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Kevin Seawright Helps Employee Own First Home

RPS Solutions LLC is a company that was founded by Kevin Seawright in 2015. Through his company, Kevin began constructing and renovating in various projects to provide people with affordable housing. Many of these people struggled to buy homes up until this point in their lives, but Kevin Seawright showed them the way.

 Kevin has said that he wants to help first time home buyers in Baltimore city. Owning your first home is hard but Kevin is passionate about providing help. He feels that having pride in ones home is an essential part of attaining wealth in other areas of life. Owning a home can also be a valuable piece of uplifting declining neighborhoods. When people have a home they can be proud of they care more about their neighborhood and protecting it.

Kevin Seawright formed a partnership with Baltimore City Officials. he made plans to renovate homes and to market them exclusively to people who were looking to purchase a home for the first time but weren’t able to qualify for home ownership.

The Housing & Community Development group was also involved. Kevin has already had a major success story as the result of his program. Kevin has known Jerel Brown mother since the time that Jerel was only 10 years old. She and Kevin used to work together in the local government of Baltimore City. She felt that she was locked out of the housing market because of her low salary. They could not find upgraded properties that were affordable to them.

Then they talked to Kevin Seawright. He encouraged them to get a renovated home in Baltimore’s metro area. They jumped on the opportunity. Jerel’s mother said she felt excited to finally own a home. The house itself looked like something out of a magazine. Kevin felt honored that he could bring the Brown family joy in this way.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions continue to look for ways to spread the joy of home ownership to more first time home owners in the Baltimore area. His target is to increase the home ownership rate to 48.3% which is the statewide level of home ownership.