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The Sun Revolves Around The “Stationary” Earth According To One Saudi Cleric

Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari Claims The Earth Is Not Moving

We may have another scientific discovery on the horizon. At least one Saudi cleric thinks we do. Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari believes the Earth is not moving around the sun. He says the Earth is stationary, and the sun moves around the Earth. Okay, so stranger things have happened, like the earth being flat, and we can dig our way to China. We live in a time where everyone can have at least five minutes of fame, and it looks like it’s Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari turn.

Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG heard that the confused, although focused, cleric did try to explain his theory. He quoted other clerics and threw in a few religious statements for good measure. He tried to support his argument with an explanation, but the explanation was not as logical as he thought it was.

The statement that got everyone’s attention was the one that claimed that China would move toward a plane if the Earth rotated in one direction and the plane could stop in the air. If the Earth rotates in another direction, he said, the plane would never reach China. He also said China is rotating, and men never walked on the moon.

The Saudi preacher made these statements on Galileo’s birthday. Maybe he was trying to debunk the 16th-century astronomer using another form of astronomy.

DNA – Storing Data For Millions Of Years

The lifespan of data storage media is an important metric that often shapes the design and development of hard drives, flash drives and the like. Experts like Brian Torchin say that many of today’s storage medium technologies are quite capable of storing date for 100 years or more given certain circumstances about their use and treatment. However, scientists are working on a “dna time capsule” which can utilize glassed-in DNA in order to store data for over 2 million years. It seems that data stored in such a DNA drive has a good chance of outlasting the Earth itself.

A solid-state drive that can provide over 100 years of life if it is only written to once or a few times is a good baseline to compare these recent DNA discoveries. DNA is incredibly durable as scientists have found from extracting it from many fossilized places. Just a single gram of DNA would be enough to hold the entirety of data that Google, Facebook, and all other major tech companies now hold. That certainly makes investigating the possibilities of DNA drives a likely lucrative endeavor should breakthroughs be made. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has taken up the task of determining how long this DNA-embedded data might last and the results are quite impressive. The Global Seed Vault in the Arctic could preserve the data beyond 2 million years at a -18 °C. This would be the ultimate medium for long-term storage.