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AT&T Pays Up

The telecommunications company AT&T was just given a $100,000,000 fine for duping internet customers out of their high speed internet. On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission gave the company the fine for slowing down speeds for Internet Customer who were enrolled in their unlimited data plans. The company is being accused of giving consumers unlimited data but eventually slowing it down after a certain amount of data has been reached. AT&T plans on fighting this fine and it is noted that the had 100 million dollar fine is the largest fine to have ever been given by the FCC. AT&T slowing down internet speed isn’t a new occurrence. In 2011, thousands of AT&T customers complained to the FCC about their internet speed practices. The FCC released statements noting that consumers should be getting exactly what they are paying for. If a company promises unlimited data, unlimited data is what they should get. Not a stifled and slowed down internet speed after a certain amount of usage. Even though AT&T will have to pay the 100 million dollar fine, it is unsure whether or not AT&T customers will receive any of that money. Sam Tabar has learned that the money from the fine will go right into the United States Treasury. The fine could not come at a worse time for the telecommunications company. AT&T is currently in the works of partnering with DIRECTV, America’s largest satellite television provider. Before that can happen, AT&T will begin the lengthy appeals process of the fine.