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Chris Burch, Entrepreneur and Visionary

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist based in New York. He studied at Ithaca College and graduated with a degree in business. Burch started his first business while he was still a college student. He co-founded Eagle Eye’s Apparel with his brother. They started off with a seed investment of $2,000. They grew it to a $150 million business before they sold it to the Swire Group. Burch ventured into investing after the sale of Eagle’s Eye. He was an early investor in the Internet Capital Group which had a successful IPO. He has invested in several real estate ventures in locations all over the world.


Burch has developed luxury homes in Florida, New York, and Nantucket. Burch partnered with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark who is an architect to develop the Faena Hotel + Universe in Argentina. Burch was asked by Ellen DeGeneres to launch her lifestyle brand known as ED by Ellen DeGeneres. He started an apparel and home décor retailer C. Wonder in 2011. The company turned out to be a successful venture. Xcel Brands acquired it. Burch later started Cocoon9. This is a company that develops luxury homes that feature contemporary design and sophisticated finishes. Burch has been a member of the board of Guggenheim Capital, the Rothman Orthopedic Hospital, and the Continuum Group.


Burch wrote about the fusion of technology and fashion in an article that appeared on Engadget. He starts off by mentioning how the best-selling products of the last few decades performed well because they were fashionable. These include the boom box in the 70s and the Walkman in the 90s. The products sold more because they were widely adopted. Burch notes that the synthesis of fashion and technology is ongoing. Some designers have already started using the two together.


Some of the designs that have come out of the synthesis of the two fields include a drink-making dress, an airbag for cyclists, smart gloves, and clothes made from recycled material. Burch added that technology offers an extensive playground for designers to experiment and come up with new products. The resulting products are elegant and functional at the same time.


Josh Verne’s Tips for Success

Josh Verne performs his duties as the chief executive officer of FlockU. Verne likes sharing his immense wealth of knowledge especially on tips of success. In his recent podcast, he enumerated various characteristics and important actions that a person must do to ensure that he succeeds in business and other areas of his life.


Verne believes that to lead a successful life, one must be a good leader. Verne also thinks that it is vital for a person to find his true passion and then pursue it without relenting.


According to Josh Verne, it pays to be a good listener. People who listen more are known to speak authoritatively. For a person to become successful, it is paramount that he puts the interests of other people first. This usually motivates the employees to use their abilities to achieve the overall goals of the company. It is vital also to maintain sound balance in life. A person who has balance in all areas of his life is happy. Individuals who ignore their bodies or their families end up living unfulfilling lives.


Therefore, Verne recommends people to improve various areas of their lives including relationships, wealth, health and personal growth. Verne’s tips are meant to give insights that are bound to propel any person forward to become the individual he dreamt of becoming.

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John Goullet has a Passion for the IT Staffing Industry

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and an IT staffing professional. He is the Chairman and Principal of Diversant, LLC. His educational background includes graduating from Ursinus College in 1983 with a Masters Degree in Computer Science. He began his career as an IT consultant, but made the transition to IT staffing in 1994. Mr. Goullet gained valuable experience by working both sides of the IT coin – consulting and staffing.Mr. Goullet used the skills and experience he acquired and founded Info Technologies to provide staffing solutions to a wide range of companies, including Fortune 500 companies. He developed a tremendous understanding of market trends that were valuable to Info Technologies. Goullet’s leadership proved to be so effective, and the company grew rapidly and within five years the net worth of the company was $30 million.

In Mr. Goullet’s wisdom, he realized if he partnered with others, he could provide greater services and expand his business. To that end, Info Technologies completed a merger with Diversant, Inc. and the result was Diversant LLC. Goullet took on the role of Principal and takes an active role developing strategies to meet the demands and challenges of the ever changing IT industry.Through Goullet’s vast knowledge of the industry and his inspired work ethic, and his belief in team work, Diversant, LLC has become a certified Minority Owned company and has stayed at the top of the market. Goullet encourages his team to be creative thinkers, developing individual solutions for clients and work with respect for others.

Diversant, LLC and John Goullet deliver impeccable service and staffing solutions to clients. The company is committed to providing the best service possible and the team at Diversant delivers the best each and every time out of the gate.In addition to being a commodity supplier to clients, Diversant and John Goullet uses a consulting approach and work with the clients as business partners. Goullet help his clients solve critical staffing issues rather than just filling staffing availabilities.It is a method and philosophy that works for John Goullet and Diversant, LLC and being diverse in their solutions often leads to greater opportunities for partners, as well as consultants.



Found in the Name

One Name or Reputation Can Change the World, or One Man

The answers to some of life’s greatest meanings, problems, and challenges, as found by definition, may lie within a name itself- for example, Eric Pulier. This article alone describes and defines the true power at work behind any name, as well as its vital importance throughout any relationship. Names matter. They each have an origin story, and it is our own unique responsibility to learn the story behind the name. Certain names imply certain symbols.


A Celebrity Name That I Admire

When I think of the reputation of Robert, I get great feelings of joy and happiness overflowing me in a calm melody of Christmas red. I am not quite sure as to where this connotation or connection originally found its place, but I do know that this feeling is the one that I still connect to that particular name, even after nearly 30 years of hearing it. Perhaps Eric Pulier is not the first name that comes to my mind when I hear the name Eric, but the name itself does tend to bring up a unique mental image of bright red happiness and a man full of cheer. Knowing and hearing this special name, I further rejoice and am continually made glad. On a positive note respectfully, there is also that one person whose very mention may bring a person tremendous rejoicing and relief at the same time.



Then comes Isui, which originates from a Latin word meaning “witch.” I have known two people by this name, and neither of them was a saint, to put it in the least of graphic terms. Far from philanthropy, both have actually done much damage to Eric’s efforts and to his local work community. As a natural result of such damage, one can imagine that my natural inclination to any future reference of the name will most likely not be a positive one. Neither should Pulier’s inclination to immediate trust or affection be to people by that name, whom he may meet on future endeavors.