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Wealth Protection Ebook Printed By US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve, one of the nation’s most reputable precious metals companies has now released an ebook on protecting wealth through gold known as “The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.” The ebook explains all the different threats to wealth out there including cyber criminals, terrorists, natural disasters and even politicians failing to reel in out-of-control debt.

The ebook itself is free but is part of the purchase of exclusive 1/10 oz. gold American Eagle coins which are only available for a certain time. This offer is fairly easy to find since US Money Reserve renovated its website last year.

US Money Reserve has been selling gold and silver bullion since 2001. They’re based in Austin, TX and have put out a wealth of information for anyone interested in building up precious metals in their portfolio.

They sell all kinds of coins from the American Eagle series, to World War II commemorative numismatics, foreign dignitary coins and even the platinum liberty coins. They also sell bars and bricks and educate buyers on the risks and benefits of buying each form of gold bullion, and how they can store the products safely.

Crunchbase revealed that US Money Reserve has become what it has because Philip N. Diehl has lent his expertise to the company. Diehl was nominated to US Mint Director back in 1993 and in his time with that department he turned it into a modernized advanced technology workplace. In fact the US Mint gained over $2.6 billion in profits making it the most profitable it had ever been in its existence.

Diehl now welcomes newcomers to US Reserve where he believes solid customer service and integrity in sales is vital to helping them protect their assets. Diehl has advised US Money Reserve to upgrade its systems and use Client-Connect Advantage, a chat platform that helps customers through transactions and making returns on all products.

Gold information kits are also included on the website and customers with an existing IRA can find out how to transfer it into gold. To get started buying gold or to speak to a specialist, call 1-844-307-8387 or visit to fill out the contact form and get started buying gold immediately.