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ClassDojo set to monetize its Application by first adding more Features to it

ClassDojo is an education technology application that was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Don Liam. The duo agreed to develop a unique application that could create a positive school culture where students had a voice. Students could share various learning experiences by adding them to their portfolio.

It has been reported that the ClassDojo application is set to launch monetization methods. The app, whose operations has been likened to Slack, is set to introduce more features and content first before seeking to make money for its investors. The app’s success has so far been a big motivation to its founders with its users maintaining that they will continue using it even when premium charges are introduced.

The easy-to-use application is suitable for all classes ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade. While designing the application, the founders ensured that it was designed with privacy specifications that facilitate its use in school.

To make continuous improvements on the application, ClassDojo team organizes venture funding campaigns to help employ more technical experts. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have been organizing venture funding from various investors like General Catalyst, GSV, Reach Capital, and Signal Fire.

In ClassDojo’s latest venture funding, they raised $21 million. A manager from General Catalyst, one of ClassDojo’s leading investor, said that the funds were used to make further improvements on the application to suit the needs of both teachers and parents to ensure that students attain success in life.

Since 2011, when the application was launched, it has achieved commendable growth as compared to other education technology applications. It has grown from an education technology accelerator to Y Combinator level. Moreover, two of three schools in United States have teachers who use the application.

ClassDojo creates a positive classroom culture where students are encouraged to grow and develop real skills like active participation in class, leadership skills, and team participation. On the other hand, teachers use the application to communicate with students’ parents on their progress at school.

ClassDojo can be downloaded from Google App store using a computer and Android supported mobile gadgets. A single device can serve all students in a classroom. Educators are currently enjoying a free access to the application.

Due to ClassDojo’s significant role in bringing a ground-up change in education, it ranks as the most downloaded education technology application. In one day, almost 500,000 people download the application. Still, ClassDojo’s team is working to market it to more schools worldwide.

Why Property Investments have Been Made Easier by iFunding

Potential investors in the property market can now make their ventures without any worries of being conned of their hard earned money. This has been made possible by crowd funding company iFunding. The firm offers investors the opportunity to gain ownership of high end real estate property from as low as 5,000 dollars. The deals are done via a secure website, which ensures privacy. The firm was established by William Skelley and Sohin Shah. The former is its Chief Executive Officer.

The company’s platforms and procedures go hand in hand with a progressively auspicious monitoring atmosphere. This helps it come up with a “disruptive innovation”, which is constantly altering the crescendos of property ownership, and making profits from any deals made. The company has done extensive research about the real estate market. This has enabled it come up with a wide encompassing database, which has vital information about the local property scene. In addition, the database is updated regularly so that the needs of its clients are addressed effectively. .

To serve its customers better, the firm does prior checks to establish that the property has all documentation and is worth clients’ money. iFunding also ensures that it has a high resell value, which will guarantee high profits in the event that the investor decides to put it back on the market immediately thereafter. The firm also helps real estate developers to come into contact with prospective investors. This enables the developers to only focus on the development with no worries of finding buyers. This is in line with iFunding’s mission, which is to democratize property investments and financing.

About CEO William Skelley

William Skelley held senior management positions in major corporations prior to the formation of iFunding in 2012. These include a stint as the chief advisor as Rose Park Advisors LLC. Here, he was in charge of the company’s commercial expansion models. His area of focus was unsettling novelties, which appraised the investment prospects of startups. This was then used to bring a positive modification to the markets and consequently, create profits for Rose Park.

The alumnus of Harvard University and Hobart College has also worked at General Electric and Olympus Corporations in senior management positions. This has helped him develop sharp business acumen especially in asset management, unconventional ventures and venture funding. He has also built extensive networks and consulted for many organizations. Besides that, he is an accomplished public speaker. He helps shed light on issues surrounding real estate investments. Recently, he was mentioned as one of future leaders of the property market.  Through William Skelley has worked to make iFunding a platform that challenges any other on the market.  Check out their Android app on Google.

The Successes and Failures in the Home Cleaning Service Industry

There are many new technologies that make our lives more convenient every year. Many of these new technologies are based around smartphones and apps. These apps make things very convenient for individuals who are looking to streamline their lives. On demand apps like Uber are available for individuals who want to take advantage of modern day instant gratification. There are now apps available which will be able to bring individuals the services they are searching for faster than ever before. The home care and cleaning niche is one industry that is being greatly impacted by the forward moving success of these smartphone apps.

The home service industry is a fast paced and vicious one that leaves many companies to the wayside. There are very few home services companies that have been able to really rise to the top. HomeJoy is an example of a company that has had a hard time competing in the home service marketplace. They have had many problems due to countless lawsuits that are very prevalent in this industry. HomeJoy, despite raising tens of millions of dollars in seed funding, has been forced to file for bankruptcy in the wake of these events. This is an example of a company that was seemly doing everything right, yet still feel upon hard times due to the extremely competitive nature of this industry.

Handy is a company in the home services industry that has been creating a great deal of success for themselves. They have been able to introduce an app that has become very popular among many individuals seeking home cleaning and repair services. These services are carried bout by professionals who are trained, licensed, and insured to give the very best results once hired. Numbers show that it is more difficult for individuals to become employed by Handy than getting into Harvard. This gives customers the peace of mind knowing that only the highest quality professionals are helping to take care of their home based needs.

Handy is moving quickly into a great future where they will reign supreme in the home services market. They have created such a systematic approach to success in the home service industry that it seems nearly impossible for failure to strike this ever growing company.

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Anastasia Date Makes Dating in Russia Easier

Dating in Russia is a lot like dating in virtually any other place around the globe, but there are a few things that seem to be unique to this particular area. While some people naturally find it easier to go on a date without any help from a third party, others find it almost impossible and they struggle with the very idea of doing so. To make things even more complicated, some parts of Russia are still experiencing severe economic and geographic hardships, making something relatively simple like dating even more of a challenge. For those who are not affected by these things, they may find themselves scratching their heads and wondering why it is so difficult for other people. However, those who are affected directly notice how hard it is to do something as simple as meet someone new and then plan a day or an evening together. Fortunately, there is help available.

A website called in Anastasia Date is a great place to start for anyone who is thinking about getting out there and dating again. The website is primarily designed to help people in Russia find someone to date and in some cases, it is utilized to pair up people of other nationalities with a date that lives in Russia. Many people find this method to be quite intriguing and they generally like the idea of being able to meet someone from another country. Even when two people who are both living in Russia get together, they can do so through this particular avenue and in many cases, it helps them take a first step into the dating world that they might not have otherwise chosen to make on their own.

Anastasia Date has been around for several years now and as such, it has become a proven method of dating online. Many people rely on it and its customer base continues to grow at a fairly rapid rate. This is largely because those who have used it in the past have made it clear that they were satisfied with the services they received while they were using the website. In fact, the majority of them have made it clear that they would use the website again if the need was there.

Obviously, it is clear that dating can be a struggle for any individual, no matter where they live. After all, it is sometimes difficult to strike out and meet someone new. The thing that makes it such a challenge is that no one really knows how the date will ultimately go, nor do they know if it will lead to anything more serious. As a result, it takes a certain amount of nerve to go on a date in the first place. Anastasia Date is a website that can be used to take some of the tension out of the entire situation, especially during those crucial first steps.

Skout Organic: Healthy Food for the Adventurer in you

Skout Organic is a fresh face in the organic food market looking to make a niche for its products. Two brothers, Jason and Tony Pastega, along with the help of their father Denny started Scout Organics in Portland Oregon a few years ago. Denny has owned a local gourmet food store since 1979 so branching into the food business was natural for the brothers. Jason is an avid explorer and has spent a great deal of time exploring nature in Oregon. Scout was Jason’s yellow labrador retriever who passed away in 2011. Skout Organic preserves Scout’s memory and her lust for adventure.

Trailbars, trailpaks, and gear are some of the products available through the Skout Organic website. Trailbars and trailpaks are all organic, NON-GMO Project verified, certified gluten free, certified kosher, vegan, dairy and soy free, and contain no refined sugars or fillers. The bars are paks consist of only quality hand picked ingredients. A variety of flavors of trailbars are available for purchase including blueberry-almond, apple-cinnamon, cherry-vanilla, chocolate-peanut butter, and chocolate-coconut. Trailpaks consist of flavored pumpkin seeds that come in three flavors: black pepper barbeque, sea salt, and jalapeno salsa.

Scout Organic really shines in the current market. People pursuing an active lifestyle or people that just need a snack will both appreciate the choice to buy something that can provide them with hours of energy, is great for their body, and tastes great. The Pastegas know the value of including both antioxidants and protein in a snack. Every trailbar has a low amount of sodium as well as adequate amounts of fiber. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent superfood high in protein, zinc, iron, magnesium and omega-3s. By using the location tab on the website you can see if trailbars and trailpaks are sold locally. In my own area, there is a store that carries Scout Organic about ten minutes away.

When I’m in the great outdoors I want a snack that is going to enable me to continue whatever adventure I am on. Scout Organic provides a snack that has quality ingredients and when you treat your body right, you can perform better and longer. I know that when I provide a healthy snack for my body I feel better during and after the activity. I encourage anyone who loves the great outdoors or anyone who just wants a quality snack to try Scout Organic.

Skout Compliments My Busy Life

Just like the rest of the world, I am a very busy individual. I have a lot of commitments that eat up a good chunk of my time. My biggest time commitment is of course work. Work takes up at least 40 hours of my life each week. It doesn’t end there. Aside from work, I have to spend time with my family, my friends, the gym, my hobbies, and so much more. I cook, I clean, I sleep, and I do a thousand other things that eat up my time. It’s no wonder that I don’t have time for dating! I simply do not have the time to go out to a bar, or on a blind date, or out to a park to try and find a mate. It’s not worth wasting my time and it usually ends in disappointment. Luckily, I have found a solution. I have discovered online dating.

Online dating apps are great because they allow me to still live my life while being able to find romance. I have some down time when I’m laying in bed at night, walking to work, or simply lounging around my house. During these times, I can simply pull out my phone, pull up an online dating app, and have some fun! No longer am I wasting precious time. I can browse profiles, start conversations, and meet new people. If I’m not into what someone is saying, I can simply click away. That’s the beauty of online dating apps.

It’s not just the convenience that’s great. Online dating apps also offer unlimited opportunities. I am meeting so many more people than I ever would have otherwise. I can browse thousands and thousands of potential mates. I can look at peoples appearance, their hobbies, and their dreams. I can then see if they mesh well with me. If I enjoy their conversations, I can take it to the next level with video chatting and eventually meeting!

Not all online dating apps are created equally, however. There are so many out there and it’s hard to figure out which ones are legitimate and which ones are a scam. After years of searching and testing them out, I have found one that works wonderfully for me. I’m talking about Skout on skoutorganic. Skout offers so many users for me to indulge in conversation with! I can search by geographic location and find those that are close to me. Aside from that, I can shake my phone with a cool feature that Skout offers. When I do that, I am connected to a user randomly. this user is somewhere in the world. They could be as far away as Japan, Europe, or Canada. I just never know! That’s what makes it so fun. I’m learning about a new culture.

Overall, I love Skout because I love talking to people. I have made many friendships through this app. I am hoping one day that one of those turns into something more like a relationship. Until then, talking to users on this app is a great way to pass the time.

Skout Helped Me To Find Great Bloggers For My Website

I always thought that Skout was only a network for dating, and I was not interested in finding a date. I have a great website that has a good amount of members, but I was always looking for more people to join my site. I knew that if I could get some interesting blogs on my website that I would get a more people visiting the site regularly. My site is completely free of charge, and all my money I make comes from ads that I place on the website. Although I’m making a few hundred dollars per month on the site, I knew I could up that amount a lot if I could get more visitors to the site.

I’m a member of the Skout network, and I only used it for chatting here and there. I don’t know why didn’t think of it before, but I decided to start looking for people on the Skout network who like to blog. I would talk to different people on the Skout network, and I asked people if they would like to blog for free as a guest on my website. I had so many people volunteering to blog on my website, and I decided to accept them. At first I had 10 different people volunteering, and they all agreed to blog for free. I added them to my favorite list, so I could find them again in the future.

After using the Skout network for a month to look for bloggers, I was actually able to find a total of 100 bloggers that were all blogging on my website for free. I never really refer to what they were doing as blogging, but I told them that they were contributing their opinions to my website. Since I had so many different opinions being posted on my website, my membership exploded, and my bank account exploded as well. I continued using the Skout network to recruit more bloggers, and it got to the point where I had a huge favorite list on Skout that was filled with bloggers that I worked with.

Thanks to the Skout network, I’ve been able to increase revenue on my website as well as the content on the website. I use Skout on a daily basis so I can recruit others who are interested in sharing their stories and opinions on my website via blogging. I’ve gotten to the point where I make enough money on my website, and I can pay certain bloggers that are really contributing a lot to the site. I look at Skout a lot differently now because I know it’s not just a network to look for love, but it’s a great place to recruit others to help my website to become popular. I also made some great friends on Skout, so I’ve really gained a lot from this network.

I Used Skout To Find Friends In An Area I’m Moving To

I have a problem trusting the people around me, especially the people that live in my neighborhood. I live in a small community in New York, and I do see a lot of crime happening around me. Since I was afraid of the place that I lived, I would only go to work and come home. I was saving up money to move to another area where I would feel safe. In the meantime, I wanted to find friends elsewhere, so I could get away from my everyday life. I started looking towards social media networks for comfort.

My favorite social media network is Skout, and I’ve been on the network for over a year. I never used to use the network so much, but now that I’m always alone, I use the network every day. During the last month, my best friend moved away. I understand why my friend left, and I can’t wait to leave this area also. I started searching Skout to see if I could find friends in another state. My plan was to move to Maryland because I have family there. I only had a few more months before I would have enough money to move.

Although I have family in Maryland, I wanted friends as well. I did a search on Skout for the area in Maryland I was moving to. I was able to find 10 people that interested me. The 10 people I found on the network were a mixture of women and men. I figured I could find someone to hang out with as well as someone to be a close friend. I took time to get to know these people by sharing some intimate information with them. It turns out that at least two of the persons used to live in New York.

I had some things in common with a few of the people, including the loss of a loved one. After speaking with these people through the Skout network, we all decided that we meet soon. One person was coming to my area, so we set up a meeting. The person and I went out to the movies as that’s the only place I’ll go in my area. After I got to know this person, we talked daily on Skout. I’m excited about moving to Maryland, and I’m glad I use Skout to find friends. Skout is a great place to meet new people. More information about Skout on their Twitter page.

New Phone App Allows Doctors To Make Housecalls

There is a new phone app called “Heal.” This new service, developed in Los Angeles, CA, gives people a chance to have a real physician visit them with a house call. Doctors are available from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM for the price of $99.00. A medical assistant accompanies the doctor who carries a fully stocked kit including flu shots and modern medical technologies to take care of most situations. They will even write prescriptions or pick them up for $19.00 extra.
This new service was started by Dr. Renee Dua, who saw a real need for widely accessible health care. The Uber phone app style of service is expanding to San Francisco and at least 15 other large cities this year. Igor Cornelsen ( has even heard that there are similar services in New York City and Chicago. Other apps allow people to have webcam consultations or chats with live nurses to discuss their health.
Opponents of these new trends say the time of a physician is too valuable to be driving around visiting patients. “Heal” doctors feel that seeing how the patient lives can be highly beneficial in helping with their treatment.