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Fabletics: An Example of When and How To Expand

When looking into starting a business, there are plenty of factors to think about for a successful run. Among the factors is figuring out whether or not to build physical locations. If the decision is to build physical locations, then people need to work out when to build these locations. One example of taking these steps is Fabletics, one of the most innovative and successful active wear brands. Many customers have discovered this retailer and have made it their main source of new active wear clothing. They have been amazed and impressed by the designs.


One of the most important factors to the success of Fabletics is its organization. The founders and leaders of the brand have made sure that they are not taking on too much at once. They have broken down all of their tasks into phases. As they worked on the phases, they have decided whether or not to move forward with the next phase. The merchandise, customer service, and business was handled before moving to the possible next phase which was opening up brick and mortar locations. Their location opening has turned out to be one of the most successful transitions for the athleisure brand.


Kate Hudson and the other leaders of Fabletics have waited until they were sure that the brick and mortar move was going to be a successful transition. When they have decided to open up doors to physical areas, they had already gained close to 1 million subscribers. This convinced them that opening up a brick and mortar store would be a good move. After all, Fabletics worked in the fashion industry. With fashion, customers are going to want to make sure that the items they get are going to fit them. This would involve fitting rooms among other aspects of clothes shopping. Kate Hudson did not want to drop traditional shopping completely. She was aware of where more customers were going.


When Fabletics has expanded, the brand has looked at all of the markets to find the best markets to open in. Of course there were plenty of factors they were looking at. Among the factors were the size of the market, where there subscribers lived and some other factors. Given that their store openings were a success, they have exercised their wisdom in moving forward with their goals. Fabletics is one of the brands that entrepreneurs can learn from if they want to build a business that is constantly growing.

How Fabletics Is Redefining The Integrated Shopping Experience

As notes competing in a marketplace like online retail fashion where ecommerce pioneer and giant Amazon is winning big is no easy task. Even so, according to business writer Paul Armstrong, that is exactly what the women’s athleisure company Fabletics and its savvy team of co-founders that includes actress Kate Hudson is managing to do. Fabletics appears to be mastering implementing the right mix of digital shopping experience, branding, personalization and offline shopping experience.


It does this by using a business model that is more common place among online companies that are in the entertainment space like Netflix and Hulu than it is among e commerce retail companies. That business model is known as the subscription. The subscription model has allowed the company to start opening brick-and-mortar stores that complement its digital offerings rather than compete with them. With the proliferation of online shopping some stores have found themselves falling victim to the showroom effect where customers will visit their stores in-person to decide whether or not they like an item and then they purchase the item online after finding a cheaper deal. The store unintentionally becomes a showroom of sorts while stores lose out on sales. Instead of being showrooms for drive-by customers Fabletics’ brick-and-mortar stores have become an alternate offline shopping experience for customers who have already signed up for memberships through their website. Those customers now have the option of shopping for their monthly outfit online or offline and new customers are often signed up for memberships at the stores themselves. As Paul Armstrong put it: “Fabletics does not care where the customer buys in store, retail is just another element of service.”


Fabletics is a women’s athleisure and fitness wear brand that was co-founded by the forces behind Fab, Inc. and Golden Globe winner and actress Kate Hudson. The company works to provide clothing to women with a wide variety of body types and lifestyles with clothing that they can feel confident in at the workplace and the gym. It does this by creating a brief assessment that surveys a customer about her lifestyle, her preferred mode of exercise and her body type. The survey then matches the customer with the Fabletics apparel choices that would best serve her needs based on her answers. One of the many things that distinguishes Fabletics from other athleisure brands is its penchant for offering clothing that is both fashionable and high quality at an affordable price point.


The company makes the process of shopping for workout attire more fun as customers can select clothing options that have been crafted to hold up during an intense Zumba workout while also looking flattering underneath a black blazer paired with a pair of slacks during a meeting with a client. Fabletics offers a unique retail model that allows shoppers to sign up for a subscription service to its website. A Fabletics subscription allows subscription holders the ability to purchase athleisure clothing at discounted rates. The subscription service, known as VIP membership, offers the customers that purchase it perks like being able to buy outfits from Fabletics at a discount as high as 50 percent off and receiving free shipping for purchases that cost more than $49.95. Fabletics’ VIP Members can also accumulate reward points that they can apply to getting free clothes. Fabletics’ customers are treated to the option to purchase new styles each month and VIP members have the privilege of being able to purchase their first outfit for $15.

Fabletics | Shopping as Guest or VIP Member? Which is Better?

When choosing a sports apparel, it pays to not just select blindly but consider a number of factors including quality, size, fashion and the type of fabric used. Do not underestimate the power of a quality sportswear on your sporting activities. Getting the right size enhances freedom of movement, therefore boosting performance. The quality of our sportswear on the other hand helps to protect you from injuries, and, so does the type of fabric used. Lastly, the style of your sports attire helps to boost confidence, hence motivating you to keep training or exercising. Besides, feeling good about yourself while exercising, is more motivation than anything.


Getting a great sports attire can be a daunting task. However, if you work with a reputable brand, you know you will always get quality for your money. Fabletics makes one of the leading sportswear companies. Here is a Fabletics review to help you decide whether they are worth your money.



Fabletics was founded in the year 2013 by three very innovative individuals including Kate Hudson. This brand was created following the identification of a market gap where there were no luxury sports apparel brands that offered quality and stylish garments at affordable prices. They started out with a female sports wear line but have since expanded to accommodate men. You will find them in countries like Germany, Canada, US, UK, Spain, and Netherlands.


Methods of Shopping

There are two methods of shopping via Fabletics. You can choose to shop as a guest or as a VIP members. With the guest type of shopping, there are no commitments. You shop and checkout and come back when you like. However, with the VIP membership, there are commitments and benefits that match them.


As a VIP members, an amount of $49.99 will be deducted from your credit card, every month. This is unless you have notified the system to skip the month. If that is the case, no amount will be deducted and no charges will apply. If you don not skip the month the amount deducted can be used in shopping whatever apparel you desire.


Unlike other companies, with Fabletics, you can cancel your VIP membership at any time, without incurring penalties.


Shopping Process

The shopping process begins with a short survey to get an idea of your size, taste and preferences. Then, a customized display of attires that suit your needs is displayed. Next, is the selection then checkout. If you are checking out as a VIP member you get discounts of up to 50% and loyalty points each time you check out.

Marie Claire’s Interview With Fabletics

Marie Claire magazine recently conducted an interview with Kate Hudson, who is the co-creator of the athleisure brand called Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that features trendy athletic clothing that fits your everyday lifestyle. In her interview, she expresses excitement over some recent additions to the Fabletics website, and describes how the athleisure trend is so versatile. Athleisure is simply athletic leisure clothing which can be worn for trend or comfort purpose, and most of the time, both. In the past couple of years, the trend has become a lifestyle to many for its comfortable fabrics, slimming abilities and fun styles. Full intervirew at

Kate Hudson is so excited to announce the arrival of some new additions to the Fabletics line. Dresses are now available to order on the site and they are not only fun and adorable, but they feature that comfortable athleisure material that is loved by so many. They are breathable, slimming, with built in spanx like support, and super fashionable. They are so versatile, they could be worn to nearly any place or event you can think of. In addition to the dress line, they have also added a collection of swimsuits that are fun, vibrant and supportive in all the right areas. You will be so excited to hit he beach this summer in these awesome, current styles!

Fabletics is so exciting because you can receive outfits delivered to your door each and every month at a better than reasonable rate. In comparison to companies like Nike or Reebok, Fabletics beats them in the price category significantly. If you choose to subscribe, you can add athleisure pieces to your wardrobe gradually to create the perfect closet. Even if you don’t subscribe, you can always just purchase at your own leisure. Fabletics is certainly the perfect opportunity for any athleisure addict to get the perfect wardrobe on a budget. Athleisure is a comfortable, yet trendy lifestyle that is great for anyone.

The Refreshing Spring/Summer 2016 Apparel Line From Fabletics

Each year welcomes spring and summer with a refreshing break from the neutral earth tones of fall and winter with new colors, cuts, patterns and trends in fashion. Nowhere is this more evident than in casual apparel, as everyone takes on an abundance of outdoor activities, and even office wear becomes less strict to beat the summer heat. This year, the casual wear trend continues with the marriage of athletic wear with casual stylings that can go from workout to everyday apparel. Fabletics is a leader in leisure athletic wear, spearheaded by social media and its co-founder Kate Hudson, who is the inspiration behind Fabletics new Spring and Summer 2016 line of active wear clothing.

The Clothes Maiden Magazine is spotlighting the new active wear line that invites its huge consumer base to follow their core belief “Life is a journey with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. Stay focused on your truth. -Kate Hudson.” And while you’re at it, you may as well be comfortable and stylish. Kate Hudson is dedicated to empowering women to live an active and healthy lifestyle through Fabletics of mix and match outfits that can go from the gym to running errands. Ms. Hudson not only wears the same outfits but embraces quality and affordability as necessary ingredients for budget conscience young women and moms alike. See:

So what’s in store this year? This season opens with fresh, vibrant pops of color and an assortment of eye-catching patterns from geometric to floral prints. The large community of Fabletics followers don’t mind the concept of color splashing and enjoy adding a bit of personality to their active wear. It’s easy to find a soft, feminine look for lounging to the edgier, more intense workout gear. Either way, this trend of casual clothing is moving from the gym to take a major place in everyday, comfortable living clothing. From Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook, wearers of the Fabletics line of clothing are sharing their inspirational and encouraging each other to to make movement a part of a busy lifestyle.

The Fabletics website offers lifestyle tips and videos from cardio, Pilates and strength training to clean eating tips and healthy recipes. In need of a calming mindset, you will find great information on spirituality, inspiration and Zen-like travel destinations to keep your life balanced and flourishing. Beyond the fantastic spring and summer outfits, Fabletics is quickly becoming a lifestyle choice of easy, healthy and comfortable living.