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Peter Briger A Force To Reckon In The Corporate World

Peter Briger was just any other ordinary name until one of Fortress’s investment group top dogs came in and gave it meaning. Also known as Pete, Briger is a man who needs no introduction in the corporate world because his track record already speaks volumes of him and his prowess. As the current co-chief executive and principal of the renowned asset management firm, Mr. Briger is responsible for a long string of roles under real estate and credit funds.

Peter has a team of over 300 professionals under his wing and he has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to steer his team and Fortress as whole to unparalleled heights. For instance, ever since he joined the company, he has helped expand its portfolio by a good $15 billion and under his belt, the company has accumulated millions of profits from his dexterity in investing in distressed assets.

His innovativeness has not gone unnoticed as he was even listed position 317 on Forbes list of top 400 business professionals and is a common figure in corporate publications.

Nevertheless, a look at Peter’s journey is sufficient proof that he is not on the list of people who gain their success by stealing someone’s thunder or as a result of rich parents but is on the list of people who reach the apex of success by smarting his way up. Below is the untold story of Peter Briger’s journey to success.

Peter Briger’s journey to becoming one of the best of Fortress’s

Before the world he is now, Peter attended Princeton University and graduated with a BA. His pursuit for knowledge and proficiency did not end here instead he furthered his education by attending Wharton School of Business in the University of Pennsylvania where he received his Master’s Degree in business administration. His kick-started his career at Goldman Sachs and for the next fifteen years, Peter Briger faithfully served various roles in this company.

However, what stood out the most while he was here is his expertise in investing in distressed debts and unwanted assets. Peter and his colleagues would purchase properties which no one wanted and would turn them into profitable investments and sell them away at six-figure prices. Besides Goldman, Peter also served as a leader and also as a board member of various high profile committees such as Asian real estate private equity, Asian distressed debt business, Asian management committee, Global control and compliance committee and many others.

Entry to Fortress Investment Group

Even though Peter was taking home massive returns and was already serving senior positions at Goldman Sach’s he is not one to rejoice at small wins. That is why when he got the opportunity to make a transition to Fortress Investment group in 2002, he readily embraced it and looking at his success now, it is clear that he made a good decision.

Peter’s world outside business

Besides his heavy involvement in Fortress and anything business related, Peter Briger has a soft spot and his deep involvement in philanthropic activities is sufficient proof of that. For instance, he sits on the board of Silicon Valley a foundation committed to alleviating the impact of poverty across the world. He is also on the front line of helping budding entrepreneurs from Princeton University achieve self-sufficiency by providing the financial backing that they require to remain afloat in the long run.

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Tony Petrello: Leader In Cutting Edge Oil Drilling Technology At Nabors Industries

With oil being one of the top commodities always in demand, companies are always striving to find new ways to speed up the drilling, pipeline delivery and shipping process. There never is any room to fall behind in it, and one of the world’s leading drilling contractors is Nabors Industries, a publicly-traded company based in Houston. Their success in drilling innovation and always being in the lead when it comes to strategic partnerships is because Tony Petrello has used his great acumen while serving as Chief Executive Officer. Petrello is always in the know with the company’s research and development teams, and he has the ability to solve problems and find solid agreements when it comes to closing deals.

Tony Petrello oversees the deployment of some of the largest rig systems both in land-based operations and on offshore modules. Nabors’ holdings include the M-800 and M-1000 automated rigs with advanced analytics software and drilling data gathering. They’ve also made a big acquisition which has benefited stockholders with Tesco, and there’ll be a lot more production coming as part of their upcoming partnership with Saudi Aramco. Petrello has always had a high annual base salary, but in 2013 when a new compromise with shareholders saw a contract restructuring, his total compensation reached $68 million, the highest any CEO received that year.

Tony Petrello made his connections to get where he is today at Nabors Industries through an outstanding job as a lawyer who represented the company among other clients at Baker & McKenzie. His law practice was preceded by studying advanced math for several years at Yale University. Most of his fellow students there thought he would become a professional mathematician, but something about corporate and finance law caught his interest, so he got his JD at Harvard and spent 13 years in the field. Petrello had become managing partner of Baker & McKenzie before leaving for Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello is perhaps even more dedicated to philanthropy as he is his career. His life was changed when his daughter Carena was born because she had a rare brain problem that has affected her life permanently. She has cerebral palsy and Tony and his wife Cynthia have gone through difficult times accepting that she won’t have the same privileges other children have had. But they both love Carena and they both decided they could take their hardship and turn it into passion to do good. That passion is giving to the Texas Children’s Hospital where professionals at a neurological research center are at work possibly finding a cure for cerebral palsy at this very moment. Petrello has given TCH’s health foundation $7 million.

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How Tony Petrello Manages One Of The World’s Highest Performing Oil Drilling Companies

Working on oil drilling rigs has often been a dangerous job and one reserved for very able bodied men over the years. But the industry is now starting to incorporate more automated drilling equipment in its wells and offshore sites, and Nabors Industries has been responsible for some of these advancements. This company holds one of the world’s largest land-based rigs and deploys millions of dollars in offshore stations each year. The man with the vision behind future equipment investments at Nabors is Tony Petrello, the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the company who can be credited with the billions in revenue the company generates each year. Petrello has a long history of business dealings and his background in mathematics and law has played a big role in the way he’s run the company.

Mathematics was the first interest of Tony Petrello who didn’t have the luxury of attending private school growing up, but he was brilliant at solving math problems so much so that he earned a scholarship to Yale University. He studied the field throughout both his undergraduate and graduate years, but then he unexpectedly changed course and went into corporate law. He got his JD from Harvard and then was hired by Baker & McKenzie, a New York law firm and worked there for 13 years. Petrello’s connection with Nabors Industries originated at the firm and likely from his ability to find loopholes in the corporate tax code. He officially joined Nabors Industries as their Chief Operating Officer in 1991 and became CEO in 2011 and chairman one year later.

Tony Petrello actually topped every CEO including investment bankers and hedge fund managers in 2013 when he had a new contract drawn up that offered high bonus payments the first year it went into effect. He made $68.7 million adding his stock and equity value to his base and bonus pay. He has not repeated that year’s earnings since. Petrello has been generous with his money giving it to many charities in the Houston community. But one organization he’s been very happy to give to is the neurological research center at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Having a cure for brain disorders is important to Petrello because he’s been a father for 21 years to a daughter who was born with periventricular leukomalacia. The research institute where he currently serves as a trustee has received about $7 million in donations from him.

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The Outstanding Growth Of OSI Industries In Food Processing

The Outstanding growth of OSI Industries in Food Processing
OSI Industries is an American food processing company. It supplies high quality food products across the States. Its products are among the best globally. It is a privately owned corporation. The company has maintained a highly organized chain in the food industry, from processing to distribution. Their organization enables them to deliver high-quality products to their consumer and at the required time.

The company has numerous offices spread over the globe. It has approximately 20,000 members of staff. The company focusses primarily on providing high-quality products and services to its consumers. It also ensures that its services are accessible to all its consumers anywhere in the world.

Baho Food is a meat processing firm. It is a Dutch Based Corporation. OSI Industries has recently acquired this company. The acquisition has indeed accessorized the efficiency of both Baho Foods and OSI Industries. It has created better access of the European markets to the OSI Industries. Similarly, OSI Industries’ great consumer- supplier relationships have greatly complemented Baho Foods’ achievements. Both the management team of Baho Food and the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI industries expressed their excitement about working together to achieve higher goals and produce better quality products.

Far from Baho Foods, OSI Industries is also working together with a food processing company known as Flagship Europe. This company majorly supplies sauces, mayonnaise, and dressings. They as well provide poultry produce. The purchase has enabled Flagship Europe to access more resources than they used to. It as well allows Flagship Europe to strengthen its influence in the international markets. Similar to Baho Food, Acquisition of Flagship Europe was a strategy to expand OSI Industries’ European influence. Flagship Europe’s line of products has also greatly supplemented OSI Industries’ product provision.

OSI Industries have as well bought up Tyson Food Plant. This is a food processing facility and warehouse located in Chicago. The plant was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. The plant enabled OSI industries to meet its consumers’ increasing demands. The term of exchange of this facility between Tyson Foods and OSI Industries was not released to the public. Unfortunately, the plant was closed in late 2015.

OSI Industries has provided exemplary services. They have also received honors in recognition to their environmental and health control. They were awarded the Globe of Honor Award in 2016. The award was given to them by the British Safety Council.

The OSI Industries s ranked among the top 100 food industries in the United States. This is because of its constant growth and innovations. Their exceptional service provision is also a major contributing factor to their position in the state.

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David McDonald And The International Expansion Of The OSI Group

In the three decades Iowa native David McDonald has been working with the OSI Group, the company has made some key acquisitions and grown tremendously. When McDonald was hired by the company in 1987, the OSI Group was in the early stages of transforming itself into a major force in the international food processing industry. When Sheldon Lavin took over Illinois based Otto & Sons in the early 1980s and changed its name to the OSI Group, the company was primarily known as a regional meat processor. It supplied McDonald’s with beef patties and provided supermarkets and restaurant with quality cuts of meats. But that would soon change and David McDonald played a major role.

A brilliant student at Iowa State University, David McDonald graduated with a degree in animal science. He also won the school’s Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. But McDonald had many other talents as well. Having grown up on a farm, he gained unique insights into food processing. Plus, he had excellent communications and technical skills that would prove to be a valuable asset to the company. Hired as an entry-level project manager, David McDonald has used his diverse skillset to help the company make crucial inroads into lucrative markets around the world. His excellent work has led the company to promote him to president and Chief Operating Officer.

Since David McDonald joined the OSI Group the company has built 10 processing plants in China, expanded into India, Australia, South and Central America and established a presence in Europe. To increase their European customer base, McDonald helped the company acquire Netherlands based Baho Foods and UK based Flagship Europe. He also helped the OSI Group increase its production and processing capacity in the United States by acquiring a 200,000 square foot former Tyson Foods processing plant located in Chicago and used innovation and acquisition to expand pork, chicken and beef production capacity in the Philippines and Spain.

Some of the responsibilities David McDonald has at the OSI Group include negotiating with suppliers and governmental agencies in foreign countries and helping to create products to meet the culturally sensitive tastes of the company’s growing global customer base. He’s also the person they call on to handle technical infrastructure issues. David McDonald has helped to dramatically expand the portfolio of products and brands the company offers and has helped to make its global expansion efforts very successful.

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OSI Industries Focus On Safety And Production Is Making Them A Dominant Force In The Meat Industry

OSI Industries — a privately held company — is a meat processing company based in Aurora, IL. OSI is a major player in the meat processing market. They supply food too many restaurants and food service providers globally. With a global supply of factories, and a strong presence in the United States, Asia, and Europe, OSI has set itself up as a recognizable name for food service providers.

Why exactly is OSI Industries a Top 100 Food Company? To understand how OSI has become so dominant it’s important to think about how OSI runs its business. OSI is dominant because it expands aggressively and focuses on employee satisfaction, a move that they believe leads to customer satisfaction. OSI has recreational rooms in every factory as well as up-to-date security standards for all employees under their branch.

OSI Industries received the Globe of Honor for Safety by the British Council. This award proves not only to the employees of OSI but to the world that OSI is dedicated to safety in their factories. Not only does OSI have 5 stars from the British Safety Council, they are now one of the companies that are considered the safest companies in the world.

OSI’s focus on employee satisfaction isn’t just in Britain. OSI has factories globally. All of them are equipped to handle the massive amount of orders that OSI has to undertake each year. A number which is growing rapidly. OSI has been creating infrastructure upgrades to keep up with the demand. This year alone there have been two key upgrades coming from OSI that have seen them remain, not only competitive but dominant in their industry.

In Toledo, Spain OSI recently doubled the production of one of their major chicken factories. The factory, which now produces 24,000 tons of chicken a year, is in an important strategic area for OSI. Spain loves chicken. With a yearly increase in chicken consumption in Spain, the upgrade was almost a necessity for OSI.

In America, OSI recently purchased a Tyson food plant in Chicago. This purchase will add another factory to their Chicago factory lineup. This lineup, which is already stacked with factories, is helping OSI meet America’s gigantic demand for meat. A demand which is nearly impossible to satiate.

OSI is remaining competitive in their industry by focusing on safety, production, and their customers overall need. With safety as a backbone of OSI’s infrastructure, OSI is a powerful force in the meat processing business.

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Fortress Investment Group Produces Excellent Returns In Private Equity

Fortress Investment Group produces excellent returns in their private equity portfolios by providing their clients with extremely profitable returns on investment. Fortress Investment Group began operations in 1998 as a private equity firm and quickly became one of the most respected diversified investment managers in the world. In fact, it provides powerful returns for over 1500 private clients and institutional investors around the globe. With the high level of expertise and knowledge management and the experience, they have expertise in a diversified investment range including liquid markets, credit private equity, traditional asset management, and various other asset classes.

Fortress Investment Group currently manages over 43.6 billion dollars in assets as of the end of fiscal 2017 and it’s providing long-term extremely high returns for his clients and other institutional investors. Fortress Investment Group has its headquarters in New York City New York and various other offices around the globe to provide key insight and invaluable information on investment opportunities from around the globe. In particular, Fortress focuses on general buyout and sector-specific funds in order to generate high levels of positive cash flow on a multitude of private equity investment opportunities. By generating a safe reliable source of positive cash flow and high rates of return on investment Fortress Investment Group is establishing the foundation for profitable success that creates windfalls for the firm and its clients with minimal risk exposure. The private equity portfolios at Fortress are primarily based in North America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean. with extremely knowledgeable management and staff.

Fortress provides key evaluation and analysis of various areas within the investment arena and creates stable opportunities for profitable growth for his clients. By providing a platform that is regulated and meets all institutional and government requirements, Fortress Investment Group creates opportunities for successful and secure returns. They invest in permanent capital vehicles as well such as real estate, infrastructure, media related assets, and transportation. By investing in these long-term asset categories with a wide variety of investment assets to generate a well-diversified portfolio within the firm. Also, credit private equity Investments are included in their diversified portfolio including distressed, undervalue assets, intangible assets and various other intangible assets as well.

Furthermore, Fortress invests in credit hedge funds as well which in compass distressed assets and opportunistic lending situations that generate high levels of return on initial investment. Providing a wide variety of asset classes to invest in, Fortress Investment Group has established a truly remarkable diversified portfolio for Investments that is generating high levels of return and establishing the company as a leader in the investment management industry. Fortress is one of the leading private equity firms within the industry and has become a powerhouse for profitable returns on investment and positioning the company as a blueprint for success within a diversified investment firm.

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Aloha Construction – Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and surrounding area home owners couldn’t be any more privileged than to have the opportunity to receive the quality home improvement services of Aloha Construction. With the talented team of technicians who provides their unique and signature services of the most diverse options of roofing and siding, consumers have been nothing short of adequately receiving satisfactory home replacements and repairs that has definitely changed their home’s curb appeal to a more remarkable presence, decreased their heating and cooling cost by up to a staggering 70% and has extensively increased the precious comfort of the home by keeping those unwanted weather variations (cold, hot, rain,etc.) from entering. Consumers have been completely pleased over the years, spreading the word, allowing their wonderful neighbors to experience the satisfaction of hiring Aloha Construction as well.

Curb appeal is a really important factor to a neighborhood. We spend hard earned money to live in our neighborhoods of choice and we deserve to drive through our neighborhoods and see well maintained homes. Siding and roofing can take a hit over the course of seasons, it’s normal, and repairs and replacements in many cases are apart of the deal when owning a home. When we see horrific siding and roofing on a home, we can get quite disgusted and if the home owners association doesn’t get to them, your neighbors will. But, with a regular scheduled upkeep, you do not have to worry about anyone coming after you.

Aloha Construction provides extremely exceptional siding and roofing services at very reasonable prices that are sometimes too good to be true for the level of work completed. Employees go through meticulous home improvement training to ensure that home improvement outcomes are as close to perfection as possible. Vinyl is Aloha Construction’s material of recommendation for siding as it requires little effort to upkeep. Aloha Construction will be more than happy to provide repairs and replacements for other popular materials as well, such as: aluminum, fiber cement, hardee board, wood, face brick and stucco. Call today for a free inspection and get a quote on our services for your current condition.

Keep your home aesthetically remarkable through new and improved siding and roofing. With doing so, you do not only improve the curb appeal, but you save on heating and cooling costs as well. Who wouldn’t like to save money over the course of their home ownership? Call Aloha Construction today. Gutter services are also available as well.

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Five Reasons To Start With Market America

The employment world is changing rapidly, and people are starting to grab hold of their own destinies. Entrepreneurship and self-employment are on the rise for many reasons. If you’re thinking about growing your own personal economy, you may want to consider delving into the potential gold mine at Market America. Here’s why:

Startup Costs Are Low

One of the biggest pluses of starting a venture with Market America is that the startup costs are low. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars to start up a franchise, you can have access to crucial resources for nominal fee. The amount may be as inexpensive as a cup of coffee.

Numerous Potential Markets

The products that Market America advertises are from various industries. Thus, you can offer your potential clients a broad range of products and services. You aren’t restricted to just one like you would be if you owned a franchise.

Strong Support Team

Many people who have started partnerships with company have raved about the support that they get from it. You can become a distributor, and you won’t have to learn how to be a web designer. You’ll receive a website that you can use to showcase what you have to offer.

Tools at Your Fingertips

As mentioned before, you’ll have a website and a dashboard. You’ll also receive the blueprint for your success. The company will provide you with all of the marketing materials that you will need, as well. It’s a non-stressful endeavor that you’ll love.

Endless Overall Potential

Finally, the main reason to take a chance with this company is that there is endless potential for you. The income that you can make through this venture can keep your head above water for a very long time.

Now you can make an informed decision about whether or not you proceed with Market America. Many distributors have found success and claim that they have never been happier or more stable in their business endeavors. You may want to follow suit and jump on board.

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The New Wave of Learning: Talk Fusion University.

A network marketing company named Talk Fusion has released a series of training videos for associates as well as employees. It is called “Talk Fusion University”.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 and offers a wide variety of Video Email services. The services are marketed person to person. The company has associates in all fifty states and around the world as well.

The company’s founder and CEO Bob Reina has constructed a system of videos that employees and associates can use in order to improve business. Reina was introduced to network marketing also known as direct selling in order to find his niche and succeed in life. Reina developed this four step method in order to become a top seller in the industry.

The over 30 training videos feature Bob Reina explaining in detail and taking associates step by step on how to become one of the top earners in the network marketing industry. Bob Reina has the experience to back it up. He is trying to give back to his employees to be the best that they can be.

Reina wants his employees to go from “ordinary” to “extraordinary”. His core mission is to give back to the people that made him a success. The videos are in English and Bahasa and will be available in other languages soon. They will soon be translated into French, German, Chinese, and Spanish as well as other languages around the world.

Giving back has been the core principle of Bob Reina and Talk Fusion University. Now it will be available to associates and employees around the world. For more information, check out this link: