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Understand How White Shark Media Can Impact The Growth Of Your Business

Every individual wants to have perfect means of managing their ventures but due to a variety of challenges and sometimes lack of vital skills, most businesses are forced to hire experts like White Shark Media. One of the nightmares that determines the development of a business is marketing, which can be effectively handled with the right strategies in place. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has since 2011 established a service that supports small businesses that are looking for reliable and affordable marketing services. The company offers different marketing services ranging from SEM marketing to AdWords management.


Before proposing a marketing plan, White Shark Media reviews the business to ensure the ideas embraced are perfectly in line with the needs of the business. The company also considers the niche and concentration before implementing a process to market products for a business. Considering White Shark Media was established with small businesses in mind, it offers better tools for upcoming businesses to handle their marketing challenges. The rates are also reasonable and within reach for many small entities. Most importantly, White Shark Media was listed by Google as one of their partners in the Premier SMB program, which means the presence of better tools for SEM and AdWords management.


Enjoy free call tracking

White Shark Media offers a number of services for free to clients. One of the services that is available free of charge is call tracking, which is useful when pursuing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. One of the reasons the company offers this service for free is because they realized many clients did not see the need of using the feature, which is in fact very useful in managing marketing. To prove the seriousness of the company to offering valuable service, White Shark Media chose to absorb the cost of managing call tracking services.


Discover effective SEM strategies

Another benefit businesses enjoy working with White Shark Media is the ability to discover the effectiveness of the SEM strategies offered by the company. Through their SEM plans, one can learn why it is vital to include SEM management in their marketing campaign as well as the best way to have such a plan included in the management of the business. This allows the client to come up with a marketing strategy that suits the business and one that is tailored to offer long term results.



Darius Fisher Makes His Company Proud

PRWeek is the top publication for the marketing and public relations industry. PRWeek has held this distinction for many years. The publication is going to hold its vaunted distinction for years to come. So, when PRWeek chooses to honor someone with an award, the individual really is someone who contributes greatly to the industry. Darius Fisher is one such person. He has been named to the publication Innovation 50 list, a prestigious list to be sure.

The Innovation 50 is a compilation of those PRWeek believes have done a wonderfully innovative job in the field of digital marketing. There is a tremendous amount of room for creativity in the profession of digital marketing, and only a small number of people are able to be truly creative and forward-thinking. Darius Fisher is definitely one such person. He has figured out the successful formula for using digital marketing as a vehicle for repairing a harmed online reputation.

With the search engines and social media as powerful as they are, news travels very fast. For better or for worse, news ends up hanging around on the internet for ages. A bad review, legal hassles, and document dumps do not just disappear. As Darius Fisher points out in interviews constantly, unless decisive steps are taken to address highly-negative search engine results, the results haunt their subject for a long time.

In co-founding Status Labs, Fisher came up with a great business model to help people dealing with online reputation catastrophes. Good, sound principles of modern marketing, public relations, and social media management are utilized to fix things. Currently, Fisher serves as the president of Status Labs, and the successful company is growing. 1,500+ clients in roughly 35 countries have called on Status Labs for help.

And help they did receive. The work performed by Status Labs was very deliberate and targeted. The guidance of Darius Fisher factors into the way Status Labs performs its tasks.