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David Giertz Brings a Laserlike Focus to Social Security

David Giertz has brought up the critical importance of Social Security for those approaching retirement age. It is a complex issue that many financial advisors are shying away from to the possible detriment of their clients. This could adversely impact clients and advisors with Social Security benefits playing such an important role for most retirees.

Research has been done in regard to the role of financial advisors and whether or not they provide counsel to their clients about maximizing Social Security benefits. A majority of respondents detailed that their financial advisors did not give guidance about Social Security benefits. When questioned further, they also said that they would most likely switch advisors if they weren’t counseled about Social Security.

To be fair, Social Security benefits are a very complex issue that’s difficult to deal with as interactions with the Federal Government can sometimes be. Containing over 2700 rules in the handbook, Social Security can be quite intimidating for financial advisors. David Giertz urges advisors to make it a part of their business anyway. Advisors are more likely to retain their customers if they are able to provide help with Social Security.

The customer perspective is comprised of the very important fact that 40% of their retirement income could be Social Security benefits and it must be addressed. With such a critical factor in play, advisors must be able to give insight, advice, and clear directions for clients to mull over.

David Giertz is a registered financial advisor with over 30 years of experience in the field. He has worked for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation since 1999 and has enjoyed success in their operations. He was President of their sales and distribution organization and during his tenure revenue grew substantially.

Coaching is another area where Giertz has made his mark. The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches is a place where he excelled with his extensive financial knowledge.


Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, New York, Vincent Parascandola

The financial advisor of AXA advisers, Vinny Parascandola, is an individual who likes working hand in hand with people who are of High Net Worth and established sole proprietors. The company that he leads is located in New York, and he started off his career 25 years ago working as an insurance agent in Prudential. His expertise and experience in his profession have made him prominent receiving recognitions, many awards, and honors. He was given the insurance agent rookie of the year among others.

His work is impeccable, and the right results from his employees are often awarded promotions. Vincent Parascandola has been instrumental in the success of AXA, and apart from the promotion, he enjoys the respect given for his achievements.

AXA Advisors are loved and recognized as a global brand. They are the leading insurance firm in Paris, France. The company was created in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie. It has changed their name several times until now they have AXA.

Their branch in New York is headed by Vinny Parascandola offering many financial and insurance services. AXA has offices in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Pacific North America and Western Europe. At his position, as the senior executive vice president of New York, he manages developments, sales, recruiting new employees, assessing productivity, development of financial professionals and retaining productive employees.

In his career, he has helped client families and businesses in making the right decisions for financial security. The firms seeking for his services are always stable financially and are operational giving many people secured jobs while making decent profits.

Vinny Parascandola is on Facebook and the comments that he makes are always constructive. In his Twitter handle, he says about his whereabouts and where he is going to make appearances in future. Followers who love him can get tips on how they can quickly slim up and look good in a short time (two weeks). He posts pictures of himself with officials and the clients that he is helping out. With his help, the society is getting excellent services that will assist future generations to become peaceful and stable.