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Securus Technologies Unlocks the Criminal Justice Ambiguities

Prisons and correctional facilities consist of persons of varied nature. Some of whom may be willing to change their wayward ways that lead to their subsequent confinement while others may want to prove their hardcore aspect by committing more crimes. Securus technology provides a powerful inmate technology that helps better manage the correctional facilities including assurance of public safety by curbing inmate on inmate crimes. These one-of-a-kind services appreciative by all stakeholders involved inmates, their friends and families and the management itself.


Securus Technologies has a heavy presence in correctional facilities in the United States enjoying lucrative contracts with the counties, states, and correctional facilities. This somewhat explains the proven performance and efficacy of their technological products they provide. Richard “Rick” Smith, the CEO periodically receives reviews about the services of Securus Technologies from their customers who ordinarily are prisons, jails, and correctional centers.


Richard Smith says that their services have been able to aid the investigation. Criminals who have been captured and arrested from their calls and voice records that have pointed out to associated persons to inmates. It has also helped bring justice, improved the management and monitoring capabilities and track down illegal activities such as drug trafficking, alcohol abuse, threats, homicide, sexual relations among others. Securus Technologies has brought the environment within and around correctional centers a safe hub and helped enforce the law.


About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an inmate telecommunications service provider in North America based in Dallas, Texas, United States. Its technological services have been applied overwhelmingly in over 2600 correctional facilities making the company expand horizontally and launch three subsidiary offices in Carrollton, Allen and Atlanta, Georgia.


Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer since 2008 and has progressively moved the company a notch higher through technological innovations and engaging in contractual obligations for the company. In his tenure, Securus Technologies has merged, acquired other companies including T-Netix and Evercom and invented the restriction to contraband cell Phones.


How We Used Securus Technologies to Find Criminals

When my team is on the hunt for a fugitive, we rely on many people to help get the suspect into custody. The more help from the public, the safer we can make the entire community. When we were told that a fugitive was in the area and he was armed and dangerous, we had to act fast. The trouble we had out of the gate with this case was the suspect had a huge network of family and friends who were hiding him from the police. Each time I reached out to his family, we were turned away.


Having no luck with his family and knowing the general public was terrified to turn him in for fear of retribution, we decided we only had one resource we could use. On our visit to the local jail, we wanted to learn all we could about the new inmate phone call monitoring system the corrections officers were using. Securus Technologies installed the system, and promised their technology is helping to make this world safer for all. Having been installed in well over two thousand prisons already, we knew this resource could help us close the gap on our fugitive.


Within hours of using the LBS software to try and uncover information about the suspect, we discovered a very unique call from an inmate who was recently arrested for burglary. He was complaining on the call that he didn’t care who was listening, and he was tired of being treated like a caged animal. He went on to say that he wanted that suspect arrested because he was the reason for his time in jail. He spilled his guts on the call about a distant cousin who had a huge property on the edge of town used for hiding fugitives. Hours later we picked up the suspect without any trouble thanks to that phone call.

ClassDojo-Expanding the Classroom

ClassDojo is an app that is enabling teachers, students, and parents to stay connected throughout the school day. The app is helping to encourage school and classroom values and is completely customizable. The app will work on any iOs, Android, Kindle Fire, or any computer and is free for teachers. ClassDojo is currently being used in 90 % of K-8 schools in the Unites States and in over 180 countries.

ClassDojo can be translated into over 35 different languages and has received many notable wasrds including the Education Innovation Award in 2011, the Innovation by Design Awards in 2016 and the 35 Most Innovative Apps of the Year in 2016, just to name a few.

ClassDojo has many ways to build the classroom culture, including with the Classroom part of the app where it is possible to choose skills and values like teamwork or creativity for example, and then feedback on progress can be shared. Classroom makes it easy to build a great classroom.

The Messages part of the app makes it possible for parents, teachers, and school leaders to message each other without having to make a bunch of phone calls. The messages can even be translated into 35 different languages. Teachers have the option to set “Quiet Hours” so that they will not be disturbed during times when they are teaching.

Stories lets pictures and videos from the school day to be shared and Class Story lets teachers share information with families. Student Stories lets students create their own story or portfolio of what they have learned during the day.

ClassDojo even has a Big Ideas area where parents and teachers an access content that will help students to further their education in social and emotional skills for their benefit. ClassDojo’s helping to bring the educational community together.

Talk Fusion: Your Life Changes Now

As they often say, there is no time like the present and that is what users of Talk Fusion are figuring out at this moment. They are seeing what Talk Fusion can do for them, and they are loving every single second of it. They are loving the video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. All of these are helping them live a better life. Bob Reina has been quoted in the past as saying he wanted to create a product that would change lives and impact lives. When Bob Reina speaks, people listen because he backs it up with his actions.

He is not all talk and no game. He means every word of what he says. With Bob Reina, people have to understand that this is a person that made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. That is the type of human being he is and that is how big his heart is. This is also a person that is giving out 30-day free trials to new customers of Talk Fusion at the moment. He is also encouraging his employees to give out Talk Fusion to charities. At each and every turn, he is giving back. Click here to know more.

It is in his blood and in his makeup. That is the way he is wired and that is the way he is built. Quite frankly, he would not have it any other way. While good things happen to good people, good things also happen to people that are talented and hard-working. Bob Reina most certainly falls into that category which is why Talk Fusion won two awards in the year 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The one for being the Communications Solutions Product of the Year award was especially special for Bob Reina. He is always going out of his way to communicate with people and make communication easier for people.

He knows that people want their lives to change now, and he wants to give that to them as soon as humanely possible. It brings him tremendous joy to see his customers succeeding using Talk Fusion.

Video Chat’s Impressive Communication and Marketing Services

Talk Fusion has been in the forefront in providing video marketing services to business owners. Its Video Chat application has won awards twice due to its cutting edge features. It offers its users video chat application that enables their communication to be streamlined and capability of building businesses. It comes with an upgraded group chats that allow the tracking of group interactions and progress, team talks, and texts.


In 2016 Video Chat won several awards that include #1 Communication App in the market globally, 2016 WebRTC of the Year, and 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. Its functionality, availability, and compatibility have continued to impress its users on a daily basis. Jeanne Edimo, who is the Independent Associate at Talk Fusion, echoed that Video Chat has gained its popularity globally in the communication platform.


The application requires no registration or sing-up for installation on any mobile device. It has also offered both the Android and Apple users a standard universal communication platform. Talk Fusion’s Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina said that it also provides a face to face conversation with anybody regardless of the device being used. The app is available on Google Play Store, and iTunes and users can download for free. It is currently the leading app used in building businesses globally. One does not have to be a member to enjoy its top notch services.


Talk Fusion’s background information

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. He is currently serving as its Chief Executive Officer. It offers video marketing services that enable one business to stand out from the rest through great marketing. It also focuses on the increase in sales as well as maintenance of customers. Its video marketing technique is more memorable, engaging and persuasive to potential clients. For more information on their services, click


Talk Fusion markets its innovative products in more than 140 countries by the help of its independent associates. It also offers a 30 day trial to its potential clients. That allows individuals to try the application before purchasing it. Talk Fusion also has charity works that focus on giving back to the community, family, friends and animals globally.