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Jason Hope and SENS Foundation on reversing the aging process

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist has a new calling in his life; he has a mission of reversing the aging process. The aging process is one of the most challenging aspects of humanity that has plagued most of the medical experts. Since Jason Hope is familiar with the struggles to get the “fountain of youth,” he has managed to fund some of the programs in different organizations to come up with this elixir of life.

One of the foundations that Jason Hope is funding is SENS Foundation. SENS Foundation is an organization that is focused on coming up with new ways of preventing and treating diseases; it is also focused on finding ways to improve our day to day lives. In the organization, the biotech lab facility studies living organisms in order to come with new products that will help improve our lives. It does not stop there, the biotech division also works on ways to improve the farming methods to increase the production of quality food products, and enhance the current curative drugs that help to fight diseases.

SENS Foundation was formed in March 2009 and it is known for researching ways of countering the aging process. It is working its way to educating the public on their opinion on the revolution that is about to happen. In its mission, SENS Foundation is looking at transforming the way research is done and the way treatments of aging are handled.

SENS’ mission is around repairing the body cells of an individual to prevent the aging effects. This is a separate approach different from the general research on illnesses, but focusing more on the root causes of the disease at the basic level.

What Jason Hope also likes about SENS Foundation is that the foundation also funds promising research that is different from their own in different organizations and institutions. Some of the institutions that SENS Foundation is funding include Havard, University of Arizona, Cambridge and Yale.

Additionally, SENS foundation also has an outreach program to donors, influencers, politicians and volunteers through conferences and events that are planned to raise awareness about the work that they are doing, and how it is going to impact the society at large. Jason Hope cannot be more happy with the organizations he is funding. Jason hope’s that he is going to find the cure for aging really soon, its just a matter of time before we get wind of something.

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RealReal: Perfecting the Pop-up Shop Experience in Digital First Brands

Amazing things are on the horizon for RealReal and digital-first brands. Starting to incorporate the pop-up shop concept as an introduction to its digital online presence while driving up sales in both markets. This is an untapped concept for digital-first brands. For RealReal, offering authenticated high-end designer goodies at deep discounts off retail prices this concept is a bulls-eye. It’s not only the excited fast-paced atmosphere of the pop-up shop, the cafe at one location or the flower shop at another that’s at work here drawing the consumers to RealReal pop-up shops. It’s the reputation of authentication and the expertise of its staff. Touting heavily vetted staff with backgrounds at Sotheby’s and Gucci. It’s this kind of internal clockwork going on behind RealReal that builds a name among its buyers and sellers and sets them apart from other online resellers.

Some RealReal pop-up shops around the New York City area treated its VIP customers to an array of events and workshops to be better-informed buyers. Drawing from an overflowing bank of fashion-conscious consumers hungry for luxury at a more manageable price point and familiarizing them in pop-up shop 101. This idea comes with the added bonus of making a connection to RealReal long after the pop-up shop is gone. They’ve seen an increase in buyers from some cities where pop-up shops were held. Consignors are also benefiting from the pop-up shop explosions by getting quotes on items from highly knowledgeable staff and the option to drop these items off to be sold online. After all, the sellers are an integral part of this unique blueprint. RealReal will even have sales associates in the field doing closet clean out requests making it even easier for the consignor.

RealReal has had phenomenal success but they are not resting on their laurels. Very much on the contrary, they are feeling a sense of urgency and the constant need to separate themselves from the pack through innovative ideas. Nearly half of its gross merchandise value is expected to come from mobile sales, which in itself is not new but the way RealReal does it is revolutionary. The difference is in their authentication process where RealReal actually takes possession of the luxury item during the consignment period ensuring not only its authenticity but its quality as well. This builds trust with the consumer and a reputation as a fair and transparent business.

IDLife Improves Service Delivery through Partnership with Garmin

Individually Designed Life, IDLife, is a health and wellness company that focuses on offering personalized nutritional solutions. The company is founded under the principal that every person has his unique nutritional needs. This understanding helps them provide you with a customized nutritional program that helps you lead a healthy life. Joining IDLife is simple as all you have to do is go to their website and fill in a confidential self-assessment health form. The details you provide are used to create an individualized vitamin program with scientifically approved supplement recommendations.

IDLife Formation and Products

IDLife was founded in 2014 by Logan Stout who is also the company’s CEO. Logan has massive experience in entrepreneurship. Being a former athlete, Stout perfectly understands the need for leading a healthy lifestyle and has knowledge on the right nutrition to help one stay fit.

The company specializes in providing skin care products that are formulated to provide anti-aging defense hence leaving you with a younger and healthy looking skin. They have products designed for kids to ensure that your child achieves optimal health while growing up. The company also has products for appetite control, sleep improvement, energy shot, IDLife shake, and nutrition.

Partnership with Garmin

In June, IDLife added a new menu in their site where you can now purchase Garmin’s Vivo trackers directly from their site. This came after the two companies, IDLife and Garmin, partnered to offer better services to their clients. Garmin is a technology based company that specializes in devices for improving healthy and active lifestyle such as wearable fitness trackers.

The partnership makes a lot of sense since the two companies have a mission of seeing people improve their lifestyles. Everyone who has an IDLife application can synchronize data from the wearable fitness tracker with the app. In addition, the partnership has made it easy for the two companies to reach more people and help them lead happy and healthy lives. Customers from the two companies will benefit from technologically advanced fitness equipment from Garmin to help track their workouts. They will also have access to top in line supplements to cater for their nutritional needs.

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Successful Entrepreneur Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is a prominent business person and serves as a member of the board of directors at Falci Adaptive Biosystems. FAB is a privately owned non-profit organization with the core goal of helping individuals with neuromotor disabilities interact and control their surroundings. Matthew is an experienced leader in the business community at Colorado. Besides, he has served several other leadership roles at Denver Zoological Foundation and a chair at Denver Hospice. For the record, Matthew worked for 25 years in the financial industry, particularly as the president to a chartered national financial institution.

Matthew Autterson earned a B.A in Finance from Michigan State University in 1980. He also enrolled in Denver Graduate Tax Program. Early in his career, Matthew worked at First Trust Corporation, Fiserv. In 1982, he decided to join a small team of chartered trust company a subsidiary of New York-based financial services company Integrated Resources, Inc. Matthew became the president at Resources Trust Company in 1986. This company was later acquired by Broad Inc. and gradually resulted to SunAmerica, Inc. In 1998, SunAmerica was later acquired by AIG for $18 billion.

Matthew now serves as the president, board member, and chief executive officer at CNS Bioscience, Inc. This company was first established by Scott Falci, M.D in 2013 as a clinical-stage drug development company with a primary goal of managing neuropathic pain. Koelbel recognized Matthew for his key financial industry connections that resulted in a range financial sponsorships at Resource Trust, these include; $50,000 title sponsors, several $3,000 corporate sponsors, seven $7,000 benefactor sponsors and six $15,000 premier sponsors.

Matthew’s exceptional roles at FAB overly represents his philanthropic interests coupled with his long service as a leader. Falci Adaptive Biosystems is majorly interested and focused on providing modernized, comprehensive, and advanced solutions to its clients. This has progressively been achieved through various human-machine interfaces derived from technology. These interfaces are of particular importance in helping physically disabled people to get access to medical aid. Falci Adaptive Biosystems was first established as a non-profit organization by the chief neurosurgeon at Craig Hospital, Dr. Scott Falci. FAB company does not trade its stock publicly.

In summary, Matthew Autterson is a successful business person and an entrepreneur with an overwhelming experience in leadership and management of neuromotor disabilities. His current philanthropic interests are deeply rooted in his top managerial role at Colorado business community. Hitherto, Matthew has been resourceful to many people interested in financial portfolios, investments, and profitability.

Rick Smith-The Mind Behind Securus Success

Rick Smith was announced as the CEO of Securus on June 23, 2008.The Company was formed by two leading corrections market industries (Evercom and T-Netix) .The merging of the two industrial enterprises happened on September 2004. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, Securus Company has shot to the leading correction in market.The unwavering patience in their customer services as well as development projects of the company, which has rendered it the lead in architecture due to its high level of innovation. It is evident that Rick Smith is the ideal CEO for the company.

Besides being a good leader, Rick Smith has a rich academic background and experience in the field. Rick has a BSc in Electric engineering, masters in mathematics and an MBA. With this qualifications, Rick has worked in several companies in his career life before landing to Securus. He has a good review from each institution that he worked for in the past. Rick Smith raised the revenue of Eschelon Telcom to $350million from $30million in his nine years as its CEO. He also developed EBITDA to $80 million which is a CAGR of 48%. It is this vast experience that Rick has that led to his endorsement as the CEO of Securus.

Securus technology is a profit making organization that collaborates with the prison administration in the provision of the penitentiary technology. The firm focuses on using its technology on protecting the society. Currently, the company is specializing in both criminal and civil technology. Technically, Rick leads the company towards creating technology that helps in reducing the level of crimes both in the outside world as well as in the cells of the inmates.

Through Securus Company, CEO commits to ensure that he provides technology that simplifies and improves prisons performances. The technology also takes care of the prisoners needs by ensuring there can communicate with their relatives in friends. Provision of this kind of technology to the prisoners could adversely affect the system if the technology were misused. Rick, therefore, takes a precaution by coding the inmate’s equipment by confining them to specific tasks only. This is to ensure that the convicts do not employ Securus technology for other purposes other than the intended purpose.

On the brighter side, Securus technology has added a little comfort to the inmates by giving them a chance to make both visual and voice calls to their special ones. The communication cement the relationship between the detainees and their families, making the reunion easier after their release. Being locked up behind bars for years could lead to confusion after being released; to ensure that this doesn’t happen, Securus Company has embedded an email setup in the devices, where the inmates can see and follow the developments of the outside world.

Jason Hope Points to Tech Gadgets Under the IoT

Jason Hope has been one of the loudest advocates for the Internet of Things and it seems like all of his praise is starting to pay off. The Internet of Things is one of the more interesting and enterprising technological concepts and it definitely is worth paying attention to. The Internet of Things refers to the way we interact with gadgets that are connected to the internet. There are obviously some serious entertainment applications that can be developed under this idea but there are also even more important aspects to pay attention to that could be life changing, as well.We’ll start by talking about some key gadgets that are hitting the market that Jason Hope seems to be fond of. Hope himself is an investor, entrepreneur, and acclaimed futurist. When he pays attention to a technology or to a product it is typically for very good reason. Hope points out a few key devices that are hitting the market that could find serious success and lead toward some more positive introspection of the Internet of Things.

The first gadget that Hope is paying attention to comes to us by way of Under Armour. Under Armour is one of the largest athletic apparel brands in the world and when they sink their teeth into a concept it is usually a good sign for that concept. Under Armour is developing a pair of athletic shoes called the SpeedForm Gemini 2 that directly interface with your smart phone in order to track your vitals, route your path, and improve your physical performance. This has huge application reach to professional sports.

The most interesting tech gadget that Hope points to comes in an ice tray and no we aren’t joking. Jason Hope points to the Smart Ice Cubes that work to monitor your alcohol intake. These cubes sit in your drink and monitor the amount of times you’ve refilled your glass. The cubes change colors based on how much you have drank and if you hit a dangerous amount an alert is sent out to a programmed contact telling them that you might need a ride. Visit his Facebook page :


Eric Pulier’s Secret to Get Investors

A tech startup has many different layers to it. There are a variety of things that must be put into place before a startup can be successfully launched. This is why people need to do some research before trying to get involved in a startup project. One of the most difficult aspects of launching a startup is to get people to believe in your idea enough to invest money into it. Eric Pulier found this out the hard way when he was fresh out of college. He had just graduated from Harvard with a degree in English literature. He had learned about the startup business from some of his fellow students. He wanted to launch his own startup. However, he quickly found this was much easier said than done.


A startup is not going anywhere without the proper financial backing. This means you need to find investors. Only a fool finances a startup with his own money. You need to get other people to give you money. This is a very hard thing to do even when the economy is good. Eric Pulier got quite a few rejections when he was just starting out and nobody knew who he was. However, he kept notes about all of his meetings with investors. He used this as a tool that would allow him to determine what went wrong so he could correct it in the future.


Eric Pulier discovered that investors like enthusiasm during a pitch meeting. They will not be excited about your startup unless you are excited about it. He also found that investors responded to demonstrations of what the startup would do. They liked to see projections about potential profitability for the next several years. This would allow them to weigh the overall risk to their investment. Having a professional presentation is important. Graphics and charts are also helpful tools that can illustrate that the startup is not something you through together overnight. Eric realized that more professional presentations got more investors to agree to commit money to the project. This was true regardless of the startup’s concept. Investors value professionalism over almost everything else.