden touch when it comes to predicting financial futures, it is now widely believed that he either got lucky on his analysis of the impending 2008 mortgage crisis or he has simply lost the knack to predict markets.

He’s also recently made waves with his choice of the company he keeps, choosing to not only befriend Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentinian despot, but to defend her after a New York judge ruled against her by calling the ruling immoral and stating that the judge was holding poor countries as hostages. He openly spoke to media outlets letting them know that he believed that the ruling would hold up to 42 million people from being able to progress. He’s received wide criticism for this move, Kirchner is commonly blamed for the financial default of her country on their debt for a second time in thirteen years.

Bass has also been accused of being a part of a pharmaceutical scheme. He picks a pharmaceutical firm and short sells their stocks then uses a fake group, The Coalition for Affordable Drugs, to challenge their patents. The stocks in the original pharmaceutical firm drop, Bass makes money and the pharma company’s prices skyrocket while their goals to try and fund their medical research go down, causing difficulties for people who depend on those companies products to relieve suffering, symptoms, and in some cases even prolong or save their lives. Laws are in review at the house and the senate that might put an end to these questionable business practices.

The Genius of John Textor

I have seen the world of John Textor, and I must say that he has quite the impressive resume. He may be one of the most exciting people in Hollywood because he has a vision that is unlike anything else that is out there. I know of Textor for his famous Michael Jackson illusion, but I recently discovered that he has a long history of Hollywood excellence.

The illusion of Michael Jackson was a very interesting type of illusions. I saw this on the Billboard Awards, and I thought it was simply amazed. I could not believe my eyes. It was the most incredible thing that I have even seen. It is rather easy to see how he could have become of the most prominent digital special effects people of this time. He has had a lot of graphics in movies. John’s digital effects company has actually produced Oscar winning graphics. This sets him apart from the rest.

I have seen some of what he has done in movies through the Digital Domain company, but I have been the most impressed with his strong ties to the illusions on stage. Textor has said that the MJ performance was not actually a hologram but an illusion. This is the same thing that he has said for the Tupac illusion. I didn’t really know the difference, but Textor explains this process. I have read where he stated that there was a projection of an image on a glass. There is a lot of complexity involved in the actual animation process because they were chartering new territory. They were not in a place where they were going to recreate a Jackson image to old music. To the contrary, they were trying to synchronize Jackson to dance moves that he did from old performances for new songs. With the new “Slave to the Rhythm” song John Textor would have to embrace a whole range of movement that would tie into the song. It had to look like an old Michael Jackson performance was actually tied to a new Michael Jackson song.

That is the type of complex movements and illusions that John Textor and his team have taken on, and they’re featured on his YouTube website. There is some buzz about the possibility of a Whitney Houston illusion as well. All of this sparks even more attention to the genius of John Textor. He has created dazzling images to entertain millions.

The Rise of Eucatex

When we talk about trendsetters, Eucatex features top on the list. When it was founded back in November 1951, it became the first Brazilian company that thought of the environment and acoustic comfort. They didn’t stop there, they went on to use eucalyptus as a raw material to produce panels and ceiling tiles.

Eucatex installed its first representative offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina and several Brazilian capitals between 1956 and 1965. The company kept on growing and they started a hard board mill in Salto and in Barueri, a Metal industrial Unit. As part of their expansion plans, they opened up offices in USA, Holland, Mexico, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Between 1966 and 1989, they started producing paint. In the beginning, the paint was only meant to coat their acoustic ceiling tiles and panels. As of today, they have a whole plant for paint and varnishes in Salto, Sau Paulo. This has seen them winning the ARTESP Awards.

During the same time when they started producing paint, they also invested in land and reforestation. This was to ensure that they were self-sufficient when it came to the raw material supply they used. Today, they have expanded their operations to forestry leasing. Forestry leasing occurs between Ecuatex and the rural owners. The rural owners lease their land to Ecuatex for a determined period of time and they are compensated each cycle depending on the percentage of Ecuatex’s production.

Some of the benefits the rural owner would experience would include; additional income, preferential treatment when they buy wood produced by the owner, payment being made with an annual price level restatement and the leasing and partnership agreement can be as long as 12 years with a guarantee on rebudding for future sale of wood.

For those who would be interested, they should know about the conditions that they ought to fulfil. They would need a minimum area of 50 useful bushels, the maximum distance from Botucatu and Salto is 100 km and the documentation regularized.

At the helm of the organization, Mr. Flavio Maluf sits as the CEO of Eucatex. He is an entrepreneur and a mechanical engineer. He graduated from Universidade Federal de Itajubá in 1991. He went on to get his MBA, in Business Management in 2006 from FIA and later on in 2011, he graduated with an MBA in Production and Technology from Universidade de Taubaté.

Joseph Bismark Proves Success in Incorporating Spirituality with Business Leadership

Joseph Bismark brings to our attention one of the most prominent and accomplished leaders of all times. His skills are acknowledged based on the outstanding principle that he’s preserved over the years. During the early years, Bismark always identified as a gifted and skillful leader who offers a sense of liveliness that is embraced by everyone around him.

Bismark has been an icon of many people and associations all over the world. His involvement in numerous philanthropic works to support the poor and the marginalized members of the society is part of my guidelines. One of his beliefs is that the disadvantaged are entitled to opportunities like any other people.

The most distinctive feature of his leadership is devotion to assimilating business leadership structure with the concept of spirituality. He works on a couple of virtues such as honesty that are acceptable and heartened by the society since they were induced in me from a tender age all through my upbringing. As the manager of the QI group, He has always been advocating for healthy living through my support for organic foods. He strongly holds the fact that wellness for his employees is vital for growing the company and it has positively influenced how stakeholders view the company. Beyond the praise and admiration that continue to be bestowed on him, Joseph Bismark always maintains a touch of modesty that has made me distinct from the rest.

The thoughts and opinions of other people make a difference and should be accommodated. This has been a driving force for Bismark’s employees and his leadership. He is capable of attaining a meaningful life in all ways while remaining susceptible to the needs of other people of the society. He proves beyond doubt the ideology of the business world where personal needs are a priority without considering other people.

Joseph Bismark is the co-founder of the QI group and also the Managing Director since December 2008. Along with Vijay Eswaran, they established the QI Group of Companies, a multinational corporation that deals in business fields like retail, education, etc. in 1998. The flourishing company is present in 30 countries with up to 1500 employees.

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