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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Replaced By Octavio de Lazari Junior After Almost Ten Years

The financial services company, Bradesco has made the news with the announcement of a new president after nearly ten years under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The way the executive team is structured, when there is a change at one position, often times there is a need to makes changes at other positions. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been with Bradesco for over 40 years now, and was appointed president in 2009.

Throughout Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s career he has gained experience working his way up to the highest position as president. From his initial job with Bradesco as a bank clerk in 1969, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has continued to learn at different levels leading to his time as president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also president of Bradesco Seguros, the insurance company of Bradesco. Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s leadership, Bradesco Seguros doubled in size, and became the largest insurer in Brazil accounting for 25% of the market share. As the president of the company Luiz Carlos Trabuco, in 2015 was named Entrepreneur of the year by Money. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, with the approval of Lazaro Brandao closed a $5.2 billion deal for HSBC. Now two years later, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is ending his presidency and Lazaro Brandao will be retiring as Chairman of Board of Directors after 27 years on the board and 75 years with the company.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco and the Bradesco team is faced with pressure from the recent acquisition of HSBC, the retirement of Mr. Brandao and the hard date to make the announcement of the new president to the Central bank before the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) meeting in March.

Octavio de Lazari Junior has been announced to become the 5th president in Bradesco’s history dating back to 1943. Octavio de Lazari Junior will be officially appointed during the AGO meeting. Octavio de Lazari Junior was vice president as of last year. With Octavio de Lazari Junior becoming the new president Carlos Alberto Rodrigues, who has been with Bradesco now since he was only 13 has been named the new vice president.

Now that Lazaro Brandao will retiring, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will become the new Chairman of the Board, and will be president also until Octavio de Lazari Junior is appointed. Bradesco has traditions in place on how transitions of power are to take place, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco states these traditions are a necessary to maintain the integrity of the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has optimism regarding the future economic situation in Brazil. The recent news about the increase in Brazil’s GDP, Luiz Carlos Trabuco feels is a positive indicator for the future credit market. Lazaro Brandao sees labor reform as the only true solution to improve the current economic challenges faced by the country. Luiz Carlos Trabuco stressed, Bradesco has full confidence in Octavio de Lazari Junior’s capacity in leading the banking conglomerate.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Takes Over From Lazaro Brandao At Bradesco

The current chairman of the board, Lazaro Brandao, will soon be retiring for good. This leaves open his position, which is slated to be filled by longtime Bradesco employee Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Although some are happy about the coming changes, others have expressed reservation. One of the greatest uncertainties for shareholders revolves around who Trabuco Cappi will tap for his own replacement. Whoever is selected, the changing of the guard could have widespread and longstanding consequences for the bank.

Lazaro Brandao steps down for the final time

At 92 years old, Lazaro Brandao is one of the oldest currently serving chairpersons in the world. First coming to work at Bradesco at the age of just 16, in 1943, Brandao has been with the bank for an astonishing 75 years. Over that time, he has participated in the transformation of Bradesco from a one-branch thrift institution in a small Sao Paulo town into one of the preeminent financial conglomerates of Latin America.

Between 1990 and 1999, he served as both the chairman of the board as well as CEO, the only time in the bank’s history that both positions have been simultaneously held by one person for more than a short period. It was during this period that the bank experienced its most remarkable run of positive growth, going from a penny stock in the early 1990s to more than 300 times its previous value in 2009.

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This is one reason that so many shareholders are getting nervous about Brandao’s impending retirement. Even as the nonagenarian approaches an age that many do not live to, many of the bank’s most prominent shareholders have vocally encouraged him to continue staying on. But Brandao has been clear in his opinion that Trabuco Cappi will be more than capable of continuing on where he is leaving off. Himself having decades of experience with the bank, Trabuco Cappi has proven himself, again and again, to be one of the most capable and far-sighted leaders that the bank has ever had. Many people have referred to him as having a Midas touch, being able to turn failing business units around and almost invariably restore them to fantastic profitability. In fact, Brandao himself has often stated that the bank simply would have no chance of being where it is today had Trabuco Cappi not been one of its employees over the last four decades.

But the real cause for concern for many shareholders is who will take Trabuco Cappi’s spot as CEO. At first, there were rumors that the CEO may be looking to go outside the firm’s ranks to find its next CEO. However, Trabuco Cappi stated explicitly that he would stick to the company tradition of recruiting the next crop of executives from within the company ranks.

This means that there are just a few qualified candidates to potentially replace him. Although it may appear that all of the current junior-level executives have an equally probable chance of getting the job, those close to the process are zeroing in on one candidate in particular as being the overwhelming favorite.

Mauricio Minas is the firm’s 56-year-old chief technology officer. He was almost single-handedly responsible for the development of the Next banking platform according to Those close to the action say that it is overwhelmingly likely that the tech aficionado Trabuco Cappi will be appointing the bank’s most tech-savvy executive to head up the bank.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Career as an Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investment banker from Brazil. With the many year’s experiences in the industry, the guy understands the sector quite well. During his career, he oversaw some of the largest financial institutions in the world.


According to him, the secret to making in investment is having a deep understanding of the market; knowing the bare-bones and the basics. He prefers buying cheap stocks that guarantee profit in the long run.


Many investors attribute their success to Igor. He helped them build a successful investment portfolio by avoiding damaged companies. In addition to this, he created a short and brief profile for busy investors to go through before deciding to invest in Brazilian stocks.


Currently, Igor is a proprietor at Bainbridge Group Inc, an agency known for its expert insights in investments. He also does consultancy services for some banks and investment entities. Igor has held many leading positions in Brazil’s biggest banks before finally retiring in 2010.




Igor Cornelsen’s Thoughts on Finances

The Brazilian private sector banking industry is changing. Only the most creditworthy borrowers are getting loans. A decision the banks say has helped them streamline costs and give them a sense of security.


So, what happens to the less credit worthy people? They are left to fight in government banks or cash-based spending. Their last and worst alternative is to forego their business plans altogether, a move that would challenge the micro-economy and overall development of the country. Igor advises the Brazilian government to strive to make investors feel secure by coming up with more market-oriented reforms and fiscal austerity.




Brazilian Banks Have Big Players

Brazil is the largest country in the world and is the continent’s eighth largest economy. It’s no surprise that the country houses ten big commercial and investment banks in the world; Citibank Brazil is one of the banks.




China is a Force to Recon With

The two countries – China and Brazil, are linked. The stronger the Chinese government, the better the prices it can provide for Brazil’s raw materials. The two states are also competitors in the markets they export their finished products to. Igor Cornelsen understands the importance of paying attention to the trading partners of the countries you invest in.



Nexbank sponsors Lemonade Day


Nexbank is one of the best known financial services company in the Dallas area. Thousands of customers depend on this company, and they have a wonderful reputation within the community. Nexbank is constantly reaching out to the community, and on May 7th they sponsored a huge community event in Dallas.
NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

National Lemonade Day is a celebration of an extremely refreshing beverage. Children around the country love drinking this refreshing beverage after a hard day, but the beverage also can help children learn about commerce. Nexbank recently announced Lemonade day as a way to educate children about running a business.

Nexbank feels that the lemonade stand is a classic business model. Children create a product, their lemonade, and they open a stand in hopes of selling their product. Nexbank hosted lemonade day at the North Texas MetroPlex. Children from throughout the area flocked to the MetroPlex to set up their lemonade stands. Each stand offered a unique take on lemonade, and people from throughout Dallas had the opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Lemonade Day taught children in the Dallas area great financial concepts, entrepreneurism, and leadership. They are confident that the initiative will prepare children to be business leaders for the future.

Nexbank is a popular financial services company in the Dallas area. They serve their clients in three different ways, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Mortgage Banking. They work with corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients throughout the country. They offer customized solutions for each of their clients with both financial and banking services.

Lemonade day was a great initiative from Nexbank. Children throughout the area learned valuable business lessons, while having a great deal of fun. Nexbank looks forward to sponsoring Lemonade Day again next year, and the event is sure to be successful again next year.

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