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Seattle Geneticist Targeting Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegal is a Seattle geneticist that specializes in creating gene therapies that should help in the fight against cancer and other diseases.

Siegall is fighting cancer while he is the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics.

His credentials should help him in the war against cancer. He has a B.S. in zoology from the University of Maryland and a doctorate from George Washington University in genetics.

His credentials should prepare him for the fight against cancer. He has a B.S. zoology as well as a Ph.D from George Washington in the field of genetics.

After getting his Ph.D, he helped start a company called Seattle Genetics. He has helped lead this company in getting the first-ever antibody drug conjugate to be approved by the FDA. He has played a part in creating 20 other drugs at the company. He has formed a number of partnerships with drug manufacturers like Bayer, Genentech, Pfizer, etc.

What is also impressive about Siegall’s time at the company is that it was just tiny little startup when he helped found it. He just had a skeleton crew of researchers. The company is now a superpower in the field of cancer research.

Siegal does have plans for the future. He has several drugs in the development pipeline. These drugs will add to the company’s already impressive portfolio. This drug portfolio should help the company become an important player in the fight against cancer in the 21st century.

Siegal does have some spare time to have a blog at Your text to link…. A person would think that his blog would be about the the medical or genetics field. The main focus of his blog is actually what is happening in the American pro football league named the NFL. All headline are about events that are happening in the NFL such as the Chicago Bears releasing one of their running backs or Alex Boone,a football player, felt “weird” walking in a locker room. There is only one headline that seems to close to science and it is a headline about a Brazilian bird. It seems that SIegal wants his personal and business lives to be separate form each other.

At work, Siegal is fighting cancer while at home, he is enjoying his favorite sport.

Eric LefkofskyAnd His Contribution to the Health Industry

Tempus is a health technology company that is collecting and storing data from different organizations to allow clinicians and doctors to devise better treatment plans for their patients especially those who do not respond to conventional treatment plans. It will have algorithms that will assess variations and similarities in different samples to allow doctors to identify patterns and to find out how patients respond to various treatment plans.

The Cofounder and CEO of Tempus, Mr. Eric recently told the news reporter during an interview that he started the company so that he can allow the clinicians access big data related to the different research and increase the effectivity of patient care. He had the idea of creating such a company that will help individuals suffering from cancer and their families to get custom care from their doctors. The company processes genomic sequencing and also offer molecular data that can be used by physicians to find which treatment plan and which drugs will be best for their patients.  Eric Lefkofsky on Facebook.

Eric Lefkofsky is a resident of Michigan and has attended some of the best institutions in the country. Even though he was offered jobs with the best companies in the country, he chose to go the entrepreneur way and start something of his own. Today, he is a self-made billionaire and has assets worth over $1.7 billion. When he was young, he started a carpet selling company by borrowing money from his relatives and close friends. Today, he has more than ten established companies under his name, Groupon being among the top.

Even though Eric Lefkofsky can easily stop working and enjoy retirement at an early age, he does not want to stop. After experiencing the need of technology in the health industry, he got the idea of creating Tempus. It has collaborated with many different health institutions and clinical study organizations to collect data and analyze them for the benefit of the patients. His wife has supported him throughout his ups and downs, and both of them even have a foundation through which they help and aid people and organizations with their money and time.

The CTCA’s Clinical Pathways to Completely Revolutionize Cancer Treatment and Care

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), in partnership with AllScripts and NantHealth, Inc., is implementing Clinical Pathways, a new healthcare solution to aid in the treatment and care of cancer patients. NantHealth is a company that focuses on theimprovement of personalized healthcare services to facilitate more effectual treatments for cancer and other serious diseases. AllScripts is an IT solutions service provider for healthcare facilities.

Clinical Pathways makes use of eviti, a development of NantHealth that helps oncologists to assess costs and outcomes of various treatment options in order to know which option is the best and most affordable for a certain patient. It also makes use of AllScripts’ Sunrise electronic health record. This will greatly improve cancer treatment and care.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. (CTCA) is a group of five hospitals in Tulsa, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Phoenix that caters to adult cancer patients. All the hospitals have state-of-the-art facilities and expert oncologists and caregivers to provide patients with the highest-quality treatment and care. The CTCA has been in operation for almost 3 decades. Its headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida but it treats patients from all over the world.

As stated on Wikipedia, the CTCA’s approach to cancer treatment is what sets it apart from other cancer treatment centers as it uses the latest technology in both testing for cancer and treatment. This ensures that patients get the right diagnosis and the most effective treatment. They also provide emotional and physical support for cancer patients during treatment to make their experience more bearable.


With this innovative platform, cancer patients can receive better treatment and care as there will be no more guesswork involved in choosing treatment options. Treatment regimens will be chosen carefully with the patient’s situation in mind. Things like type of cancer, medical history, and financial background will all be taken into account when deciding which treatment regimen is the best for a particular patient.

For further information follow CTCA on Facebook.

A Look at Seattle Genetics under CEO Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics focuses on developing innovative antibody-based therapies to treat cancer. The biotechnology company is located in Bothell, Washington. It is the leading producer for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). The ADCs technology is designed to help minimize the side effects of chemotherapy since it spares non-targeted cells. The company has built a lusty corporate culture based on teamwork, mutual respect, innovation, scientific excellence and integrity. Seattle Genetics is committed to conducting and performing its business with integrity and professionalism.
The company was co-founded in 1998 by Clay B. Siegall. Clay is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board. Clay Siegall worked with the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health before co-founding Seattle Genetics. Siegall received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland. He also attended George Washington University where he earned his Ph.D. in Genetics.
Clay Siegall is a specialized in targeted cancer therapies. He led the company in securing the 2011 FDA approval and developing ADCs. The companies first ADC was ADCETRIS (brentuximabvedotin). ADCETRIS is now approved in over 60 countries worldwide. Seattle Genetics has joined many strategic licenses with Abbvie, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer and Genentech (Roche).In clinical development, Seattle Genetics’ technology is used by over 20 ADCs. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the company has secured more than $1.2 billion via private and public financing.
Seattle genetics is currently trying out Adcetris for cancer treatments. The commercialized drug is being tested against different types of Lymphomas. The company’s CEO announced that Seattle Genetics is conducting an advanced trial that uses Adcetris for the treatment of previously untreated Hodgkin lymphoma. The results of the trials are expected to have a big impact on the company. Adcetris has earned the biotechnology company over $220 million in Canadian and U.S. sales in 2015. Seattle Genetics had its first initial public offering (IPO) in 2001.

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