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Mr. Sheldon Lavin – A High-Status Profile CEO

According to the interview with the Global Icon, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has a high-status profile in the food and meat processing industry. He is also the current CEO and President of the OSI Group.

As the CEO, Mr. Sheldon always stays active in every department of the OSI Group, more so the ones that are involved in the company’s global operations. Perhaps, the priority of Mr. Sheldon is to deliver efficiency and quality. Mr. Sheldon Lavin entered into the business of meat and food processing in 1970. This happened when he was helping Otto & Sons Company solved its financial problem. He managed to evolve Otto & Sons into the OSI Group. Since then, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has grown into a successful food executive with extensive expertise in the industry of meat and food processing.

Moreover, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is a leader with vision. His vision has enabled him to transform OSI Group from domestic food processing company to internationally recognized firm. In that case, Mr. Sheldon is a role model for many young entrepreneurs. By observing Mr. Sheldon business steps, they can understand what it means to lead and serve. Also, Mr. Sheldon has received recognition to the significant strides he has made in the business of meat and food processing industry. It is because of his tremendous job in food industry made IVWA (India’s Vision World Academy) to present him with the Global Visionary Award. He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015. This was as a result of his commitment to providing services to the business community of Chicago. As a leader, Mr. Sheldon is also concerned with environmental sustainability, and he has received several awards regarding the same issue. He hopes that the next generation of entrepreneurs will continue to make the planet a healthy place.

Regarding education background, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is a holder of Bachelor Degree in Finance. This is witnessed from his fruitful career in the finance and banking industry. Additionally, Mr. Lavin was a serious investor and executive before he entered into the business of meat and food processing as an outsider.

James Dondero Pledges Grant in Support of The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign

Family violence has become a thorn in the flesh for today’s society, something that must be thwarted at whatever cost. In Dallas, Texas, The Family Place has been on the front line in tackling problems arising from this type of violence. The organization launched a six-month mobilization drive called the Legacy Campaign in October last year where the funds generated would be utilized to support victims of family violence. The Family Place targeted to raise not less than $2.8 million to reach the ultimate target of $16.5 million. The organization aimed at supporting the construction of a modern counseling center in Dallas.



Highland Capital Management’s Grant



Less than a week after the Legacy Campaign was launched, it received a major boost from Highland Capital Management’s Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. James Dondero announced that the foundation would heed the clarion call by Mike Rawlings, the Dallas mayor, and David Brown, the chief of police in the area, for the Dallas community to support the fundraising. By that, Dondero pledged a $1 million challenge grant towards the campaign on behalf of Highland Dallas Foundation. The grant would make a huge impact on the campaign as it represented more than a third of the remaining amount for The Family Place to reach its target. Dondero made the announcement at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole during an event that was organized by The Family Place.


Speaking after making the announcement, Dondero reiterated Highlands’ commitment to supporting philanthropic initiatives in Dallas. He commended the civil community in the area for being ready to help. About the initiative, Dondero had words of praise for The Family Place for managing to pull such a successful campaign over a period of less than a year.


About James Dondero


James Dondero is a Bachelor of Science in Commerce holder, a CFA, and a CPA. Dondero has been active in the financial sector for the last 24 years. Dondero has served in executive positions at reputable financial institutions, such as NexPoint Multifamily Capital Trust, Inc. and Prospect Street Income Shares Inc. among others.

Dondero serves on boards for organizations, such as NexBank Capital, Inc., NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc., and HCM Acquisition Company among others.



Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar Talks To Ideamensch on His Achievements
Todd Lubar is a self-accomplished businessman and entrepreneur whose interests lie within the real estate industry. He is currently the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC,. Subsequently, he works as the VP of Legendary Investments. His business has been instrumental in making it possible for many people to live their dreams of owning homes.

Todd Lubar has been in the industry for more than 2 decades. Although he has served in many industries, it is in real estate that he has seen real success. He is even rated among the top 25 mortgage originators in the US.


Todd Lubar started his studies at the Sidwell Friends School, which is based in Washington DC. He was in the school since the year 1977 to the year 1987. To pursue his high school education, he attended the Hightstown based, The Peddie School. After graduating high school, he joined Syracuse University, taking a mBachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication.

Interview with Ideamensch

A few weeks ago Todd Lubar was interviewed by Ideamensch. His first question was on what inspired him to start TDL Global. To this he answered that his experience in the finance industry had led him to identifying a gap in the industry. He realized that there were so many barriers in the loan industry. He wanted to reduce some of these common barriers so that people could easily access loans.

Todd Lubar advises other entrepreneurs to have a will if they want to be successful. He believes that in order for one to achieve success, they must have a will. For him, his success is attributed to a combination of will and experience. Lubar also told Ideamensch what makes his days productive, he said that he goes through a routine of taking breakfast with his kids, which is then followed by a quick workout. All this is to keep him energized throughout the day. After this, he goes through the news affecting his industry. He does this so that he can be in a position to prioritize and have a perspective for the day.

Burch – Entrepreneur, Business man, and Innovator

Christopher Burch, born March 28, 1953, was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He was the son of two hard working middle class parents and one of 10 children. Burch’s work ethic and innovative sense of style made him the successful entrepreneur worth billions he is today.


Burch’s first major business venture was in 1976 with his brother. The two began their apparel business known as Eagle’s Eye with only a $2,000 investment. Burch soon decided that their company needed to create and sell a more dapper styled sweater. One that he could begin selling on campus. This venture soon multiplied from one campus to other campuses and ended up in retail stores. In a mere 10 year span, the company was netting sales of an estimated $140 million. Chris Burch sold a portion of the company in 1989 and the rest of the company in 1998 for $60 million.


His fashion endeavors continued when he founded Tory Burch fashions with his then wife in 2004. He owned nearly 30% of the company and was co-Chairman of the label until he sold half of it in 2012. He went on to create J. Christopher Capital LLC turned Burch Creative Capital in 2008. He then launched C. Wonder in 2011 and sole it in 2015.


Technology and fashion go hand in hand. Both industries grow, evolve, and experience change together. Burch comments on these two elements as sharing and working together to generate further evolution. Designers are always working on the expansion of fashion and technology.


Technology is everywhere; mp3s and cellphones are the norm. Why not wear clothing that could charge these items with clothing that captures kinetic energy through simple movement? Soledad Martin is currently in the process of making this a reality.


Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are working on items that are both fashionable and keep one safe. Their innovative thinking may make bike helmets a thing of the past as their air bag type neck piece allows for better visibility and protection.


Fashion designers are feeling inspired through technology. Fashion that is useful, functional, and stylish is the focus.


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