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Taser Technology: The Eel Had It First

Recent experiments on Amazonian electric eels conducted by Vanderbilt University have uncovered the incredible similarity between the eel’s electrical shock mechanism and that of a modern taser gun. The study, conducted over a nine-month period, not only revealed great similarity between the eel’s natural shocking abilities and a taser, but it also proved the eel’s equipment to be far superior to that possessed by man.

In a gigantic aquarium, the voltage levels of the electric signals sent out by several large eels were measured. Additionally, high-speed cameras, which run at 1,000 frames a second, captured detailed imagery of the eel’s hunting techniques. The eels were found to track prey with low-voltage waves, stun them with doublets or triplets of medium-strength waves, and finish them off with a volley of high-voltage waves. It only took a tenth of a second for an eel to strike its victim, and fish were completely paralyzed within four milliseconds of being struck.

Further experimentation found that the eel overwhelms the nerves of its victims rather than directly affecting their muscles. This is just what a taser gun does. The taser shoots out 19 pulses a second, but the eel delivers about 400 pulses in that same amount of time. The taser only causes a portion of the muscles in the body of a target to contract, but the eel’s rays make every single muscle of a fish contract within a split second. Once again, nature had it first, and nature had it better. Now, back to doing my QNet Christmas shopping!

Technology At Odds With Profits?

The GOP’s plan to attack the science behind human contribution to climate change would be a mistake. Using their majority to challenge scientific evidence could bolster the thought the GOP is more focused on the interests of big business, then in the future of our children. The changing climate is all part of the Earths’ natural cycle, and human excess is a contributing factor. Instead of attacking science, finding alternate methods to produce energy seems to be a better focus point. Why are we still using combustible engines to travel? Why are we burning coal and utilizing nuclear power for electricity?

The only reasonable explanation is that new technology is at odds with old profits. The lobby for the oil industry is so large that it squashes any attempt to move us away from burning fossil fuels. Why would we allow leaking nuclear plants to continue operating? The answer is old industry is preventing new technology from sprouting. Big thanks to friend of the site Keith Mann for contributing information.

In the end any attempt to claim humans aren’t contributing to climate change is irresponsible. The GOP’s plan to attack science in the name of jobs and economic prosperity is turning a blind eye to the future. The upcoming generations understand that their future lies in renewable energy sources. With all the Progressivism bordering on Socialism looming in the country, it would be a shame for Conservatives to waste their new found majority on debating science.

Electricity Produced from Jet Fuel at Room Temperature

Researchers at the University of Utah have accomplished the heretofore elusive feat of producing electricity from jet fuel at room temperature. The production of electricity from jet propellant-8 in a fuel cell had been done previously, but only with inorganic catalysts at an operating temperature of several hundred degrees. By using enzymes (biological catalysts) the reaction temperature was greatly lowered.

The University of Utah researchers of Alexei Beltyukov and his team have hopes that the enzymatic fuel cell can be commercially developed for portable electronics, off grid power, and other uses.

I have to wonder if this technology could be used to power medical implants. The room temperature operation and the high energy density of hydrocarbon fuels would be very desirable for this purpose. It would be crucial to make sure that the fuel could not escape into the patients system, of course.

We also can speculate that this technology in some form could generate energy from petroleum contaminated soils while achieving some level of bioremediation. Perhaps energy could be produced from oil sands without the expense of heating it to release the oil.