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A Behind The Scenes Look At Ryan Seacrest’s Return To American Idol

Ryan Seacrest was approached by ABC to return as host of American Idol when the decision was made to return this tv show to the air. The negotiations between him and ABC were said to be pretty fraught. ABC started out with a lowball offer to him which was rejected. It was only at the last minute that the two sides agreed to an eight-figure deal. He said that he had just about walked away from returning to American Idol especially as he had already taken on the duties of co-hosting a morning show with Kelly Ripa.

He had been the host on American Idol for 15 seasons. It was canceled in April 2016 by Fox. A number of stations wanted to return it to the air and a bidding war was launched. As it turned out ABC won the bidding war, which is the same tv network that Ryan Seacrest now does his morning show on. Just days before ABC won the rights to American Idol they had signed the deal with him for him to do “Live With Kelly and Ryan” each weekday morning.

According to, between the time American Idol had been canceled and the time he started the morning show, 13 months in length, Ryan Seacrest had been contemplating what to do with his career. It seemed like he would return to this show no matter what, with the show’s creator, Simon Fuller, calling him the most important part of it. They started out offering him $10 million which was $5 million less than he had been earning when American Idol was at its height.

It was leaked they were paying $25 million to Katy Perry to be a judge on the return of the show, an amount that meant they had to make cuts elsewhere. They decided to offer Ryan Seacrest half of what they had been offering at first. After this low-ball offer Ryan Seacrest’s team took his name out of consideration. As it turns out ABC’s executive team wasn’t made aware of what was going on with the negotiations and how his offer had been gutted. Once they found out they made it right and Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) returned to the show.

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Jed McCaleb Discusses IBM and E-Wallets in Tel Aviv

“If there’s a digital dollar,” began Jed McCaleb at Tel Aviv’s four day long tech conference. “There needs to be a real one somewhere.” Jed McCaleb is of course talking about cryptocurrency – a subject he is very knowledgeable in.

McCaleb first entered the crypto world with Mt. Gox. Mt. Gox was originally a platform for Magic: The Gathering Online to trade and sell playing cards, but when McCaleb learned about bitcoin he had to make a change. Eventually, McCaleb sold the company to a businessman out of Japan.

With the sell of Mt. Gox, Jed McCaleb didn’t leave the blockchain technology. What he did was create a new company; alongside Joyce Kim; he created Stellar.

Stellar is working to bring financial services to parts of the working lacking these services. Some countries have no option at all for basic banking services and international transaction. Stellar is solving this problem.

Stellar is able to complete transaction times in a fraction of the time that other mainstream services are.

“We have a way more efficient system,” McCaleb boasted to the Israeli crowd.

Not only are Stellar’s transaction speeds much faster than competitors, their distribution process is also much different. For example, bitcoin utilizes miners – people who lend their machines to the record keeping process, accumulating small amounts of bitcoin over time. Stellar doesn’t use this process; Stellar simply gives out their coins to investors, bitcoin owners, and others.

In his lecture in Tel Aviv, McCaleb explained this and more to the audience, but the audience was also permitted to ask questions.

One of the audience members asked McCaleb about Stellar’s involvement with IBM.

“It’s easy for IBM to sell to major banks,” McCaleb explored. “We don’t want to be an IMB product, but it’s the only way to get a worldwide adoption,” he said. IBM has connections that can help Stellar expand.

During the Q&A portion of the event, McCaleb was also asked about the goals of Stellar in regards to e-wallets. McCaleb explained to the curious audience member that he wants a currency that will be usable without individuals even knowing they are using a cryptocurrency. Stellar’s goal is to seamlessly integrate their software into existing entities. To find out more, check out Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

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Everything You Need to Know About Waiakea Water

Waiakea water works in the social and eco-obliging foundation that puts the basics of the party as the need. The company adds to a couple of accommodating undertakings for the party. The company accomplices with pump partners and gives around 650 liters of clean water to the destitution stricken for every liter they offer. Hop forward, the company has given an expansive number of gallons of clean water in their push to continue with supporting exercises.

The company has a working hypothesis which they named it as the Triple rule concern where they regard and consider their impact on standard and social perspectives as they attempt to their cash related movement. The company is open, and their undertakings are seen wherever in light of the way that they have shown it in their things and their exercises towards the party and furthermore nature. Different affiliations would interface themselves with this kind of qualities where they simply mean to think such a magnificent aggregate about making benefits. They take after the standard to ensure that they don’t hurt the earth while undertaking their work.

Waiakea check operations are continue running under the likelihood of practicality which is something past stamping takes note. From their examination, the producer pronounced that they basically use a little measure of the water passed on by the volcanoes. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Offering sifted water keeps running with different request in the matter of whether they watch supporting the earth. Waiakea Water looks out for this by using bottles passed on utilizing a material that is unmitigated recyclable – polyethylene terephthalate. The material other than uses low significance in its get-together.

The company in like manner partakes in selfless activities where they give 650l of clean water to locales that are in require. They do this by joining with pump Aid a company, a beneficence company that is significance to supply clean water to poor social events in Africa and different parts of the world. That action has seen them give hundred millions gallons of water up to now and they don’t seem to stop finishing the gift any soon.

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The company supplies their water wherever all through the world to countries or supplies mixed by tasting their quality water. Much the same as their name remains for in Hawaiian, Malama I ka Aina significance support the land, the company is to an awesome degree focused on controlling to nature as found in each and every one of the activities related with packaging their water.

Segregated water can be a champion among the most defective players in the refreshment redirection, regardless it is a champion among the most surely understood drinks among clients. If you get a couple of data about what it took resulting to entering the real water zone, you will comprehend that everyone in the company has over 50 years old. There are less specialists of refreshments, and they are all things considered testing each other in light of the way that they should.

A tremendous number individuals should need to know who Waiakea is. Waiakea Water assistants water from a trademark spring of spouting magma, which is a phenomenally unadulterated source. Their things have a shocking flavor that shows straightforwardness and quality. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Rick Smith, the Communications Executive Making Major, Changes in Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith, was appointed to serve the communications company for correctional facilities in 2008.He has successfully led the company towards positive change and increased the firm’s profits exponentially. During his tenure, Rick has managed to offer diverse departmental leadership based on his experiences in operations management.

Rick is based in Dallas, TX. He holds an MA from Rochester and an additional Master’s degree in engineering from New York University. Rick Smith started his career at Global Crossing in 1972. He served as the CIO as well as the financial controller for 16 years and left to pursue other interests. His next appointment was at Frontier Information Technologies, where he served as a senior officer and eventually as President. Rick later served as vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations. After a few years at Midwest, he moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc., as its COO as well as President from 2000-2003. Rick was also a board member at Eschelon. Presently Rick serves as Securus Technologies CEO and at Integra Telecom Ltd’s as a member of the board. Read more on

Rick’s involvement in Prisons Communications Industry

Smith has managed to streamline inmate communications in a challenging industry. Securus offers inmates affordable telephone charges and still manages to earn decent profits. They also make great effort to improve their technologies to suit modern phone solutions and ensuring safety for the correctional facilities and the inmates.

Rick Smith has succeeded in maintaining Securus in line with changes in IT and continually develops inmate communication services. Key among the changes that Rick also initiated in Securus is services like video calls, which was greatly lauded by the inmates.

Securus announced mid last year that it had already spent more than $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions in the previous three years. The company also invested in 105,000 safe communication equipment for use in secure prison communications and essential security services. Furthermore, it installed approximately 85,000 telephones, highly developed tablets, lobby stores, video room spaces, and so much more.

Rick Smith confirmed that his company has plans to further increase telecommunication equipment from the current figures to 150,000. Families can now communicate via a video mode similar to Skype. The video interactions enable personal communications with inmates such as thanks, giving, Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays.

This initiative makes the imprisonment experience more tolerable for both convicts and their families. Due to the significant developments under Rick’s management, Securus has considerably expanded and is currently leading in the telecommunications industry. The company serves nearly 2000 Prison facilities in the U.S. Read more on

Rick Smith effortlessly doubles up as an efficient administrator and an executive at Securus Technologies. He prioritizes his time well and is committed to giving 100% to serve the company.

Eric Pulier: Breaking Down Walls with Technology

Eric Pulier is one of the most prominent in the field of software today. Pulier wears many different hats such as entrepreneur, author, columnist, motivational speaker, and technologist. He has been the founder of over fifteen companies since the beginning of his career. Some of the biggest companies he has founded are Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. These companies were then combined together into the TM Forum.

Pulier is based out of the city of Los Angeles. His interest and talent in programming began when he was back in the fourth grade. He went on to start his very own database company when he was in high school. He went to college at Harvard University where he majored in English and American literature.

When Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 he created the People Doing Things company. This company addressed the concerns of health care and education using different forms of technology. Pulier later went on to found Starbright World. Starbright World was a social network that gave children that were chronically ill the chance to blog, chat, and communicate with each other on their own private social media platform. This gave children the chance to share and support each other through their sickness.

He was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997 to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition that was located in Washington D.C. The exhibition was called “The Bridge to the 21st Century.”

Eric Pulier is also heavily involved in giving back to his community, and to charity. He has donated money to multiple non-profit organizations. He is also a board member for the X-Prize Foundation which is a company that tries to solve the most difficult challenges of humanity.

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Raj Fernando’s Incredible Breakthrough in the Trading Sector

Raj Fernando is a professional in technological innovation and global financial markets. He actively participates in the organization of foreign policies. Currently, he is part of Brookings Institute’s Foreign Policy Leadership Committee. He is also a member of American Security Project’s Board of Directors. Fernando’s professional expertise and cumulative experience in cyber security have been termed as a great asset for national security by veteran Brigadier General, Stephen Chen, the CEO and President of American Security Project.

Education and career history

Fernando was able to create a tactical balance between work and school. During his college life, he volunteered at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His effort paid off, and Fernando ascended to various top positions. Eventually, he joined Chicago Board of Trading and served until 2001. He became a part-time trader to focus on expanding his firm, Chopper Trading. Fernando oversaw the growth of Chopper Trading from its infancy to more than 250 workers and traded on LSE, Eurex, CME, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, NASDAQ, and ICAP-Broketek.

Fernando’s impact in the corporate world

Fernando was an active supporter of US Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC), backing its mission of promoting open, accountable, competitive, and financially stable markets. In 2010, he was invited to speak on CFTC’s debate of disorderly trading practices. In 2010, he graced the yearly Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference as a guest speaker and addressed a global audience of media and shareholders.

Inception of

In 2015, DRW Trading Group acquired Fernando’s Chopper Trading. A year later, Fernando founded, a prestigious Internet startup that specializes in enhancing institutional productivity and professional growth via secure and innovative communication systems. He is the Chairman and CEO of the Internet Startup.

Charity work

Fernando offers philanthropic support to several charitable organizations in Chicago and throughout the U.S. Apart from financially supporting PAWS Chicago, an organization that champions animal rights; he serves on its board of director. He is also part of Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Board of Trustees. Foundations such as Wounded Warriors, Metropolitan Chicago-headquartered Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Clinton Foundation are some of the few beneficiaries of his charitable giving plan.

Raj Fernando – Protecting Interests Of American Financial Institutions

Raj Fernando is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the United States who holds deep insight into the dynamics of U.S. financial industry and risks associated with financial trading. Perhaps, his intuitive leadership style also led him to devise various security policies for the Federal Government.

Unlike most well-known financial experts, Raj started his career as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the largest commodity exchange in the world. His ability to learn the secrets behind financial trading enabled Raj to start his own company, Chopper Trading. Initially, Chopper Trading focused exclusively on financial trading. Later, the company transformed into security enterprise offering solutions to protect financial institutions of the United States. At its peak, the company proved a vital link between financial trading and American interests.

For instance, Raj Fernando was also invited to contribute to the work of US Commodity Trading Futures Commission. He was noted for his work in offering a safe environment for commodity traders by creating a transparent and competitive market. Actually, he was also a key speaker on the Commission’s panel for disruptive trading practices. As such, it is also notable that Raj had realized early in his trading career that financial institutions are as much concerned with generating revenue as securing financial transactions. In fact, the need for a sound financial system that can prevent illegal practices was in greater demand after the events of 2007 financial catastrophe, which included some of the largest US financial firms.

In 2015, Raj sold Chopper Trading to DRW Trading Group. Instead, he is currently focusing on activities at Scoutahead. His newest venture is innovative in the sense that it allows both employees and future employer to get a deeper knowledge of each other before committing themselves into a relation. As a result of the advanced communication system, the company also claims to improve productivity for firms and increase professional growth for individuals. Raj Fernando is also active in numerous philanthropic and political activities. He is among the board of trustees for such organizations as PAWS Chicago, an animal shelter. Besides, he is an active campaigner for the Republican Party.

Reviewing The Professional Career And Philanthropic Effort Of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a passionate technologist and entrepreneur based in the U.S. who has also authored several books to educate entrepreneurs about the practices they should embrace to boost their businesses. Eric showed passion in programming at a tender age and he kept this interest for the rest of his life. He started learning while in fourth grade and by the time he joined high school, he had great skills in coding.

At this stage he launched his first company that would offer database computer services. Most of the projects he has done have in one way or the other been directed at solving problems in the society especially among those with chronic illnesses. He has also worked on major government projects that have defined him as a focused individual with unique skills for planning.

To further his education, Eric attended the Harvard University to pursue American Literature and English. This experience allowed him to run a column in The Harvard Crimson titled Pulier Leg. On this space he wrote articles about technology and business and addressed emerging issues in the society. Eric also enrolled for a programming degree in MIT and after four years of dedication, he completed both courses in 1988.

Career and contribution to the government
Having completed his degrees, Eric had to move to Los Angeles, where he founded People Doing Things. The company looked into issues surrounding healthcare, education and other sectors in the government. He proceeded with this spirit and in 1994 he established Digital Evolution.

Also important in his career is the establishment of Starbright World, a social network that is reserved for children battling chronic illnesses. It is a platform that allows them to chat and connect with the world through blogs that target others suffering the same problem.

Eric Pulier is a generous donor to different not-profit organizations. He donates to the Painted Turtle, an organization that supports children with chronic diseases. Eric also contributes to XPRIZE, an organization that supports innovation that is directed at encouraging public competitions that can bring advancement in technology to benefit the human race.

James Dondero Leads New Initiative To Help The Dallas Foundation

As the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital, James Dondero has been able to leverage his position and vast array of resources to provide much needed relief to The Dallas Foundation, a charity organization that focuses on improving and renovating communities in Northern Texas.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that James Dondero has given back to the community. In fact, he has a long and storied history of managing his acquired wealth and ensuring that it is re-invested back into local Texan communities. In Dondero’s mind, it’s important to give back to the community that played such a pivotal role in helping him to make his own living.

As a testament to both his and Highland Capital’s success, they recently released a statement indicating that they had a budget of more than $3 million specifically allotted for charitable donations. It was precisely because of this need that James Dondero and his associate, Mary Jalonick, decided to partner with The Dallas Foundation and form the Highland Dallas Foundation. Through this partnership, it is hoped that James Dondero and the rest of his company can more directly utilize their philanthropic energy and directly contribute to the communities that need their help the most.

In terms of past experiences, Dondero previously worked with The Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum, and The Bush Presidential Library. Through all of these different endeavors, James Dondero developed a deep respect for those less fortunate than himself. In fact, many of the people that have worked with James in the past have noted just how irregular his brand of philanthropy is in this day and age. Generally, wealthy executives tend to focus on writing big checks that can get publicity rather than actually ensuring that their money goes to the people it’s meant for. With Dondero and his array of philanthropic works though, it’s clear that he’s more concerned with helping people than making a headline out of it.

With this new initiative, it looks as though James has no interest in pulling back on his philanthropic efforts and will likely continue to have a big impact on Texas in the future.

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John Goullet and His Role in the Birth of Diversant

Diversant is a leading African-American owned IT staffing and solutions firm in the United States. Diversant provides diversity products and industry-leading IT staffing solutions such as innovative diversity solutions and staff augmentation and hire. Diversant is classified as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE)

Diversant’s CEO Gene C. Waddy is the visionary and brains behind the formation of Diversant. Under Gene, Diversant has enjoyed exponential growth and has built its reputation as an industry leader in offering IT staffing solutions to the Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

Goullet started out as an IT consultant but later branched out to IT staffing due to changing market trends. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Goullet formed Info Technologies that focused on offering IT staffing solutions. As the IT sector grew, Mr. Goullet knew that companies would fight to poach the best IT talent available in the market. He narrowed down his market to Fortune 500 companies where he recruited top IT talent for them.

Within five years of inception, Mr. Goullet saw his business grow to over $30 million in revenue. In 2010, John Goullet and Gene Waddy engineered a merger between their respective companies to form Diversant LLC. Under Diversant LLC, John assumed the title Principal where his passion, innovation and entrepreneurial skills are helping him develop new solutions to the challenges facing the volatile IT space.

John Goullet currently serves as a Principal of Diversant having been the CEO of Info Technologies, which he founded in 1994. Before founding Info Technologies, he worked as an IT consultant and later as an account executive for IT staffing. He formed Info Technologies after gaining experience and expertise in IT staffing. Info Technologies primarily focused on understanding staffing needs of its clients then would match the skill sets of its consultants to meet client’s needs.

Goullet graduated from Ursinus College. His business acumen saw him recognized by Magazine Inc. 500. The magazine recognized Info Technologies as one of the nation’s fastest growing private organizations. Goullet has served at some different companies including Computer Sciences Corp, Lyndhurst, The Constell Group, Cap Gemini America and so on.