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James Bopp Is Behind End Citizens United

James Bopp is the lawyer who was not allowed to air a 60 min movie by the court. He is a lawyer who belongs to Terre Haute, Indiana. He was appearing for his client which was a conservative non-profit organization that was named End Citizens United. The movie in question was titled, Hillary: The Movie. This was to be aired during Democratic presidential primaries. The movie had been produced by Citizens United.

This was when the Federal Election Commission (FEC) stated that Citizens United was not allowed to air this film during the primary season as it would be like a campaign ad that would be lasting for 90 minutes. Besides, no one would be able to identify who had paid for this campaign. James Bopp argued in court that this movie was just like any other movie that people see on 60 Minutes. Hence he asked for First Amendment protection for its creators.

But soon, Supreme Court reversed this ruling. Many arguments of Bopp were accepted. In this way, several facets of campaign-finance law were wiped out. This was a 100-year-old legacy that was simply wiped out. Based on his arguments, it was maintained that campaign spending was a form of speech as per a 1976 law. Hence it needs to be protected by the First Amendment. Such protection has to be extended to corporations too. The ruling stated that the corporations also have First Amendment rights just like an average voter. Hence it is unconstitutional to keep them away from spending money for supporting or defeating any specific candidates of their choice.

In this way, Bopp was able to chip away the campaign-finance regulations of the nation and led to Citizens United. But Bopp is still pursuing challenges. He wants to dismantle practically all the facets of campaign-finance regulation. This is why End Citizens United is such an important organization today. Its work cannot be ignored anymore.

During the first quarter of this year, End Citizens United managed to rake in $4 million. But it is not resting there. It is gearing itself for the 2018 mid-term elections. Besides, it is well aware that it would have to raise much more for helping its Democrat candidates in those elections.

End Citizens United is yet trying to figure out which campaigns to support during those elections. A few have been identified, but more are to be defined. The goal of End Citizens United is to help elect those Democrat candidates to the Congress who can support the campaign finance reforms.

Typically Bopp uses small organizations that are mission driven in order to find loopholes in the law which can benefit wealthy corporations along with their political allies. This is exactly what he managed to achieve through Citizens United.

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