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A New Drug for Healthy Aging

No one likes to age quickly. Most people would opt for living a long and healthy life rather than spend years caught up in illnesses and diseases. The ability to live independently are what make life worth living. The idea of the compression of morbidity would enable individuals to live a healthy life until around the age of 85.

This idea of creating a way for seniors to live a healthy life would not only increase the standard of living, but would also save the United States from $7 trillion in expenses. By providing a way to decrease the chance of aging quickly, this would also benefit an individual from reducing the risk of getting a chronic disease which is often associated with aging.

By studying the aging process, Jon Urbana and other leading scientists are hopeful that this can delay or reduce the chance of any senior contracting a chronic disease from a weak immune system. Scientists believe that the best way to approach this is by target the process that creates the chronic disorder. This includes chronic low-grade inflammation, cellular degradation, as well as damage at the molecular level.

The strategy with these tests is to test a single substance to whether or not it is effectively creating a variety of chronic diseases. As of currently, there have been sixteen different substances that have been tested in different animal models. The results have shown several factors tying this theory together with four of the substances tested.

Science Discovers a Real-Life Fountain of Youth (Maybe)

The aging process has tried to be defied since the beginning of humankind. Today, there are more “anti-aging” products on the shelves than ever before. But the problem with all of the anti-aging technology is, it only covers up the aging process at best.

Science is on the edge of a break through for age stopping technology, that actually works. Researchers have been working hard, seemingly with much success, at breathing new life into cells by eliminating cells that have stopped dividing so new, replicating cells can take their place. If this process works, it would effectively end the aging process and allow a person to live indefinitely. Of course, this person would still be susceptible to death from other causes, but old age would never be one of them.

Lead researcher Crystal Hunt suggested the chances of developing this fountain are as high as 80%. However, these are grandiose claims and realistically, this technology as yet to be successful, even in mice. Only time will tell if this path to timelessness is on our horizon.