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How Tony Petrello Manages One Of The World’s Highest Performing Oil Drilling Companies

Working on oil drilling rigs has often been a dangerous job and one reserved for very able bodied men over the years. But the industry is now starting to incorporate more automated drilling equipment in its wells and offshore sites, and Nabors Industries has been responsible for some of these advancements. This company holds one of the world’s largest land-based rigs and deploys millions of dollars in offshore stations each year. The man with the vision behind future equipment investments at Nabors is Tony Petrello, the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the company who can be credited with the billions in revenue the company generates each year. Petrello has a long history of business dealings and his background in mathematics and law has played a big role in the way he’s run the company.

Mathematics was the first interest of Tony Petrello who didn’t have the luxury of attending private school growing up, but he was brilliant at solving math problems so much so that he earned a scholarship to Yale University. He studied the field throughout both his undergraduate and graduate years, but then he unexpectedly changed course and went into corporate law. He got his JD from Harvard and then was hired by Baker & McKenzie, a New York law firm and worked there for 13 years. Petrello’s connection with Nabors Industries originated at the firm and likely from his ability to find loopholes in the corporate tax code. He officially joined Nabors Industries as their Chief Operating Officer in 1991 and became CEO in 2011 and chairman one year later.

Tony Petrello actually topped every CEO including investment bankers and hedge fund managers in 2013 when he had a new contract drawn up that offered high bonus payments the first year it went into effect. He made $68.7 million adding his stock and equity value to his base and bonus pay. He has not repeated that year’s earnings since. Petrello has been generous with his money giving it to many charities in the Houston community. But one organization he’s been very happy to give to is the neurological research center at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Having a cure for brain disorders is important to Petrello because he’s been a father for 21 years to a daughter who was born with periventricular leukomalacia. The research institute where he currently serves as a trustee has received about $7 million in donations from him.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Replaced By Octavio de Lazari Junior After Almost Ten Years

The financial services company, Bradesco has made the news with the announcement of a new president after nearly ten years under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The way the executive team is structured, when there is a change at one position, often times there is a need to makes changes at other positions. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been with Bradesco for over 40 years now, and was appointed president in 2009.

Throughout Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s career he has gained experience working his way up to the highest position as president. From his initial job with Bradesco as a bank clerk in 1969, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has continued to learn at different levels leading to his time as president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also president of Bradesco Seguros, the insurance company of Bradesco. Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s leadership, Bradesco Seguros doubled in size, and became the largest insurer in Brazil accounting for 25% of the market share. As the president of the company Luiz Carlos Trabuco, in 2015 was named Entrepreneur of the year by Money. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, with the approval of Lazaro Brandao closed a $5.2 billion deal for HSBC. Now two years later, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is ending his presidency and Lazaro Brandao will be retiring as Chairman of Board of Directors after 27 years on the board and 75 years with the company.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco and the Bradesco team is faced with pressure from the recent acquisition of HSBC, the retirement of Mr. Brandao and the hard date to make the announcement of the new president to the Central bank before the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) meeting in March.

Octavio de Lazari Junior has been announced to become the 5th president in Bradesco’s history dating back to 1943. Octavio de Lazari Junior will be officially appointed during the AGO meeting. Octavio de Lazari Junior was vice president as of last year. With Octavio de Lazari Junior becoming the new president Carlos Alberto Rodrigues, who has been with Bradesco now since he was only 13 has been named the new vice president.

Now that Lazaro Brandao will retiring, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will become the new Chairman of the Board, and will be president also until Octavio de Lazari Junior is appointed. Bradesco has traditions in place on how transitions of power are to take place, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco states these traditions are a necessary to maintain the integrity of the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has optimism regarding the future economic situation in Brazil. The recent news about the increase in Brazil’s GDP, Luiz Carlos Trabuco feels is a positive indicator for the future credit market. Lazaro Brandao sees labor reform as the only true solution to improve the current economic challenges faced by the country. Luiz Carlos Trabuco stressed, Bradesco has full confidence in Octavio de Lazari Junior’s capacity in leading the banking conglomerate.

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Rise and Shine With Doe Deere

The cosmetic industry has taken the world by storm. Now, more than ever, beauty trends are gracing the covers of magazines everywhere. Social media news feeds are loaded with highlight and contour tutorials, and new beauty brands are born seemingly every day. In 2008, entrepreneur and makeup enthusiast, Doe Deere, introduced Lime Crime to the cosmetic industry. Known for her creativity and unique sense of style, the self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns recently sat down with Helene Vlacho if Beauty is My Attire, to share details on her morning routine.


Deere recalls the first time she discovered her love for makeup. Always a vibrant and colorful child, she often enjoyed playing dress up with her friends. She remembers having a slumber party where they decided to dress up as witches, this time, it wasn’t the dressing up that caught her attention. While playing in makeup with her friends, the young Deere became fascinated with the seemingly endless possibilities. The young and ambitious entrepreneur began her business career in grade school, when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates, using herself as a marketing tool.


At the tender age of 17, Deere left Russia and headed for the United States with her heart set on a career as a musician. Though her initial plan fell through, she reignited her love for cosmetics and ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. With such a busy schedule and eccentric sense of style, you might think her morning routine was one of many complexities, but, would you be surprised to learn that this beauty queen is a lot like most of us?


Taking heed to the age old saying “The Early Bird Gets The Worm”, Deere wakes up every morning at 8:30, without the assistance of an alarm clock. Before starting her day, Deere says she gulps down a big glass of water to help keep herself hydrated in the dry Los Angeles climate. A few stretches and a light breakfast follow, along with a few intimate moments with nature. As lead Unicorn of the Lime Crime family, Deere checks in with her team daily to ensure things are running smoothly, and personally respond to messages and emails each morning. After handling business, the magic begins! Deere says she cranks up the music during her makeup routine and often uses curling irons to style her hair into long flowing locks. She applies a little foundation, and pink or red lipstick and blush and with just a few strokes, the Queen emerges. Who would have ever thought that the Queen of Unicorns could also be the queen of beautiful simplicity? Learn more:


Troy McQuagge’s Dedication And Commitment Get Recognized

1.Who is Troy McQuagge?

Troy McQuagge is a prominent entrepreneur based in Coppell, who is gaining recognition across the world. As the CEO of USHEALTH Advisors–a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, he has proven to be a dedicated individual, due to the company’s success.

For instance, since taking office in 2010 he has made records of large profits for four consecutive years, resulting in its rise in share price by 10 times.

His educational background in Finance, from the University of Central Florida, and over 30 years’ experience in the sales, finance, and insurance sectors, are a dominant factor in steering his successful career, and more so in his performance at USHEALTH Advisors.

2.His Recognition

Troy is a crucial asset in USHEALTH, as evident from his recognitions and leadership awards. His success journey cannot be underestimated as he has served in different capacities. At the start of this journey, he served as a volunteer, a member of the Board of Directors of US Health, and President Agency Marketer, before being the president, and the CEO.

Troy’s success has not gone unrewarded as over the past, he has won several awards due to his hard work and dedication to performance. For instance, in 2016, he won the Most Innovative CEO of the Year, awarded by CEO World Awards.

Moreover, early this year, there was another triumph as One Planet, (a global premier award that honors professional entrepreneurs) recognized him as the CEO of the Year and got a Gold Award. These awards are an indication that he possesses a wide spectrum of skills, worth emulating that push the company to succeed.

3. Troy’s Leadership

Glassdoor reveals that under his leadership in the USHEALTH Group, he offers quality services to the clients, by applying and implementing his skills and knowledge of sales and insurance. Through this, the prosperity of the company can be attributed to his dedication.

Troy is also a firm believer of teamwork, this is seen by the coordination he conducts as the CEO. For instance, from his remarks after the’ CEO of the Year Award ‘, he dedicated the award to the entire company, for its commitment to providing quality services. USHEALTH Group is lucky to have Troy on board.

This is because he has created a niche for the company in the competitive market and above all, he has formulated the company’s plan, which is a key drive in making it a leading health insurance company.

4. USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is a Texas- based insurance company that sells insurance policies, to self-employed individuals and small business owners, in an effort to provide cost effective solutions to their health. Under the guidance of Troy, it has become the leading insurance company in the USA with numerous awards.

Troy’s success story is an indication that he is a definition of dedication and passion. The journey to success starts with a single step, and long the way, if you do your work whole heartedly with honesty and dedication, it will yield success that will be recognized and appreciated.

How are students at Success Academy schools taught that makes the program so successful?

If you have heard about New York City-based Success Academy, you may also have heard about how successful their programs have been. So successful, in fact, most of the 41 schools in their network now test in the 90th percentile of all schools in New York State.


Not bad for an organization that has only been in existence since 2006, and was the brainchild of one woman — CEO and founder Eva Moskowitz.


So what makes Success Academy so successful, and how are their students taught differently than children currently attending other New York City schools?


The mission of Success Academy — The mission of the Academy is to provide a high-quality education to children of color, children with special needs and those from low-income families.


To that end, the network planned a curriculum with an emphasis on reading, math and science, and with a push to teach every student critical thinking. All of this is taught in an environment that stresses hands-on education, and working in groups, rather than education via instruction from a teacher alone.


Students work in groups for most of the school day, collaborate on projects, develop their artistic talents by participating in various art projects and get an education via being involved in cultural experiences not always available in other school systems.


Success Academy also makes learning fun as they believe, if a child wants to come to school every day, they will learn faster and better. This has proven true for most of the students attending schools in their network.


Parent involvement — Success Academy also expects every parent to be involved in their child’s education. That means making sure their child arrives on time every day, and is dressed in the school uniform. It also means being involved in the school itself, from participation on a school council to being chaperones during field trips and participating in class clubs.


Future Plans — With this approach to education, Success Academy has not only improved the educational opportunities for more than 14,000 under-privileged children in New York, it is also now looking at opportunities to positively affect the lives of 40,000 more.


College Admissions: What Every High School Scholar — and Parent — Should Know

Troy McQuagge Receives Prestigious Award For Excellence


Troy McQuagge seems to be having a pretty good 2017 considering that just a month ago, he received the award for CEO of The Year by One Planet Awards. The award, which is offered to professionals in various fields – right from finance to the arts stands as a reminder of excellence and dedication to a particular field. Troy McQuagge has shown exemplary skill in the area of insurance and finance as the CEO of USHEALTH Group and was therefore awarded this prestigious award of excellence.

Being awarded this internationally recognized standard for excellence is just one of the instances showing Troy’s immense dedication to the field of finance and his company. His efforts have shaped the way USHEALTH Group functions. Under his guidance, USHEALTH Group has become one of the top health insurance providers in the United States. Troy was appointed as the CEO in 2014, and since then, the company has had an incredible turnover. Their share rate has increased by an incredible 1,092%, putting them at the forefront of all the health insurance businesses in the United States of America.

After joining the company, USHEALTH Group witnessed a complete overhaul, reshaping its workings and systems to fit the needs of its customers better. Troy rebuilt the entire company around ideas that would greatly benefit USHEALTH Group, and make it a renowned leader in the sector.

USHEALTH Group has been aiming for excellence and providing their customers with the best possible health care insurance so that they are covered in times of medical need. USHEALTH Group provides insurance policies to individuals as well as multinational corporations.

Troy believes in being a team player. Even though he has received much light for making USHEALTH Group the company it is today, Troy attributes a large part of the success of the business to his fellow employees. Troy believes, without them, he would not be able to achieve as much for the company as he has. After receiving the prestigious award, Troy mentioned that the award not only belongs to him but belongs to every member of USHEALTH Group who have worked tirelessly to make the company a success in the health insurance sector.

Troy possess incredible people skills, which is one of the primary attributes as to why he is currently receiving much-needed attention for being one of the top CEOs in America. In the past, he has been awarded numerous times for his efforts and contribution to the field of health insurance. He has been the recipient of some of the most prestigious awards in the field such as the Most Innovative CEO of the Year by CEO World Awards and the award for Sales Growth Achievement of the Year by the Stevie Awards.


Stephen P. Murray’s World of Economics

Economics is a major part of the lives of everyone on the planet, and knowing the way around them can help out a lot. All one has to do is look at the life work of one Stephen P. Murray.

Stephen P. Murray was born on August 2, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York but then moved up to North Tarrytown in the same state. He spent his high school years at Sleepy Hollow High School, before moving to pursue an education at Boston College, earning his bachelors in the field of economics in 1984.

From there he added to it with a masters degree in business administration from the Columbia Business School in 1989.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

While pursuing his educational studies, Stephen Murray took part in the credit analyst training program for a company called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation right after graduating in 1984. After he finished his master’s degree he took on a new role and joined up with the MH Equity Corporation in 1989, which involved a complex mixture of the group’s private equity division and the financing unit.

Murray used his experience in the financial field to do some business with JP Morgan Chase and Co., eventually becoming the head of their buyout business sector in 2005. A year later in 2006, Murray made his biggest business move to date, which was co-founding CCMP Capital as a spinoff of JP Morgan. CCMP was a financial equity group that was solely responsible for managing the buyout and total growth equity of its team, eventually earning the role of CEO in 2007.

CCMP had some immense success with a fundraiser last year, where they managed to raise a grand total of $3.6 billion, though the company usually invests between $100 and $500 million in equity for its consumer and industrial sectors.

In addition to being a famed and careful businessman, Stephen P. Murray was also a known philanthropist. Many of his activities included being a staunch supporter of the Make A Wish Foundation the New York Metropolitan Area, as well as also being a member of the chairman’s council. He has also served as the vice chairman on the Board of Trustees for his alma mater, Boston College.